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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ArtemisBor

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/21/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                                Author: - ArtemisBor
    1. Introduction and contact
    2. Basics
    3. 8 Hints and pointers
    4. Walkthrough
    5. Achievements and how best to get them
    6. Weapons - All you need to know
    7. Easter eggs, glitches and others
    8. Cheats
    9. Final notes
    10. Legalities 
                                  1. Introduction
    Having completed this game multiple times and taken on each level in many
     different ways I've decided to try my hand at writing a walkthrough for 
    those who do not actually wish to play each level as many times as I did
     to achieve silent assassin on each level. Yeh just so you know, each 
    mission is written to achieve the silent assassin rank.
    Although I have no objection to replaying this game as many times as 
    necessary (and more), I'm sure some of you wish to know how to complete
     the game with what you need for achievements and before it becomes a
     form of mind numbing monotony (for you maybe...not for me:P). Speaking
     of which I have written this walkthrough for the xbox360 version of the
     game, and although I am not sure there is any difference to other format
     versions, I have written it for this console.
    Anyway I hope you enjoy this guide, and I hope what I write will help 
    you with what you need to do. I have written this after completing all
    but professional mode and I have heard that different requirements are 
    needed to get silent assassin on professional, once I have done this I 
    will update. Enjoy.
    If you wish to contact me with any questions (any questions at all about the 
    game), submissions, suggestions or any other reason do hesitate to contact 
    me at
    I will only entail what I believe you will need, as most of the other things 
    you can know are in the instruction manual.
    2.1 Controls
    Reload weapon    === Right Bumper
    Crouch/Sneak     === Left Trigger (pull and hold
    Movement         === L Stick
    Aim              === R Stick
    Use Action       === A
    Action List      === Hold A
    Drop Item        === Tap Y
    Throw Item       === L Stick (Click, Hold Then release)
    Pick up Item     === Tap B
    Pickup List      === Hold B
    Fire Weapon      === Right Trigger
    Holster Weapon   === Tap X
    Open Inventory   === Hold X
    Sniper Scope     === Click R Stick
    View Mode        ===       "
    Zoom Sniper      === D-Pad up and down
    Scroll Actions   ===       "
    Scroll inventory === D-Pad Left and Right
    Map              === Left Bumper
    Pause            === Start
    Objective        === Back
    2.2 Close Combat Weapons
    Lets start with the most important close combat weapons and moves,
    Fibre Wire: - Simply Equip the fibre wire and Hold R trigger. This will 
    tighten the wire and automatically put you into sneak mode as long as you 
    are still holding it. Walk close behind your mark and then release. And 
    there you have it. Hint fibre wire is very useful in an elevator, when 
    strangling an enemy from the shaft it will kill them AND automatically 
    conceal the body where no one will find it.
    Syringes: - Again, very simple. When the mark has their back to you, equip 
    the syringe and sneak (L trigger). When the cursor turns red press R trigger.
    Be sure to make a note that if you want silent assassin, you can only use 
    sedative on non-targets.
    All other close combat weapons work as the syringes do but you can use then 
    as weapons directly too. E.g. Kitchen knives, Baseball bat, Hedge trimmers, 
    Screw Drivers etc...
    2.3 Unarmed Combat
    This is as it states, combat when you are not armed. It is best to avoid this 
    as it increases your violence rating but if you are confronted with it, it is 
    best to know what you are doing.
    Disarming: - position yourself in front of the enemy when their weapon is 
    drawn, Hold R whilst pushing toward them and you should take their gun, free 
    to shoot them with it.
    Others: - Press R from behind and you will push them over.
    If they are not holding a weapon, press R in front of them to head butt them.
    Any other R pushing will result in punching them, on any one but a target you 
    can knock them out in two punches, targets take a lot more.
                                 3. 8 Hints and pointers
    1. First things first. I advise you do not take guns into the level if you 
    are hoping to achieve the silent assassin rank (this is with the exception 
    of 'amendment XXV'). This rank requires no sound and no violence. Even if 
    your weapon is silent, most gunshots will add violence to your final outcome.
    Also in higher levels, bullet shells reduce the money made from a hit. Stick 
    with needles, fibre wire and accidents.
    2. Never expect to achieve a high rank the first time you try a level. 
    Personally I didn't even expect to complete the level the first time I tried.
    Each time you play a level you will become more aware of the surroundings and 
    inhabitants. Take it all in. Remember, easy street isn't always the best
    3. Use what's around you. Closets make excellent hiding places, turning 
    lights off will allow you to move around undetected and spying through 
    keyholes is a great way to determine a pattern in a targets movement.
    4. Nosey neighbours. Always be sure that, when the mark is ready to be killed 
    and/or you are preparing to make the hit, there are no witnesses around. 
    Witnesses will alert authorities about you, they add noise to your final 
    ranking and add notoriety to your meter, making expenses drop at the end of 
    the level. If there is one that is making the job especially difficult, 
    sedate them and hide the body.
    5. Distract the guards. Sometimes the best way to complete a mission is not 
    to sedate or kill someone who may make the hit more difficult than it is. 
    More often than not there will be a way to distract someone with anything 
    from utility boxes to coins. Never be rash with guards.
    6. Feeling tense? Keep a watchful eye on your tension meter. If it is in the 
    yellow then just keep your head down, don't be afraid to hide in closets or 
    elevator shafts. If your tension meter is red change your clothes and don't 
    do anything suspicious. You should be safe as long as they don't discover the 
    stripped body.
    7. Accidents happen. 'Accidents' are an efficient and safe way to kill a 
    target, as it cannot directly be linked to you but still does the job. 
    Accidents come in many different forms whether it is falling off a balcony or
    a piano on the head. Keep an eye out for them; they make the job so much 
    8. What to do? Watch you're a button area as you approach different areas and 
    people. Sometimes it will allow you to perform actions that can make the 
    mission easier. There are also items you can lure people with and you should 
    always look out for them. Perhaps when holding them you may find that you can
    perform an action that you couldn't with your hands empty. You never know.
                                    4. Walkthrough
    Okay down to business. Merces letifer. As you can imagine, this walkthrough 
    will entail what you have to do and what happens in the levels. There are 
    spoilers! If you wish to find them out yourself I suggest playing the game 
    without a walkthrough but then again if that were the case would you be 
    reading this now? Lol.
