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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Thorfax

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/26/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

            T         L          O          S          E          N
            H         E          F          P          T          I
            E         G                     Y          E          G
                      E                     R          R          H
                      N                     O          N          T
                      D                                A
    1.	INTRODUCTION.....................................[BIGINTRO]
          i.	Introduction...............................[READFIRST]
         ii.	Controls...................................[HOW2MOVE]
        iii.	Gems.......................................[GEOGEMS]
         iv.	Health.....................................[STAYALIVE]
          v.	Breaths....................................[TICTACS]
         vi.	Secondary Attacks..........................[TAKEUDOWN]
        vii.	Fury.......................................[IKILLUALL]
       viii.	Blue Gems..................................[ALLABOUTLVL]
         ix.	Dragon Time................................[IHAVETEHPOWA]
    2.	WALKTHROUGH......................................[HELPMEDUDE]
          i.	Temple.....................................[HOMESWEETHOME]
         ii.	Dream 1: Fire..............................[HOTLIKEME]
        iii.	Temple 2...................................[BACKBABY]
         iv.	BOSS-Assassin..............................[HERE2KILL]
          v.	Ancient Grove..............................[GREATOUTDOORS]
         vi.	Dream 2: Ice...............................[COOLLIKETHAT]
        vii.	Ancient Grove 2............................[DEEPDOWN]
       viii.	BOSS-Scurvywing............................[WEGOTSCURVY]
         ix.	Ancient Grove 3............................[ENOUGHALREADY]
          x.	BOSS-Arborick..............................[TREEHUGGER]
         xi.	Fellmuth Arena.............................[FIGHT4ME]
        xii.	Dream 3: Earth.............................[PLANTATREE]
       xiii.	BOSS-Ravage Rider..........................[SHARETHEROAD]
        xiv.	BOSS-Executioner...........................[UDIETODAY]
         xv.	Fellmuth Arena 2...........................[THEGREATESCAPE]
        xvi.	BOSS-Skabb.................................[RETARDEDPIRATE]
       xvii.	Pirate Fleet...............................[ARRRMATEYS]
      xviii.	BOSS-Scurvywing............................[MORESCURVY2COME]
        xix.	Pirate Fleet 2.............................[APIRATESLIFE]
         xx.	BOSS-Skabb.................................[WELCOMEBACK]
        xxi.	Dream 4: Electricity.......................[HOWSHOCKIKG]
       xxii.	Celestial Caves............................[BEGINTHEEND]
      xxiii.	Fire Cave..................................[ISHOTINHERE]
       xxiv.	BOSS-Fire Spirit...........................[WHATAHOTTIE]
        xxv.	Ice Cave...................................[ISCOLDINHERE]
       xxvi.	BOSS-Ice Spirit............................[COLDSHOULDER]
      xxvii.	Earth Cave.................................[ISEARTHYINHERE]
     xxviii.	BOSS-Earth Spirit..........................[WEEDWHACKER]
       xxix.	Electric Cave..............................[WHATASHOCKER]
        xxx.	BOSS-Electric Spirit.......................[LIGHTBULB]
       xxxi.	BOSS-Elemental Dragon......................[MAKEUPYOURMIND]
      xxxii.	Mountain Fortress..........................[FINALLAIR]
     xxxiii.	BOSS-Assassin..............................[BACK4MORE]
      xxxiv.	Mountain Fortress..........................[ALMOSTDONE]
       xxxv.	FINAL BOSS-Gaul............................[PLANETOFTHEAPES]
    3.	Dragon Relics....................................[SONOFMASK]
          i.	Green Magic Masks..........................[CHRISTMASMASK]
         ii.	Red Health Masks...........................[HALLOWEENMASK]
    4.	Scriber's Quills.................................[GIMMEART]
    5.	Dragon Challenges................................[ICHALLENGEU]
    6.	Version History..................................[AMAZINGTIMELINE]
    7.	Thanks a Million!................................[UNOTWELCOME]
    8.	Contact Me.......................................[MAKEME!]
    9.	Copyright Crap...................................[WHOCARES]
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                                     INTRODUCTION [BIGINTRO]
    This is the main intro for the guide and this game. This part will tell you
    about the basics of the game, and what to find in this guide. That is about
    it. Now, read on. Ga head.
              Introduction [READFIRST]
    This here is my guide for The Legend of Spyro: Eternal Night. But, you should
    know that up to this point. If not, contact me so I can throw a brick at you.
    Anyways, this guide is meant to help you if you get stuck in the game, or if
    you are one of those people who like to have someone else tell you how to play
    a video game.
    In this guide, you will find the walkthrough, where to find the hidden stuff,
    and anything else.
    Now hurry up and go play this game. You sadden me.
              Controls [HOW2MOVE]
    D-Pad Up: Select Fire Element
    D-Pad Down: Select Ice Element
    D-Pad Right: Select Electricity Element
    D-Pad Left: Select Earth Element
        Analog Sticks:
    Left Analog Stick: Move Spyro
    Right Analog Stick: Move the Camera
        Other Controls:
    X: Jump
    X+X: Double Jump
    X+X(Hold): Double Jump+Glide
    Square Button: Primary Breath Attack (The breath)
    Triangle: Secondary Element Attack
    O: Physical (Melee) Attack
    O(Hold): Physical Knock-Up Attack (Knocks enemy into the air)
    L1 (In game): Dragon Time
    L1 (During cutscene): Skip scene
    R1: Charge
    R2: Fury, when meter is full
    O,O,O,O: Melee combo, that knocks enemy up on last hit
    X,X,O: Tail Strike (Ground Pound)
    X+R1: Air Charge
    L2+Left Analog Stick: Strafe (Move side to side)
    L2+Left Analog Stick+X: Evade
    X,O,O,O,O,O: Air Combo
    X,O,O,R1: Air Combo, Knock Enemy Back
    O,O,O,O,X,O,O,O,O,O: Full Combo, ground and air.
                Gems [GEOGEMS]
    In The Legend of Spyro: New beginning, you saw the gems. The crystals were all
    one color, and would drop any type of gem.
    Well, in this game, they are split up. Red gem crystals will make red gems,
    green gem crystals will make green gems, blue will make blue, and purple will
    make purple. You can also get the gems from enemies.
    Red gems restore Spyro's Health
    Green gems restore Spyro's Magic Power
    Blue gems give Spyro Experience
    Purple gems fill up Spyro's Fury gauge.
    All of these gems are quite helpful.
               Health [STAYALIVE]
    In The upper left corner of the screen is the HUD, or Heads Up Display. Most
    everything you need to know is right here. In this, the red bar represents
    Spyro's health. Every time he gets hit, it goes down. If you run out, you
    dead, fool.
    However, you can fill it up with red gems, either from red gem crystals, or
    from enemies.
    You can also upgrade your health if you collect the red dragon relics, which
    look like masks. See the Red Health Masks section for more detail.
               Breaths [TICTACS]
    In the HUD on the upper left, the green bar represents your magic abilities.
    Every time you use an elemental attack, it goes down. When it is empty, you
    are stuck with using regular attacks. You can refill this bar with green gem
    crystals, or from the green gems that enemies drop.
    You can also upgrade your magic if you collect the green dragon relics, which
    look like masks. See the Green Magic Masks section for more detail.
    The breath attacks have, for the most part, changed from the New Beginning.
    For Fire, it is pretty much the same. Spyro breathes fire. But, in this one,
    you can level it up so it shoots fireballs too.
    For Ice, you now have the Polar Bomb. It is no longer an ice stream. You can
    shoot a bomb that will freeze enemies. Larger enemies will be frozen, whereas
    smaller enemies will be turned into snowballs, allowing you to push them off
    an edge. You can level this up to make it leave behind a freezing cloud that
    will hurt any enemy who touches it.
    For Electricity, you can no longer hurl enemies off an edge. For this, you
    push and hold the square button to charge up an Electricity Orb. Release the
    square button to shoot it, hurting any enemy it touches. Then, push the square
    button again to blow it up, which could launch enemies in the air. It is so
    satisfying to watch them land like a pancake (literally) on the ground. *Evil
    laugh* Huh? Oh, anyway, moving on.
    For Earth, you now have the Earth Flail. Instead of a boring blast from your
    mouth, you now have a ball and chain right out of Spyro's mouth. You can push
    and hold square to keep it out, and use the left analog stick to swing it
    around, sending enemies on their booties. You can also shoot it out of your
    mouth quickly to send enemies flying.
               Secondary Attacks [TAKEUDOWN]
    For each element, you have a secondary attack you can use. However, unlike in
    New Beginning, you cannot power these up.
    For Fire, the bomb you had is gone. You now have the Comet Dash, which you can
    use to ram full speed into those stupid apes. If you hit them head on, and
    from a close distance, you can do a lot of damage. Now, you can finally get
    back at those damn dogs that keep ramming into you. (You'll find out what I'm
    talking about)
    For Ice, the ice shards you had are gone. Now, you have the Ice Tail. You will
    spin around, with a frozen tail, and freeze and knock up any enemy too close
    to you. This is great for when you are surrounded.
    For Electricity, you now have Electric Whirlwind. Spyro turns into a tornado
    of electricity, doing heavy damage to all enemies nearby. You can even control
    the path, but be warned. This move swallows your green bar whole.
    For Earth, you now have the Earth Pound. Spyro will pound the ground, sending
    enemies flying in the air so you can attack them with an air melee.
               Fury [IKILLUALL]
    If you played New Beginning, you would know what a fury is: An extremely cool
    and powerful attack. Well, it is pretty much the same in this one, except they
    look cooler in this one. To use fury, collect purple gems. In the HUD in the
    upper left corner of the screen, the fury meter is the circle surrounding the
    element icon. When the fury is ready to be used, it will glow purple. Then,
    press R2, and watch the enemies get blasted into Oblivion!
               Blue Gems [ALLABOUTLVL]
    Just like New Beginning, blue gems give you experience. You can get them
    either from enemies, or from the semi-rare and sometimes hard to find blue gem
    crystals. When you are ready, push select to go to the level up screen. All
    the elements are shown. Select any element and you will see part of a bar
    flash. This flash shows you how much you can level this element up. Push and
    hold the X button to start leveling up. When you fill up the bar, you will
    have a stronger element, complete with a better breath attack.
               Dragon Time [IHAVETEHPOWA]
    In this game, Spyro can slow down time! When you get this ability, push L1 to
    activate/deactivate it. In the HUD in the upper left hand corner of the
    screen, you see an hourglass. This shows your Dragon Time power. As you use
    Dragon Time, this gauge will start to go down. When it is empty, you can't use
    Dragon Time. But, don't fret. Just wait a little while. It will refill on its
    own, so you can use it again.
                                          WALKTHROUGH [HELPMEDUDE]
    This is the main walkthrough for the game. Here, you will find the strategies
    to beat all the levels and bosses of the game. You will also find out how to
    get the game's collectibles. You can also skip to any part of the guide to
    find out how to get past that one part you are stuck on.
              Temple [HOMESWEETHOME] ==2 QUILLS==
    At the start of this game, you will see a cutscene that shows the last moments
    of New Beginning.
