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    Kurenai by Goofee18

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 01/04/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    GAME:       Naruto Shippuuden Narutimate Accel 2
    PLATFORM:   Playstation 2
    RELEASED:   12/20/07 JP
    AUTHOR:     Goofee18
    TYPE:       Character FAQ
    SUBJECT:    Yuhi Kurenai
    VERSION:    1.00
             a. Legal Mumbo Jumbo
             b. Opening
             c. Basic Gameplay Info
             d. Yuhi Kurenai Overview
             a. Moveset
                  i. Basic
                 ii. Basic Combos 
                iii. Jutsus
                 iv. Ougis 
             b. Advanced 
                  i. Cons / Pros 
                 ii. Tactics & Strategies 
                iii. Other 
             a. Final Words 
             b. Credits 
             c. Getting in Touch 
    I.  INTRODUCTION                                                    
    a. Legal Mumbo Jumbo 
    This is a FAQ written by Goofee18.  It should not be on any other website 
    besides Gamefaqs.  Yuhi Kurenai, and all other Naruto-based characters, 
    is owned by Kishimoto Masashi.  Please feel free to print or use this FAQ 
    to enhance your game with Kurenai-sensei but DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT 
    claim this FAQ as your own.  You did not write it, you did not format it; 
    you did not compile it into to your own words, so DO NOT claim that it is 
    your work. If you would like to have any of my work quoted or put on your 
    page/faq/etc. let me know and we'll talk from there.
    b. Opening 
    My name is Goofee18 and this is my first FAQS so any tips and/or 
    constructive criticism is highly appreciated.  I have been a fan of the 
    Narutimate Series since Naruto: Narutimate Hero 2 and have been an avid 
    Kurenai-sensei user since the third installment.  
    The Narutimate series is now well into the fifth installment and Kurenai-
    sensei still remains one of my most used characters.  The lack of Kurenai 
    users and the constant comments that claim she is unusable has prompted 
    me to write up this FAQ.  
    This FAQ will not only go into her basic gameplay, but also advanced 
    moves that will help to make Kurenai playable even in a competitive 
    atmosphere.  Please remember that the strategies and movesets I have 
    provided in the FAQ was developed based on MY experiences therefore they 
    work well for me.  However, this is not to say that Kurenai MUST be 
    played in this way or not at all.  These are just tips and tricks that I 
    have learned and developed through my own way of playing the game.  If 
    you find that other strategies work, then by all means use them.  Such is 
    the glory of playing video games; there is more than one way to play.
    Now on to the game...
    c. Basic Gameplay Info 
    Circle (O)   - Attack Button
    Triangle     - Trigger Button:  The Trigger Button's only use is to set-
                                    up your ougi.  After pressing this 
                                    button, you MUST press O and connect with 
                                    a hit in order to go into your ougi.
    Square       - Throw Item
    X            - Jump:            Pressing Up + X sends you to the 
                                    background, while pressing Down + X sends 
                                    you to the foreground.
    L1           - Switch/Scroll Items
    R1           - Call Assist character
    L2/R2        - Block / Kawarimi no Jutsu (KnJ)   
    Dash:       Double-tapping X allows your character to dash, while press X   
                while jumping lets your character double jump.  Double  
                tapping X, while holding the opposite direction your  
                character is facing, allows your character to back dash.
    Chakra:     Considered to be your second health bar.  Chakra is needed 
                for Jutsus, Ougi, and KnJ.  To charge/replenish your chakra, 
                press and hold the down button.
    Jutsu:      All characters have 2 Jutsus that can be performed by 
                pressing either Up, Up + O or Down, Down + O.  Usually, all 
                Up, Up + O   Jutsus are done in cutscenes while Down, Down + 
                O Jutsus are shown in real-time.
    Ougi:       All characters have an ougi that is activated by connecting 
                with the O button after pressing the Trigger Button 
                (triangle).  The ougi is always done in a special cutscene 
                minigame where you try to press the correct button sequence.  
                If the attacker gets 3 or more correct than the defender, the 
                ougi does more dmg.  If the attacker gets 2 ore more correct 
                then the normal dmg is done.  If the defender gets 3 or more 
                correct, then the ougi is broken.  If the defender gets 2 or 
                more correct, then the ougi does less dmg than normal.
                A special note: In order to activate your trigger button, you 
                need to have sufficient chakra.  Level 1 Ougis require 1 bar 
                of chakra, Level 2 Ougis require 2 bars of chakra, and Level  
                3 Ougis require 3 bars of chakra.   
    KnJ:        Kawarimi no Jutsu.  Press either the L2 or R2 button right 
                before you are hit to teleport behind your opponent. 
