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    Walkthrough by Artemis72

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    Walkthrough for PS2 version (US)
    by Artemis72
    Disclaimer: Please do not reproduce this walkthrough, in whole or in part,
    without permission. This document is the sole property of the author and is for
    personal use only.
    Version 1.0: Episodes 1-4 completed
    Version 2.0: Episodes 5-10 completed, some typos fixed
    Version 3.0: Yet more typos/formatting fixed, strategy for 5.1 "Blood Sucking
                 Chase" expanded
    Version 4.0: Suggestions/alternate strategies added for melee fighting,
                 hotwiring, Light Progression puzzle
    Last revised 8-7-08
    A. Introduction
    B. Frequently Asked Questions
    C. Walkthrough
       Episode 1: The Nightmare Begins
         1.1. Wake Up
         1.2. Vertigo
         1.3. Fire Escape
         1.4. Collapsing World
       Episode 2: Close Encounters
         2.1. Don't Look Down!
         2.2. Off the Beaten Path
         2.3. Lifeless Reception
         2.4. Car Park Nightmare
       Episode 3: Dark Central Park
         3.1. Flat Out on 59th Street
         3.2. Life Line
         3.3. Blood Thirsty Rampage
         3.4. Skyride Assault
       Episode 4: Sewage Refuge
         4.1. Deadly Underground
         4.2. Draft to Survival
         4.3. Flaming
       Episode 5: Unexpected Expeditions
         5.1. Blood Sucking Chase
         5.2. Monstrous Hitchhike
         5.3. Mind the Gap
       Episode 6: The Manic Museum
         6.1. Playground Peril
         6.2. Egyptian Art... Or Disaster
         6.3. Terror Exhibition
         6.4. No Forkin' Brakes!
       Episode 7: Seeking Room 943
         7.1. The Maze of Antiquities
         7.2. A Medieval Execution
         7.3. Deeper Underground
         7.4. Darkness in Room 943
       Episode 8: Location is Key
         8.1. Air Crash Survival
         8.2. Dead End Track
         8.3. The Belvedere...Free Entry
         8.4. Astronomical Revelation
       Episode 9: Concealed by the Park
         9.1. Alchemists on our Tail!
         9.2. Beat Around the Bush
         9.3. Come to Light
       Episode 10: The Light Carrier
         10.1. Light Initiation
         10.2. Light Progression
         10.3. Light Confirmation
         10.4. Revelation
    D. Contact Information
    E. Credits
    A. Introduction
    This is my first walkthrough. I am not really a hard-core gamer and I am
    usually the one depending on these guides as I play. However, there are
    currently no guides for the PS2 version, and there seemed to be some need for
    one, so I thought I'd take a crack at it. The goal of this walkthrough is
    merely to get readers through the game and help with sticky spots, as this game
    is not always intuitive about what your goals are at any given point in time.
    It may also be relevant to note that I am totally unfamiliar with the earlier
    games in this series, aside from the original game's fame of being the first
    survival horror game, which is what prompted me to buy this game when I saw it
    at the store. So I made up my own names for the enemies, which may annoy long-
    time fans of the series if they are familiar from earlier games. Hopefully not
    too much. :)
    B. Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Is this game the same as the X360 version?
    A: No. And if you try to use a walkthrough for the nextgen versions of the
    game, you will only further confuse and frustrate yourself. Thus prompting me,
    a mere casual gamer, to attempt a walkthrough of my own. :) So here we go.
    C. Walkthrough:
    EPISODE 1: The Nightmare Begins
    1.1. Wake Up
    This is basically an expository chapter. Listen to the discussion, and use R3
    to blink your eyes if you want to watch the scene. You have to keep pressing R3
    periodically. One guy manhandles you a bit, a third guy comes in, and after a
    little more discussion, you get control of Carnby. Move forward through the
    door, then try to turn right (I seem to get stuck here; maybe it's a product of
    you just being groggy; in a few seconds, your perspective is reset and you can
    proceed forward). Turn left, then right into the open door.
    Proceed up the stairs, pressing R3 as needed to clear your vision. Turn right,
    as instructed, then up more stairs. When you get to the end of the hall, a
    cutscene will start.
    After the cutscene, enter the door on your right and proceed down the hall past
    the fencing and turn right around a corner.  Again, when you get to the end of
    the hallway, you'll see a table and a sink on the far wall. Walk toward the
    sink and another cutscene will start.
    The game then tells you that pressing O (circle) toggles your viewpoint. I
    generally prefer 3rd person, but hey, whatever works for you. At certain
    points, the game forces you into one or the other view. Go through the open
    door on your right.
    1.2. Vertigo
    Proceed out onto the catwalk. An elevator will ascend from below. When it's
    level with the catwalk, walk onto it. Yet another cutscene...
    (This cutscene can be skipped by pressing X.)
    After the cutscene, move Carnby along the ledge and over to the ladder. Press X
    when prompted to climb. Go forward and press X near the fire hose and it will
    be lowered, forming a ropey thing you can climb down (press X to grab hold).
    Move down, and you'll come to a couple of fans. If you try to go past them,
    you'll get blown off the hose, so do what the game suggests and push off the
    wall by pressing []. (It's easiest if you're right above the fans before you do
    this.) Once you're hanging out there, push down, and you'll slide down the
    hose, past the fans.
    At this point, debris will fall from above. Move left or right to dodge. Your
    destination is an open doorway below and to the right. Swing over to it and
    you'll automatically jump inside.
