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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MetallicaOpeth

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 12/30/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Hitman Blood Money
    Written by: Nicholas Kaminski
    E-mail: metallicopeth@gmail.com, or nieuwendyk26@hotmail.com
    Version 1.00
    The fourth installment in the amazing and cult Hitman series pitting Agent 47
    against some of the deadliest and high profile contracts in the United States.
    Lots of open areas and stunning visuals will take you through Agent 47's newest
    This FAQ will help you in attaining the rank of Silent Assassin on every
    mission on Professional Mode. These 12 missions will require you to master the
    art of sneaking as well as figuring out the logistics of the game. Each level
    is generated to Agent 47's complete advantage and the right tools can be found
    for the right task. I will stay away from easy methods as well.This FAQ was not
    written with the information from other FAQs on other websites...these are
    merely my observations on how to beat the game. This FAQ is intended for people
    who have a good grasp on the simple foundations of the game. Obviously the
    first time through the game is overwhelming because of the size...but every
    level has a way.
    - LEARN THE CONTROLS! It sucks to have to go into a mission and not have an
    idea of how to multitask fast enough to kill dudes and drag bodies without
    being caught by pressing the wrong buttons. So take some time at the beginning
    and master the simple killing and disposing of body tactics.
    - This game seems to rely on more brute force than stealth; however don't be
    stupid. Try and beat the game with only silent assassin. It takes more than
    brute strength. Observe and chart positions.
    - Only upgrade one gun, the Silverballer, but don't invest in the dual
    upgrade...completely useless. Also, don't indulge in the high rate of fire
    upgrade, it sucks and messes up your aim. Just upgrade all the precision and
    silenced aspects of the gun, as well as bullet capacity. It becomes very useful
    and is pretty much the only weapon you need. Plus it looks kick ass.
    - Every level has a trump costume...that is a costume which will cause no
    suspicion amongst anyone and pretty much makes you a perfect part of the
    background; though some levels have their exceptions, find them on each level
    without causing any tension and you're gold.
    - No need for your map on Professional, just use your compass.
    - This game can be amazing if you appreciate it.
    Level 1: Death of a Showman
    - Kill Joseph Clarence
    - Make sure the Picture is the last thing he sees
    - Escape
    This is the first level of the game. It is a training level with plenty of fun
    people to kill. Enjoy the calm before the storm.
    You begin on the Pier. Walk left than right and head up the two walls. Run
    across the courtyard towards the gate. Wait for the guard to walk towards you
    to trigger a cutscene. WAlk into the gift shop and take out a coin. Throw it
    out the window distracting the morons and sneak across the courtyard, busting
    into a run midway towards the theater. WAlk into the theater and kill the
    torturer. Take his gun and head up the red fence and jump the balcony. Walk
    into the room with the gun and pop the two gangsters in the heads. Hide their
    bodies in the dumpsters and take the knife from the closet. Hide in the closet
    and wait for the chemist to come in. When he goes to collect his bounty, slit
    his throat. Now take his clothes and keycard and continue into the door with
    the keycard scanner. Head through the door and walk down the walkway. On the
    first door to your left, theres a crate and a gun, add the ammo and hide the
    gun in the crate. Take the crate and continue down the corridor. Get searched
    and then go into the control room. Take the gun and the hammer and walk onto
    the elevator. Strangle the gangster and take his gun. Head down and break the
    utility box causing the power in the factory to go out. Sneak through the
    factory straight until you hit a wall, turn right and go into the bathrooms.
    Use the dude as a human shield and take out the three gangsters in the next
    room to your left. Then knock out the human shield. Climb the ladder and unpack
    the sniper rifle. Snipe the three guys (you SHOULD be able to find them on your
    own) and then head back to the top of the ladder, take a left and walk through
    the door. Climb down the pipe and run to your left, enter the door directly
    infront of you and go in. Take the poison and sneak up the stairs, wait for the
    gangster to go back to the window and push him out. Then go into the office,
    poison the hot girl's drink with the syringe and hide in the closet. Watch her
    die and go into the Swing King's Office. Take him out with the syringe and
    climb out the window. Walk along the walkway and into the door. Plant the bomb
    on the rope mechanism directly infront of you and walk away. Kill the gangsters
    on the floor below with the blast and walk down and shoot Swoop in the head.
    Kill the last stripper if you want and leave.