    1. Death of a showman
    2. A Vintage year
    3. Curtains Down
    4. Flat line
    5. A new life
    6. The murder of crows
    7. You better watch out...
    8. Death on the Mississippi
    9. Till death do us part
    10. A house of cards
    11. A dance with the devil
    12. Amendment XXV
    13. Requiem 
                                  1.Death of a showman
    Now here's the thing, I don't really know why I'm doing a walkthrough for 
    this level as it is completely explained as you progress through it but as 
    I'm doing all the others I may as well do this one.
    Objective 1. Kill Joseph 'Swing King' Clarence
    Objective 2. Escape (via exit in bedroom)
    You start on a pier outside a seemingly abandoned amusement park. Walk 
    forward and to the left. The alert sound *that gets more and more annoying as
    you go through the level* makes its tone. It is only telling you how to move 
    and perform certain actions. Continue along the path, jump up to the next 
    ledge and run directly forward until you come to a gate. Wait for the guy to 
    come and warn you away. Begin fmv. Go through the gate and to the left. Go 
    through the door and continue along the room until you reach the next door. 
    At this point, access your inventory and choose a coin. There will be an open
    window to the right of the room. Throw the coin out of it and wait for the 
    guards outside to go check it out, once they are there run like the wind 
    through the door, keep going forward and through a set of double doors. you 
    are now in a room with a guard torturing some businessman on a toy horse(??).
    Equip the beloved fibre wire and use it to enter sneak mode and tighten the 
    wire. Approach him and do what 47 does best. Yep you guessed it, kill him. 
    Pick up his gun and feel free to kill the guy on the horse. To your right 
    there will be a trellis, climb it and jump the balcony directly ahead of you.
    You enter a room with a shotgun and a door to your left.
    Pick up the shotgun, either blast the lock on the door or pick it and take 
    out the guards. Hide them in the boxes provided and hide in the closet. A 
    dude in a white coat will come in, exit the closet and kill him too. Take his
    clothes, key card and make sure you have no weapons equipped. Go out into the
    bowl shaped room and continue along the path, don't worry, you're in cognito 
    remember. The first open door to the left holds a crate, put you guns in it, 
    pick it up and continue. You will be frisked at the door you need to enter. 
    Once through take your guns back and jump down the elevator shaft, use the 
    fibre wire and strangle the guy below from the shaft. Jump down and break the
    utility box on the right wall. With all the lights out just sneak through the
    room ahead undetected. Go into the toilet, grab the guy over the urinal and 
    shoot everyone in the next room. Climb the ladder. Walk forward and you will 
    find a Dragunov sniper rifle. Unpack it and take aim out the window. You will
    be required to shoot the three guards to continue. One is patrolling the 
    ground, one is on the roof of the opposite building and the other is on top 
    ofa cart on the Ferris wheel. Shoot them whereever you want, sniper rifle 
    kills in one. With that done, pack up the rifle and proceed outside.
    There will be a drainpipe to your left, descend it and continue left. You 
    come to a set of double doors. Grab the syringe that is in the box and 
    proceed upstairs. There you will see a man and woman having a 'friendly 
    chat'.Wait for them to finish and the guard to go to the balcony. Push him 
    over and go into the secretary's room. Poison her drink although you can 
    always just kill her with anything. If you've poisoned her, leave and wait 
    for it to take effect. Afterwards, Go into the adjacent room and your target 
    is ahead of you, grovelling. Choose your method of execution and jump out of 
    his window. Continue along the walkway, making sure you pick up the mine 
    in the box outside. Climb through the window and walk to the winch. Place the
    bomb there and back off to avoid...well death. Activate the mine, killing all
    the guards below and simply walk down the stairs, forward and through the 
    final door to the left of the room.
    You have finished your first level of Hitman: Blood money. Congrats. This is 
    only ataster of what is to come but just to say, from here on out the game 
    gets more difficult but the walkthroughs will be a lot easier to go through 
    and less formal (if that's the right word to use). Put simply, I had to right
    this one in this style because this level has a set path whereas all other 
    levels, you can choose where to go and in what order you do things.
    Though not being a mission I thought I'd make mention of this. Here is where
    47...Hides out :P. You can see a lot of indents in the walls, which seem 
    strangely like guns. As you go along the game you can collect the guns from 
    the levels you've done. They will rack up here and you can practice as much
    as you want with them, until the ammo runs out. As this is not a mission you 
    can go to the next one and leave via the door through 47's assumed briefing 
                                     2. A vintage year
    Objective 1. Kill Don Fernando Delgado
    Objective 2. Kill Manuel Delgado
    Objective 3. Escape (via water plane)
    There is a very easy way to complete this level. You start outside the 
    winery, with a door and guard in front of you. Walk to the left and around 
    the side of the compound. Keep following the path and you will see a guard 
    patrolling that area. Wait for him to have his back to you (you can wait, or
     simply run behind him if you're quick enough) and sedate him. Take his 
    clothes and nothing else. In your area there is a truck, climb on the back of
    that and on to the roof. Drop down the hole in the roof and leave the barn 
    you dropped into (there is a chance that one of the guards patrolling the 
    corridors in the house will see you, just make sure that you get down the 
    hole quickly. If you have done everything quickly, there is a minimal chance 
    of you being seen). You will be in an open area, Walk to your left until you 
    reach a drainpipe on the far left of the wall. Climb it and shimmy left. Jump
    through the open window that is to your right and equip either your poison or
    fibre wire (depending on what tickles your fancy). Don Fernando Delgado will 
    be happily playing away on his cello. Sneak behind him and kill him. 1 down, 
    1 to go.
    Jump out of the window you came out of and jump off the roof to the outsides 
    of the compound, landing pretty much right by the guy you sedated earlier.
    Go back to the entrance and go through, walk directly forward and through the
    double doors. There will be a support beam that holds a platform with Wine 
    barrels on it. Wait until the guard is not looking and place a bomb on it. 
    Equip your detonator (don't worry, no one sees it in your hand). Now all we 
    have to do is wait for Manuel in his pink shirt to walk under the area that 
    is covered by the platform. Be warned, the first time he goes under there, 
    you probably won't be able to hit him as he stays to the side. Wait for him 
    to leave and come back. Make sure the guard isn't by the bomb. If he is just 
    keep walking into Manuel before he goes into the area and he will keep 
    stopping. When the bomb has no one by it detonate. 1 dead Manuel.