    1.3. Fire Escape
    Run to your right into the open door. A woman will whine on and on about her
    husband who is trapped in the other room. This is another checkpoint, but
    unfortunately, this cutscene is not skippable. When she's (finally) done, enter
    the room straight ahead. Turn left into the hallway and into the room up ahead.
    Against the wall on your right will be a fire extinguisher on the ground. Pick
    it up (X) and carefully walk over to the flames on your left. The game will
    explain how to use the extinguisher: press R1 (auto switching you into 1st
    person view) and move the right analog stick to put out the flames.
    Once the fire's out, go through the now accessible doorway, and watch another
    cutscene. You've reached the husband, but now Anna is behind the locked door.
    The hallway has become blocked, so you can't go back that way, so you need to
    break the door down. Walk up to it and the game will tell you to hold L1 and
    move the right stick toward the door. This can be a little tricky; make sure
    you're right up against the door.
    The husband will inform you that the way out is down the burning hallway to the
    right. Luckily, you have your handy fire extinguisher. Make your way down the
    hall, and turn into the hall on your right. As you enter the hallway, the floor
    in front of you will collapse, and you'll be prompted to jump the gap by
    running up to it and pressing [] to jump. (You cannot jump while holding the
    fire extinguisher; if you didn't automatically drop it when the floor
    collapsed, drop it with the triangle button.)
    Turn to your left and then right into a doorway.
    1.4. Collapsing World
    As far as I can tell, the only thing to do is run around these two rooms until
    the building starts to crumble around you. Keep running around, and eventually
    a cutscene will start of you falling and grabbing onto a gargoyle. Cue opening
    EPISODE 2: Close Encounters
    [Note: if you choose a chapter from the chapter select menu beyond the first,
    you will get a little review of the previous chapter, which can be skipped by
    pressing X.]
    2.1. Don't Look Down!
    You find yourself on a balcony. Press X to grab the cable and climb up. Swing
    over to the ledge on your left, and hit triangle to release and (hopefully)
    fall on to it. As you move gingerly across the ledge, debris will fall and you
    will find yourself hanging on the broken remnants. Move back right, and use []
    to pull yourself up when you get to the end. Again, debris will start to fall
    from above, but it's much ado about nothing. Keep moving left until you're over
    a ledge. Press triangle to release. To the left at the end of the ledge is
    another cable. Use square to push off, and swing left, releasing at the apex of
    your swing onto the little ledge fragment to your left. A piece of wall to your
    right will fall away, creating a little crevice above you. Jump up and grab the
    narrow ledge above you with square and move along it even as the wall begins to
    fall outward until you find yourself on another balcony.
    Run straight ahead into the next room and toward the back wall. Jump up to the
    ledge on your left and use square again to pull yourself up. Follow the little
    path up and out the archway, back outside.
    Grab on to the cable here, and keep climbing up. You'll see a woman yelling out
    a window; ignore her and just keep climbing. The cable is hooked at various
    point, and as you climb, the cable will dislodge. Just keep going. Finally you
    should see a balcony on your right. Swing over to it. Enter the angled doorway
    right ahead of you and go through the broken window.
    2.2. Off the Beaten Path
    Pick up the trashcan (or the globe) and use it to break down the door to your
    left. Run straight ahead and the floor will give way and fall a little.
    Pull/push the table until it's under the upper section of floor. Climb onto the
    table (square) then grab the floor above you and pull up. A man will call over
    to you to find some light source. Grab the chair or the sawhorse thingy and use
    the nearby flames to set it alight. Carefully make your way along the twisty
    floor path until you get to the open door. Drop your "torch".
    More floor sections will fall away, and a miraculously pendulum-shaped piece
    of building begins swinging in front of you. Time a jump over the gap (the
    pendulum seems to hang out longer on the left side, so maybe wait until it's
    over there). Fall down into the next gap and release from the ledge with
    triangle. Grab the nearby fire extinguisher and use it to break down the
    elevator doors. Cutscene.
    2.3. Lifeless Reception
    Walk over to the woman, and use X to boost her up. Then jump and pull yourself
    up. (It may help to use 1st person view to orient yourself under the opening.)
    Walk toward the ledge to your right and back to see a cutscene. You'll pick up
    a flashlight off the ground near the corpse automatically. To access your
    inventory, press [select]. The flashlight will be in the right side pockets.
    Move around using the analog sticks, and as you pass over an item, it will pop
    out of its pocket a little. To choose it, press X. Toggle the flashlight off
    and on by pressing up on the D-pad.
    Move up the debris to your right and fall into the gap. Move forward into the
    doorway and you'll see a cutscene. Oh boy, here we go.
    You'll come out of the brief scene magically holding a chair. Run up to the
    zombies and press L1 and move the left analog stick left and right to swing the
    chair at them. Velkyn_df offers this tip for melee fighting:
    "Zombie fighting with a melee weapon - This one had to be a bug, but it is fun
    as hell to use. I found this in the subway section when I picked back up the
    extinguisher after finding myself out of ammo (oops) If you hold the melee
    attack button down, press both sticks towards each other then away back and
    forth in a relatively fast rhythm, you can make Carny swing it seemingly
    inhumanely fast. I recommend trying it before you are too close to the zombies
    just to see if you can get it down. When you down one, drop it, pull the
    pistol, Hold R3 and aim for the glow for the coup de gras. On a side note, If
    you are still in the rhythm, you might beat it back on his feet. (not good,
    Run ahead and around the reception desk into the door behind it. Ew! A corpse!