    Level 2: A Vintage Year
    - Kill Don Fernando Delgado
    - Kill Manuel Delgado
    - Escape
    I love this level. The scenary is amazing and the concept is priceless. I love
    the idea of killing drug lords, haha. So you start off facing the front gate.
    Take a right and run along the wall towards the first turn left. Head down the
    wall and take the door goin into the compound on the left. Start climbing the
    boxes directly in front of you and go over. Go into the door and follow the
    guard while sneaking. When he enters the next room and looks out the window,
    head past him and through the door and then the next door right in front of
    you. You'll be in the Kitchen/catering area. Take the Kitchen Knife and head to
    the left and out the door. Take a left and climb the pole. Now when at the top,
    look towards the waterfall. When the patrolling guard stops and looks at the
    waterfall, go on up onto the roof and take a right. Climb into the window. The
    Don should be playing his cello, so slit his throat and head right. From here,
    go into the next room and sneak behind the guard who is on the sofa. Sedate him
    and take his clothes. Go out the door into the main hallway and climb the
    stairs down. When on the main level, head down the hall to the left and go into
    the door, and then turn around and go into the door to the right of that one.
    Go down the long set of stairs and head into the drug lab. Follow the set path
    through the lab until you encounter a circular room. Walk through it to the
    left and into another one. Take the middle circle door and head left. Walk
    towards the back of the wine barrels and wait for Manuel Delgado to come back
    into the room. Wire him and hide his body in the crate which is also behind the
    barrels. Now head back the way you came, quickly so noone sees through your
    disguise and head back to where you killed the don. Get your Suit back and
    climb out the window. Now take a right and head down the long narrow path
    leading towards the waterfall. There will be a Worker smoking and if you look
    to the left there should be a VIP guard and another worker. If the worker isn't
    there, or when he leaves, go out and sneak behind the guard. Push him into the
    water and head for your exit.
    Level 3:  Curtains Down
    -Kill Alvaro D'Alvade
    -Kill Richard Delahunt
    This is another fun level. Lots of waiting though...that kinda sucks. You start
    out in the entrance of a massive theater. Head to the left and run towards the
    booth with the police officer sitting down. Go up to him and talk with him.
    YOu'll receive the Prop WWII Gun. Now head to your right and into the bathroom.
    Wait for the civilian to leave and for the worker in the green uniform to come
    into the can. When he starts to drain his lizard. Take him out with a sedative
    syringe, take his clothes quickly and hide his body in the dumpster to the
    right. NOw run out of the bathroom. Down the stairs directly in front of you
    and continue right around the corridor. HEad to the end of the corridor and
    there's a painter painting a door. Go into the doorless door and head down the
    stairs. Go out the door and head to the right. Go down the stairs and open any
    of the doors along the wall. You should be in a large hallway with lots of
    workers. Go into the door where the two workers are standing and talking. Keep
    running through the hallways, following the path around some corners and up
    another flight of stairs. Now when you reach the top, head into the left door
    and run to the opposite door. When you get out, you'll be in a very nice
    hallway with lots of room and a guard sitting down guarding the two Private
    Rooms. When you emerge, look to your right and go into the double doors on the
    same side of the wall as the sitting guard. Head to your right, all the way up
    the stairs and all the way to the top. GO across the catwalk and open the door.
    Run forward and plant the mine on the chandelier's bolts. Now run back to the
    hallway with the sitting guard and wait for him to go to the bathroom. When he
    does, go into the second door with a star, the one urthest from the bathroom
    and hide in the closet. Now the only thing you can do is look at the map and
    wait for the stupid slow tenors to finish their rehearsal. Keep an eye out and
    when the target's shooter comes in the room watch him. When he leaves to go to
    the bathroom, get out of the closet and go towards his mirror. Take his prop
    gun and place the real one on the desk. Now run all the way back basically to
    the very first bathroom where you got your worker's outfit and take your
    original suit. Head back to the circular hallway just outside the bathroom and
    head to the third floor. Now head towards the second rightmost door and wait
    till there are no polic officers around. Pick the lock and go in. Now you have
    to wait for the rehearsal to begin again, the real gun will kill the tenor and
    the ambassador will run towards his corpse. Watch him and he will fall midway
    through his run. Simple take out the detonator and click the button. The
    chandelier will explode and kill him and probably a few agents as well. Now all
    you have to do is walk casually back to the bathroom and get your suit back.
    Leave where you entered.