    Now go back and collect your suit. Walk along the path and turn to the right
    at the end. You will find a spiralling path. Walk down it and when you get to
    the bottom, sneak, as there will be a wine maker having a cigarette. Push him
    into the water (this will count as an accident). Continue sneaking along the 
    path and there will be a guard, have a guess what he's doing...having a 
    cigarette. Sedate him. (It has been brought to my attention that there is a 
    wine maker who sometimes patrols this bottom area, again if you have gone 
    through the level as quickly as possible he won't come down but if he does 
    youcan simply hide behind the corner until he is gone and Then sedate the 
    guard).Walk around to the other side of the plane. Sneak to it, as there is a
    sleepingguard by it and as you can imagine, he's pretty cranky if you wake 
    him up, and escape via plane.
    Rank: - Silent assassin
    Kills: - 1
    Accidents: - 2
                                   3. Curtains Down  
    Objective 1. Kill Alvardo D'alvade
    Objective 2. Kill Richard Delahunt
    Objective 3. Escape (via opera house entrance)
    You begin this mission in the lounge of an opera house. Walk to the left and 
    the re will be a cloakroom. Wait for the nice man to come to the counter, 
    talk to him and you will take a real WW1 pistol (A luger a believe) and 
    conceal it. Then go to the right and there will be a toilet. Enter it and 
    wait for the worker (in the green overalls) to come and do his business. 
    Sedate him, take his clothes and conceal his body. Go outside and he will 
    have left his toolbox there. Put the WW1 pistol in it and go downstairs. Walk
    along the path until you reach a door on your right with two guards stood 
    outside. You will be frisked and then allowed to go through. Once through the
    door you can take your gun back and drop the box. Go downstairs and into the 
    prop room. Go through the middle door down the small flight of stairs and 
    directly in front of you there will be a door marked 'e stage'. Go through 
    it, keep walking and you will be in a white corridor. Go into the room with 
    the Silver Star on it (2nd door from the bathroom) and hide in the closet. 
    Wait for the unsuspecting actor to leave his fake gun in the room and leave. 
    Exit the closet, pick up his fake gun and leave the real one. Exit the room.
    Right in front of you (or near enough) there will be a set of double doors. 
    Go through them and all the way up the metal stairs. You will come to the 
    lighting rigs. Go through the door on the other side of the room and make 
    sure the door is closed behind you. In the middle of this room there will be 
    the fixture of the chandelier. Place a bomb there and go back downstairs.
    Retrace your steps, or take your own way back to by the lounge. Go into the 
    viewing area of the opera house and it is from here that you can watch your 
    devious plan come into fruition. Wait for the execution scene to be 
    performed. D'alvade has left the building. After they all figure out he is 
    actually dead, Delahunt will panic and run down into the viewing area. When 
    he is in the aisle, Detonate the bomb, he will trip and then have a 
    chandelier on his head. Calmly walk back to the toilet; get changed back into
    your suit and exit the opera house via the way you came in.
    Rank: - Silent assassin
    Accidents: - 2
                                      4. Flatline
    Objective 1. Identify Agent
    Objective 2. Retrieve info from target
    Objective 3. Sedate Target
    Objective 4. Revive Target
    Objective 5. Kill Lorenzo 'The brains and bankroll' Lombardo
    Objective 6. Kill ruby Menzana
    Objective 7. Kill Carmine Desalvo
    Objective 8. Escape (Via Mortuary Exit)
    Just to mention something here. I've read some other walkthroughs for this 
    level and find it very funny with how they carry out the level. Like I said 
    earlier, accidents are usually provided, and by using these it makes this 
    levels so much easier than others portray it. The level is rather easy, don't
    be mislead by how difficult it seems.
    There are many different ways to get into the clinic. I will mention two 
    although the latter makes the level much easier. You can follow the path 
    until you reach a man smoking. Steal his admittance slip and go to the 
    reception. Admit yourself, change into the robes, get frisked and enter the 
    clinic. OR. Follow the path to the main doors but don't go in. Go left and 
    stick to the wall until you find a locked door. Pick it, Walk directly 
    forward and pick the next door. (It seems like this is more difficult but 
    you'll see why not now). Go right until you reach a window with a utility 
    box. Break it and run to the dumpster. The guard will come out to fix the 
    box. Sedate him, take his clothes and hide him in the dumpster. You now have 
    full access to everywhere; you have a key for the rehab clinic on his table 
    and the security tape. (You have to do a lot more if you take the admittance 
    Now, although the hits you can make are not on your objectives list just yet,
    they still count. It is much easier to take them out first, and a lot less 
    time consuming. These can be done in any order
    * Go to the gym area and wait for the guy in green to do some reps with the 
    weights. Get behind him and wait for him to put the weights back up. You can 
    then just drop the weights on him and he's dead. (Make sure no ones watching 
    * Go to room A upstairs. Go out to the balcony and into the next room; tamper
    with the gas canister on the floor. That guy's dead.
    * This one can be killed in two ways, either poison the drink in the globe in
    the library, or go upstairs to the room above it and place a bomb on the 
    chandelier holder. When he's underneath it (by the Globe) detonate. He's 
    Now go to the rehab cells. Wait for the orderly walking around to leave the 
    room and sedate the guy in the chair. Change clothes and put him in the 
    nearby clothes bin. Pick up the cells key on the table. Go downstairs and the
    second door on the left is agent smith. Sedate him and leave. As soon as you 
    leave that area and go back to the clinic you will see a split screen of 
    agent Smith being carted off. Go get your suit and leave via the way you 
    came. Go back to where you started and watch the map until Smith is in the 
    morgue and the orderly is away. You also have to make sure the guard walking 
    back and for has his back to you. Go in and use the antidote on Smith. Wait 
    for him to wake up and simply walk to the exit, which is to your right.
    Rank: - Silent Assassin
    Accidents: - 3
                                      5. A new life
    Objective 1. Kill Vinnie 'Slugger' Sinistra
    Objective 2. Retrieve the microfilm
    Objective 3. Escape (Via Main road)
    This level is my personal favourite. The main reasons being that you can get 
    a lot if special ratings on it, the level is very quick and easy and the 
    clown does tricks for you. I'm going give you the silent assassin rating in 
    the quickest way on this one, as there are many different ways you can do it 
    on this level. 