    Yay! A gun! Pick it up, use L1 to enter aiming mode and aim with the right
    stick. Use R1 to shoot. Let's try a little target practice on that nearby
    locked cabinet, shall we? Aim for the padlock and fire away. Inside are 2 shiny
    new ammo clips. (Use L3 to check ammo and while in check mode, use X to
    By now your zombie pals will have recovered. Take them out again, either with
    your gun or using the trusty chair method. Run across to the alcove where your
    female companion is cowering. There is a lock next to the door, with some
    bloody fingerprints on it. 492 opened it for me, I don't know if it's random or
    not. Try random combinations of bloodied keys until the door opens. (Beedo123
    on the message boards also mentions that you can just shoot the panel under the
    keypad and hotwire the door open by flipping the wires around with the right
    and left sticks, then pushing them together until you get sparks.)
    Proceed down the stairs and she will follow you. At the bottom of the stairs,
    go left and into the parking garage for another cutscene.
    2.4. Car Park Nightmare
    Your goal is to find a driveable car and get back to Paddington and the woman.
    Run across towards the exit sign and through the door on the wall there. Turn
    left. There should be a doorway on the left near the first zombie you see. Go
    through it, down the stairs, and through the door on the bottom. (I didn't
    bother dealing with the zombies in the garage; they're pretty easy to avoid for
    the most part. Just keep moving.)
    This part blows. You'll see a cutscene of one of these 'fissures' everyone's
    blathering on about. It will continually chase you around in this area, and if
    you fall in, it will pull you along. As you pass by cars, the little pylon
    things, etc., an X will appear over them. Hit X to grab hold and then [] to
    pull yourself out. It's hard to give directions, since you'll get all turned
    around in the fissures, but if you head all the way to the right from the
    entryway, there will be a car the end that you can enter (X). There's an ammo
    clip in the glove compartment.
    At the end of the road to the left is another car. This one also has an ammo
    clip in the glove comparment. Get in, and you'll exit on the other side. Lots
    of zombies around, so look out! Follow the road as it wraps around to the
    right, and partway down the next aisle on the left is a shiny car, complete
    with keys in the visor! Grab 'em and start driving.
    R1 = accelerate
    L1 = brake/reverse
    D-pad up = toggle headlights
    left stick = steer
    Go to your left and keep driving along the road until you see a flaming car
    ahead. Drive toward it, and look for the open doorway to the right of it. Get
    out of the car and hurry through that doorway. Grab the fire extinguisher to
    your right and head back through the door and put out the car fire. Now push
    the car out of the way so you can access the door behind it. Yikes. It's
    locked. Well, we know what to do with padlocks, don't we? Use your gun to blast
    it off and the door opens. Drive through it and to the left along the winding
    path, and through the flames at the end back to the starting point and your
    pals will hop in.
    Now follow the exit signs to get out of this nightmare parking structure.
    Immediately ahead and to your right is another closed door. Get out and go
    through the people-sized door to the left. Blow the padlock on this side of the
    door and head back to the car and drive through. Go left, and then follow the
    road around to the right until you come to another big door near an exit sign.
    (The crazy lady passenger will yell "No, not there!" but just ignore her.)
    This door you can just ram through. Run into the door, back up and ram it
    again, and another cutscene will start.
    CHAPTER 3: Dark Central Park
    3.1. Flat Out on 59th Street
    Yipe. Luckily, the opening cutscene can be skipped as this may take you a
    couple of tries. This part can be really annoying. You'll be driving in this
    chapter, and your jacked car handles none too well. KEEP MOVING FORWARD. The
    fissures will be chasing you all along the way, and if you get hung up on a
    parked car or piece of debris and have to back up to get around it, it's game
    over, so try to keep forward momentum at all costs. You can slow down at
    crucial times to avoid obstacles, but whenever possible, keep your finger on
    the R1 button. No matter how hard you accelerate, the fissures will
    periodically get close and shake the car, so try not to let it distract you.
    There are gaping crevices on either side of the road so stay to the middle
    whenever possible and don't veer too far left or right when dodging obstacles.
    Pass between two cars, and then you'll see a car come past you on the left.
    Just keep to the middle until you see a car up in front of you. Another car is
    coming up behind you, so go around the parked car close to its right side,
    allowing the car behind to come up on your right. (Often, if you're too far to
    the right, the car will hit you from behind and knock you out of control.) Try
    to hold your position and muscle the car over to the right a little if
    necessary. Another car will be approaching toward you on the left. Pass another
    parked car to your left, and then two cars will cross in front of you. Usually,
    they'll be across by the time you get there, but you may need to slow a little
    to allow them time to get out of your way.
    Now debris will start falling from above into the street. For now, you can stay
    pretty much in the middle. Up ahead you'll see another car stalled in the
    middle of the road. Pass it to the left and keep going straight ahead. A large
    piece of crap will fall, blocking the whole left side of the road. Pass to the
    right, but you'll want to slow a little, as there are two cars rather close
    together that you have to pass between just beyond it.
    Then you'll see an overturned car; I prefer to pass this one just to its left.
    You'll come to a roundabout. Go left and follow the circular path to the right,
    avoiding an oncoming car as you approach the spun-out car on the right. You'll
    come to a ramp-like piece of heaved-up road. Drive up and off of it for a
    3.2. Life Line
    You're leaking blood like crazy, and if you dally too long, you'll die. Run
    past the tire and then down to the left into the ravine. You'll see a crashed
    car with a dead woman next to it. Run over there and pick up a clip. Turn right
    and run past some zombies and up a slope to the right. Run past a couple of
    trees and another overturned car and you'll see a whitish cement structure
    ahead. That's the public restroom. Head in there. Cutscene.