    Level 4: Flatline
    - Find Agent Smith
    - Retrieve Information from Agent Smith
    - Kill Carmine De Salvo
    - Kill Rudy Menzana
    - Kill Lorenzo Lombardo
    - Smuggle out Agent Smith
    - Escape
    Now this mission is a doozy. YOu have alot of open ground to cover in a short
    amount of time if you want this mission to go off without a hitch. A little
    ways into the mission you get a call from Diana stating that there will be two
    extra hits available to you.
    As soon as the mission begins jump into a sprint and run to your right. Head
    beside the wall of the morgue and the bushes and run towards the set of
    dumpsters you see in front of you. There will be a patient there, so get behind
    him when the cop leaves and syringe him quickly with a sedative. Now quickly
    take his clothes and take his body into one of the dumpsters. Now run up the
    path which is set out for you and head to the right off the path. Go around to
    the entrance of the "hospital" and then take a left. Keep going until you'll
    see a Drainpipe. Go on up and wait on the roof. IF you did this fast enough,
    the guard smoking will just be finishing. Don't worry about the chick doctor
    and run up the ledge into the door on the right. Now head to your right and run
    towards the farthest set of stairs on the right. Go down and you'll be on the
    main level. Take a left and run through the dining area, through the double
    doors and towards the first door on your right in this hallway. Now do on
    through and down the stairs. GO to the doorway and watch. The orderly should be
    walking towards you. When he turns his corner, immediately start following him
    from behind. When he turns around to get his coffee, quickly sedate him, take
    his clothes and key (and stun gun if you want it) and hide his body in the
    dumpster out the door you came in. Now head out into the hallway with the cop
    and run to the opposite end from where you came in. Go up the stairs and into
    the locked door. Go on down the stairs and check your map for Agent Smith. Get
    to his cell and talk to him. Sedate him and go all the way back the way you
    came. When you get to the orderly hallway in the basement, get your patient
    clothes back and head back up the stairs towards the main part of the hospital.
    When you emerge onto the main floor, head all the way up to the second floor
    and go into room D when the guard isn't around. Instead of sabotaging the gas,
    hide in the bathroom and wait for the target to show up. When he does, leave
    the can and take him out with the wire. Now hide his body in the bathroom and
    leave. Go back to the main floor and head west. Take the doors until you reach
    a wall infront of you and take a right into the gym/plant area. When the main
    target finishes his set...drop the weights on him and leave the way you came.
    Now head back across the main dining room East and take a left when you can
    enter a library with a big globe in the middle of the room. When noone from out
    the room is looking, open the globe and poison the bottle o' booze. Now head
    back to where you first got the patient's outfit and take you suit back. Now go
    to the Morgue, revive Agent Smith and head for the exit, which is a door to
    your right.
    Level 5: A New Life
    - Kill Vinnie Sinistra
    - Get the Microfilm from his wife
    - Escape
    This is another very fun mission, I enjoy it for the many possibilities of
    getting in, doing the deed and getting the necklace. It is a very large level
    with plenty of different ways to go about it. But lets dealve into the way
    which best yields silent assassin.
    You start infront of a gate. Run around to your left and get on the other side
    of the BIG bush. You'll see a catering truck. Go up to it use the sedative
    syringe and poison the donuts with the sedative. After you do this, head to the
    white truck, parked directly infront of Vinnie's house on the other side of the
    road. Place the donuts down and 47 will knock on the door. Wait for the FBI
    agents to eat the donuts and head into the truck. Suit up and head towards the
    garage's right side. At this point in time, the caterer should be on his way
    back out to have a smoke and the patrolling guard who patrols besides the
    garage should be heading back into the house. Go towards the utility box and
    cut the power. Now run to your right and head left towards the main entrance of
    the house. Go in and take your first left door. You'll end up in a master T.V
    room with your target and his guard. Walk into the door right infront of you
    and stay there. Because you cut the power the guard will leave, giving you a
    very small timeframe to syringe poor Vinnie. Very quickly drag his body into
    the closet and position him in the back so you can shut the door. Now look
    through the keyhole and wait for the agent to come back. Wait about two seconds
    as he gets out of view and head on out and out the door infront of you. Now
    take a left and then go straight through the next door. Head to your right and
    go into the pool area. Stay out of the pool and go to the side opposite the
    steps and wait. When the SLOW wife comes in, wait until she starts bathing with
    her back to you. Then use a sedative on her and quickly take the necklace.
    Backtrack to the front door and walk back to the surveillance van. Take your
    suit back and walk to the entrance of the level and your exit.