    OK, after finding out from Sparx that Cynder is gone, head on inside. You will
    see a dragon statue. Walk around it, and pick up your first Enchanted
    Scriber's Quill {1/40}. If you miss this quill, you probably shouldn't be
    around electronics without supervision. Now, go through the door, go to the
    door on the right. (The one Sparx goes to.)
    Now, you will see Spyro sneak past the dragons. After that, go down the hall
    until you reach a cracked door. Follow what you are told, and bust the door
    down by using the O button to attack it. Now, you will find an enemy,
    Toadweed. OH NO!! You are screwed now! Unless you do what you are told. Push
    and hold O in front of it to knock it in the air. Then, melee it in the air.
    Congrats! You killed your first baddie. Hopefully you didn't die. Now, follow
    Sparx. You will find a second Toadweed. *Gasp* You know what to do. KILL IT!
    Now, go up the jumpy places. You will reach an area where you have to double
    jump and glide. Start climbing up. But, look to the right. You should see it
    there. A quill! Jump to the branch that is sticking out of the wall, but don't
    stay there too long, as it will collapse. Then, jump to the quill {2/40}! Now,
    go to the gap that the game told you to glide over, and do so. Push X, then
    push and hold X to glide over after the double jump. This time, stand so that
    the Toadweed is right between you and the wall of roots. Push and hold O to
    knock it in the air, then jump up, and push R1 to smash it into the wall, and
    smash the wall, allowing you to go through.
    Now, you will see a little cutscene, where Cynder tells Spyro that she is
    leaving. Soon after, Spyro passes out. You wake up in Spyro's dream world,
    which you will visit 4 times throughout this game.
               Dream 1: Fire [HOTLIKEME]
    Spyro wakes up in the dream to be greeted by a mysterious voice. Then, he
    hears whispers. "MAKE IT STOP!" shouts Spyro. Soon after that, there is a
    flash. Time itself has slowed down. Now, use this slowed time to jump on the
    platform you see. Wait until the flat side is facing up (if it is flat side
    down, Spyro will be hurt and sent back to the starting platform), then
    jump/glide onto it, then onto the next area.
    So, you now hear that voice tell you about how you can manipulate time, but to
    use it sparingly. OK. Push L1 to toggle Dragon Time. (You have to push it once
    to activate it, push it again to deactivate it.) You see that hourglass under
    the element icon in the upper left corner of the screen? This shows your
    Dragon Time power. When you are in Dragon Time, this gauge will go down. When
    it is empty, you can't use Dragon Time. But, don't worry. It will refill on
    its own, so you can use it again.
    Wow, those platforms are rotating awful fast, huh? Wait, we can fix that. Push
    L1 to activate Dragon Time. Now, wait for the platform to get closer, and
    glide to it. Then, glide to the next one, then glide off. Just remember not to
    waste your Dragon Time. You wouldn't want it to wear off in mid air, and have
    to start back, would you? (It might be a good idea to turn off Dragon Time
    after you land on the first platform, and wait a bit, so you don't waste it.
    Same with the second platform.)
    Now, it is the same thing, except this one has a see-saw like thing. Use
    Dragon Time to get on the first platform, and then jump off to the non-moving
    platform. As for the see-saw, wait until one of the ends is close to you,
    using Dragon Time if you want. Wait until you are lined up, and then jump onto
    the non-moving platform. (Tips: Don't jump off of the lower end, and try not
    to slip off.) Next, glide towards the platform that has the wall of fire.
    Now, you will see a cutscene showing Spyro getting his Fire element back. But,
    we have to put it to the test. (By the way, Spyro is on fire, but don't worry.
    That is an after affect of the fury.) Now, jump across the floating platforms
    until you reach the large area with statues. Oh my god! The statues are alive!
    But, don't worry. Simply flame them. Push and hold the square button to burn
    them with the fire. But, don't hold the square button too long, because the
    fire will eventually fizzle out. It will fizzle out after a while until you
    level it up once, which will make it never fizzle out. All it should take is a
    second or so under the fire before those statues die. (Oh, and one more thing,
    don't you just love looking at the names of these enemies? They are so
    creative.) And don't bother with melee attacks on these guys, either. They are
    After killing them all, jump on the two small platforms that appear to get to
    another island with more statues. This one will put your Comet Dash to the
    test. Push the triangle button to ram these guys until they die.
    Once they are dead, you have 4 more platforms to jump across, before you get
    to another area. This one has torches. Simple use your flame breath on the
    torches. (Make sure you hit the hole.) Once they are all lit, you may go on.
    This will get rid of the fire wall, and make 4 platforms appear. Jump on them
    and to the little island at the end. Step on the little pedestal there to be
    teleported away.
    Here, you will be introduced to the gem crystals. When you find these, hit
    them. They will break into gems that you can collect. Red ones recover health,
    green ones recover magic power, and blue ones give you experience which you
    can use to power up your breath attacks. After destroying all 3 crystals, you
    can jump on the platforms that appear, and go to another island, with another
    pedestal to teleport you away.
    And now, you will get to use your fury for the first time. That purple crystal
    in the middle will give you purple gems when hit. Use it all you want, because
    it will reappear a short while after you use it up. Plus, every enemy you beat
    will give you purple gems. When your fury meter is full (it is the purple
    circle surrounding the element icon in the upper left corner of the screen) it
    will start to flash. Push R2 and watch the massacre commence. Now, just jump
    on the platforms that appear until you get to the end of this dream.
    You will get spoken to by that same mysterious voice. He tells you he is the
    Chronicler, and tells you to seek him out. You then see an image of a tree.
    Then, Spyro wakes up.
               Temple 2 [BACKBABY] ==3 QUILLS, 1 RED MASK, 1 GREEN MASK==
    Spyro wakes up to find Sparx trying to wake him up. He is also greeted by a
    bomb dropped by a bird. The temple is under attack! When you regain control of
    Spyro, go through the opening in front of you. Now, you have some fighting to
    do. Kill all of the apes and dogs that appear. (A tip on the dogs, when you
    hear a sound that sounds like tires screeching, jump to avoid getting rammed
    into you. If they ram into you, you will be knocked back, and unable to move
    for a moment.) Keep fighting, using melee and your new fire techniques, and
    healing with the red crystal when needed. Just don't overdo it on the crystal,
    so you don't waste it. After you defeat those enemies, two more dogs will
    appear. Just take them out, as there is no special strategy. After taking out
    this wave, you will see a bigger ape drop down, along with two more dogs. Take
    out the dogs and the ape. But, watch out, as the ape will throw bombs at you.
    You can hit them away, but if you get hit with the blast, you will be frozen.
    As the game says, either wiggle your analog stick, or use your flame breath to
    get out. Also, watch out for the fires, as those will hurt you. Two more dogs
    will appear. Some more small apes will also appear. Take them out. After
    taking them out, you will see more bombs being dropped in front of some
    statues. Go to the statues, and push them along the obvious path until they
    are in place. You will know when they are in place. Also, on the right side
    (where the right statue is) behind a tree is a blue crystal. Hit that to get
    some experience. After pushing the two statues in place, go to the one on the
    left, and jump on top of it. Use this to jump on the elevated platform in the
    center. Stand on the circle in the center. This should open the door. Then,
    use Dragon Time, and run through the door before it closes. (Note that if you
    don't use Dragon Time, you cannot possibly make it through the door in time.)
    Wow. That was an ordeal! Walk straight until you come to an open area. Refill
    your magic with the green crystal if you have to. (Note: This green crystal is
    limitless. It will NEVER run out completely. There are more green crystals
    like this throughout the game, and they can really be helpful sometimes.)
    Then, light the torch in this area. Next, go through the door near the torch.
    There is another torch to light straight ahead, and another one to light just
    to the left of this one. When all three torches are lit, the door will open.
    Oh, no! Not more apes! Wait! The ground just collapsed! All three apes are
    dead, and you didn't have to lift a finger. Lucky you. You even get the gems
    they dropped. (Note: Any time you throw an enemy off an edge, you will get the
    gems they dropped automatically, unless the enemy landed on the ground far
    down.) Now, fly across to the opening on the right. Just, avoid falling to
    your death. That would be bad. However, more apes appear, and the floor isn't
    collapsing this time. Two of the apes blow out two of the torches. You now
    have 3 small apes, and one big one to deal with. Kill them all, then light the
    torches that were blown out, refilling with the limitless green crystal if you
    need. Then, go through the door.
    After going through the door, go to the opening on the right. You will see a
    cutscene, showing a new enemy, spiders. You will also see them eat the apes.
    You will have to fight some spiders. Be careful, though, as they can shoot
    things at you that will freeze you. (Remember: If you are frozen, either
    wiggle the analog stick or use your flame breath.) Fight these spiders like
    you would any other enemy. But, when they are upside down (like after knocking
    them in the air) they are stuck. Take this opportunity to use a ground pound
    (X,X,O) for a (usually) one hit kill. After killing the spider, go up to the
    left, on the ledge. Jump upon to the little platform in the far corner and
    look to the left. Jump from the first branch to a little pillar, then on to a
    tree branch, then across to a quill {3/40}. After this, go straight ahead to
    continue on. You will have three torches to light. Two are on the ground
    level, but you will need to climb higher to get the last one. Just jump up the
    step-like sections of land. After all the torches are lit, the door will open,
    but a new enemy will come out: A Snail Rider. Refill with the limitless green
    crystal if you have to, then go down and fight this thing. An easy way to
    defeat it is use a Comet Dash on the snail. The snail will retreat to its
    shell. Then, jump up and melee the guy on the snail. But don't stay there too
    long, as the snail will come out, and attack you shortly after. Wait for the
    snail to shake its head, then Comet Dash it again. Then jump up, melee, and
    get away. If you need to heal, there is a red crystal at the bass of the short
    cliffs. Repeat this until it is dead. Then, go through the door.
    Go through the corridor, making sure to light the torch along the way. Keep
    going, light the torch on the left, then smash the root wall to get to the
    third torch. A green crystal is there if you need it. When the door opens,
    however, you will have to face two dogs. After killing them, go through the
    door. Go to the opening on the right to get a blue crystal. Then, go right
    across to the other corridor. Be careful, because the floor will start to
    collapse. Carefully glide across until you get to the big ape. A couple small
    apes will be summoned when you get across. A red and green crystal have been
    placed right there for your convenience. After killing them, go back to where
    the collapsed floor is. Go over the second gap, and look down into the first
    gap. You should see something green and spinny. Get it. It is a green dragon
    relic {1/5}. Now, jump back out, and go through the door you just opened.
    Smash the root wall, and go in. Go to the left and smash the root wall there
    to get a blue crystal. Then, go through the other open door. You will
    encounter two dogs, and a giant ape! This guy is tough. When he pounds the
    ground, be sure to jump over the shockwave. Also, when he is on the ground
    (like after you knock him in the air) he will not take nearly as much damage
    from your attacks. Also, watch out for when he charges at you. After killing
    them, jump on the shortest platform, and light the torch. Then, jump/glide to
    the next tallest platform, then the next tallest, then the tallest, lighting
    the torches on the platforms. When all torches are lit, go through the door.
    Go to the right and smash the root wall to get a blue crystal. The one
    straight ahead has a red crystal. The one on the left takes your forward, just
    watch out for the holes in the ground. Glide across, and be careful of the
    extra chunks of floor that will fall. Keep going, and you will eventually come
    to a place with a hole in the ground. First, go to the left and smash the root
    wall to get a blue crystal. Then, go to this hole, and ground pound above it,
    to fall through and land in a new area. You will have to face 2 spiders.