    Pick up the dead cop's ammo. Use the gun to shoot open the door to the right of
    the stalls. Run toward the medicine cabinet. Cutscene.
    Press down on the D-pad to enter healing mode. Follow the on-screen directions
    to clean and bandage your wound.
    Run back into the main room and grab the trashcan and use it to break through
    the back wall. Drop the can and jump and grab the cable to your left and climb
    down it. Swing right, and release the cable, quickly pressing X to grab the
    next cable. This one is hung up in two places, so you'll need to push off the
    wall and swing a little bit to work them free. Climb up until you're just past
    the broken ledge, then swing all the way over to the right and release the
    cable, landing back in the park.
    3.3. Blood Thirsty Rampage
    You'll be plagued by bats along the way here; ignore them and keep running or
    they'll grab you and suspend you from these tentacle-like appendages. I don't
    think you can break free from this, so that's game over. Run foward and to the
    right and into the bus. There's a first aid kit in here, in case you're still
    drippy. Run out the back of the bus and to the right. At the first building
    with an open door, go left around it into the cemetery and the straight to the
    next building with a door. Cutscene.
    Well, that relationship didn't last long. Before you leave, make sure to pick
    up the spare clip on the ledge to the left of the door, and the first-aid kit
    propped up against a box on the floor. Run back out and behind the building.
    3.4. Skyride Assault
    You should see a pickup truck on the road, but the poor guy is stalled. Get
    behind and push the truck until it starts, then run up and jump in the
    passenger side (right). Press R2 to draw your gun.
    The bats will lift the truck with their tentacles, so shoot them, reloading
    when necessary. When you've shot enough of them, they'll drop the truck. Your
    driver has probably been grabbed by the bats, so holster your gun, move over to
    the driver's seat and stop the truck by the man near the construction markers.
    Be sure to check the glove comparment for some ammo.
    Exit the truck and head over to the open manhole. Descend the ladder. Move
    ahead slightly for a cutscene.
    CHAPTER 4: Sewage Refuge
    4.1. Deadly Underground
    You're stuck in 1st person view for this sewer part. Move left out of the
    alcove and keep going foward. At the corner, go right, keeping to the right
    side of the sewer. There's a door on your right. Go in and fall into the hole,
    picking up the ammo clip on the ground to the right first.
    This level is thick with zombies, so watch out. You can save some ammo by
    selecting your alcohol spray from your inventory, automatically bringing up a
    lighter. Pressing L1 and R1 simultaniously will produce a jet of fire. This
    has the added benefit of killing them for good, rather than just knocking
    them out briefly, as opposed to shooting or pummeling them into submission.
    It's also much faster. It has the negative side effect of using up your healing
    spray, however. Go straight. Take a right, then your first left. Then a right
    and left again. Go straight for a while past some tunnels, then go left at the
    end, and right. You should see 2 gates ahead of you, a closed one on the left,
    and an open one on the right. Go through the right one. You'll come upon two
    zombies, which you may want to take out, either with your fire or your gun.
    Grab the med kit ahead of you in the corner to the right, then go left and drop
    down the hole.
    4.2. Draft to Survival
    It's dark down here. When I tried to pull out my flashlight, it immediately ran
    out of batteries, so Carnby pulls out his lighter instead. Hey, it works. Go
    straight and you'll see a branching path, the left has a kind of skylight over
    it, the right one is dark. Take the left path to a grate. Go right until you
    come to a pipe. Turn left and go forward between the cement ledges through an
    opening in the grate. Go left and continue until you come to some kind of
    half-submerged water tank. Go right to a lighted intersection. Take the right
    path and go through the open gate on the right and up the ladder.
    Ahead of you on the ground is a clip. Go forward and fall down in to the room
    below. The game instructs you to hold down R3 to keep your eyes closed. I'm not
    sure what this accomplishes. A werewolfish looking guy will attack. Shoot him
    until he falls, and/or you may want to burn him to finish him for good. Run in
    the open gate to the left and hit square to jump up and pull down the ladder.
    Climb up.
    Go straight and there's a med kit in the alcove on your left. And to your right
    - tada! An axe. Since you're probably out of ammo at this point, it's very
    handy. Hold L1 and use the right stick to swing it, like the chair. Pushing
    down on the stick gives you an overhead swing, good for breaking say, padlocks.
    Pushing right or left gives you a cross swing. Use an overhead swing to break
    the lock on the gate.
    Go right at the intersection and sever the sparking wire with an overhead
    swing. Move ahead and go right at the corner. On your right will be a gate.
    Drop the ax and pick up the clip in front of the gate. Shoot the blue button on
    the lefthand wall inside the gated room to open the door. Grab another clip and
    a medkit. Continue to your right and follow the path around until you come to a
    ladder. Go up. Push the red button in the box on the lefthand wall to open the
    gate, then go up the next ladder.
    4.3. Flaming Desire
    Whoot! The construction site! Run back around the manhole and past the worker
    and the shiny car which you can't get into. Run straight back and into the
    building. Grab the trashcan and knock down the door. Run into the back room and
    grab the blue oxygen tank. Use it over the open burner and create a
    flamethrower. Set fire to the wall and floor under the window ahead of you on
    your left. It will eventually spread to the neighboring wall, burning through
    it. There are some bats and a zombie outside, so be careful as you run out. Run
    around back here for a while, and eventually an ambulance will crash through
    the fence in the back. Run up to it to trigger a cutscene.