    Level 6: A Murder of Crows
    - Kill Mark Purayah
    - Kill Angelina Mason
    - Kill Ray Kulinsky
    - Protect Ambassador (can't really be attained, have to do all three hits first)
    - Escape
    MARDI GRAS! Plenty of people and a massive open two blocks of streets make this
    level quite the doozie on Professional. But it's still doable. You start out in
    a 000000001restaurant in the Hotel with a Red Bird carrying a suitcase, the
    suitcase you need. Follow him until he stops at one of the many back alleys.
    Quickly sedate him and take his clothes. Hide his body and take the suitcase.
    Now head to the building in the Northwesternmost side of the screen. Head up
    there and walk into the furthest set of double doors with a Yellow Big Bird
    guarding it. HEad into the building and take a left. Go up the stairs and wait
    for the patrolling bird to be outside and go into the boss' room. Now head into
    the room and put the suitcase on the table in front of you. WAit for the
    patrolling guard to threaten you and leave. when he does, as soon as you can,
    kill the target and drag his body into the crate. Take his walkie talkie and
    get the suitcase. With suitcase in hand head onto the boss' balcony and throw
    it over the side. Head back out the boss' room, down the stairs and wait for a
    Yellow Big Bird to bring the suitcase back into the building. When he leaves
    take it and take a left. Go into the door and hide in the closet. WAit for the
    patrolling Big Bird to walk by and sneak your way to the left and out the door.
    When outside, take a right and head into the massive crowd of people. Now head
    South and get to the hotel. Go into the back alleys of the Hotel, where you
    started the level, and you'll see a drainpipe. Climb up it and head around the
    walkway to the open door. Sneak into the room and suit the waiter's clothes.
    Head back to the drainpipe and leave the suitcase on this high level, away from
    prying eyes. Now head back down the drainpipe and locate the two remaining love
    birds on the map. Angelina Mason is normally wandering around the street and
    also strolls through the back alleys. Find her and follow her. When she gets
    into one of the back alleys, take her out. If one has a disposal crate than you
    struck gold, if not, try and find a deserted building to hide her in. If
    not...then she'll be found and you won't get Silent Assassin. After she's dead,
    find where Ray Kulinsky is on the map. Depending on the location, go to it,
    it's random everytime.
    If Ray's in the Salsa Bar, head to it and enter the bar. Take a right and walk
    towards the bar, there should be a door on the left. Go in and head up the
    stairs. When you get to the top open the door and look inside for the Black
    Bird. When he faces his CD player, get out from behind the door and take him
    out with a poison syringe.
    If Ray's in the Rock Bar, head to it and enter the bar. Take a right and go
    through the dancing fools. TAke the door on the left and walk past the bathroom
    dwellers. Around the wall to the lineup for the can, there should be a chef
    smoking. Make sure to not get his attention and pick the lock. When you do,
    head up the stairs and enter the door on the third floor. Ray will be making
    passes from the room to the balcony. When he's on the balcony, head into the
    room adn stay to the left and go into the corner and hide in the shadows. When
    he comes back in and stands with his back to you sneak behind him and take him
    If Ray's in the Blues Bar, head to it and enter the bar. Take a right and go
    through the group of people. NOw head through the left door and go up the
    stairs. Walk up to the people making out and they'll leave. When they do, pick
    the lock on the door and stay to the right of the door not going in. Ray should
    be making trips from the balcony to the large room. When he goes to the
    balcony, head into the room and hide in the closet. When he comes back in, get
    out of the closet and take him out.
    Head back to the back of the Hotel and retrieve your suit and your suitcase.
    Head back down the drainpipe and make a run for the exit.