    Remember to watch out for their freeze shots, and to ground pound them when
    they are helpless on the ground, upside down. After killing these two, two
    more will appear. Kill them as well. After they are dead, go through the
    Go through the corridor. When you get to a root wall, smash it. You will have
    3 Toadweeds to fight, and these ones will actually fight back. Then, go to the
    bridge. Fall off the side of the bridge to get 2 blue crystals. Then, from
    where the crystals are, look off the ledge, and down. You should see a red
    thing. Go back up, then go back to where you fought the Toadweeds. Go to the
    edge so you can see the red thing. Glide down there and get it. It is a red
    dragon relic {1/5}. Then, just jump back up the branches, being careful not to
    stand on one too long. (Note: When you get to the highest branch, you are
    going to have to make a sharp turn and glide back to the main land.) Next, go
    back up and cross the bridge.
    There will be a spider right there, so kill it. Go through the opening into a
    large area. You might notice the pillars. Well, jump on the shortest one, then
    go to the next highest one. Keep doing this, and you will eventually reach a
    quill. {4/40} Next, go through the opening nearby.
    You will see a pillar drop. This is your bridge. Go across it, making sure to
    avoid the spider's spit. When you get across, kill that damn spider. Continue
    on. You will have to kill another snail rider, and 3 Toadweeds. After they
    die, the path will open. Go through, and continue on. You will see a big ape,
    and you will have to jump, and cross a bridge. Jump up on the first ledge, and
    before jumping up on the next one, go forward a bit, and go around the corner.
    You will find a quill {5/40}. Then, just jump up the other ledges.
    Keep going. You will see a big ape roll a barrel down a hill, right for you.
    If it hits you, it will blow up, so be sure not to let that happen. Now, you
    can kill that big ape. Continue on, until you reach an area with a big pit. If
    you look down, you will see that there are some torches down there that needs
    lighting. Go down there, and be sure to avoid the lovely pits of death. Sparx
    will also help you out by hovering above some torches. After lighting them
    all, make your way back up, and continue on through the corridor.
    Before you can get through the door, you will have to face 2 dogs and a big
    ape. Kill all of them. Continue on, then take out the giant ape, and the 3
    small ones that appear. After killing them all, you will have 3 more small
    apes, and a big ape to deal with. When you kill the 3 small apes, 3 more will
    appear, and after killing the big ape, another one of those will show up.
    After all these guys are dead, you will have *sigh* 2 spiders to kill. Once
    they are dead...hang on. Any more? No? OK, once they are dead, you can jump up
    the ledges and continue on.
    You will have to watch a cutscene. You will see more apes getting eaten by
    spiders, and spiders getting bombed. When you regain control, follow Sparx,
    just watch out, because the branches will collapse. When you make it across,
    two spiders will greet you. (Hint: If you are good enough, you can knock them
    off the edge. Just saying.) Now, follow Sparx again across the branches, just
    watch out for the other spider spitting at you. When you get across, kill it,
    and continue on.
    You will have to kill another snail rider. When its dead, look around the
    ground level. You should see a little ball of roots. Smash it, then take the
    ball up the little hill on the left side, and into the catapult, taking out
    the Toadweeds along the way. When you get the ball to the catapult, hit it.
    The ball will launch, giving you a path. Jump across, and continue on.
    Go through this corridor, and you will see a giant ape. Glide over to the
    left, taking out all the enemies on the way. Make sure you light the torches,
    too. And remember, because of where you are, you can make things a lot easier
    by knocking enemies off the edge. The easiest way to do this is hold O to
    knock them in the air, then jump up and push R1, to kick them off the edge.
    When all the torches are lit, you can go through the door.
    Go through, and continue along the corridor. You will eventually reach a long
    pit, where you will have to jump/glide on platforms and branches to get
    across. Keep going, healing up as needed. You will then watch a cutscene. You
    are back at the start of the temple, and you see apes. And Ignitus fighting
    them. Ignitus calls Spyro down to help. Then, someone flies by and tells
    everyone to focus on Spyro. You also get to watch Ignitus obliterate most of
    the apes. When you regain control, you have to fight a bunch of apes. No
    special strategy, just kill, kill, and did I mention kill? I think so. KILL!!!
    After killing the apes, the Assassin appears!
               BOSS-The Assassin [HERE2KILL]
    This is the game's first real boss. You are stuck in a permanent strafe, so
    move side to side. Right from the start, you have to dodge a blast. If you
    push X as you move, you will quickly jump to the side. Use this to your
    advantage. Wait until he is visible, then push and hold the square button to
    charge up a fireball. Release to shoot. Hold it for a respectable amount of
    time to charge it enough, then shoot it when he is visible. Keep this going,
    as you can sometimes hit him 2 or 3 times before he drops down again. Be sure
    to dodge his blasts, as they do damage, and if he hits you, he will drop down
    right afterwards, so you can't attack him until he rises up again. He will
    shoot 3 fireballs each time he is up, unless the first or second ones hit you.
    So keep shooting and dodging, and you will have him beaten eventually.
               Ancient Grove [GREATOUTDOORS] ==3 QUILLS, 1 MAGIC RELIC==
    You will watch a cutscene, where Ignitus tries to find Cynder, with no luck.
    He then sees a tree-the same one Spyro saw in his dream. Ignitus tells Spyro
    to stop keeping secrets about the dreams. Spyro describes a place that
    Terrador recognizes to be the Mountain of Malefor. The dragons then say that
    they have heard of the Chronicler, who spoke to Spyro in his dreams. The
    dragons also discuss the impending doom that could befall them all. After a
    discussion, Spyro is taken to the Ancient Grove.
    When you get control back, you will see some Grove Mites approaching you.
    These guys won't hurt you, but if they get on you, they will weigh you down,
    so you move slower, and can't jump as high. If they get on you, wiggle the
    analog stick to shake them off, then kill them. They will keep pestering you
    until you smash their nest straight ahead. Also, if you cross the river, then
    go back in the direction you started from, you will find a blue crystal. Now,
    cross the river again, and go to the waterfall. Wait for a platform to come
    down, then jump on it, and right after that, jump on to the higher land. You
    may have to use Dragon Time.
    Now, go around to the right, and past this area's exit. Jump on the tree
    branches, until you get a quill {6/40}. Now, go back up the waterfall, and
    leave that area. Straight ahead are more Grove Mites, and a nest. Destroy
    them, and keep going. Some trees will collapse, and you will have 2 dogs to
    kill. Kill them, and 1 more will appear. Kill it, and you can go on.
    Keep going, and 3 more dogs will appear. Kill them, making sure to watch out
    for the mites around the area. There is a nest here that you will have to
    destroy. After those are all gone, melee the tree that is near the nest. It
    will fall, giving you a new path. Jump onto the fallen tree, and turn around.
    Jump on the branches that are sticking out, and you will reach a green magic
    mask {2/5}.
    Go through where the tree fell. You will have some more mites and nests to
    take out. Also, that tree like thing in the middle? Jump and melee it. You
    will get a quill from it {7/40}. After that, go through the tunnel, take out
    the mite nests, and go on. You will end up in an area with purple water, and
    platforms that rise and sink from it. Use Dragon Time if you have to, but time
    it, and jump from platform to platform until you get across.
    Once you get across, jump up on the righthand side of the path and melee a
    tree. It should fall over, so jump up on it, and jump from branch to branch
    (while avoiding the attacks from the tree monster ahead) and get the quill
    Drop down, and take care of that tree monster. These guys are pretty tough.
    The best thing to do is attack from behind, and back away every so often. Keep
    going when it is dead, and you will find another place full of purple muck.
    Watch out for the attacks of the Grove Worms, though. Jump across, and destroy
    the mite nest. Keep jumping across the platforms. You can also get the blue
    crystal by jumping on the branches on the right. From there, simply keep
    jumping on the platforms until you get to the top of the other cliff, and are
    able to go on.
    Keep going on, and you will have to deal with 3 dogs and a tree monster. After
    killing them, you will have 3 more dogs, and another tree monster to kill.
    After they are dead, go on. You will watch a cutscene, where you meet the
    Scavengers. However, Spyro passes out again, and the scavengers hear a noise
    and decide to investigate. Right where Spyro is.
               Dream 2: Ice [COOLLIKETHAT]
    Spyro wakes up in his dream world again. He shivers due to the cold. Glide
    over to the platform, and Spyro will regain his Ice abilities. Go forward, and
    use Dragon Time to get on the platform. Then, go to the non-moving platform,
    and then to the place with all the statues.
    You will have to use your Polar Bomb. Push and hold the square button to
    charge it up and make it shoot further, and release to shoot, and freeze your
    enemies. Kill all the statues to summon a see-saw. Use it to go to the next
    Now, you need to take all these guys out with your Ice Tail. Push the triangle
    button to knock enemies up in the air that are surrounding you, so you can
    melee them. Kill them all to summon 2 see-saws and 2 platforms. Use them all
    to get to the next test.
    Here, you need to shoot Polar Bombs into the water, to make platforms for him.
    Use those platforms to cross. Be careful, as those platforms don't last
    forever. When you make it, use the two see-saws to move on.
    Now, you need to kill enemies and collect fury gems, either from the enemies,
    or the respawning purple crystal. When your fury gauge is full, use your fury
    and send those baddies to Oblivion! After that, use the platforms to get to
    the end.
    You'll have to watch a cutscene now. Spyro talks with the Chronicler again.
    Spyro wants to know what is happening. He also finds out about the Well of
    Souls, and Gaul.
               Ancient Grove 2 [DEEPDOWN] ==1 QUILL==
    Spyro wakes up to find himself in a weird area. He meets the scavengers.
    When you regain control, you will have to kill 3 small scavengers, and one big
    scavenger. Use your new ice skills to do so. When that is done, go on. Use
    your Polar Bomb to cross the water, and to kill those damn grove worms. Keep
    doing this until you reach the other end. You will eventually get to a large
    strip of land, with a mite nest. Kill the mites and destroy the nest. Then,
    after killing the worm, jump on the highest platform in the water. It will
    make other platforms rise. Jump on those, and you will eventually reach a
    quill {9/10}.
    After getting that, get back on the path, and kill the 2 dogs that are there.
    Once they are dead, go on. You will find a large open area with a pirate ship.
    Get ready, because you going to have to fight. Around this area are some blue
    crystals, so get those, and kill the scavengers. Go to the far right corner
    when all these guys are dead, and a boat will appear with more scavengers.
    Kill them. But, be sure to light the fuse that starts between two boxes on the
    left. After a while, BOOOM!!!!!
    An open space will be created between cages. Go here. Kill the scavengers that
    come off of it, then get on the boat. From here, you should follow Sparx. You
    can simply knock the enemies off the edge with your Ice Tail. Once you get to
    the end of the cages, you are going to want to jump on the boat. Kill the
    scavengers, then take a cannonball to the front of the cannon. Set off the
    cannon with your flame breath. This will open a new path, which you will want
    to follow. You can use your ice to put out the fires. But, you won't get too
               BOSS: Scurvywing [WEGOTSCURVY]
    Does this guy seem familiar? Well, he should. Just fight him exactly like you
    fought the Assassin. And don't try and switch to Ice element. You are stuck on
    For the strategy on this boss, refer to the Assassin section [HERE2KILL]
               Ancient Grove 3 [ENOUGHALREADY] ==4 QUILLS, 1 RED MASK==
    Once Scurvywing is dead, turn around and take the path to the left. Keep
    going, and you will enter an area with some Grove Worms, and 2 tree monsters.