    Ui Ochi:    A cutscene sequence of KnJ between you and your opponent. 
                Usually activated after a throw or an attack that launches 
                the opponent away, upwards, or downwards. 
    Awakening:  Starting from Naruto Accel 1, characters can be "awakened" 
                giving them various boosts such as enhanced speed, attack, 
                defense, etc. There are various ways to "awaken" a character 
                but to awaken Kurenai, all you need to do is press and hold 
                the Up button.
    d. Yuhi Kurenai Overview 
    Yuhi Kurenai is a Jounin, a high-level ninja, from the Hidden Leaf 
    Village.  She acted as an Academy Instructor for many years until she 
    eventually reached Jounin status just prior to the beginning of the 
    series.  She is introduced as the leader of Team 8, comprising of Hyuuga 
    Hinata, Aburame Shino, and Inuzuka Kiba.
    Kurenai is considered the Leaf Village's Genjutsu Specialist and is shown 
    to be highly proficient in using it.  To date, she has been shown using 
    Magen: Jyubaku Satsu (Demonic Illusion: Tree Bind Death) where she 
    disappears and sneaks up on an opponent.  As she does so, a tree appears 
    to grow below the opponent and successfully traps them within the tree.  
    Kurenai is now able to strike her immobile opponent in any way she 
    Filler episodes of Naruto has shown Kurenai using this Jutsu 
    consecutively while using any type of plant foliage to ensnare her 
    opponents.  During these episodes, Kurenai is shown to use the illusion 
    of leaves to distract her opponent as she escapes unnoticed.  Another 
    jutsu in her arsenal, again as shown in the filler episodes, shows her 
    scaring her opponents by making them believe parts of their bodies are 
    turning into leaves and being scattered away by the winds.
    In the current storyline, she is pregnant with Sarutobi Asuma's baby and 
    has not been shown on active duty.
    <i. Basic> 
    O                        - Elbow to the gut       
    O,O                      - Elbow to the gut followed by a side-kick
    O,O,O                    - Elbow to the gut, side-kick, roundhouse
    Back + O (Throw)         - Enzuigiri
    In air, Back + O (Throw) - Botanyuki
    <ii. Basic Combos>
    O,O,O,Up+O               - Soukoujyu
    O,O,O,Forward+O          - Anshousui
    O,O,O,Back+O             - Kouyoumu
    O,O,O,Down+O             - Shidarehana
    In air: O,O,O            - Katenchou
    In air: Up+O,O,O         - Fusaikyaku
    In air: Down+O,O,O       - Kareakiha 
    <iii. Jutsus> 
    Kurenai stands up straight with her head bowed and her hands to her 
    chest.  As she stomps on the ground, pink leaves surround her.  If the 
    opponent gets hit then the cutscene begins:  The screen is enveloped in a 
    pink mist and the opponent is confused as to where Kurenai went.  
    Suddenly the opponent is punched back and as he/she is spinning 
    backwards, Kurenai appears face-to-face with them in mid-air.  Again pink 
    leaves are seen as we hear the opponent grunt in agony.
    Ranking:  6/10
    The pros of this move is that it hits opponents both in front of and in 
    back of Kurenai.  The start-up of the move however is a tad bit long 
    giving your opponent time to either get away, or worse, start a combo.  
    Also, hit or miss, once activated it saps your chakra so be weary of when 
    and how this move is done.  
    GENJUTSU: KASUMI - Down, Down + O
    Kurenai does a handseal and a transparent clone of Kurenai appears in the 
    same spot she is standing on.  The clone will stay in one place until the 
    opponent gets close enough and it will then charge forward.  If it 
    connects then the clone will explode and send your opponent spiraling 
    Ranking:  8/10
    This is Kurenai's most damaging move.  This move can be used as a form of 
    control as it limits the places the opponent can go.  However, thrown 
    items and long range moves trump this Jutsu and even though this jutsu 
    packs a punch, it is still blockable.  Remember you can only have one 
    clone out at a time.  If you activate this jutsu while a clone is already 
    out, the new clone will replace the old one.  The jutsu also seems to 
    take a bit of chakra to activate so know where and when to use this 
    <iv. Ougis>  
    Kurenai only has one Ougi.  The level of the ougi determines the dmg done 
    to the opponent so a Level 1 Ougi does the least dmg while a Level 3 Ougi 
    does the most.
