What are all the duelist rank bonuses?

  1. I've been trying for a while but can't seem to get past 40% or so for the duelist rank. Can someone tell me what they are?

    User Info: sealof_illusion

    sealof_illusion - 8 years ago


  1. well,i think the duelist rank bonus are the third objection of the game beyond completing the game and collecting all cards.also,you will get Cold Skin booster pack if you get 50% of the duelist rank.

    User Info: Nuke_Gamer

    Nuke_Gamer - 8 years ago 0 1
  2. Here is a list for the Bonus Rank
    01. Clear Bonus (# times you finish part 3)
    02. Level Bonus - Automatic, 2DP x player level
    03. Challenge Bonus
    04. Lose - Lose a duel
    05. Draw Game
    06. Turn Bonus - Automatic, 2 DP x number 0f turns
    07. Tag Duel Victory Bonus - Play a tag duel
    08. Network Duel Victory Bonus - Duel against another person
    09. Match Game Bonus - Play a match game
    10. Level Up Bonus - Given when you level up
    11. Duelist Bonus - Automatic, amount depending on opponent
    12. No More Cards Bonus - Win when opponent must draw but has no more cards
    13. Quick Finish Bonus - Win within 5? Turns
    14. Reversal Finish Bonus - Win within a turn where you started with a lower LP
    15. Opponent's Turn Finish Bonus - Win during opponent's turn
    16. Partner Victory Bonus - Win during your partner's turn in a tag duel
    17. Low LP Bonus - LP is below 1000
    18. Extremely Low LP Bonus
    19. LP Keep Bonus - Win without taking any damage
    20. Over 20,000 LP Bonus - Win with LP over 20,000
    21. Konami Bonus - 5730 LP
    22. Low Deck Bonus - Win with less than 10 cards left in the deck
    23. Extremely Low Deck Bonus - Win with no more cards in the deck
    24. Spell Card Bonus - Win with more than 10 spells used
    25. Trap Card Bonus - Win with more than 10 traps used
    26. No Spell Cards Bonus - Win without activating a single spell
    27. No Trap Cards Bonus - Win without activating a single trap
    28. Fusion Summon Bonus - Perform a fusion summon
    29. Ritual Summon Bonus - Perform a ritual summon
    30. Tribute Summon Bonus - Perform a tribute summon
    31. No Special Summon Bonus - Win without performing any special summon
    32. Chain Bonus - Perform a chain
    33. Max ATK Bonus - Have a monster with ATK 2500 or more
    34. Max Damage Bonus - Inflict a 2500 or more damage to your opponent
    35. LP Differential Bonus - No idea how this is calculated yet
    36. Max Reflected Damage Bonus
    37. Exactly 0 LP Bonus - Win by inflicting exact damage as opponent's LP
    38. Battle Damage only Bonus - Win without inflicting effect damage
    39. Effect Damage only Bonus - Win without inflicting battle damage
    40. Destroy in Battle Bonus - Destroy cards through battle
    41. Destroy by Effect Bonus - Destroy cards through effects
    42. Removed from Play Bonus - Remove opponent's cards from play
    43. Hand Destruction Bonus - Discard opponent's cards from hand
    44. Deck Destruction Bonus
    45. Return to Hand Bonus - Retrieve cards from field or graveyard
    46. Luck Bonus - Win coin toss or dice rolls consecutively
    47. Counter Bonus
    48. Union Bonus - Perform a union
    49. Same Card Bonus - Having 2 or 3 of the same cards on your field
    50. All Monster Card Zone Bonus - Occupy all your monster slots on the field
    51. No Monster Card Zone Bonus(HOW TO GET IT ???)
    52. Key card destruction Bonus
    53. Exodia Finish Bonus
    54. Destiny Board Finish Bonus
    55. Final Countdown Finish Bonus
    56. Last Turn Finish Bonus
    57. Skull Servant Finish Bonus
    58. Summoned "Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth"
    59. Summoned "Wall Shadow"
    60. Summoned "Gate Guardian"
    61. Summoned "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon"
    62. Summoned "Metalzoa"
    63. Summoned "Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon"
    64. Summoned "Valkyrion the Magna Warrior"
    65. Summoned "Dark Sage"
    66. Summoned "XYZ-Dragon Cannon"
    67. Summoned "Exodia Necross"
    68. Summoned "Ojama King"
    69. Summoned "Mokey Mokey King"
    70. Summoned "Dark Dreadroute"
    71. Summoned "Chimeratech Overdragon"
    72. Used "Mega Ton Magical Cannon"
    73. Used "Yu-Jo Friendship"
    74. Used "Dark Scorpion Combination"
    75. Used "Ojama Delta Hurricane"
    76. Used "Blasting the Ruins"
    77. Used "The Law of the Normal"
    78. Used "Inferno Tempest"
    79. Used "Fuh-Rin-Ka-Zan"
    80. Used "Elemental Burst"
    81. Used "Dark Scorpion Retreat"
    82. Used "Illusion Gate"
    83. New Bonus

    User Info: Goriza

    Goriza - 8 years ago 0 0
  3. I want to ask, what do you mean by konami bonus?

    User Info: Raven_clawzzz

    Raven_clawzzz - 7 years ago 0 0
  4. as said konami bonus is to end the game with your Life points exactly 5730(which is the cost of the midday constellation pack)

    User Info: orwasaker

    orwasaker - 7 years ago 0 0

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