    EPISODE 5: Unexpected Expeditions
    5.1. Bloodsucking Chase
    Well, you finally got some much needed medical attention, but the night ain't
    over yet. You start out riding in the ambulance with an EMT and Sarah, your
    lady friend from the car ride earlier. The driver will start freaking out, and
    eventually the back door will open. Pull your gun and start shooting at the
    After the first swarm of bats, a giant MotherBat will join them. When you run
    out of ammo, turn to the EMT and "X Ammo" will appear on the screen. Hit X and
    he'll hand you a couple clips. You can also grab bottles of alcohol and bags of
    blood from the boxes on your right and throw them in the air with L1, then
    shoot the bottles of alcohol (there is a brief period of slow-motion after you
    throw something). The bottles of alcohol burst into flame when shot; the
    bloodbags draw off the smaller bats briefly so you can focus on Mama.
    Sometimes, she'll fly really close, exposing her tender underbelly. Unload on
    her at close range to make her squeal. Try to only shoot the little bats when
    they're relatively close. Your aim is much more accurate, and this might reduce
    the time you have to waste grabbing ammo and reloading, as well as giving you
    more time to focus on the Mama. Whenever possible, try to time your ammo grabs
    when the Mama is either alone or the little bats are all far away.
    5.2 Monstrous Hitchhike
    After quite a while of shooting wave after wave of bats, you'll hear the driver
    scream something like "get them off my windshield" and "climb up the hatch".
    This is your cue to turn back inside, look up, and hit the X button to pop out
    the sunroof. Again, keep shooting, turning back down into the vehicle to grab
    ammo as needed. After a while not only will you have the flying monsters to
    deal with, but creepy ghouly things will start climbing up the sides of the
    ambulance, so you'll have to be on the lookout for them and shoot them down
    before they get to you.
    Eventually, the MamaBat will fall, and that will trigger a cutscene.
    5.3. Mind the Gap
    Run forward and Sarah will suggest using the tow truck. You can shoot the lever
    in the back so the ramp drops and the car comes down, but you can't get in it.
    Do it anyway, and you may want to push the car off to the side so you can drive
    past it more easily later. Then run to the left past the tow truck and all the
    way to a chasm with a car in front of it. This car is open, but you'll have to
    hotwire it.
    Look down and slightly to the right until you see the prompt "X Open Panel". Do
    so and you'll grab 6 wires, 3 in your left hand and three in your right. You
    can rotate them with the sticks, then push the sticks towards each other to
    bring the wires together. Rotate around, bringing different combos together
    until you get some sparks. The watch under the "Close" prompt until a "R1
    Start" prompt flashes briefly. Hit R1 when you see that and the car will start.
    [Velkyn_df points out that you can just hold R1 throughout the hotwiring
    process, and the car will automatically start when R1 appears. That way you
    don't have to worry about watching for the prompt.]
    Drive the car forward toward the tow truck ramp, accelerate as you approach,
    then drive up the ramp to trigger a cutscene.
    EPISODE 6: The Manic Museum
    6.1. Playground Peril
    Turn to your left and run down the path and through a gate near the building on
    the right. Oh boy, it's fissure time - again! Turn right and run as far as you
    can until you're in front of the area with the gazebo, facing the chasm. You
    should see a cable ahead of you with a square prompt. Turn around and run back
    to the metal support to get a good running start, then jump toward the cable.
    You'll slide down to the other side. Climb up the slope to your left and
    approach the yellow box. Press X and you'll lower the elevator. Run down to the
    open gate on to the elevator, then run back toward the box and you'll see an X
    prompt. Press it and the elevator with go up. Exit through the gate and run
    into a swanky bathroom.
    See that "corpse" lying on the ground? Looks suspicious, non? Approach it
    anyway, and it will jump up and attack you. (Surprise, surprise.) Somehow, I
    had a knife in my hand I don't recall ever picking up, so stab away at the
    monster (hold L1, move right stick back and forth to swipe at it). Run in the
    adjoining room and grab the medkit from the cabinet. Grab a trashcan to ram
    open the door out and to the right. Then drop the can and pick up the blue
    oxygen tank from the other room, then exit the bathroom.
    6.2. Egyptian Art... or Disaster
    Run left to the flames and make your flamethrower (hold L1+R1) and kill the
    zombie. In the little room to the right you can grab a clip. Exit the room and
    head straight down toward Sarah. Set fire to the wood pile to the right
    and let it burn down. Now you can run past it.
    Run straight, then right, toasting zombies as you go. There's an elevator at
    the end. Drop your tank and press the button. Board the elevator when it
    arrives. Inside the elevator, hit X on the panel to your right. The elevator
    will move and then the doors will open. Head out to the new area and move
    foward for a cutscene.
    6.3. Terror Exhibition
    Sarah ditches you. You need to find room 943. A fissure will appear, and one of
    the ghouly monsters (I'm sure they have a real name, but oh well) will appear.
    Grab the pipe propped up against the left wall next to the tree-entwined ladder
    and beat it to death. (Or shoot it, if that's how you roll.) You can toast
    these guys with your spray/ligher combo, but they take a while to die. It's
    still the most efficient way, though. There are also some alcohol bottles in
    the back right corner on a cabinet that you can throw and shoot to make fire
    bombs, if you're a better shot than I am. You can use your med spray
    and lighter, or an alcohol bomb if you can make that work, to set the tree
    limbs blocking the ladder on fire. Once it's free, climb up. There's a werewolf
    guy up here, so torch him with your lighter and spray. There's a medkit to your
    left next to the pile of debris. Head back toward the right and into the door.