    How to get: Current health is more than 50%
    Effect: Automatic Awakening 
    When the ougi cutscene beings, Kurenai is shown making several handseals.  
    The screen gets wavy as Kurenai disappears.  The opponent wonders where 
    Kurenai went as a tree begins to grow beneath their feet.  The opponent 
    is now immobilized by the tree and Kurenai appears from inside it.  She 
    strikes her opponent's neck with her right hand as the tree's leaves 
    explode into the air.  Kurenai is then shown taunting her fallen 
    How to get: Awakening
    How to get: Current health is less than 50%
    b. Advanced 
    <i. Cons / Pros >
    CONS:  Kurenai has mediocre defenses.  As such, she cannot take hits that 
    well and going head-to-head with an opponent will only cause you to take 
    dmg.  Her combos are easily KnJ-able and will leave you open to the 
    opponent.  In addition, although her moves look flashy and appealing they 
    do not do that much dmg.
    PROS:  Kurenai is unique in that she uses genjutsu even during her basic 
    moves.  Her Kasumi jutsu deals a lot of dmg and also helps to keep the 
    opponent from bullrushing you.  Her backdash comes up quick and helps to 
    get you out of danger as well.    
    <ii. Tactics & Strategies >
    In a competitive atmosphere, it is almost a given that you know how to 
    SHC.  It's quite easy to do, during certain combos or even moves, if you 
    press SQUARE in the middle of it, your character will stop the combo/move 
    and throw shurikens/kunai at your opponent.
    Why is this helpful?  It can create openings for you, if a combo you are 
    doing is easily KnJable, doing a SHC will cause you to be able to 
    intercept your opponent at a quicker pace. 
    Also Dash Canceling is highly effective as well.  Tap X,X to start a dash 
    but right after, press SQUARE to cancel the dash.  This well help reflect 
    those pesky shurikens while throwing out some of your own.  
    SHC gives many characters their flexibility and learning when and why to 
    SHC during a combo will increase your gameplay.
    My strategy with Kurenai using SHC involves pressing her Down+O,O move.  
    Once she activates her "Leaves attack", immediately SHC.  Your opponent 
    will either get hit by the leaves themselves, the shurikens, or they will 
    block.  Advanced opponents will block both attacks.  However because you 
    SHC, you are given a quick recovery time to give you a chance to run up 
    to throw your opponent.  This takes timing and practice, but is highly 
    effective against unsuspecting opponents.
    - DASHING - 
    Dashing, while quite helpful for quick rushes, can also be quite risky.  
    If blocked, it leaves your character open for an opponent's combo or 
    ougi.  Learn when to dash and when to not.  
    Back Dashing is preferable as it leaves you room to make your next move 
    while giving you a glimpse of what the opponent is doing.  
    - AWAKENING - 
    As stated prior, Kurenai gets "awakened" by pressing and holding the UP 
    button.  This gives Kurenai an auto-KnJ, while boosting her ATK, DEF, and 
    SPD at the cost of diminishing chakra.  When "awakened" Kurenai will gain 
    these various boosts but will continue to lose chakra until the awakening 
    period is over.
    Some players believe that with the auto-KnJ and the stat boosts Kurenai 
    is just too powerful.  I however disagree.  The price you pay for 
    activating this awakening is chakra.  As I stated previously, chakra is 
    your second life bar.  Without it you are highly susceptible to 
    infinites. (Note: Infinites are combos a skilled opponent can do which if 
    successful will not stop until your life bar goes down to zero)
    You may ask: But what's the harm since it gives you auto-KnJ?  Easy!  
    Your opponent will just keep launching shurikens/kunais at you until your 
    awakening is over which by then you are left with less chakra than you 
    started with.
    Then why did they put this awakening in, you ask?  Well IMO, this was 
    given to Kurenai to turn her into a melee character. If your opponent 
    throws a shuriken at you, just dash in and start your attack.  Sounds 
    great no?  HOWEVER Kurenai, even with her ATK boost still deals little 
    dmg to her opponents.  And because you are attacking, you can't possibly 
    be recharging the chakra that you are losing because of the awakening.   
    I keep pushing this and will continue to push this idea: This is 
    Kurenai's BEST move.  It can help control the pace of the match and 
    limits the area the opponent can go.  Kasumi is also Kurenai's most 
    damaging move, so it packs a punch.