    Take a sharp left to find 2 blue crystals. Now, kill all the enemies in the
    After defeating all the baddies, go on. The exit is at the far end. Go up the
    steps, and keep going. You will have 2 more tree monsters to kill, and these
    two are in the same area! Note that you can freeze them with ice. That helps.
    If you are good enough, you can also trick them into falling in the water and
    After they die, you can go on. You will find yourself in an area with a
    bottomless pit! *Gulp* In the flyby, you can even see a health relic. Jump
    from branch to branch, and you will soon reach an oversized jellyfish. This
    one is chill, but the glowing ones will sometimes be electrified, so you have
    to time it. Keep jumping, until you reach an opening in the tree trunk, but
    DON'T GO IN YET! Instead, go to the right, and follow the path. You will
    eventually get....a red mask {2/5}! (TIP: Using Comet Dash can help move you
    forward if you use it right.)
    When ready, enter the tree trunk. You will have to fight a lot of tree
    monsters, 2 at a time. Remember, freezeing them helps a lot. When they are all
    dead, a platform will appear that will let you move on.
    Follow Sparx. He will help you a lot. You will also have to time some things,
    so remember your Dragon Time. Also, when a jellyfish moves up and down, wait
    until it is as high as it will go to jump to the next one. When you get to a
    fork, Sparx will go left, but you should go right. Follow these jellies, and
    you will get a quill {10/40}. (The last one moves in a circle, so time it, and
    wait until it gets to the quill.) Now you can go back, and follow Sparx. You
    will eventually get to regular land.
    When you get to land, you will have a tree monster and 4 dogs to deal with.
    One way to take out the dogs is to stand at the edge, and wait for them to
    charge. Jump out of the way, and they will fall off the edge. You can also
    freeze them, or knock them off the edge yourself. When these guys are dead,
    another dog will charge through. Kill it, and go on, to find two more tree
    monsters, and more dogs. Finish those fools off. Also, going the left corner,
    you will find 3 dogs. There is a tree near there that you can hit. Jump on the
    tree stump, and from there you can get to a branch with a quill {11/40}.
    Despite the crappy camera angle.
    Keep following the path, and you will reach some more purple water, with a
    sunken ship, and a limitless green crystal. Use your Polar Bombs and make your
    way to the ship. Kill the scavenger there, and bust the box there to get
    another quill {12/40}. Refill your magic if needed, then jump on the floating
    boxes. Use your Polar Bomb and go around the left of the ship. There should be
    a platform there. Grab the quill {13/40}. Now, refill your magic, and use the
    floating boxes to get to the nearby exit. Follow the path to a large tree.
    Watch the cutscene, where Spyro sees the tree. The tree from the dreams. But
    what does he have to do?
    OH MY GOD! The tree is alive and wants to kill you!!!
               BOSS-Arborick [TREEHUGGER]
    Enough of these bosses where you are stuck in strafe for hell's sake!
    This boss is about dodging, flame placement, and where you shoot. For the
    first stage, you need to dodge his attacks, and shoot fireballs at each body
    part. He has 2 arms, 2 legs, and his torso that need to be set ablaze. Aim at
    these general areas, and shoot away. After enough hits, that body part will be
    set fully ablaze, and his health bar will drop. Do this with his other body
    parts. However, if you are not fast enough, he will spin around, and will
    clear off all the flames on him, making you start over. You really need to be
    wary of punch, which just takes fast reflexes to dodge after he puts his hands
    up, and his kick, which also takes fast reflexes. Once he is fully ablaze, you
    can move on with the fight. Also, when he spins around, all the flames will be
    launched out. Make sure to watch where their path is headed for, so you don't
    get hit.
    The second part is much closer. This one is a matter of getting accustomed to
    the patterns of his attacks, dodging said attacks, and blasting the living
    hell out of the closest body part. His health won't regenerate at all (thank
    goodness) and when it is down, he is dead, and you will finally be out of the
    Ancient Grove!
               Fellmuth Arena [FIGHT4ME]
    After defeating Arborick,  you will meet Skabb, and the birds. They will
    kidnap Spyro, and lock him up in Fellmuth Arena, where he will be forced to
    fight. He will also meet Mole-Yair again, who he met in New Beginning.
    However, the reunion is short lived, as Skabb comes in and the birds tell
    Spyro it is time to fight!
    The first battle is Spyro versus 2 Blundertails. These are scorpions with
    cannons on their tails. They are immune to attacks, and will follow closely
    behind Spyro. What you need to do is use your knockup attack (Push and hold O)
    and then attack them while they are off balance. Dragon Time really helps.
    When they collapse, you must finish them off with a ground pound, before they
    get back up.
    After the battle, Spyro passes out again, as Sparx tries to entertain the
               Dream 3: Earth [PLANTATREE]
    Spyro wakes up in his dream world again. Fly forward, and you will regain your
    Earth powers.
    Jump on the platforms, making sure to time the second one, until you get to
    the island. Here, you will need to use your Earth Flail. Push and hold the
    square button to summon an Earth Flail. Use the analog stick to move it
    around. You can also push square to shoot it out of your mouth and do some
    heavy damage. When the statues are all dead, platforms appear. You may need
    Dragon Time for the second. Proceed to the island with more statues.
    You will have to use your Earth Pound here. Push triangle to slam into the
    ground, knocking up the nearby enemies, so you can melee them. When they are
    all dead, 4 platforms will appear. You will have to time the first and third
    Here, you have to use the Earth Flail to bust all the rocks. Then, you have to
    charge the crystal balls. The only way to do this is stand in the center of
    them, summon your flail, then move the analog stick in a full circle to hit
    them all. This will summon 3 platforms. You have to time them all. Stand on
    the pedestal to teleport away.
    Here, you must fill your fury gauge with the purple gems dropped by the
    enemies, and the respawning purple crystal. When it is full, push R2 to use
    your Earth fury and send those enemies to kingdom come! Then, jump on the 4
    platforms that appear to finish this dream.
    Spyro talks with the Chronicler some more. He finds out about this dark
    mountain that is drawing the enemies in, and the approaching Night of Eternal
               BOSS-Ravage Rider [SHARETHEROAD]
    Spyro wakes up to find the birds scolding him. He then is taken back to the
    arena where he must fight the Ravage Rider.
    This guy is just like Steam from New Beginning. Stay on opposite end of the
    arena as RR. Wait for him to cross the center of the arena to try and run you
    down. When he does this, move to the side. Most of the time, he will not be
    able to stop in time, and will ram into the wall. Now, run up to him, activate
    Dragon Time (to get more hits in) and wail on him. You can also pound him with
    the Earth Flail. Just don't try to hit him when he is not stuck in the wall,
    otherwise, you could get hurt. Keep doing this, making sure to avoid the
    projectiles and fire, until he is defeated.
    After this, you will see a cutscene, where Spyro gets a message from a new
    ally, Hunter of Avalar.
               BOSS-Executioner [UDIETODAY]
    This guy is a toughie. To start, use elemental attacks, preferably your flame
    breath so it doesn't swallow your green bar, to bust his shield. Then, use
    Dragon Time, and wail on him, making sure to avoid his attacks. When the first
    bar goes down, he will no longer have his shield, so do the same thing. Dragon
    Time and attack, avoiding his attacks. Just be sure to stay away when your
    Dragon Time is refilling. This is the same with the third bar. He should be
    finished off soon.
    After this, you watch a cutscene where Spyro has to fight Cynder. But, Cynder
    is still on his side. Until there is an attack on the arena. Now, Spyro must
    escape the arena.
               Fellmuth Arena 2 [THEGREATESCAPE] ==5 QUILLS, 1 RED MASK==
    You are going to have a bunch of scavengers to take out, so kill them all.
    After all these guys are dead, more will come in from the right. Kill them,
    and you are free to move on. (NOTE: Sometimes you will find a large pile of
    what looks almost like hay. If you hit it, you might find a gem crystal,
    usually blue.) You should probably go into each open door, because you never
    know what you might find.
    One of the rooms has a pile of boxes. You can smash them and move on. You will
    see a lever. Hit it to release a bomb barrel. Now, you need to stand on the
    pressure pads to lower the spikes and allow the barrel to pass by. After the
    barrel has passed by one of the lowered spike gates, quickly glide over it and
    stand on the next pressure pad, allowing the barrel past that nest spike gate.
    Keep this up until you reach the end. It should blast away the wall, and you
    can get a red dragon relic {3/5}. To be able to go on with this level, do the
    same thing, but don't let the barrel get past the last spike gate.
    Now, go through the new opening. Here, you will have to glide across, while
    avoiding the steam. It may take a little while to learn the pattern and be
    able to safely fly by. Dragon Time will help greatly here. Just fly from plank
    to plank. You will eventually make it to the end.
    When you get there, you will have a door to smash. Break it down, and go in.
    Go all the way to the end, and hit the lever. You will have a bunch of
    scavengers to take care of. Shouldn't be too too much of a challenge. Kill
    them all. Do it NAO!! Uh..sorry. I got a little carried away. When they are
    all dead, you can go through the area that the scavengers first showed up
    from. Go all the way down this corridor and Spyro will find Mole-Yair, who
    needs help freeing some prisoners. Go out the door that is right across from
    You will see cannons being fired. You have to avoid these and fly from plank
    to plank. This shouldn't be too difficult, as you have Dragon Time, and you
    should be able to just jump over the cannons. When you get to the end, you
    will have a bunch of scavengers to fight. Kill them all. Now, you need to push
    the boxes in place. Go to the first steam spouter, and push the small box down
    the small path until it blocks the steam. Go to the next one, and do the same
    thing. You may have some crates to destroy before you can push them fully in
    place. When this is all said and done, all the steam will be backed up, and a
    blockage will be blown up, allowing you to go on.
    This will open up the cages. You can go back in and explore a little bit more.
    Go back inside, and down the corridor. Go down a ways, and you will see a
    cannon. But where is the cannonball? Now, you need to go to the first room on
    the left. Go there, and you will find a barrel that you can hit to release a
    cannon. But, be careful! There is a new enemy in here: a ghost! Fortunately,
    these are, literally, the easiest kills ever. Just blast them with a Polar
    Bomb. One hit kill every time. Now, hit the barrel, take the cannonball to the
    cannon, light it, and pick up the quill {14/40} and smash the blue crystal!
    Now, go to the second room on the left. Another cannon. Go back and get
    another cannonball, bring it to the cannon in this room, light it, and boom!
    DAMN BOX! No worries. Just go get another cannonball, and do the same thing
    once again. You get another quill {15/40}. You can go to the rest of the open
    doors, just to see what each one has. You never know what you might find.
    When ready, to into the big area that has what looks like a mast in it. Get
    your Dragon Time ready, because you are going to need it. Hit the lever at the
    front of the mast. Then, use Dragon Time, and hurry over to the lift, before
    it goes up again. Now, you will have another lever to hit. But first, look to
    the right. There is a blue crystal right there. Now, hit the lever, and right
    after that, activate Dragon Time. You will need to go full speed to the door
    that opens up. This may take a few tries, and if you get this the first time,
    I despise you.