    Level 7: You Better Watch Out
    - Kill Lorne De Havailland
    - Kill Chad Bingham
    - Retrieve Porn Video
    - Escape
    I LOVE THIS MISSION. What better way to create a hard kill than in the Rocky
    Mountains. There are plenty of ways to perfect this mission and get Silent
    Assassin...but heres the best. As soon as you start. Head down the dock and
    take a left into the elevator. Go up and run out, take a left and then another
    left and head into the mansion. Take another left and you'll see a staircase
    and a door, both marked staff only. Wait for a patrolling guard to step out of
    the door and walk past you. Head into the door and take a left. Pick up the
    ahprodisiac from the shelf and walk into the door infront of you. You'll be in
    a kithcen with only a drunk santa. You can take him out with a sedative and
    hide his body in the crate. Before leaving the kitchen take a kitchen knife,
    take a sausage, either on the floor or on the table and poison it. Take it and
    head back to where you entered the party. When in the main party area, you'll
    notice one side blocked off by guards for VIP members and a bar. Head to the
    bar and there should be a drink on the rightmost side closer to the VIP
    entrance. Spike the drink with the aphrodisiac and head into the VIP area. When
    you enter the new room, take a right and enter the door. You'll hear a
    waterfall and to your right there'll be double doors. WAit in this area
    (probably for a long time) until Chad Bingham and his lady come into the
    Grotto. Follow them towards their destination and wait outside their door. When
    Chad leaves, he'll take a left and go down a large flight of stairs. When he
    nears teh bottom, take out the kitchen knife and slit his throat. Head back up
    the stairs and head into the room which Chad was in. Look in the keyhole for a
    patrolling guard who'll make his way towards the stairs. When he's there, get
    out of the room and use a sedative on him. Take his clothes and push his body
    down the stairs. Now you'll be able to head for the studio floor. Head back to
    the waterfall and walk through it, on the otherside, walk straight and take a
    right. There will be a door with two guards guarding it. Walk through and head
    up the elevator. When you get to the Studio Floor, head straight through the
    doors infront of you and than take a right turn into the next single door. Go
    straight and into the only door on your left side. Go in and watch your map.
    When Lorne walks right by this door with his stupid dog. The moment he walks
    by, drop the sausage in the bathroom and the mutt will come and chow down.
    He'll die and lay in the hall. At this time Lorne should just be getting onto
    the balcony to smoke. Take the rightmost door and sneak up behind Lorne. Push
    him over the edge and walk back to the single door that led into this
    penthouse. Take a right and head into the next door. It should be a
    surveillance room with guards who patrol in and out and one lone guard chilling
    around the room. When he has his back to you, walk up to the Southern wall and
    take the tape on the table. Head back to the elevator and go down. Walk back to
    the kitchen which had the drunken Santa. Take your suit. Head back to the
    elevator which leads to the Pier and go down. Head to the boat and achieve
    Silent Assassin.
    Level 8: Death on the Mississipi
    - Kill Skip Muldoon
    - Kill Gator Gang (6 of them)
    - Retrieve Pictures
    - Escape
    Another very fun level. I love the final floor because it's one of the hardest
    number of kills to complete and still get silent assassin. There's one VERY
    annoying purser who walks to and fro the 4th Deck kitchen to the 5th Private
    Deck. You start on the very first deck. Head straight up the stairs in front of
    you and head into the middle door when you get up. When you head into the main
    hall, walk straight through the double doors and run down the long hall. When
    you get to the end, another set of double doors will present itself. Walk on
    through and take a left. GO into the bathroom and head into the first stall on
    the right. GO in and wait on the left side of the door. When the Purser comes
    in to take a piss, sedate him and take his Master Keycard. Afterwards get out
    of the bathroom and head straight and to the left, heading for the first door
    on the left labelled 324. Go in and take the VIP Card. Now head out and take a
    right. Take a left and go up the stairs. Take a left and another left up the
    stairs and take the door at the end of the bannister. Walk into the hall and
    take a left. Walk past the stationary guard and head for the last door on the
    right. Check the map to see the location of one of the targets, if he's headed
    for the room you're in, than wait to sedate the guy in this room. Open it and
    find out where the 1st Class Purser is in his kitchen. If he's close to you,
    head in and sedate him. If he's to the left of you and facing away then start
    sneaking towards him; if he starts walking away follow him to the left and get
    behind him. Sedate him and take his clothes and his knife. FOrget the cake and
    take the door to the left of the cake. YOu should be on a walkway. Head down
    the walkway and wait on the stairs about 4 stairs up. Wait for the Gator Gang
    member to walk in front of you and take out your wire and take him out...one
    down. Now head up the stairs and take a left. Head for the door which the gang
    member is guarding but wait for the patrolling first class purser to walk
    towards the stairs leading to the 4th floor. Get frisked by the guard by the
    door and walk into the bathroom. Wait here for a shirtless gang member to take
    a piss and wire him...two down. Head back outside and take a left. Hide behind
    the wall and wait for the guard by the door to walk towards your postion, only