    Torch the tree blocking the door in front of you and when it falls to ashes
    continue forward. Go left down the stairs. Pick up the ammo clip on the landing
    before the last set of stairs. Follow the hall as it turns, until you reach the
    cafeteria. Today's special: chairs! All you can eat. But before you grab a
    chair, enter the kitchen and swipe the clip on the counter to your right,
    medkit on your left. There are some molotov cocktail bottles on your right (use
    R1 with lighter equipped to light it), or you can grab another oxygen tank from
    the far corner. (Although there's no handy place to light it, so I'm not sure
    it's much use, except as a blunt instrument.) The molotovs can be stashed in
    your jacket, so you might want one for the road.
    Exit back through the caf and down the hall until you emerge in a large
    exhibition hall. Another fissure ghoul will emerge from the floor. There are 4
    clips of ammo laying around the octagonal desk thing with the vase in the
    center of the room, so use your lighter/spray combo or just shoot him a buncha
    times til he's dead.
    Now run over to the door about halfway down on the left side (from where you
    entered). There's a sign on it that says "23". There is a painting in one of
    the alcoves numbered 23, and it has the name "MATT" written on it. So go back
    to the elevator and spell Matt using the keypad (6288). The  doors will open,
    revealing a corridor. Run down it and into the next area. Run to the gate to
    the left and try to use the hand scanner, which alerts the guard. Cutscene.
    Go through the open gate and across the next room toward the large cargo doors.
    Use the panel to the right to open them and bring the elevator. The panel to
    lower the elevator is to the left.
    6.4. No Forkin' Brakes!
    When you leave the elevator, you're in the basement. There is a clip in a box
    on the ground to your right. Head to your left and you'll see a forklift.
    Continue past the fork lift along the shelves, and you'll find another clip.
    Board the forklift. There are 3 tall boxes blocking a large door on the back
    wall. Lower the lift all the way down using the D-pad, then run into one. Push
    up on the D-pad to raise it, then back it up out of the way and lower it again.
    Repeat until all 3 boxes are moved (you actually only need to move 2 to make
    an opening big enough to drive through). Now drive your forklift into the newly
    opened door and through the fire. Drive down the hall, first on the right side,
    then swerving left, then left and right again, avoiding the holes in the floor.
    If you get stuck somewhere, you can start over by pressing X and resetting the
    lift. Keep proceeding down the corridor, avoiding obstacles. The lift has quite
    a kick, and keeping your camera view pointing straight ahead can be a
    challenge. Avoid using the right stick.
    Velkyn_df makes this observation: "The forklift responds amazingly like a
    forklift would in several ways. Lowering the forks periodically while driving
    down the path will provide makeshift brakes. Not sure if this was a bug or a
    stroke of programming genius. I'm leaning towards the first, but who knows for
    sure?" Personally, I found it easier to just use L1 for brakes, as having the
    forks raised blocked my vision, so they were always in the down position
    already. But others might find it useful.
    Up ahead there will be a flaming box you could move out of your way, or barrel
    past. Continue forward, and there are a series of holes to zig zag through
    again. First go left, then right, etc. until you're through.
    Phew! Get out of the lift and run down the stairs on the right. Run down the
    wide aisle to your left, and there's a medkit sitting on a box on the left at
    the far end. Go back out toward the stairs and go left. Run onto the recessed
    area at the end, and there's a clip on the box there. Climb the ladder and
    there are two molotovs across from you on the shelves. Go right and through the
    Pick up the sledgehammer lying in front of the box ahead. Run down the hall to
    your left and in the next room you'll encounter some skittering crab-like
    enemies. It might seem like the sledgehammer's just the thing, but it's slow
    and I found it difficult to make contact. There's a shovel leaning up
    against a box to the left, and a pipe on the ground to the right. You may want
    to try these. Or try launching a lit molotov at them when they're all clumped
    up. They spray some kind of acid gook on you, so don't get too close if you can
    avoid it. Run to the back and use the panel on the right to open the doors.
    Board the elevator and use the panel inside to go up.
    EPISODE 7: Seeking Room 943
    7.1. The Maze of Antiquities
    Another sledgehammer awaits you just ouside to the left of the elevator. Run
    through the door on the right and two zombies are waiting in the hallway. The
    sledgehammer works nicely on them, but once they're down, move on, because
    unless you burn them, they keeping getting up and coming after you again.
    A gate will raise on your left so enter the burning room, but stop just over
    the threshold. There are laser beams in this room which will set off the alarm
    if tripped. Unfortunately, our detour is blocked by fire. Ah well. Run forward
    and set off the alarm. Great, now we're trapped. Grab the medkit from the floor
    in the middle of the room, then run to the back wall and get the fire
    extinguisher there. Put out the fire with the extinguisher. You may also notice
    that the extinguisher renders the lasers visible as it passes over them.
    Once the fire's out reset the alarm using the red button to the right of the
    door you entered from. There's a laser not far from that door, so let's go
    right. Walk directly foward to the wall hanging on the back wall, then turn
    left. Walk around the perimeter of the room, turning left again when you reach
    the far wall. Go through the door.
    Walk straight foward past the pedestal with the big orange trashcan looking
    thingy on it and walk around the far side of it. Then you can go through the
    door. Crap. More lasers. Some of these move back and forth so you can time a
    run past them. If you spring the alarm, the shut off is the red button to the
    right of where you entered. The first laser is right in front of you and seems
    unavoidable. If you trip a laser and then turn the alarm off, though, it seems
    to stay off, or at least it resets which are active, so it could be different
    each time through. Use your extinguisher liberally. There's a laser in front of
    you between two pedestals. It's a vertical laser moving side to side. Run past
    when it's clear.
