How can I use combo?

  1. I dont know realy how to use can i use it?

    User Info: neo_angelo02

    neo_angelo02 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You need someone to use the wait command, that person must be able to attack an ennemy Majin. Place your leader or an other character in a way he/she would be able to attack that same ennemy.
    Now, you will be able to use the lead command and to use to command combo.

    User Info: ShopieIrving

    ShopieIrving - 8 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. You don't need to have the leader involved in the attack, just as long as two other characters are positioned so they can attack the same enemy, as well as they haven't used an action command already, such as attack, item, capture, ect. They can move into position, they just can't have performed an action command yet.

    If one of the characters involved in the attack is using the wrong weapon or attack attribute, such as a pierce weapon when you want to slash the enemy, use lead from your leader's menu and action, and choose the character. Using this, choose the weapon you want to attack the enemy with in the combo, then cancel back to the combo command. Now that character's chosen weapon will change to what you picked before, and will be what is used in the combo attack.

    It should be noted that more than two characters can be in position to make a combo on a single enemy, such as a large majin, but only two total will be in the combo, no more. Performing a combo will also make you unable to perform the other leader-specific actions, and if your leader is involved in the combo it will count for his/her turn. However, you can attack seperately with the leader and THEN perform a combo with other characters, and vice-versa. For example, you can use an effect that gives the enemy bleed status with your leader, then perform a combo with two other characters, and at the end of the attack the enemy suffers more damage due to being attacked while under the effect of bleed. This is of course if the combo itself doesn't kill them outright.

    Combos seem to only involve physical attack attributes as far as I can tell, but performed correctly can be deadly even to foes resistant to these attacks. As well as being effective in overkilling enemy majin, they also provide lots of experience for both characters in the attack, so they are effective in leveling up your characters.

    User Info: Skulljack17

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