    You start in a secluded suburb, around the corner from Vinnie's house. Run up
    to the guy stretching just to get him running. Go around the corner and there
    will be a catering van. Wait for the caterer to go into the house and steal 
    the donuts from the back of the van. Sedate them first. Take them to the van 
    that is parked across the street (F.B.I surveillance is in there) and Walk to
    the right of the back of the van. You will see the option 'Drop donuts' on 
    the A button. Do this and 47 will knock the door, hide round the side and the
    F.B.I will take the donuts into the van. He and his accomplice eat the 
    donuts, drop to the floor leaving you to get their clothes and the tape. Run 
    to the house and you will see a utility box by the window, break it. Vinnie's
    guard will come out to fix it. Go in through the main doors, turn left into 
    the roomand strangle Vinnie in his chair (or, again, poison if you'd rather).
    Drag himto the closet and leave him in there.
    Go outside and his wife (in the black bikini) will more than likely be making
    her way to the inside pool to wash (??). If not, wait for her. She will wash 
    and then walk toward the shower room, wait until she is in there, and the 
    guard isn't, and sedate her. Take her necklace (which holds the microfilm) 
    and hide her in the sauna. Go back to the F.B.I van, take your suit and walk 
    away from another successful hit.
    Rank: - Silent Assassin
    Kills: - 1
                                6. The murder of crows
    Objective 1: - Kill Mark Purayah II
    Objective 2: - Kill Angelina Mason
    Objective 3: - Kill Raymond Kulinsky
    Objective 4: - Protect the congressman 
    Objective 4: - Retrieve diamonds case
    Objective 4: - Escape (Via exit at north of the block)
    Firstly I'd just like to say how great looking this level is. Bravo to eidos.
    You start the level in a small restaurant during the Mardi gras festival. The
    man in the red bird suit that's holding the briefcase will go and talk to 
    baldy at the bar. Wait for them to finish their conversation about choices in
    life or something and when they are finished follow the delivery guy (red 
    bird) out the restaurant. (Here he will turn either right or left, it is A 
    LOT easier if he turns left, so I'd suggest just restarting if he goes right)
    Follow him into a courtyard, which has four entrances, a tree in the middle 
    and a bin. Follow him to the bin and quickly sedate him. Take his clothes and
    jump him in the bin. After this grab his briefcase and go into the only door 
    there, go left and through the door in there. Drop the briefcase and go back 
    to the courtyard and if your timing was right, Angelina will be making her 
    jolly way through. Strangle her or poison and drag her to where you have left
    the briefcase, take her walkie-talkie and leave, making sure the door closes.
    From here you need to make your way to the crows headquarters. Look at your 
    map and it is in the very left corner, left of the bookshop. Go through the 
    main door (the red crow suit allows you through). Go left and up the 
    spiralling staircase. There will either be a yellow bird patrolling the 
    walkway or in marks room. Go in to the room upstairs (if the bird wasn't in 
    here he will come and check everything out, just wait by the door until he 
    leaves) and wait till mark Purayahs back is turned to you. Kill him and stash
    him in the box in his room, not before you have taken his walkie-talkie. Pick
    up his gun so the bird doesn't become suspicious. (Or you can push mark out 
    the window but it is very difficult). Now that you have the walkie-talkie
    Raymond will be marked on the map. He is always above a club but the club he
    is in alternates so you need the walkie-talkie.
    What you need to do now is go back to the doors of the restaurant you started
    in. Go left until you see an alley to the right. Go in here and wait for a 
    waiter to come out to empty his garbage bag into the bin in the right corner.
    Sedate him and steal his clothes, afterwards dumping his body into the bin.
    (Watch out for a drunk blues guy who frequents this area, he sobers up if he
    sees you doing what you do). Now you are a waiter, go to the club that Mr.
    Kulinsky is in. Find the door that leads to the staircase that allows you to
    go up to his room. Watch out for the chef that is in the room of the door, as
    you have to pick the door to get through. Now when you are on the top floor,
    go through the door to Ray's room, making sure that he is either on the 
    balcony or has his back to you. Kill him with wire/poison (if you haven't 
    used them both)/pushed off balcony. Go back to where Angelina's body is and 
    pick up the briefcase, go get your suit back which is very near to where you
    are now and escape vie the north gat thing.
    Rank: - Silent assassin
    Kills: - 3/1
    Accidents - 0/2
                                7. You better watch out...
    Objective 1: - Kill Lorne de Havilland
    Objective 2: - Kill Chad Bingham Jr.
    Objective 3: - Retrieve the sex tape
    Objective 4: - Escape (Via cruise yacht)
    You begin the level on a pier at one of Havilland world famous parties, 
    surrounded by eager partygoers. Make your way forward and go left, hugging 
    the wall (go behind the guard because if you don't the camera will see you) 
    and go into the lift. When you reach the 1st floor go left and left again, 
    through the double doors and into the bar area. Go to the bar and talk to the
    bar tender, he will give you an aphrodisiac, which you immediately tip into a
    drink that is to your right. When you've done this turn around and go back 
    the way you came, turn right by the double doors and wait for the guard to 
    leave. Go through the door marked 'staff only' and turn left into the 
    kitchen. There will more than likely be a drunk Santa in there, pick up the
    sausage on the counter and take it into the room at the end of the kitchen
    (because we can't be letting Santa see you doing what you do next now can 
    we). Sedate the sausage and store it, leaving the sedative equipped. Now go
    outside (from the bar area) and turn left, past Chad in the hot tub to the
    pool. Make sure there is no guard outside the door and go through it.
    Walk forward until you come to a junction and turn right. Follow the path 
    until you come to double doors. Stay here and watch your map until the guard
    walks down and starts making his way down the corridor past the door you're
    at. Follow him and when he goes through the single door into the grey
    corridor sedate him. Take his clothes and drag him down the stairs, round the
    corner and make sure you can't see him from the top of the stairs and equip 
    your poison but keep it concealed. If your timing is right Chad will be 
    making his way to his room to have a rather erotic lap dance. Open the door
    to disturb him and he will leave, walking toward the corridor your bodyguard
    friend is in. When the girl is out of view, get you poison out and kill Chad,
    hiding his body by the guard.