    From here, you will have a lot of scavengers to take out. Kill them all. When
    this is done, find the lever. Hit it to release a cannonball. Bring it over to
    the cannon to the far left (it should be facing some wood piled up.) Put the
    cannonball in, and flame it up. It will destroy the wood, making a quill
    {16/40} available. Then, get another cannonball, bring it to the cannon on the
    far right, and launch that one. (Note: If you do the one on the far right
    first, it will destroy the thing that gives you the cannonballs, making that
    quill impossible to get.) After blasting the cannon on the right, you can go
    on. Jump on the boxes on either side of the door that you came in from to
    When you get up top, you will have to deal with some scavengers, and a new
    enemy, the Fire Cannon. These guys will fire at you, but after firing, they
    are stuck. Use this time to get behind them and wail on them until they are
    destroyed. After some fighting, you will find a giant scavenger. These guys
    can throw totems out, which will make the other scavengers recover health over
    time, making them harder to kill. Luckily, the totem is easy to destroy. After
    killing these all, some more scavengers will appear. Finish these ones off
    too. When they are all dead, go to the top of the ship (where the giant
    scavenger was) and go to the lift on the left.
    You will be taken all the way up. You are going to have to go from Crow's Nest
    to Crow's Nest. You will have some scavengers to kill on this platform, but
    you can just knock them off the edge. Once that are all done for, a lift will
    come down. Go on THIS LIFT. Do not go across that shiny rope bridge yet. Go on
    the lift that just dropped down. You will have some scavengers to kill, but
    you should see a quill. Go out carefully and get the quill {17/40}. Now, go
    back to the lift you just went up on, cross the rope bridge, and jump in this
    lift. It will drop, and you will have a LOT of scavengers to fight. This could
    be tough, and if you have Fury available, now would be an excellent time to
    use it. Your Polar Bomb will help with the giant scavengers up top.
    When ready, find the cannon barrel. Hit it to get a cannonball. Bring the
    cannonball to the cannon. You should know what to do. If not, you need help,
    I'm sorry. The cannonball should hit the boat that you saw earlier, causing it
    to crash into a box, revealing 2 Blundertails. If you need a refresher on how
    to beat these, see the Fellmuth Arena section [FIGHT4ME].
    After taking all these enemies out, more will appear. You will have to fight
    them, AND watch out for bombs. You should be able to see their shadows well
    before they actually land, so don't stand underneath the pretty bombs. Other
    than that, just fight, fight, fight. But, you might also want to go up to
    where the steering wheel is. If you smash a large treasure chest, you will be
    able to get a shiny, new quill {18/40}. And one more thing, if you die, you
    have to start ALL this over again. Just some motivation to not die. Now, when
    you are ready, go find the hole in the deck, and fall in. Get ready for a
    Spyro and Sparx find the map that they needed. But who else but Skabb shows
    up. Get ready to take out a really stupid pirate.
               BOSS-Skabb [RETARDEDPIRATE]
    This guy is easy, if you do it right. First off, stay away from him and his
    sword. Stay back. Let him fire his hook at you. When he does, quickly dodge.
    After a couple of shots, his hook will get stuck. Use this time! Enter Dragon
    Time, to get more hits in, then go up and wail on him. But, don't let him hit
    you with his sword when he recovers. Keep doing this, and you will eventually
    wipe out his first health bar.
    For the second, you need to know how to dance. He will fire cannons at you.
    When he fires one at a time, walk side to side. You can strafe, but that can
    get difficult. If you walk side to side, jump to turn, so as not to walk into
    a previously fired cannon. After a while, he will stop, and fire multiple
    cannons at once. Wait until he shoots, then right after that, double jump to
    avoid them all. Use Dragon Time if you have to. After a while, (4 multishots,
    to be exact) his cannon will overheat. He will be stuck trying to get it
    working again. When this happens, use Dragon Time to get more hits in, then
    wail on him. Make sure to get away before he has the chance to hit you. Keep
    doing this, and you will eventually finish him off. Just remember, stay away
    from him.
               Pirate Fleet [ARRRMATEYS] ==3 QUILLS==
    After beating Skabb, the birds will say their goodbyes, and will actually
    carry Skabb off, much to Spyro's confusion as to how that is possible. They
    will fly out the window to try and chase after them, and have to dodge
    cannonballs. When you get control back, you are on a boat very high up.
    Start by making that long glide down to that big pirate ship. When you land,
    you will see some scavengers. Some escape by the boat, one misses the boat and
    falls to his death. Some stay behind. These are the ones you need to take care
    of. There is also a cage with an armadillo, which you can kill if you want.
    Simply melee it, or do some ground pounds on the top of the cage. When all
    this is done, go to the side of the boat where you can see the birds. Follow
    Sparx down to the other boat, taking the same path as Sparx to guarantee your
    When you land, you will have some scavengers to take care of. A big one is
    right there, but a giant one is behind some burning logs. Use your ice to get
    those out of the way, then take out the scavenger over there. Once they are
    dead, a small boat will appear, and a few small scavengers will jump out. Kill
    them, then jump on the boat. It will take you to another boat which you will
    have to jump on, and that boat will take you to the next ship.
    When you get on this one, you will have, surprise, surprise, more scavengers
    to kill. After defeating them, get a cannonball from the barrel, and take it
    to the cannon. Flame it to destroy part of the side of the ship, then glide
    in. You will have a few waves of scavengers, which you can easily push off the
    edge with your Polar Bomb. After a while, the top will open, allowing you to
    leave, but also allowing more scavengers in. Kill them, either by beating them
    to death, or pushing them off the edge. Before you leave, be sure to smash the
    large treasure chest and pick up the quill {19/40}.
    Jump up the crates, and out the conveniently placed hole. When you approach
    the giant scavenger, a bunch of small ones will be summoned. Kill them, and
    watch out for totems. When they are all dead, use the crates and barrel to
    reach the giant scavenger, and finish him off. After he is dead, a small boat
    will appear, and more small scavengers will jump out. Kill them and get on the
    boat. On this next ship, you will have some more to kill. After that, a boat
    will appear, but before going on, go to the top back of the boat. Use the
    Earth Flail on the piles of straw. Under one of them is a pressure pad. (Why
    the straw wasn't weighing the pressure pad down is beyond me.) Stand on it and
    use Dragon Time to get in the hole that is opened up. Behind the pair of
    crates on the left is a quill {20/40}. Now, you can get back out. The door
    will open for you automatically when you are leaving. There is also a blue
    crystal at the other end of the ship. Now, you can get on the boat and go on.
    The boat will smash a hole into the next ship.
    You will have some scavengers to fight, most of which you can push off the
    edge. You will also need to use the cannon, with the help of a cannonball from
    the barrel, to destroy a crate. Stand on a pressure pad, then use Dragon Time
    to get through the door just around the crate. You will then have a ghost and
    Blundertail to kill. When that is done, a lift will drop down. Kill the large
    scavenger, and go on.
    You will have two fire cannons and a Blundertail to kill. There will also be
    some more scavengers. Kill them, and more will burst through a crate. After
    killing them all, hit the lever nearby, and a boat will appear. Ignore that
    for now. Go to the back of the ship, and next to a treasure chest. Jump over
    the ship's barrier onto another small boat. Jump from boat to boat, and you
    will eventually get a quill {21/40}. Now, jump back to the ship. You will have
    to carefully jump from plank to plank to get to the boat and go on. Glide down
    to the ship.
               BOSS-Scurvywing [MORESCURVY2COME]
    Yeesh. You would think that for a game to use the same basic boss 3 times,
    they would change it around, but they don't. It is still the same as the
    Assassin, and as the last battle with this guy. For the details on how to beat
    this guy, see the Assassin section [HERE2KILL]
               Pirate Fleet 2 [APIRATESLIFE] ==2 QUILLS, 1 GREEN MASK==
    After killing this overused thing, go to the back of the ship and hit a lever.
    This will make a boat appear. Jump on. You will be taken to the ship. You will
    have a lot of scavengers to deal with. When they are all dead, go to the
    cannon, and get a cannonball from the nearby barrel. This will destroy some
    crates, allowing you to pass. Go to the boat between the ships, and wait until
    you can jump on it. (The boat is moving up and down.) Then, wait until you
    have a good jump, and get on the other ship.
    In the middle of this ship is some off-colored wood. Ground pound it a couple
    times, and it will break, revealing a quill {22/40}. Kill a scavenger at the
    back of the ship, and hit the lever there. Then, hit the lever on the mast
    near the center of the ship. Last, go to the lever at the front of the ship
    and hit it. This will open a trap door. Jump in the hole.
    Start walking towards the closed door. After a while, the floor will start to
    burn, and several large scavengers will appear. Usually only 2 will appear at
    once. Kill them, and watch out for the sections of the floor that fall. After
    killing enough, the door will open, and more scavengers will come out. Kill
    them, and the ghost. When they are dead, a boat will appear outside. Then, go
    into the room and get the blue crystals. Also, smash the large chest in the
    room to get a green magic mask {3/5}. Then, go through the room with the holes
    in the floor. Make your way to the other end, and jump back out. Then, get on
    the boat, and go to the next ship.
    This is your freebie ship. It has a lot of crystals which you can use to heal
    up. Also, smash the big chest at the back of this ship to get a quill {23/40}.
    When you are ready, jump into the other boat. You will have to transfer boats
    once. After a while, you will see a health bar appear. Glide down, and get
    ready to fight.
               BOSS-Skabb [WELCOMEBACK]
    This time, the strategy is different. Dodge his cannonballs, and kill all the
    scavengers that he summons. Keep dodging and killing, until his sword starts
    go glow purple. You are going to want to keep away from him, because he will
    swing at you, and if he hits, it will knock you back a ways, sometimes off the
    edge. One way to avoid this is to get off of the main circular platform, and
    onto the narrow wooden planks beyond. He will eventually slam the sword in the
    ground. You will have 4 waves of shockwaves to jump over, each one bigger than
    the last. After all four have passed, use Dragon Time to get in more hits.
    Then, run up to him, and hit him. But, you won't be able to get that many hits
    in. He will recover, and some bombs will drop. Watch the shadows so you don't
    get hit. This is how the whole battle will go, except he will eventually call
    down large scavengers instead of smaller ones. Keep this up until he dies.
               Dream 4: Electricity [HOW SHOCKING]
    After defeating Skabb, he will fall off the plank to his death. One of the
    birds will start acting tough, and Sparx will punch him in the face. Spyro and
    Sparx fly off to the next destination, but Spyro passes out in mid flight. He
    wakes up again, for one last time, in his dream world.
    Start out, as usual, by gliding down. Spyro will talk to the Chronicler again,
    and will regain his Electric abilities. Now, it is time to test this sucka
    out! Follow the platforms, using timing and Dragon Time if necessary. Get to
    the island with the statues.
    You have to use your Electricity Orb to kill these guys. Push and hold the
    square button to charge it up, and make it go further. Release to launch it,
    and push square again to make it blow up, sending those baddies into next
    week! After this, simply time your jumps and make it to the next island.
