Where can I find Minikits in Enterprising Theft Level?

  1. I'm at the first part of Enterprising Theft and got to part where I broke glass and made robot dog. I can't seem to get minikit in room where the suction tube thing is.

    User Info: iriegirl5

    iriegirl5 - 8 years ago

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  1. In the first part of the level, to the very right of the room, there are two glass doors. Shatter the one on the right. Go in and smash everything in there, then build a stereo systom, a dancing skeleton, and a robotic dog you can ride in. Get in the dog and go to the left of the escalators. Drive it into the open door. This opens up a new door to go in. There is a tech panel on the wall. Use the Tech Suit to use it. You now have control of a wheeled LEGO canister. Drive it over the red platforms, turning them green. There are electrical blockers in your way that turn on and off. Go past them while they are off. Once they are all green, go to the end of the path. This sucks the canister into a tube. Get off the tech panel, go out of the room, over to the place where you started. Use the sonic suit to get into the door on the left. There is the canister that went down the tube. For another canister, go to the left of the first room. Use a strong character to bring the platfrom under a space in the wall with a lego canister inside. Super jump on top, then into the space for a canister. Then, use the Sonic suit to smash the glass cases nearby. Smash everything inside. Put the pieces together to make some levers on the wall. Pull them to raise the cases. Jump from case to case to get a canister. Go to the next area. Once you have flooded it with toxins, bomb the gate in the back left corner. Assemble the pieces into a little helicopter. Use the tech suit on the tech panel on the wall to control the helicopter. Hold down x (PS2) or a(xbox/xbox 360) to go higher. Up by the ceiling there is a lego canister. Then use a mind control character to make the guy inside the glass pull a lever behind the wall. A metal case in the main room opens up. Jump in it for a canister. Go to the next area. Beyond the laser beams, there is a metal grate. Bomb it, then use a super jump character to go in the space behind for a canister. Then, in the next room, there is a glass door into a lab. Use the sonic suit to get in. Kill the scientist, destroy everything, then make the pieces into a weight on the table. It gets sucked into a tube on the ceiling. It falls and breaks and reveals a canister in the next area. Use the Heat Protection Suit to climb the hot pipes. Jump on the knob, then into the air for a canister.Go to the last room. In the back, there is a room with the super laser inside. Go behind the laser, then to the right for a lego canister. Those are all the canisters I know about in that level.

    User Info: Ooblarg

    Ooblarg - 8 years ago 1 0


  1. if you have got the Minikit detector extra, go to extras (pause menu) then go to the Minikit detector extra and press X (ps2) A (Xbox360). Arrows will tell you where they are.

    User Info: dale_potts

    dale_potts - 8 years ago 0 2

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