    Go to the intersection you were at earlier and go left this time, following
    the path until you reach a single, guarded door. Go through it and take the
    lift to the studio. Go though the door with the hearts and go right. You may
    have to wait for Lorne to come back but when he makes his way onto the 
    balcony throw the sausage out the left door and then go through the right 
    one, while sneaking, and push him over the edge.
    Go out the room and go right into the room full of the tapes and turn right.
    On the table in front of you there is the tape, wait until the guard that
    walks back and forth (very boring job if you ask me) looks away and take the
    tape. Now take the lift back down, Grab your suit and go back to the pier.
    REMEMBER to hug the wall and go behind the guard on the way back. Escape via
    the boat.
    Rank: - Silent assassin
    Kills: - 1
    Accidents: - 1
                               8. Death on the Mississippi
    Objective 1: - Kill Skip Muldoon
    Objective 2: - Kill The Gator gang
    Objective 3: - Retrieve Pictures
    Objective 4: - Escape (Via life boat)
    Omg... this level is a huge pain in the posterior. Like, seriously it took me
    ages to complete this level properly jus because of all the hits and all the
    different things you can do. But hopefully if you follow this guide you'll be
    able to do it before doing the level becomes mind-numbing monotony. I advise
    you use up your saves on this level in the places you best see fit, I saved
    after each second person I killed.
    You begin the level at the back of the luxury boat Emily. Go left of the
    stairs that are in front of you and go ahead until you see a set of stairs
    on your right. Go up them and wait for the sailor to come out of the door
    on the left. He will rest on the balcony and then go into the room on the
    right. Follow him and sedate him while he is drinking his...drink. (Make sure
    the gator on the bottom floor can't see you through the window). Take his
    clothes and the engine room key that is on the table.
    Now you're dressed in the desirable sailor suit go downstairs and into the 
    door under the walkway labelled 'Staff only'. There is a gator in here 
    wearing a cap and a green (I presume, there are weird lights) shirt. Follow 
    him round and wait for him to rest on the rail over a piece of machinery. 
    Push him over. Easy so far right.
    Now go back to where you started the level and go up the stairs, through the
    double doors and up the stairs into a lounge area. Continue through here, 
    going through more doors until you come into another lounge area with a bar 
    in it (you will be frisked at the door to get into this area). Ahead there 
    will be a set of double doors and a single door to the right of them with a 
    guard in a sailor suit next to it. Go through the single door and two cronies
    will be playing poker. Wait in here and they will strop out after a while. 
    When they are gone pick the door and go into the next room where there will 
    be a cupboard with a costume next to it. Change and now you have an all 
    access costume. Go out the door on the left of the room and go right. Go 
    into the kitchen (last door on the right) and pick up the cake. Take it 
    outside via the door on the left of the cake and drop it outside. Wait for 
    the gator to walk around the edge of the boat and push him off. That's 2.
    Poison the cake and pick it up again. Take it up the stairs and walk to the 
    door on the front of the cabin. You will be frisked by the gator, afterwards
    go in through the door and into the bathroom on the left. Drop the cake in 
    the corner and wait for the shirtless gator to come in for a pee. Leave 
    because he will probably examine you if he looks at you for too long. When 
    he is at the urinal STRANGLE him. (If your wondering, strangle is in capitals
    because it has to be fibre wire, no poison allowed here). Now stay in the 
    bathroom and watch your map, waiting for the gator that is walking around to
    come into the corridor by the bathroom. When he does wait for him to go by 
    the door and quickly poison him before he opens it. Drag him into the 
    bathroom, ensuring that the door closes. 4.
    Now pick up your cake and take it to the room that Skip is in (he might be in
    the bedroom but I mean his main room) and place his cake on the table. Wait 
    for him to finish the cream and you have a dead Skip. Quickly drag him into 
    the bedroom before anyone in the bathroom comes out to check on him. Open the
    safe in the bedroom and take the pictures that are in there. Leave via the 
    way you came in and run around the corner. Wait for the gator to have his 
    back to you (check your map too to make sure that there are no people around
    or coming up the stairs) and fibre wire him. Drag him into the bathroom and
    drop his gun in there too. 6...1 left.
    Go to the first floor and there will be the last gator either making out with
    some woman or on the outside balcony, just check your map. When he is out on
    the balcony make sure there are no people or guards around and push him over
    the balcony (there is a woman who often rests right next to where the gator
    goes so watch her). Go back to the room where the sedated sailor is and take
    back your suit. Leave using the escape boat placed right by where you started
    the level.
    See, bit difficult isn't it.
    Rank: - Silent assassin
    Kills: - 4
    Accidents: - 3
                                 9. Till death do us part
    Objective 1: - Kill Buddy Muldoon
    Objective 2: - Kill John Leblanc
    Objective 3: - Margaux Leblanc
    Objective 4: - Escape (via hover boat...thing)
    Thank god this level is after Death on the Mississippi just because it's so 
    easy. Big relief.
    You start this level on a wooden walkway after getting off your boat. Walk 
    along the path until you get to an alley to your right. Go through there and
    you will see a guy emptying the contents of his stomach on the grass, follow
    him into a burnt out building and he will fall asleep against the wall. When
    he's asleep take his party invitation and clothes (you don't need to change 
    to get in but it makes later in the level a lot easier). Leave the building
    and run directly forward, go through the main doors of the building and run
    around the stairs. Go through the double doors and run forward and through 
    another set of double doors. You will now be in the back garden. Turn left 
    and run behind the guard that is sitting on his chair. Sedate him and run to
    the left, down some stairs and wait there.
    A little while later your first hit will walk through the door above the 
    stairs. Run behind him and poison/strangle him. Drag him to the water that 
    is past the box and just past the bushes. Dump him into the water, making 
    sure that he is fully submerged and can't be seen. This leaves the box open 
    for you to dump the guard in, but not before you take his clothes. Go inside
    the door that your first hit came through. Go forward until you find a set 
    of spiralling stairs that leads up to the attic. Go up and Turn to the left.