    Keep spraying, moving left and toward the back of the room. Look out for lit
    circles of light on the sides of the pedestal. This seems to indicate active
    lasers. You have to scoot really close alongside one of the pedestals as
    there's a long laser going down the left side of the room. But if you're
    careful, there's enough room to squeeze between the pedestals and the laser
    beam. Once past the pedestals, go right to center yourself. You should be in
    the clear. Walk through the door ahead.
    7.2. A Medieval Execution
    Drop the extinguisher (yay!) and jump the gap in the floor and go right into
    the next room. There's a clip on the floor next to the dead guy, if you need it
    (4 clips seems to be the max you can carry). Continue through this room into
    the next. Ignore the hand scanners and go through the open gate. A fissure
    ghoul will attack, followed by 3 or so zombies. There's a clip and a med kit in
    the middle of the floor near a corpse. And the statue right in front of the
    long fence is holding an ax. Once you kill all the zombies, and walk toward the
    corpse, a cutscene will start.
    Stand at the corpse's feet facing his head and hack off his hand with an
    overhead swing. Blech. Pick up the severed hand and go back to the little room
    with the 2 locked gates. Use your newly acquired appendage on the biometric
    locks. The far one on the right is a storage room with two medkits. Then enter
    the left one. Follow the linear path into an elevator with an opening in the
    7.3. Deeper Underground
    Grab yet another medkit from the box here, and DON'T go into the hole in the
    floor. Instead, look up. There's also a hole in the ceiling. Jump up and pull
    up. Look for a panel on the ground with a coil of cable on top. There's a latch
    on the right side. Shoot it open. Now go back down in to the elevator and you
    can climb down the hole in the floor.
    You'll hear some weird squishy sounds as you descend, but no worries (yet).
    Just don't fall into the gross looking water. When you get to the door, push
    off the wall, and you'll break through feet first. Move forward to trigger a
    The slime monster will ooze forward; if it touches you, it's game over, so just
    stay put. After a few seconds, it will retreat back into the alcove, so quickly
    run past it into the next room to the right.
    7.4. Darkness in Room 943
    Run over to the panel around the catwalk to the right and move the dial back
    and forth with L1 until all the lights on the indicator are lit. (It's random
    which direction you need to turn it each time, so just mess around with it
    until you get it.) Then before you exit this view, hit X to turn them on. Now
    you can go down the ladder and access the next panel. Same deal, but turn
    around as soon as you're done, because they'll get pushed back to you.
    Run quick around the edge of the room towards Sarah. This third panel you have
    to hotwire first. Look down in the panel view to open panel. Flip the wires
    until you get sparks. There's no R1 here, so once you've held them for a second
    or two you should have enough juice. Now just do the dial and X thing one more
    time and when the slime retreats, follow Sarah to the small door ahead on the
    right. Shoot the padlock off and enter.
    The room will shut behind you and Sarah will rant for a while. Not much to do
    but wait. Then she'll freak out, and start talking like the place is haunted.
    Xs will appear at various places around the room so push them. Mine went
    pictures on the back right wall, phonograph, mask behind the open door, perfume
    bottle on the shelves next to that. You might be able to get some hints of
    where to go by using R3. Eventually, though, Sarah will hit you over the head.
    Next I got an X by the round brick wall, then the box on the back wall. You
    open it and take out something which reveals a secret door. There's an envelope
    or something on the ledge to the right in the secret room, so take it. Go back
    into the other room, and you'll find one of the blocked doors is opened. Climb
    up the ladder there. Cutscene.
    EPISODE 8: Location Is Key
    8.1. Air Crash Survival
    You'll find yourself hanging from the helicopter on a rope. Keep trying to
    climb up. Rocks will fall down, but if you keep trying to climb, you should be
    ok. As you get near to the helicopter, the blades will slow, and the pilot will
    yell out to you. Then it will shift, allowing you to climb down toward a train
    car below you to your left. Get about even with it, then run over toward it,
    release the rope and hit square to (hopefully) grab on to the car. Pull up and
    you'll see an opening in front of you. Move toward the opening, and another
    cutscene will start.
    Drop into the opening, and move forward. Whoops! Now climb up and out of the
    train car. There are 3 werewolf guys out here. Shoot or torch them, (or run
    past), then make your way left. Go up the stairs on the right to the platform.
    There is a trashcan here. Go into the tunnel on your right and at the corner
    there is a clip near a large crate.
    8.2. Dead End Track
    Continue on and ahead there is a medkit on the ground just past the next turn.
    Shortly after you turn, you'll be assaulted by some more of those little crab
    monsters. I used the trashcan to smush them. (Although when I had to restart
    from here, the trashcan was gone and I couldn't go back to get it, so I had to
    use the gun or the spray torch. They are hard to target with the gun once they
    get up close to you, so the spray works better, but make sure you spare a
    little if you choose this method.)
    As you move farther down the hall, another crab and a ghoul will attack. If
    possible, torch the ghoul; it takes a while for him to succumb, but it's still
    the quickest way to kill him. The best course of action, however, may be just
    to run by them. There are a LOT of enemies here, compared with what's come
    before, and supplies aren't really plentiful.
    Go through the dark stretch of tunnel ahead and you'll see yet another crab
    lying in wait in front of a subway car. There's an extinguisher just around the
    corner to the left, if you'd prefer to bash it, or you can shoot it from a
    distance. To the right at the end of the platform is an open box with a medkit
    on it. Grab the extinguisher if you haven't already, enter the subway car and
    go left. At the end, you'll see a banged-up door on your right. Use the
    extinguisher to ram it open.