    What I usually do is activate Kasumi, backdash, throw a shuriken, charge 
    chakra, throw a shuriken.  This is usually done with a highly aggressive 
    opponent.  Opponents who choose melee-oriented characters such as Lee and 
    Gai, HAVE to get in close and once you fall into their momentum it equals 
    a lot of dmg for you.  Kasumi is a way for you not only to stop their 
    attack, but to also give you a chance to regroup and plan your next 
    Be wary however as long-range attackers such as Temari can attack without 
    worrying about the Kasumi clone.
    Kasumi takes a bit of chakra to use, so chakra conservation is something 
    to remember.  Also keep in mind what was said about Awakening...The more 
    chakra being taken away by the awakening, the less you have to use 
    - HIT & RUN - 
    Like I said before, using Kurenai up-close is quite difficult.  Her moves 
    come out rather slow, giving your opponent a chance to interrupt the move 
    and coming back with a combo of their own.   
    The best style to play Kurenai as is Hit & Run.  The description is just 
    that...Do light hits and keep away from your opponent.  Use Kasumi to your 
    best advantage and always, always SHC.  
    If you find you're too close to the opponent: O,O,O,Down+O works wonders.  
    The last move in this combo is a guard breaker (meaning if your opponent 
    is blocking, it will cause your opponent to stagger giving you a chance 
    to either attack or run).  The last move, while being a guard breaker, 
    also hits opponents in front or in back of you.  In addition, if your 
    opponent KnJ's the third hit of the combo, they will KnJ right into the 
    guard break.  What I usually do is:  O,O,O,Down+O then immediately SHC 
    then rush in for a throw.  After the throw, create some distance and 
    charge your chakra. 
    Along with all the TS Characters in this game, Kurenai is given her own 
    personal item.  I call her item "Saving Grace" because it not only gives 
    you auto-KnJ but it gives you invisibility as well.  Many people have 
    called a "ban" on this item, but while effective, it's not really that 
    Why you ask?  First of all, the effects of the item wears off rather 
    quickly.  For those who seem to think that Kurenai will turn into a melee 
    beast after using this item, think again.  At most, Kurenai will get in 4 
    hits before it wears off.  Even then, her dmg is still low so it really 
    doesn't make it game breaking. 
    Also, supports/assists still hit her while she is under the effects of 
    this item.  Hyuuga Hinata's Down,Down+O Jutsu still hits her as well. 
    So why use it?  I only use it as a way to charge my chakra.  It gives me 
    time to charge without fear of being interrupted.  Also I have used it 
    when I am having a bit of difficult KnJing out of a combo.  
    Remember, Kurenai's best game is Hit & Run.  She doesn't take hits well 
    so when it trouble, use "Saving Grace" and regroup.
    <iii. Other > 
    I don't play with assists so I'm not sure how Kurenai does as an assist.  
    However her generic move that she does when not picked with Asuma is she 
    appears next to the character, disappears, and appears behind the 
    opponent for a combo.
    Many have claimed that she is highly useful, but again since I do not use 
    assists I cannot comment. 
    a. Final Words 
    Using Kurenai-sensei is indeed a challenge.  Her defenses are low, her 
    combos come out rather slow, and her attack dmg is weak.  However even 
    with all that she is an incredibly fun character to use.  Her combos are 
    flashy and her jutsus are beautiful.  Her "Hit & Run" tactics make her a 
    formidable opponent even in a competitive environment.  I wouldn't call 
    her a long-range character as she lacks moves that attack the opponent 
    from afar.  She in my book is a mid-range character as her "illusions" 
    can attack an opponent two character lengths away. 
    The beauty about the Narutimate series is that every character has a 
    certain aspect to them that makes them quite different.  Kurenai is a 
    prime example of this.  It is my hope that if the series progresses 
    further, Kurenai is developed more and more into the genjutsu specialist 
    that she is. 
    b.  Credits 
    Many thanks to...
    - Gamefaqs:  For the years of service it has provided for me and many 
    other gamers 
    - Kishimoto Masashi:  For allowing us entry into the world of Naruto
    - JYGTING:  For allowing me to use the names of the combos, please check 
    out his marvelous FAQS 
    - ShiShi-Rendan:  For providing me with insight about competitive play 
    - YOU:  For taking the time to read this FAQS 
    If I forgot to mention you, please let me know and I will definitely 
    include you.  It is not my intention to leave anyone out. 
    c.   Getting in Touch 
    If you spot any mistakes or have ANY questions regarding this FAQ or 
    anything Naruto Accel 2 related, please contact me at:  
    Name the topic:  Naruto Accel 2.  Just so I don't delete it.   
    Once again I thank you for taking the time to read this and as always, 

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