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"What could have been the best KOF collection is marred with bugs and stupid controls."

What could have been the best King of Fighters(KoF) collection is marred with bugs and stupid controls.

If you have played this games before, then you already know the original tunes by heart,from '97s ambiance sounds to '95s catchy Iori song. The collection comes with the arranged soundtrack for you to hear but strictly not to play with which is indicative that SNK had no hand and development time with this game at all.

In every past collection, from Art of Fighting Anthology to Fatal Fury Battle Archives Vol 2 and the Japanese Orochi Saga collection you could play with the original soundtrack or with the arranged soundtrack, thus in this collection you get absolutely nothing new in the sound department for your game play experience and money.

In KoF 98 there is this annoying sound problem at the start of every fight, the announcer doesn't say what it is supposed to say (Ready,Go), it says "Ready,Winner","Ready,WinPerf" or "Ready,Perfect".

Game play:
The game play is absolutely the same as the original arcade games, from KoF 98 blocking perfect "AI" to KoF 94 annoying one, all is the same but the controls in each one is different and from any perspective it is like a garbled mess.The only game that is ported correctly and with no problem, except when you use Billy Kane and he comes out to say something at the start of the match he says nothing, is KoF 97.

Inexplicably the collection has long loading times for each title, every time after selecting a title.

The controls are not perfect. Perfect controls with great motion detection is not when you press a button the game answers to you, that is normal.It is strange that to do a sinkuu hadoken is not the same as doing Heidern's Final Bringer(heck it is not even listed right in KoF 98 move list) when in fact both have the same motion, other desperation moves in KoF XI and Kof '97(in this collection) with the same motion can be pulled off with breeze and precisely when you want them but in 94,95,96,98 you can't do it precise because of unresponsive controls, which is stupid if all that delay and porting time wasn't used to make the games better.

The same goes with Iori's Deadly Flower move, simply doing it correctly will not achieve the same result in all games except in 97. KoF 94,95,96, and 98 don't respond to fast and precise players but in their original arcade forms you could be a fast aggressive player. If you try to do the moves as fast as you could do it in arcade the game won't respond with the correspondent move, depending in what title you are playing, sometimes a character responds to your motions great in one title but is absolutely horrible in another except in KoF 97.

Out of the five games you can only play one game with no controls problem and bugs, that is KoF 97.

Besides KoF 94,95,96,97,98, arranged soundtrack (which you can't play with) and original soundtrack the collection also comes with artwork from all games, but to unlock everything you'll have to play the challenges.

The challenges range from "the enemy doesn't take damage except from three hit combos or more" to blind fight(no information displayed). All challenges are played in KoF 98 and if you know KoF, then you'll have no problem figuring them out, if not then prepare yourself to discover and learn KoF.

Final Thoughts:
This "collection" is not recommended, when you buy games you don't expect them to come with a virus or with a defect, you expect everything you payed for, sadly you won't get what you payed for here. Stay with the latest game, KoF XI, or buy something else at the same price like Fatal Fury Battle Archives Vol 2, Team Fortress 2 or anything done with care and correctly.

If you are still not sure to dodge this one, I don't know why, or you have never play KoF, this is not the place to start and it is not the representation KoF and SNK deserves.


Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 11/10/08

Game Release: The King of Fighters Collection: The Orochi Saga (US, 10/28/08)

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