    Here, you need to use your Electric Whirlwind. Push and hold the triangle
    button to turn into an electric tornado, mowing down enemies. Use the analog
    stick to steer. But be warned. This move will swallow your green bar. When
    they are gone, use your Dragon Time to get to the next task.
    Here, you need to use your Electricity Orb to charge the crystals. Detonate
    one next to the one on the lowest level. This will make a platform rise up.
    Use that one to get the next highest crystal and make another one rise up. Use
    that one to get the crystal up there. This will make the final platform rise
    up. Now, simply use timing and/or Dragon Time to move on.
    Here, you need to collect purple gems from enemies, and the respawning purple
    crystal in the center. When your fury gaugs is full, push R2 to use your
    Electric Fury, and watch your enemies get vaporized! When they are gone, you
    may proceed. Jump on the platforms to the end.
    Spyro gets no response from the Chronicler, but still decides to peek in the
    pool. He sees Cynder being taken to Gaul, as a prisoner. Gaul says that if the
    Dark Master doesn't give Cynder a second chance, she will have the honor of
    being the first to die by his hand. Spyro has to stop this!
               Celestial Caves [BEGINTHEEND] ==3 QUILLS=
    Luckily, Spyro was saved by a weird turtle thing. Welcome to the Celestial
    Caves. When you regain control, go right into the tunnel you see. Go forward a
    little ways, and you will eventually find a see-saw. Jump on, and then jump on
    to the ledge sticking out of the wall. From here, jump to the floating
    platform. Go into the yellow room. Don't worry if you fall. There is another
    floating platform which will take you back up. Jump across the two platforms
    you see, and go across. You will end up in the red room. If you stay on this
    ledge, and go to the far end of the room, there are two more floating
    platforms you can cross to get to another blue crystal. If you go through the
    tunnel in the red room, you can get another blue crystal. Use the floating
    platform to get back out. When ready, go outside.
    You should see a quill {24/40} right there on the pond. Right there. See it?
    Good. Get it, and those statues will come to life. Kill them all. (Note: These
    ones can be hit with melee attacks.) Once they are dead, several floating
    platforms will appear. First, jump on the end of the see-saw that is NOT
    closer to the pit. Let the see-saw go down a little bit, then use it to get to
    the floating platform over the pit. Jump to the other platform, then to the
    see-saw. Use the see-saw to get another quill {25/40}. After this is done, go
    back to the main land. Jump on the other end of that see saw, and use it to
    get to the platforms above land. Jump from platform to platform until you get
    to the next area.
    Now, DO NOT TOUCH THE LIGHTS! They will hurt you. Use Dragon Time if you must,
    just get through. Go on, and you will have more statues to kill. There is also
    a Fire Elemental you have to kill. Your ice breath will help. When he is dead,
    go back to where you fought the statues. Jump on the shield of the near one,
    and then jump from branch to branch, and you will eventually get another quill
    Drop down, and after a quick flyby, jump down and land on the see-saw. Use it
    to get up to the land, where you will have 2 statues to kill. Kill all of
    them, and continue along the path that was behind them. In this area, there
    are 3 statues, but they won't move. You also have 2 statues that you have to
    push into their proper area. Do that, and the statues will come alive. You
    will have to kill them, and a Fire Elemental as well. When that is done, go to
    the cave the Fire Elemental opened.
    You will have a few easy jumps to make. When you get to the end of the area,
    you will find yourself in a wide open area. After a short cutscene, you will
    meet a new enemy: crystal spiders. You have to take these guys out. No special
    strategy involved, but when you kill them, they turn into a crystal ball. You
    need to roll this crystal ball to one of the four pedestals near the exit
    door. Hurry, though, as they will eventually explode. If one does explode,
    another crystal spider will show up. Once the crystal balls are in place, look
    at the color of the bands on the pedestal. That color corresponds to the
    element you need to charge that crystal with. Red=Fire, Blue=Ice, Green=Earth
    and Yellow=Thunder. When they are all charged, the door will open, and you can
    go on.
    Go through the door, and follow the flying book. You will eventually reach a
    place with 5 doors, 4 of which are open. You can go through them in any order.
    Simply skip to the appropriate section for the door you go into.
               Fire Cave [ISHOTINHERE] ==1 QUILL, 1 GREEN MASK==
    If you go into the first door on the left, you will enter the Fire Cave. You
    may notice that you cannot switch elements. In this place, you are stuck with
    the element fire.
    Walk towards the closed door, and you will be greeted by two crystal spiders.
    Kill them, and roll the balls they turn into to the pedestals. When you have
    them in place, flame them both to activate them, and open the door.
    Go in, and jump over the water onto the platform to the left. Turn around, and
    face the big rock. On the side of the rock not facing the door you just came
    in from, you should see a quill {27/40}. Now, take care of that fire troll.
    These guys can be somewhat tough, but you can do it. Sometimes, however, they
    will block your attacks. When he is dead, keep going, and you will eventually
    encounter 2 more fire trolls. Take them out as well. When they are dead, you
    will be able to go on. You will have a Fire Elemental to take out. When he is
    gone, keep going.
    Here, you will need some good jumping skills. Light the candle you see. A book
    will rise up. Jump on it, and it will take you down. You will have to light
    the next candle. This will flip over the next two platforms. Quickly jump on
    those to get to the next candle, and flame it, to get the next platforms
    flipped. Use them to jump to the next candle, and flame it. Keep doing this
    until you reach the end. (You may need Dragon Time at the end.) Just be quick.
    If a candle burns out, it will make its platforms flip upside down again,
    regardless of whether you are on it or not. Now, ignore the fire trolls, and
    turn around. There are some books there. Jump onto the first book, but get off
    quickly, as it will close. (You might slip off more easily if they are
    closed.) Jump from that book to another, and another, and you will get a green
    mask {4/5}. Now, go back the same way, and take out the fire trolls.
    You will have a Fire Elemental, and two fire trolls to take out. Then, go on.
    Now, you will have to be on the look out. There is a Button Crab. These guys
    are small, but FAST. Use Dragon Time, and ground pound them. (Double Jump,
    then hold the circle button.) If you hit it, it will get stuck in the ground,
    and will activate a portal. Use it to warp to the next big baddie.
               BOSS-Fire Spirit [WHATAHOTTIE]
    This guy is just like the Executioner. You will need to take out his shield
    with your Comet Dash or your Fire Breath. When that is done, run up (Dragon
    Time if you want) and pound on him. He will get his shield back, so back off,
    and bust it again. Keep this up until he is gone. There is a green crystal if
    you need it.
               Ice Cave [ISCOLDINHERE] ==1 QUILL, 1 RED MASK==
    If you go to the second door on the left, you will be in the Ice Cave. You may
    find that you cannot switch elements. In here, you are stuck with ice. So deal
    with it.
    Right from the start, you are going to have to use your Polar Bomb to be able
    to cross the liquid. If you need magic, turn around. When you get to safety, a
    door will open. Go in there, and you will have 3 ice trolls to kill. Your ice
    element should help. After they are done for, a crystal spider will show up.
    Kill it, and push its remains into the pedestal, and ice it. The ice shield
    will drop. Now, fill up on magic. Go to the VERY tip of the ledge (don't fall
    off) and look down. You should see a red mask. Glide/hover down and get it
    {4/5}. You can make it across the liquid with your ice bombs. You will
    eventually get to a book. Jump on to get a ride up, and make sure to ice the
    crystal ball on the wall on the way. If you miss, just stay on the book. When
    that is done, jump off at the top. When you get up there, you will have some
    ice trolls to kill. There is also a crystal spider. Kill it, and bring the
    crystal ball to the pedestal. Then, ice it. This will make some books drop
    down. Jump on them, and instead of going to the exit, turn left, and get the
    quill {28/40}.
    Here is a Button Crab. These small but fast creatures are necessary to go on.
    Use Dragon Time to make it easier. Then, ground pound them (X,X, hold O). Once
    this is done, the portal will activate. Jump on, and get ready.
               BOSS-Ice Spirit [COLDSHOULDER]
    This guy is just like the Executioner if you remember him. Use your Polar Bomb
    a lot. If he blocks, it will just get closer to breaking his shield. If he
    doesn't block, it will hurt him. If his shield breaks, use Dragon Time if you
    want, and beat him. His shield will eventually reappear. When that happens,
    back off, and keep Polar Bombing him. There is a regenerating green crystal if
    you need it. If he gets his weapon stuck, you can hit him, but you will get a
    very small window. When he is killed, you can go on.
               Earth Cave [ISEARTHYINHERE] ==3 QUILLS==
    If you go on the first door to the right, you will find yourself in the Earth
    Cave. You may notice that you can't switch elements. In here, you are stuck
    with the Earth element, mind you.
    Start in this area by turning around. Jump on the pedestal, then to the
    branches to the right, until you get the quill {29/40}. Then, stand in the
    center, and use your Earth Flail to get all the crystals in one well-practiced
    motion. This will allow you to go on. Keep walking, and you will have to fight
    3 earth trolls. Kill them all (your Earth powers help). After they are dead,
    you will see some Button Crabs. To move on, you need to use Dragon Time and
    ground pound (X,X, hold O) right over them. When that is done, you can go on,
    but before you do, go to the very end of this area. You will see a see-saw.
    Use it to get up on the platform, and from there, jump onto the branches to
    get to a quill {30/40}. After getting that, and crushing the crabs, go through
    the exit that was opened for you.
    Go through this cave. When you emerge, you will have to kill 4 earth trolls!
    When that deed is done, 2 crystal spiders will appear. Kill them, then bring
    their remains to the pedestals. Use your Earth Flail to activate them when
    they are in place. This will open a door, but don't go on yet. There is a
    statue in this area. Push it in place over the white circle. Jump on this, and
    use the branches to get to the quill {31/40}. Now, you can go on.
    You will probably wand Dragon Time to be able to safely cross these platforms.
    When you make it, follow the path, and onto the teleporter.
               BOSS-Earth Spirit [WEEDWHACKER]
    This guy is just like the Executioner if you remember. Your Earth Flail will
    be really handy in both attacking and breaking his shield. When his shield is
    broken, use Dragon Time if you want, and run up and attack him, either with
    Melee, or your Flail. His shield will regenerate. When it does, back off and
    break it again. There is a regenerating green crystal here if you need it.
    When he is dead, you can continue on.
               Electric Cave [WHATASHOCKER] ==2 QUILLS==
    If you go into the second door on your right, you will find yourself in the
    Electric Cave. You may find that you cannot switch elements. In this place,
    you are stuck with the Electricity element.
    Problem: There is a lake to cross, and the glide is too far. Other problem:
    you have no ice. Solution: the crystals on the wall. Use your Electric Orb to
    activate the crystal on the left. It will make a platform rise up. Jump on,
    and activate the next crystal. This will make another platform rise up. Jump
    to that, then on to dry land. Hurry, as the platforms will sink after a while.
    On land, you will have to electric trolls to kill. When they are dead, turn
    around and face the water. On the right are some rocks. Smash them to find a
    quill {32/40}. Now, continue on.
    You will have to do the same thing here. Hit the crystal on the left with your
    orb. Jump on the platform that rises up, and then to the land. Next, hit the
    one to the right when you land. Get on that platform, and hit the last orb.
    Glide across to that platform, then to land. You can use that statue there to
    get the quill you see floating there {33/40}. Kill the electricity troll, and
    then continue on.