    to turn and face the other way. Make sure the Purser isn't around and take him
    out and drag his body back towards where you were waiting so it's out of view
    of the stairs and throw his shotgun over the side of the boat...three down. Now
    there will be on gang member patrolling the west side of the boat and the
    captain's quaters, he patrols and waits by the door which the third member
    killed was guarding. Sneak behind him and don't kill him, wait until he starts
    walking, takes a left into the door and kill him in the hallway just outside
    the bathroom with the wire, drag his body into the bathroom...four down. Now
    for the freaky captain. Head into the main lounge area with pool tables and
    walk up to the only door infront of you. When the captain heads out onto the
    dock, run into the room, take a left and go into the next door. This is his
    personal room. Get on the side of the door that will open to cover you and wait
    there till he comes back in and goes into the TV room. When he does, turn
    around and go up to the safe. Open it and take the pictures. Now go to the side
    of the safe which his facing the wall away from the door and sneak there. Wait
    for the captain to come back into the room, heading for the outside. Take out
    your knife and hold the drop button to trigger 47's throwing action. Aim for
    his head and let her rip...Captain's pooched. All targets on this Deck are
    dead. Now head back down to the kitchen where you sedated the 1st Class Purser
    and take the Tuxedo. Head back to where you got the Tux in room 324 and take
    the Purser's outfit. NOw head back into the hall of rooms and find the next
    target on this floor. He'll either be in a room or outside. If he's outside
    than go out and if noone's around, simple push him over the rail. If he's
    inside...wait till he goes outside. You could kill him in the room...but his
    girlfriend will find him and call security...resulting in a body being
    found...resulting in no silent assassin...5 down. Last one's in the boiler room
    on the 1st deck. Head straight from where you pushed number 5 over the edge and
    take a right at the end close to the door on the other side. Head down the
    stairs and go into the staff only door. Head left and go down the hall. Head
    left and go down the stairs and into the only door in this area. Go past the
    guard and through the door. There should be the last member of the gang walking
    around enjoying the scenery. WAit for him to come towards the door you just
    entered and look over the edge. When he does, push him over...6 down. Now head
    back to the staff bathroom where you first took the Tuxedo and take your suit
    back. Head back to the staff room in the basement and enter the hall. Run past
    the doors and take either a left of a right. Run forward until you see a rescue
    boat waiting around. Your ticket to a Silent Assassin.
    Level 9: Till Death Do Us Part
    - Kill Buddy Muldoon
    - Kill Pappy LeBlanc
    - Protect Bride
    - Escape
    YES!! I was hoping we could meet some stupid, guntoting hicks in person. I love
    this mission. Very simple and fun. Sorry if I offended anyone, I love the
    stereotypical hick views...it's all in good fun. Now you begin on the dock of
    the party in your very "inconspicuous" suit with some crazy hicks shooting the
    water. Head to the right and walk past the door towards where the two buildings
    seperate. Head on through and you'll be walking towards the mansion on the
    front lawn. You should notice to your left a stumbling, slow hick moving
    towards your left. Wait till he enters the house and falls asleep. Now head
    over to him, take his clothes, gun and party invitation. Now head out of this
    little hut and walk towards the entrance of the house. Go inside and talk to
    the bride if you want. If not, head to your right and walk towards the kitchen
    door. Wait until noones inside and poison the wedding cake. Wait outside the
    door for the Groom to come back to the kitchen and eat his death. When he
    plummets, quickly drag his body into the closet room to the right of the
    entrance of the kitchen. Now that he's gone, head back into the main hall and
    run to the opposite side of the stairs into a door marked bathrooms. Go in and
    look to the door on the left. It needs to be lockpicked so make sure noones
    around and go for it. When it opens, wait for a patrolling guard to make his
    routine and walk back past where you first saw him when you opened the door.
    Now quickly sneak towards the stairs on the opposite wall and go on up. Once on
    the second floor, take an immediate left turn and go into the first door. Head
    into the next door and you should see a TV with a gun on the wall and a closet.
    Head into the closet and wait the necessary time it takes Pappy to come and
    plant his stupid ass in front of the tube. Wire him and leave his body in the
    closet. Now head back to where the the hick passed out and take your suit back.
    Head to the beginning of the level to exit.
    Level 10: A House of Cards
    - Kill Sheikh Al-Khalifa
    - Kill Hendrik Schmutz
    - Kill Scientist
    - Get Briefcase of Diamonds (Optional)
    - Escape
    I like this mission; however there are a VERY limited ways of doing this and
    maintaining Silent Assassin and not causing a bloodbath. You begin outside the
    massive Las Vegas casino / Hotel. Walk past the two women and into the main
    doors, while running, take a left and then a right and you'll be in the main
    reception area. Take a right and head to the two women waiting to greet guests
    in the booths and talk to one of them. She should give you a key for your room
    on the 7th floor. Now take a left and walk towards the stairs, head to the left
    of the ones going up and take the stairs going down, while running of course.