    You will see two winches that hold the chandeliers in the main hall 
    downstairs. Place a bomb on the left one; make sure it is the left one by 
    looking at your map. On the map there will be two ! next to each other on 
    the left side of the attic. Go back to the main hall, (the one you passed 
    through earlier) and wait for Buddy to play the piano. He will say "look at
    me, I'm a piano player". Detonate the bomb and it will drop on his head. Go
    to the burnt out building and get your suit (that's why its easier see) and
    leave via the way you came.
    Rank: - Silent assassin
    Kills: - 1
    Accidents: - 1
                                  10. A house of cards
    Objective 1: - Kill sheikh Muhammad bin Faisal al-Khalifa
    Objective 2: - Kill Hendrik Schmutz
    Objective 3: - Kill Tariq Abdul Lateef (The scientist)
    Objective 4: - Retrieve payment briefcase
    Objective 5: - Escape (via shipping exit)
    This has got to be the easiest level on the game, a near 2nd is 'Till death 
    do us part...' as you probably will have found out.
    You start the level outside of the Shamal, a luxury casino and hotel. Enter 
    the hotel. Enter the casino and turn left, right and then left. You will see
    a large lobby area with two sets of stairs leading to elevators on either 
    side of the room. Go up the left set of stairs and call the elevator. When 
    the elevator is down, wait for the door to close and climb into the shaft. 
    Now we play the waiting game. You can watch your map if you like to watch for
    the scientist. Eventually he will reach the elevator, wait for the doors to 
    close and strangle him from the shaft. Take his key (this is only so you 
    don't arouse suspicion on the 8th level). Jump down and grab the payment 
    suitcase. Go back down to the lobby, down the stairs and down the stairs on 
    your left. Go into the slot machine area and turn left, go through the set of
    double doors that will be ahead of you, Through the next set and drop the 
    briefcase anywhere in the outside area (thus is where you leave later).
    Go back to the lobby but go up the right stairs and into the right elevator.
    Climb the shaft and wait. If you look at your map Hendrik will be either at 
    the bar or in the toilet. Wait for him to come to the elevator and the doors
    to close. Strangle him. Two people killed, can't be found and no effort. 
    Dress and Hendrik and take his key. When you reach the 7th floor, turn left 
    and follow the corridor to Room 707. Take the briefcase in his room and go 
    back down the lobby. Go back to the slot machine area and to your right there
    will be a door that leads to the toilets and the bar. Go through it and down
    the corridor into the bar. (You can go through the main room but there is a
    camera in there and getting the tape is a pain). Go forward and slightly to
    your left there will be two guys guarding where the sheikh should be*, get
    searched and go in to the sheikh. An fmv will play and as soon as it has
    finished run behind the sheikh (making sure the guard is not looking at you 
    that is) and poison him. Go and get your suit, Go to where you left the 
    briefcase, pick it up and leave via the limo waiting.
    *Unmentioned in other walkthroughs I have read, Sometimes the sheikh won't go
    to the bar (very rarely but does happen), there will be a very annoying guy 
    stopping from going. They will be at the door to the left of the bar. I have
    not found a way to drag them away from each other; I left a mine in the case,
    dropped it by the sheikh and blew him up. You do not attain silent assassin 
    for this but you attain the special rating 'The Ghost' (which is quite cool 
    Rank: - Silent assassin OR The Ghost
    Kills: - 3
                                 11. A dance with the devil
    Objective 1: - Kill Anthony Martinez
    Objective 2: - Kill Vaana Ketlyn
    Objective 3: - Kill Maynard John
    Objective 4: - Kill eve
    Objective 5: - Retrieve Information
    Objective 6: - Escape (via blue van)
    This level was just as bad as doing 'Death on the Mississippi' in my opinion.
    It took me bloody ages to figure the silent assassin out for this level...but
    this one is a lot shorter written wise.  
    You begin this level outside of the CIA building with a reception area in 
    front of you and the garage entrance to the right. Go into the reception area
    and talk to the guard. You will tell him you left a coat here (you will be 
    caught on camera). Follow him into the staff room and into the storage room.
    Sedate him and change into his clothes, making sure that the door closes 
    behind you. Go to the entrance of the garage and walk to the tape recorder.
    Wait for both guards to have their backs to you and steal the tape. Now go
    right and run forward and down the stairs. Turn right and straight ahead, 
    past the guy emptying his gut, and to the van furthest away, segregated from 
    the other vans, where your next costume is. Take it and go to the elevators 
    ahead and into the one with the gold masked guards are guarding. Send it to 
    'heaven'. You can do two things now. You can look at your map and find the 
    red marker, (in the toilet). Find him, kill him and hide him in a cubicle, 
    ensuring no one else is in the room that is. OR wait in the shaft for AGES. 
    He will eventually come to the elevator. Strangle him. Either way you will 
    need to take his costume and gun. The first is more risky but fast whereas 
    the latter is no risk at all but boring. You choose.
    From the elevator turn right, down the corridor and into the large room 
    (Martinez's office). At the end of the room there is a desk with a laptop on
    it. Retrieve the information on it and wait for Eve to come into the room 
    (you can hide if you want) and fibre wire/poison her. 
    Go down back to the garage and then straight down (by where the guy was 
    vomiting) and through the door by you, which need to be picked. Follow it 
    down and Go left when you exit the door. Follow the corridor and turn right.
    Continue down and you will enter a small area with equipment in it. Go to 
    the door in this area and nest to it are some panes. Sabotage these and 
    Vaana is dead. But make sure you don't run into her before she gets to her
    platform, that ruins everything.
    Go to the bar area, the entrance is by the lift, and you will go into an
    automatic fmv with Maynard and you will go into the 'torture room' where you
    and Maynard will start a gunfight. Move behind a pillar and take out your 
    gun. When the best opportunity arises, shoot him in the head (don't worry,
    you won't get any noise on your final outcome because the room is 
    soundproof). Now go back to the garage and change back into your suit. Exit
    via the blue van in the garage, making sure the guard doesn't see you of
    Rank: - Silent assassin
    Kills: - 3
    Accidents: - 1
                             12. Amendment XXV
    Objective 1: - Kill Vice President Daniel Morris
    Objective 2: - Kill Mark Parchezzi III
    Objective 3: - Escape
    Here we are. Last level. And what a level. Firstly I think its best to 
    mention that you need to take a gun into this level, your w2000 sniper rifle
    (upgraded precision and silenced) with an undetectable case. You start 
    outside the Whitehouse with a group of tourists. Run to the bus on the other
    side of the yard and hide your case behind it. Wait for the tourists, 
    including the one that has a cigarette, to go inside. Throw a coin at the 
    guard closest to you and he will start a patrol. When he comes to the end of
    the walkway sedate him and take his clothes, hide him and his gun around the
    corner. Go and pick up your case and enter the Whitehouse. Place your case on
    the conveyor belt and walk through the metal detector. Go forward through the
    set of double doors and then through the door to your left. Go forward and on
    the table ahead will be a keycard and the security tape, take both of them.