    Follow this path. When you get to a door, simply bust it down. You will have
    three electric trolls to kill. When they are gone, some crystal spiders will
    show up. Kill them, and push the crystal balls into the pedestals. Use your
    electricity to charge them. (There is also a blue crystal behind something on
    a ledge nearby.) Once all the crystals are charged, some books will drop down.
    Use them to get to the higher land and go on.
    There are 3 Button Crabs here. Use your Dragon Time, and ground pound (X,X,
    hold O) them when you are over them. You might have to chase them down and
    search the area too. When they are all flattened, the teleporter in the center
    will activate. Step on it to go on.
               BOSS-Electric Spirit [LIGHTBULB]
    This guy is just like the Executioner from Fellmuth Arena. Use your electric
    powers to bust his shield. When it is broken, Dragon Time if you want, and run
    up and attack him, either with melee, or your electric attacks. His shield
    will eventually reappear. When it does, back off, and bust it again. Keep this
    up until he is dead. There is a regenerating green crystal if you need it.
    When he is dead, you can continue on.
               BOSS-Elemental Dragon [MAKEUPYOURMIND]
    This section is only for if you have cleared all the elemental doors. Spyro
    will find out that he has to face his fear alone. He decides to do it, despite
    Sparx not wanting him to. Get ready.
    After 4 areas where you couldn't switch elements, you are going to need to
    switch them a lot for this battle. The color of this dragon shows the element
    you need to use. Red=Fire, Blue=Ice, Green=Earth, Yellow=Electricity. Only
    approach this dragon for the occasional attack. Don't spend any more time near
    her than necessary. You will have a lot of tail strikes and such to avoid or
    jump over. Also, make sure to keep a constant eye on her color, so you know
    when to switch elements, and to what. Melee attacks will work, but you are at
    danger. When she is yellow, it is a good idea to use your Electric Whirlwind.
    This will do heavy damage, and leave you invincible. But don't count on it too
    much, as it swallows your magic. There are red and green crystals in the room,
    but only the green ones will regenerate. There is no need to go wild on the
    green crystals, as a little goes a long way. Keep this up, and eventually she
    will be done for.
               Mountain Fortress [FINALLAIR] ==5 QUILLS, 1 GREEN MASK==
    After she is dead, the final door will be opened. Go in, and Spyro will
    finally meet the Chronicler in person. He has records of dragon history,
    dating back to nearly the beginning of time. Spyro asks to see his records. He
    sees Gaul as part of his story. Gaul led the attack on the temple on the night
    of Spyro's birth. He also wants to know what will happen to Cynder, but hers
    is a darker story. He found out how she was corrupted by the dark master, and
    that when the dark master returns, she will give in. He also finds out about
    another dragon, who mastered fire, despite not being a fire dragon. He
    mastered ice, and wind, and other abilities no dragon ever thought could be
    mastered. It was the first purple dragon. He was encouraged at first, until he
    power kept growing, and consumed all. He wouldn't stop, and he was exiled. He
    created an army of apes. Spyro finds out that this dragon created the Well of
    Souls. The very one who created it now seeks to escape. Spyro decides that he
    is going to help Cynder, no matter what.
    Start off by making that long glide down. When on the lone platform, glide to
    the little bit of land sticking out on the right. Jump up the nearby ledges.
    You will eventually get to a larger section of land. When you are here, you
    will see some of Gaul's warriors jumping. On the way, you will have some
    thorns to smash. (They will be on your right.) There are more thorns blocking
    your way. Smash them, and get the quill {34/40}. Keep jumping around the
    platforms. You should eventually see the warriors again. Follow them inside.
    But, before you enter the door, go to the right, and behind some of the bricks
    to get another quill {35/40}. Now, go inside the door.
    Turn right, and follow the path. You will have a bunch of small warriors to
    take out. After taking out a bunch of them, the rest will flee like little
    girls. You can now go through the door.
    Don't touch the pretty green light. It will hurt you. Either use your Electric
    Whirlwind, if you have enough magic, or use Dragon Time and hurry by. If you
    hide behind the walls you see sticking out, you will be safe, but you have to
    be right behind it. When you get to the end of this hall, go through the
    Turn right, and go through that doorway. There is a hole in the ground. Fall
    in this hole. You should see warriors running off. Wait for the floating
    platform to come down, then jump on. Let it take you up. Get ready to fight!
    A giant warrior will appear. But he will turn invisible! He is still barely
    visible if you pay enough attention. Using your Polar Bomb will make things
    easier. He also becomes visible more if you use Dragon Time. After killing
    him, several small and large warriors will appear. These large ones can
    actually teleport! It shouldn't make it too much harder, only more of a pain
    chasing after them. Kill all of these guys. More small and large warriors, and
    some dogs will appear. Finish all these guys off. After those are gone you
    will have a small amount of warriors more to kill. After that, you are done.
    Don't go on yet. Smash the thorns to the right of the door. Then, ground pound
    the switch behind it. This will open a door. Go there, and inside is the final
    green mask {5/5}. Now you can go through the door.
    Follow the long corridor. There will be some platforms to the right to climb
    up, but there will also be some exploding barrels. A lot will fall, but after
    that, there is a large gap. With this gap, you should be able to get up and in
    the cave. If you have to, use Dragon Time, but try to avoid the exploding
    barrels. When you get to the end, flame the barrels to the right, and back
    away. Watch the big badda boom. A bunch of warriors will appear. Start taking
    them out. When no more appear, you can go on.
    Follow this corridor, and you will be shown a quick flyby of where do go. Go
    down there, and follow that path. When you get to the waterfall, turn around,
    as you will have a bunch of spirit warriors chasing after you. These guys are
    easy to kill. Finish them off, then focus on the waterfall. You need to wait
    for the right time. The rock pattern will cycle. You will know when to go by
    the large gap where there are no rocks. When the rocks do come in to view,
    there should be 5 rocks close together. Use Dragon Time if you want, but go to
    the lowest rock, then jump to the next highest, then the next highest, and so
    on. You will eventually get to a non-moving platform. Jump on that. If you
    need to, wait for the next cycle of rocks. Just jump onto a rock, and glide
    across. Jump up a platform or two, then turn right. Glide over to get the
    quill {36/40}. Then, jump back up and go on.
    You will need to use your Polar Bomb here. Just be careful of the enemies
    launching crap at you up ahead. Carefully cross the lake. When you get to the
    other side, you will have 2 undead warriors to fight. These are larger
    versions of the spirit warriors, and when you empty their health, they will
    turn into a ghost, who you have to kill. The Earth Flail or Electric Whirlwind
    will work best on the armored form, the fire element works well on the ghost.
    When they are gone, jump up the ledges, and you will have two more to take out
    up top. When dead, the door will open.
    You will have another green laser to avoid. Either use your Electric
    Whirlwind, or a careful Dragon Time. Once out, look down the ledge outside the
    entrance. You should see a quill there. Glide down there to get the quill
    {37/40}. Now, go from the entrance to the left. Jump up some platforms, and
    into the middle. You will have one helluva battle here. Use any elements in
    your arsenal. Electric Spin works great, and the green crystals on the way to
    the middle platform from the entrance are limitless. The red crystals aren't,
    so be wary. You will also see some Yaks. These guys are huge. They love to
    charge you, which can be used to your advantage. Sometimes, when you stand on
    the platform right before the center platform, they will charge right off the
    edge. Keep fighting, making sure to stay healthy. Eventually, you will have
    wiped out all the enemies, and you will be able to go on.
    After all that, some platforms will appear, allowing you to go on. Use them.
    You will have another green laser, so either Electric Whirlwind or Dragon Time
    through. There is a quill in this hall, and it is easy to see. Be sure to get
    that on the way {38/40}. Leave, and get ready...
               BOSS-Assassin [BACK4MORE]
    Alright, this is the fourth time! Sheesh, change it up a little, huh? See the
    Assassin section for the low down on this fight [HERE2KILL]
               Mountain Fortress [ALMOSTDONE] ==2 QUILLS, 1 RED MASK==
    After finally killing this guy, you can go on. Go to the left, and look down.
    There is a ledge with a quill. Glide down there and get the quill {39/40}.
    Now, jump back up, and go right. You should eventually see a platform moving
    up and down. Jump on board, and have it take you up. Eventually, you will be
    able to glide to another quill {40/40}, the final one in the game. Now, let
    the platform take you up until you see another platform moving in a circle.
    Use timing or Dragon Time to jump on it, then onto another rising platform,
    then onto another spinner, and onto one more rising platform. You should be
    able to get on regular land now. Follow the path, then go through the door.
    You will have another invisible giant warrior to kill, along with more
    warriors and dogs. When they are dead, some more will appear, and after them,
    a bunch more. Kill all the warriors who appear. The door will open, and you
    will have yet another green laser to avoid. Either use your Electric
    Whirlwind, or Dragon Time.
    You should enter a room with a large dragon statue. Jump on some platforms.
    You will have to glide to some hard-to-see platforms. Follow those to the
    final collectible, the red mask {5/5}. Then, simply glide to the exit.
    Welcome to the final boss. This guy is a toughie. For his first phase, you
    want to stay away from him as much as possible. Plus, as you may notice, you
    have no magic power, so you cannot use any of your element attacks. Do not get
    near him. If he starts walking towards you, walk away. He will teleport every
    once in a while. Sometimes, he will also launch a ball at you. Simply avoid
    it. You want to wait until he starts leaping in the air. If you have to, use
    Dragon Time, but STAY AWAY! Glide, run, charge, whatever you have to do, just
    don't let him hit you with his swords, because it HURTS! If you need to, smash
    the pots around the side of the battle ground. This will make his attack
    weaker, so you don't get one-hit kills, or at least close to it. Just avoid
    his swords. Also, when he lands, there will be a shockwave, so jump over it.
    After 5 jumps, he will get stuck. Enter Dragon Time, run up, and wail on him.
    He will eventually get free, but he seldom attacks you. He usually just
    teleports. Just keep this up, and you will eventually get rid of his health.
    For his second phase, you are Dark Spyro. But he has new attacks. You still
    want to keep away from him. One tip, never use your secondary (triangle)
    attack, because he will just teleport away before you can really do anything.
    Keep away from him. He will eventually do one of two attacks that you want to
    keep wary of. First, he will shoot lasers out of his eyes. These are fairly
    easy to dodge, and they won't do that much damage if they hit you, just stay
    away from the edge, because if they do hit you, they will knock you back a
    ways, sometimes off the edge. Dodge these lasers. He will shoot three, then
    become winded. Enter Dragon Time, run up to him, and use your primary (square)
    breath attack on him. This hardly takes away your magic. Even though it looks
    like it isn't doing anything, it is. Push and hold square, and do this until
    he recovers. If he doesn't teleport away, try to get away as fast as possible.
    The other attack is his tornado attack. This will try and draw you in. Charge
    in the direction opposite the one in which you are being pulled. If he gets
    too close, double jump, and aim the jump towards the tornado. You will usually
    get through. Then, start charging again as soon as you can. If he does manage
    to pull you in, it will launch you in the air, with little or no damage.
