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"The ultimate dream package for Retro KOF gamers has ARRIVED!"

I have been a fighting game fan for years, and even though I've never been a good player, I've always loved the idea of game characters crossing over and uniting together in a world where they could once again save the world from a certain doom ...

That my friends, is how the Orochi Saga is like for the fans. And this collection is a collection I've been waiting for to come by ...

The game collects the CD version of the KOF games from KOF'95, 96 and 97. The saga progresses from the 1995 one and ends officially at the 1997 one with the final clash against Orochi himself.

Here's the breakdown of what is in the game itself;

No need of character codes to get the hidden characters:
In KOF 1995, Saisyu and Omega Rugal are automatically available for selection.
In KOF 1996, Chizuru and Goenitz are there for selection, and they can inflict damages nearly as heavy as they were as bosses of the game and they seem to take somewhat less damage. (IMO)
In KOF 1997, Orochi Team, Orochi Iori and Orochi Leona are there for selection already.

You can set the soundtrack to be their original OST or the rearranged ones that you get to listen to in any of the CD versions (PS, Sega Saturn or NGCD).

On-line play mode:
As with other of the Neo Geo game collections, you can play On-line, but I'm not hooked up to know how good it is.

Language selection:
Only KOF1995 is in Japanese. The rest of the series can have the language adjusted to English. Go to the game's options setting and change from the default Japanese to other languages.

Shortcut keys and game play:
You can use the analog controls and the keypad ones to do your moves, the L and R keys are shortcut to do power charging, avoidance, rolling, CD attack ... time saving indeed. There is no limits to how many times you can continue the game after you lose ... unlike the cartridge version.

Overall, the game is worth it for fans of the series like myself. You can also buy the special edition one, that id bundled with the Offcial KOF Neo Geo Controller.

It's more costly than the game disc itself, but the controller is cool looking. (Same with the Mark of the Wolves edition, but this one has Kyo's trademark sun logo on the controller)

Before I go, you might wonder why as a fan did I give this a 8/10 rating ... I felt that even though the games are re-released, some effort should have been made to tweak certain mistakes. The English translated version is still as horrible as ever with the bad spelling mistakes and plenty of grammar mistake.

There is also an issue that the soundtrack will cut off during gameplay for KOF'96, I've noticed it happens once or twice with every game i start ... I've heard that this problem exist previously in other consoles, and still wasn't corrected in this release.

Minor details, but still counts for those who want something to be done RIGHT.

Still recommended for those who love this saga ... and the big pity is why didn't they bundle KOF98 as a bonus? That would have been so perfect for me, as that was one of my favourite games in the series too!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/21/06

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