    Go back out and go left. Now you need to walk forward a lot, through two sets
    of double doors, through another that needs the keycard. Follow the white
    corridor, up the stairs and into the large room.
    If you've gotten here without stopping, the vice president and the first lady
    will still be in their rooms. Wait for them both to leave (with the dog) and
    for the guard that patrols the rooms to leave. Go into the oval room and then
    right into the vice presidents 'study'...the one with the piano. Wait for him
    to walk the dog (watch him on the map if you want) and when he is in the 
    adjacent room crouch next to the double doors. When he comes through poison 
    him and dump him in the box in his room.
    Leave these rooms and go left, and outside (where the vice president was 
    walking his dog). Wait until the secret service dude is walking away from you
    and climb up the trellis to the right of you. Follow the rooftop until you 
    reach the roof of the oval office. Unpack your rifle and drop it in the 
    cornerof the right side of the roof. Wait for the agent to come out for a 
    smoke and sedate him. Drag him to by where your gun is and take his clothes 
    and keycard if you haven't taken it off of the vice president. Go through the
    keycard door and simply follow the corridors and cubicles to the oval office.
    'Begin cut scene'. Follow mark until you get back to the roof and pick up 
    yourrifle. Edge around the corner and off him with a gunshot to the head. Now
    simply go back to the case, pack up your rifle, go back to the entrance, 
    change into your clothes and exit.
    The end???
    Rank: - Silent assassin
    Kills: - 2
                                      13. Requiem
    Let no one escape!
    You start the level as the credits are rolling. Toggle the left trigger up 
    and down until 47 gets up out of his coma and run to the left, behind a small
    wall. From here you can crouch and wait for them to edge around the corner. 
    When they do, shoot 'em. Go outside and follow the path, shoot Jack 
    Alexander. (Funny Fact, shoot his wheelchair to watch it BLEED!). Shoot the
    vicar and the reporter who will be trying to escape by the gate.
    Congrats, You've completed Hitman blood money, the best Hitman game ever!!!!!
                                       The End
                                     5. Achievements
    Ok, you've completed the game but haven't gotten all the achievements. What 
    to do? Good thing I decided to do these. I figured I'd do a bit extra though,
    as usually you just get told what the achievement is or how best to do it 
    and you get the gamerscore on the right.
     1st mission complete - 25
    (Ummmmm complete the first level)
     Rookie mode complete - 25
    (Complete the game on rookie difficulty)
     Normal mode complete - 50
    (Complete the game on normal difficulty)
     Expert mode complete - 75
    (Complete the game on expert difficulty)
     Professional mode complete - 150
    (Complete the game on professional difficulty)
     Silent assassin
    (Get a silent assassin rank on any difficulty)
     5 Normal silent assassin ranks - 25
    (Get 5 Silent assassin ranks on normal difficulty)
     5 Expert silent assassin ranks - 50
    (Get 5 Silent assassin ranks on expert difficulty)
     5 Professional silent assassin ranks - 100
    (Get 5 Silent assassin ranks on normal difficulty)
    It is best to do all of the silent assassin ranks for achievements are to get
    them on: - 
    A vintage year
    Curtains down
    A new life
    Till death do us part...
    A house of cards 
    These are the fastest levels to do it on.
     Accidents do happen
    (Perform a death by accident. You will do this if you follow what I have 
    written to do in the first level)
     Tier 2 Kruger Schmidt - 5
     Tier 3 Kruger Schmidt - 15
     Tier 4 Kruger Schmidt - 20
    (All unlocked as you progress through the game)
     All firearms collected - 100
    (Collect all of the guns throughout the game *see Weapons* except on 'death
    of a showman')
     Fully customized Silverballers - 25
     Fully customized Smg Tactical - 25
     Fully customized SP12 Shotgun - 25
     Fully customized M4 - 25
     Fully customized W2000 Sniper - 25
    (Purchase all of the upgrades for the guns in the Kruger Schmidt store at 
    the beginning of each level *must have unlocked all four tiers of Kruger 
     Notorious - 20
    (Finish a level with 100/100 notorious rating)
    It is best to do this on the higher levels of the stages (expert and pro), 
    leave lots of witnesses, get caught on camera, Kill less than 5 guards and 
    leave guns and clothes behind. Let someone see you change as well.
     Redemption - 50
    (Reveal the true ending)
    You get this simply by completing the 'Requiem' stage.
     High roller - 50
    (Accumulate $5,000,000)
    Just don't spend any money until you reach this. It's easy if you are 
    achieving silent assassin ranks.
     47 Kills - 20
    (Kill 47 people exactly in a level, including targets)
    I did this by going onto 'A house of cards'. Take out all the targets and 
    then go to the top floor. Work your way through them and down on to lobby. 
    Keep count or mark down each kill.
     Special rating - 50
    (Have achieved a special rating)
    Ok this is where the FAQ part comes in because this is what is asked 
    everywhere. If you have 'The Ghost' rating from the walkthrough you will 
    have this already.These are just some of the ones I know that definitely
    work all the time.
                                     Sushi Chef
    'A new life' is best to achieve a special rating on. This is what I see as
    theeasiest and most fun. Follow the walkthrough until you have the F.B.I
    costume.Go into the house and grab the knife in the kitchen, next to the
    catering tray.You have to kill everyone with this knife. It is best to pick
    off a lot of peoplewithout everyone noticing and trying to kill you, so do
    some close combat (frombehind) kills first. Or of course if it suits you,
    try to take on everyone withit, but be warned that if you do this, backup
    will probably arrive.
                              Insane florist/The Gardner
    You can do pretty much the same but with the garden shears that the woman has
    outside, across the street to the targets house.