    Simply push X, and you will start to fall, but it might be a good idea to
    glide some of the way, because it is a long ways down. If you manage to avoid
    the tornado, he will get dizzy. Like before, Dragon Time, and use your primary
    attack on him. He will also call bombs down sometimes, but these should be
    easy to avoid if you stay back enough. Eventually, you will knock his health
    bar to zero.
    OK, get ready, because his third phase is the hardest one yet. Push R2 to use
    your fury. MAN, that was a challenge. Yup, that is all you have to do. Use
    your fury on him. You will not be able to move in this phase, and if you wait
    too long to use your fury, he will laser your sorry ass right off the edge,
    and you will have to start all over. So just use your fury.
    So there you go. You beat the game. That is, if you managed to beat that
    ultra-hard third phase. Now, you can start a new game, keeping all your level
    up progress from this game. Also, you can beat the Dragon Challenges to be
    able to use Dark Spyro in a new game. Just read on for info on these
                                                  DRAGON RELICS [SONOFMASK]
    This section will show you where to get all the dragon relics which increase
    your maximum health and magic. These are also found in the walkthrough, but I
    will post them here separately.
               Green Magic Masks [CHRISTMASMASK]
    1.	TEMPLE-After the first encounter with a Snail Rider, look down in the
    hole left after a floor collapses. It is in there.
    2.	ANCIENT GROVE-After knocking down the first tree you are supposed to
    knock down, jump on it and turn around. Jump on the branches to get to
    3.	PIRATE FLEET-In the room after the burning floor that fell from under
    you, where you had to fight the scavengers, there is a treasure chest.
    Break it, and the mask is there.
    4.	CELESTIAL CAVES-In the Fire Cave, after clearing the area where you had
    to light the candles to flip the platforms over, turn around, and jump
    on the books to get to this mask.
    5.	MOUNTAIN FORTRESS-In the area where you meet the first giant warrior
    that turns invisible, smash the thorns on the right of the door. Ground
    pound the switch, and get the mask from the door that opens.
               Red Health Masks [HALLOWEENMASK]
    1.	TEMPLE-After the room where you had to kill spiders, there was a place
    with Toadweeds and a bridge. The mask is far off, in a place to the
    right of the bridge.
    2.	ANCIENT GROVE-In the area where you had to jump on branches and
    jellyfish. Go to the area where you enter the tree trunk, but don't go
    in. Follow the jellyfish path to the right.
    3.	FELLMUTH ARENA-In the area with the pressure pads that you had to stand
    on to lower the spike gates so an exploding barrel can go by. Let the
    barrel get all the way to the end without running into any spikes.
    Behind the area that it blows up is the mask.
    4.	CELESTIAL CAVE-In the Ice Cave. Look off the ledge of the very first
    cliff. It is down there.
    5.	MOUNTAIN FORTRESS-In the room right before the final boss, it is on a
    platform you can easily get to.
                                           SCRIBER'S QUILLS [GIMMEART]
    The following tells you the locations of all the Enchanted Scriber's Quills.
    In the Extras section of the main menu, you can see all the art you have
    unlocked. Each quill you collect will unlock 5 pieces of art, for a total of
    1.	TEMPLE-This is right there. You cannot possibly miss it. Hell, this one
    is hard to miss if you are blind.
    2.	TEMPLE-When you first meet Toadweed, there is an area where you have to
    glide. Turn right here, and you should see the quill. Use the branch to
    get it.
    3.	TEMPLE-As the spiders first attack, turn left, and use the tree branches
    to get to it.
    4.	TENPLE-There is a room with 5 pillars. You can use each one to jump to
    the next tallest one, and you will eventually get it.
    5.	TEMPLE-In the area with the broken bridge, it is up top and near the
    back, behind some rocks.
    6.	ANCIENT GROVE-After getting up the waterfall at the very beginning, go
    all the way right, and use the tree branches to get it.
    7.	ANCIENT GROVE-After smashing the first tree, go to the large mushroom-
    like thing in the water, and smash it.
    8.	ANCIENT GROVE-After the lake with rising and falling platforms, there is
    a tree to smash. Use it, and the branches, to get the quill.
    9.	ANCIENT GROVE-After crossing the first few lakes with your Polar Bomb,
    stand on the circular platform in the strip of water, to make some more
    raise up. Use Dragon Time if needed, and follow the jumping path.
    10.	ANCIENT GROVE-When going jellyfish jumping, there is a fork in the path.
    Sparx will tell you to go left, but take the right path. Carefully
    follow it, and you will reach the quill.
    11.	ANCIENT GROVE-After the jellyfish area, there is a tree off to the side
    to smash. It is right before some tree monsters.
    12.	ANCIENT GROVE-On the sunken pirate ship, there is a box to smash with
    the quill inside.
    13.	ANCIENT GROVE-Near the sunken pirate ship, there are some floating
    platforms. Use them, and some ice, to go to the far side of the ship.
    The quill is on a platform.
    14.	FELLMUTH ARENA-After opening all the cages, there is a cannon in a room
    that you can use, with a cannonball, to blast away a blockage and get
    the quill.
    15.	FELLMUTH ARENA-Another room with a cannon, except you have to fire this
    one twice, once to bust a box blocking the way, and once to remove the
    16.	FELLMUTH ARENA-On the deck, on the place with the automated cannon
    dispenser and two cannons, one on the left and one on the right, use the
    one on the left (from when you enter).
    17.	FELLMUTH ARENA-At the top of the first mast, you have to kill several
    scavengers. When you do, a lift drops down. Use it, and get the quill up
    18.	FELLMUTH ARENA-Near a steering wheel, there is a large treasure chest.
    The quill is inside.
    19.	PIRATE FLEET-In the first ship that you use a cannon to blast a hole in
    the side of, there is a chest. Break it and claim the quill before I do.
    20.	PIRATE FLEET-On the same ship where you find the previous one, use your
    Earth Flail to get rid of some straw. Step on a pressure pad, and use
    Dragon Time to go through the hole. The quill is in this area.
    21.	PIRATE FLEET-On the ship that you smash the boat into, there are some
    boats next to the ship. Jump on these, and get the quill.
    22.	PIRATE FLEET-On the ship where you have to hit the three levers to move
    on, there is some off-colored wood in the center. Ground pound it a few
    23.	PIRATE FLEET-On the only empty ship (it is after the ship with the three
    levers) there is a treasure chest with the quill inside.
    24.	CELESTIAL CAVES-In the middle of the lake, surrounded by statues.
    25.	CELESTIAL CAVES-At the pond mentioned above, use the see-saw to go to
    the platforms above the pit. You will find it eventually.
    26.	CELESTIAL CAVES-In the area with the next 2 statues, use a lifeless
    statue as a stepping tool to get to some branches which lead to the
    27.	FIRE CAVES-A you enter the cave after the first room with the crystal
    spiders, it is behind a rock.
    28.	ICE CAVES-Before you leave the room with the three crystal balls, it is
    on a small ledge to the left of the exit.
    29.	EARTH CAVES-As you start the Earth Caves, turn around and jump up the
    30.	EARTH CAVES-At the far end of the room with the two button crabs, there
    is a see-saw that you can use to reach the quill.
    31.	EARTH CAVES-In the room with the two crystal spiders, push a statue into
    place and use it to reach some branches that lead to the quill.
    32.	ELECTRIC CAVES-It is behind some rocks on the far side of the room with
    the first part of water.
    33.	ELECTRIC CAVES-To the left of the exit after the second part of water.
    You might need a statue to get it.
    34.	MOUNTAIN FORTRESS-On the second platform you land on from the start,
    smash some thorns to your right on the way up.
    35.	MOUNTAIN FORTRESS-To the right of the first door at the start of the
    level, behind some bricks.
    36.	MOUNTAIN FORTRESS-After getting to the top of the waterfall where you
    needed the rocks to get there, go up a little and turn right. You should
    be able to see it.
    37.	MOUNTAIN FORTRESS-Right below the entrance in the room where you had to
    fight many waves of enemies on a large platform in the center of the
    38.	MOUNTAIN FORTRESS-After the room mentioned above, it is easily visible
    in the hall with the green laser.
    39.	MOUNTAIN FORTRESS-After fighting the Assassin, jump down to the left.
    40.	MOUNTAIN FORTRESS-After fighting the Assassin, jump on to the platform
    to the right that moves up and down, and use it to glide to a quill that
    is farther out.
                                              DRAGON CHALLENGES [ICHALLENGEU]
    After beating the game, on the Extras section of the main menu, you can try
    the Dragon Challenges. You have to start with challenge one to unlock the next
    one. Keep going down the list until you have beaten them all.
               Dragon Challenge 1
    This one is tough. It takes place in scenic Dragon Temple. In this one, you
    have regenerating red and green crystals. You also have no control over your
    elements. They switch at random. You could be using Fire one second, then out
    of the blue you get switched to ice. (Out of the blue, geddit?) Just make sure
    you keep an eye on your elements, so you know what you are using. You will
    have some basic enemies to fight. You will start with some small apes, then
    large ones will join in. Eventually you will also have to contend with giant
    apes, and finally some dogs will be added in. Just be careful, fight smart,
    and heal often, and you should be OK.
               Dragon Challenge 2
    This one is limited on time. You should be able to do it all in 5 minutes. You
    have full control over your elements, so that is a plus. This one is in
    Fellmuth Arena, so you can knock your enemies off the edge if you so desire.
    You will have a lot of scavengers to fight, and a Blundertail near the end.
    Just remember to not go too crazy, and you should win eventually.
               Dragon Challenge 3
    This one is set in the Well of Souls. This is the same place where you fought
    Gaul. You have no time limit, and can switch between elements freely. You can
    also knock your enemies off the edge if you want. You will have some small
    warriors to fight, some large warriors who can teleport, and some invisible
    giant warriors. These are all enemies you encountered in the Mountain
    Fortress. You will also have some dogs, and Dreadwings near the end, who are
    vulnerable to the Electric Orb.
               Dragon Challenge 4
    In this one, you can't use Dragon Time. You have to use your own reflexes.
    This is in the Concurrent Skies from New Beginning. Unfortunately, you cannot
    knock enemies off of any edge. You will have all sorts of enemies to fight,
    including small apes, large apes, and giant apes. (These giant ones make a
    purple shockwave, just so you know. Why did you need to know that? No reason.)
    You will also have dogs to kill. Just keep fighting, and you will eventually
               Dragon Challenge 5
    The final challenge is in the Celestial Caves. You can, to an extent, knock
    enemies off the edge. There are also crystals for you here. The small, large,
    and giant enemies can be apes, scavengers, or warriors. Some of the giant ones
    are visible, some are not. This one is also one where you just need to keep
    fighting until you win.
    If you have beaten all the challenges, congratulations! You can now use Dark
    Spyro in a new game. Simply push L3 (push in on the analog stick). Now have
    fun killing everything in sight!
                                              VERSION HISTORY [AMAZINGTIMELINE]
    V 0.2-Guide completed up to the end of the Earth Dream.
    V 0.4-Guide completed up to Celestial Caves.
    V 0.6-Guide completed up to Mountain Fortress.
    V 0.8-Guide completed up to Dragon Challenges.
    V 1.0-Guide fully finished.
                                              THANKS A MILLION! [UNOTWELCOME]
    I want to thank you for taking the time to use this guide. It was a challenge
    to make, but look what came out of it. I am glad you chose this guide to help
    you along this game.
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