    Now when you get down the stairs take a right and then head through the doors
    and then head to your left. Run to the double doors across the hall and wait
    for Hendrik Shmutz to walk through. Now quickly get behind him, take him out
    with the fibre wire and take his body into the leftmost door. This should be on
    your map, bathroom to the North of the main bathroom where the civilian and
    others use the cans. Drag his body into it, take his clothes and leave the
    bathroom. Head back to the main reception area and then take a left and head up
    the stairs leading to two elevators. Take the one on the right and go to the
    7th Floor. Now look to your map and find room 707. This is Hendrik's room, go
    on in and take the Suitcase. Head ALL the way back to where you killed Hendrik
    and walk into the double doors. Now keep walking straight and head into the
    roped off guarded area with the two guards. Head to them and you'll be frisked
    (if you have a gun, hide it in the suitcase). Go in and head to the right,
    retrieve your gun and wait for the Sheikh to appear with his entourage. Go into
    the little area he's in and talk to him. Wait for a long time before his
    delivery man goes gets the DNA checked and comes back with the money. when he
    comes, grab the money and follow the Sheikh out for his call and kill him when
    you get into the stairwell. Now head back to the reception area and go back up
    the elevator to the 7th floor. When you get out, take two rights so you're in
    the back of where the elevators are. Head onto the balcony, sneak, and look
    behind the smoking employee. There should be a trellis. Climb it and head into
    the window. Now head to your right and into the staff door. There should be an
    employee sitting at a chair.Take him out with a sedative, take his 8th floor
    keycard and take his clothes. Hide him in the bin and go out. Now look on your
    map, the 3rd and final target should be in his room just walking around in the
    North Western most room of the Hotel. Head over to it and pull any alarm you
    find along the way. While running to his room, he should run right by, ignore
    him and continue. When you get to his room, head in, take a left, go into the
    bathroom, drop the suitcase of money and wait for the alarm to shut off and for
    him to come back in. When he gets back into his room and is alone, sneak out of
    the bathroom and wire his stupid ass. Head back through the bathroom take the
    suitcase back, and simply run out the door. The guards should get suspicious
    but not enough to mess with you. Take the elevator all the way down and head
    back into the reception area. Head back down the stairs towards where you
    killed Hendrik but take a left when you get down the stairs. Head straight,
    through the door and then straight again, towards the exit.
    Level 11: A Dance with the Devil
    - Kill Anthony Martinez
    - Kill Vaana Ketlyn
    - Kill Eve
    - Kill Maynard John
    - Escape
    LOTS of kills to make in this level, some being female for once. The Gold suit
    from the first target is the key to this mission, acquire this suit and
    you're...well gold. You begin this level outside a massive skyscraper. Run
    towards the main door and walk in. Talk to the cop. When he immediately turns
    his back, run for the door on the right, go in, and run down the stairs. Open
    the door and wait for the patrolling guard on the other side to walk up to the
    wall, stay there and then leave. As soon as he does, run into the door and head
    straight, there are guys in front of you so stay to the right. There should be
    a cop smoking right behind a car. Sneak behind him and sedate him. Take his
    clothes and drag him into the dumpster...keeping in mind the cop that you snuck
    past comes back to the door you entered this garage from and will see you if
    you don't wait to drag him. Now that you have the cop outfit, head to the right
    of the dumpster and run towards the next section of the garage. Go to the right
    and head towards a white truck with an open trunk. Head towards the trunk and
    don the heaven costume. Now that you have this, head back to where you drugged
    the cop and pick the lock to the door. Head into it and climb the ladder. Once
    up, go down into the first elevator you can and go up. Once at the top, run
    north, through the club and then right into the terrace room with the big
    window, keep running around the railing and into the next room which is a
    hallway. Run to your first door on the right, the bathroom...always seems to be
    the scenario for death, and hide in the stall right in front of you. Go in and
    wait for the first target in the gold costume to show up and take a piss. Kill
    him in your suitable ways and take his costume. Go out and haed ALL the way
    back to the elevator. Once in the main Foyer go to the left and go into the
    first door on the right. This should be a MASSIVE room with a desk and a laptop
    computer. Check the computer, now you know who all the targets are, and wait by
    the door with which you came in. Once the singing angel walks in, take her out
    and go back into the elevator and head down. Climb the hatch and wait till you
    get to the bottom, now head to the next elevator, fall in and go down to the
    basement. Now head through the corridor of screaming faces and you'll see the
    bartender. Talk to him and follow him to the "torture chamber". Kill him in the
    ensuing gun fight and take the key from his body. Head back to the bar and wait
    for Vaana Ketlyn to show up. She'll bring you into a private room where you can
    take her out. Now that you're done with the targets head back to the garage and
    get your original suit back. Now go all the way around the elevator area by
    going North West and around the outer rim of the garage. Wait for the
    patrolling cop to go back towards the white truck and make your getaway marked
    on your map.