    There are others such as the Russian hare and slugger but I've never been 
    ableto achieve them. It has been explained everywhere but it hasn't worked
    for me.If you stick with sushi chef, because it is definite, you will get it
    at theend of the level.
                                        6. Weapons
    Ok, you start the game with 5 custom made and upgradeable guns.
    They are the: -
    Sp-12 Shotgun
    Tactical SMG
    All of these are upgradeable, with a range of different attachments. There is
    now real method for doing this, just make as much money as possible and buy
    only the necessary upgrades. Do this by avoiding level 1. Items (silencers
    and scopes).
    In addition to these weapons there are many other weapons you can collect in
    the game. You can earn an achievement for collecting all the weapons in the
    hideout. There are also other weapons in the game that can't be collected.
    You also can't collect any melee weapons.
    Here is a list of all the guns that can be collected at the hideout, the
    earliest level to find them, where they are and if they are concealable.
    They are listed in order of level: -
    Snub Nosed
     A vintage year 
     Retrieved off of Don Delgado's body 
    SAF SMG 
     A vintage year
     Retrieved from VIP guards
     A vintage year
     Retrieved from Manuel Delgado
     A vintage year
     Retrieved from regular guards
     Curtains down
     Retrieved from bodyguards
    SLP.40 pistol 
     Curtains down
     Retrieved from police officers
     A new life
     Retrieved from Vinnie Sinistra
    Air rifle 
     A new life
     Retrieved from tree house in woman's garden
    Desert Eagle
     Murder of crows
     Retrieved from Mark Purayah
    SLP.40 S
     Murder of crows
     Retrieved from Angelina Mason
     Murder of crows
     Retrieved from any yellow bird
     Murder of crows
     Next to Mark Purayah's desk
    KAZO TRG  
     Murder of crows
     Found where ever Raymond is
     Death on the Mississippi
     Found on 2nd deck staff quarters
     Till death do us part...
     Retrieve from the drunk guy
    Elephant rifle 
     Till death do us part...
     Wall mounted on the second floor
     Dance with the devil
     Found in torture room
    Dragunov Sniper 
     Dance with the devil
     Found in Martinez's room
     Amendment XXV
     On all marines
    And there you have it, all the weapons are now stored in your hideout, free
    to be used whenever you feel like it. You CANNOT collect the custom 1911
    (amendment XXV), Nail gun or the Real/fake WW1 pistol (Curtains down).
                             7. Easter egg, glitches and others
    Easter egg
    The rat club.
    As I am aware this is the only Easter egg in the game. On 'Curtains down',
    find the room where the guy is shooting at rats with the nail gun. Wait for
    him to leave and kill all the rats. Once all of the rats are dead a keycard
    will appear on the table reading 'the rat club'. Take it and go to the
    keycard door, which is by the room with the circuit breaker. Use the map to
    find the blue symbol indicating it. Go into the room and you find rats
    boxing, playing poker, serving cheese and pizza and magazines scattered. WTF.
    The impervious gate
    On 'requiem' after waking up, go outside and go to the left. Go across the
    path and keep walking until you see two mausoleums. Go into one of them and
    close the gate. The guards will not be able to open the gate, shoot through
    it or see you. Fell free to take them out with ease.
    Sky sewers
    Any open manhole cover you come across in the game will have no bottom, just
    clear sky???
    Not real people!
    On 'Murder of crows' there are many, many people in the streets that just
    walk around aimlessly. If you kill them, their bodies will scatter the
    streets and yet their deaths do not get mentioned in the newspaper.
    *Play piano
    On 'A vintage year' shoot the piano in Don Delgado's room in various places
    to make the key sounds.
    *License plates
    On 'A new life' all license plates read BADBLOOD
    On 'A house of cards' all limo license plates read L1MONEY
    *Reference to Hitman: Contracts
    In a newspaper there will be an advert for a Chinese restaurant. There are
    four dishes, each the name of someone/thing from the 'Lee Hong assassination
    *Dancing 47
    Go into any club on 'murder of crows' and stand on the dance floor for long
    enough and he will start dancing. He changes his dance for each club there.
    Although there are no cheats on this game that were created intentionally by
    EIDOS there are some that can be put across as glitches.
    Unlimited saves!
    Whenever you save, a box will appear that tells you that the save was
    successful. After you press 'save game' press start right before the
    confirmation box would come up. If you do this right, the save will not count
    up but your progress will still have been saved.
    Free Intel!
    This is simple, go onto the level, buy all the Intel that is available, make
    a note of it and then restart the level. You will have all your money back.
    Infinite money
    Enter any level you wish to gain unlimited money on and play through the
    level, earning as little money as possible (witnesses, noise blah, blah).
    When this is done, complete the level again making as much money as possible
    (silent assassin) and save it just before you complete the level. When you
    get the results it will show you the money increase and your new total.
    Restart the level and it will tell you that your data will be lost. It only
    erases progress but not the money earned so when you restart the level,
    reload your progress and leave again. Lots o' money. 
                                     9.Special thanks
    This section is to give thanks to people who have E-mailed me with 
    alternative routes/methods, Brought certain aspects of levels to my
    attention and just have simply helped me to improve the quality and help
    that this Faq gives.
    Thanks to Distance Ing for their contribution to 'Till death do us part...'
    helping to conceal bodies better and support.
    Thanks to Pete for his contribution to 'A vintage year', bringing patrol
    cycles that I was unaware of to my attention.
                                     10.Final notes
    Thanks for choosing this walkthrough. I figured that I might as well do 
    something worthwhile using games:P. well apart from playing them. I will
    mention once more that I welcome people's e-mails and enquiries. As I wish
    to put up an FAQ section to this walkthrough I kinda need to be asked some
    Coming soon: -
    FAQ section
    Updated for professional difficulty
    Walkthrough by: - Robert Saunders (ArtemisBor)
    Walkthrough completed: - Feb 4th 07
    Contact: - Artemisbor@hotmail.com
                                     11. Legalities
    Hitman: Blood Money (c) 2006 IO Interactive A/S. Developed by IO
    Interactive. Published by Eidos. Hitman: Blood Money, Eidos and the
    Eidos logo are trademarks of the SCi Entertainment Group. All rights
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