    Level 12: Amendment XXV
    - Kill Vice President Daniel Morris
    - Kill Mark Parchezzi III
    - Escape
    Time to infiltrate the White House. Make sure you bring your sniper rifle fully
    upgraded...it really helps with the fight against Mark Parchezzi much easier.
    Don't bring a pistol. You begin outside with only one door to go into. Head on
    in and put your case onto the conveyer belt and go through the metal detectors.
    Head towards the double doors in front of you and go into the left door. Wait
    in the bathroom and behind the door, when the museum worker comes back and goes
    to the bathroom. Sedate him and take his clothes. NOw go out and take the
    double doors. GO into the first room on the left and walk across the room, take
    the keycard from off the table and then take a pistol from the crate. It's
    funny the guard won't do anything. Now go out and into the next room infront of
    you, this is a change room and then head into the next door on the left, this
    is the kitchen. Take the Kitchen Knife and go out the door to the right. Sneak
    up behind the slow moving guard and human shield him. Knock him out and take
    his clothes. Now go back to the kitchen and go through the open space into the
    eating area. Take the door on the right and go down the long hall. Take the
    next set of double doors right in front of you and go through the underground
    passage. Once you emerge, go through the double doors and head to the left. Go
    to the left most door and go in, making sure the patrolling guard doesn't see
    you go in. Now run right through the two rooms and the Vice President should be
    walking towards where you're coming from. Kill him when he's in the middle room
    and take his west wing keycard. Dispose of his body in the crate just in time
    to see the wife go through looking for him. NOw go back out and head west. Go
    through the double doors and into the single wooden door in front of you. Go
    through the passage and emerge outside. Now take a left and another left and
    head up the viney trellis. Take a left and head across the roof towards the
    only door you can. However, take a left and hide your rifle case on the
    opposite side of the circular thing. NOw go around and wait for a CIA agent to
    come out. When he does, go into the west wing and then go around the board and
    into the door on the left. Hopefully, the guard should be facing the other, if
    not wait to enter until he does, and go left into the door. Quickly look to the
    left and don the CIA agent costume from the table. Now head back out into the
    hall and take a left. Run through the office area until you hit a door. Go down
    the stairs and head left. Go towards the two doors and then go into the mini
    hall and find the oval office. Go in and watch the cutscene. Once he detonates
    his bomb, backtrack all the way to your sniper rifle. Take it out and look
    towards the trellis you came up from. Now look to the left towards the ladder
    and look for the albino freak. Head slowly left until you can shoot first and
    plug him one in the head. Now package your rifle, go to his body and take his
    gun. Climb up the ladder and go into the window when the guard isn't in the
    room. Go left out the door and down the stairs. You should be in familiar
    territory, so head across the big hallway to the door on the opposite side of
    the 3 big doors. Go back through the passage and back to the East side of the
    white house. Head to the bathroom, take your Suit back and run out bakc to
    where you started. Head to the gate to leave.
    - Kill everyone...leave no witnesses
    So this is it...the final mission of the game...it's not too exciting. With
    respect to the other hitman games it ranks third best...behind Silent
    Assassin's ending mission in second and Contracts' ending in first. Anyways,
    you simply start off with your ballers, as soon as you emerge plug the guy on
    the left. Then run, while taking the bullets and human shield the priest. Then
    plug every guard in the head...knock out the priest and do the same. Pick up
    all the ammo dropped and run for Leylard. Take him out with one swift shot to
    the face along with his body guards. Now head North to the gate and take out
    the remaining witnesses and alas...another chapter in the amazing Hitman series
    has drawn to a close.
    Good job
    Nick Kaminski

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