    Drop down out of the car and go right between the trains. There are 2 werewolf
    guys patrolling here. Unless you torch them, they'll just keep getting up to
    torment you, so if you have spare spray, you can torch them, or you can try
    running past them. Head into the darkness of the tunnel ahead. Climb up on the
    platform on the right, and then down the other side. Here is yet another
    werewolf and a few crabs. I just ran past into the red car ahead on the left.
    Midway through the car, look up and you'll see an open hatch in the ceiling.
    Jump and pull up, and run down the car and fall off the other end. There's an
    open car here. First, look between the two train cars and shoot the lead car
    loose from the other car. Grab the clip just up the stairs on your way into the
    front car. Walk to the end and you'll see some controls with an X. Hit X and
    use the left stick to drive the car forward.
    After a while, the car will crash. Exit the car and walk down onto the broken
    track. Look to your right behind the train to see a cable hanging there. Jump
    and hit X to grab the cable. Climb all the way up the rope and out of the
    8.3. The Belvedere...Free Entry
    Run up the path and up the stairs. There's a clip on the ground to the right of
    the lamppost up ahead right in front of the building. Your path into the
    Belvedere is blocked by a slime monster. Look up on the wall to the left. There
    are three lights there. Shoot just underneath them at the supports to knock
    them down. This make the ooze retreat so you can make it to the door.
    Here you seem to be forced into 1st person view. Go up the spiral stairs; you
    have to climb them to the left, where they are widest. Grab the extinguisher at
    the landing and put out the fire blocking the next flight. Ascend and break
    through the door with the fire extinguisher.
    8.4. Astronomical Revelation
    Go over to the viewfinder around the building to the left. Look through it and
    line the sight up with the moon. This will trigger a cutscene.
    EPISODE 9: Concealed by the Park
    9.1. Alchemists on our Tail!
    Run back toward the door and you should see a rope on the wall. Climb down and
    run to the car. Hotwire it and start driving down the road. You only have a
    short time to do this before they catch you. Pull ahead and go left. Basically,
    just follow the road and try not to hit anything. It REALLY helps to use 3rd
    person here. At a few points, there will be a fork where one way is blocked by
    barricades. Just follow the open road, until you get to a point after a really
    sharp left curve where you have to break through the barricades and go offroad
    for a while. There's kind of a path along the cliff here. Keep going and
    eventually you'll find the road again. Shortly thereafter, you'll get a
    9.2. Beat Around the Bush
    Follow the dirt path up into the woodsy area. Look for a narrower path
    branching off to the right. This will lead you to some stairs. Go up and enter
    the building. Cutscene.
    9.3. Come to Light
    Look up at to the right of the Latin sign. You should see a glowing line of
    light. Shine your flashlight on it, and "draw" the light along the track with
    your flashlight, until you reach the end. This will trigger another cutscene.
    EPISODE 10: The Light Carrier
    10.1. Light Initiation
    Just run through the tunnel until you come to a cavern. Run down the path and
    get on the elevator. It will start moving on its own. Get off when it stops and
    you'll come to a white beam of light. You have to block the beam to open the
    door, so run over to the pillar on the other side of the beam and push it over
    to block the beam. Go through the door slowly.
    This part is pretty unforgiving. If you don't jump exactly to the game's
    liking, you'll fall to your death, so take it slow. Jump over to the ledge to
    Carnby's right. Then jump down to the ledge below and to the left. This one
    can be tricky. Sometimes it seems to help to push the analog stick firmly
    to the left while he's jumping. Then the jump to the ledge below to the right.
    Jump down two more times and then jump over to the narrow ledge along the right
    wall. Then jump across to the doorway.
    Here is another light puzzle. There's a platform up near a doorway. When you
    push the pillar into the beam, the platform lowers, but if you take the pillar
    out, it rises too fast for you to jump on. But in the center area between the
    beam emitters, when you block the light not only does the platform lower, but a
    pedestal emerges from the wall, pushing the pillar. So make sure you block the
    beam where the pedestal can push the pillar, then quickly release the pillar
    and run over to stand on the platform. Voila. Enter the new area up here.
    10.2. Light Progression
    You'll come to another cavernous room. First, drop off this ledge on the right
    side. Turn around and there's a cable. Walk to the edge while hitting X and
    grab the rope. Climb all the way down, then release. Normally, you'll just land
    on a ledge, but depending on how you fall, sometimes you'll grab the edge of a
    ledge above. If that happens, just drop. Now drop over the right side again,
    and run down the ramp. To your left is another rope. Climb down and look for
    another rope to your right. Get close and release and grab that rope. Climb a
    little ways down and there should be a door to your right. Make sure you're
    near the top of the door, walk toward the door, release the rope and push the
    stick to the right, and hopefully you'll land on the ledge in front of the
    door. Go through.
    In this next light puzzle, you need to connect the beam of light from its
    starting position on the right wall, up over the ceiling, down onto the left
    wall, and finally to the box that controls the door across the catwalk. If you
    look carefully at the catwalk, there are 3 pairs of beams, and suspicious-
    looking holes in the floor. Pick up the podium in front of you. This will
    trigger a large pendulum to start swinging (not sure how these two items are
    connected, but there it is), which causes spikes to shoot up out of those holes
    and then retract whenever the light stream is broken. First head up to the
    first set of beams. Block the beam of light, and you'll see a square gearlike
    section of the wall rotate.
    Each of these "gears" has a section of the conduit that you have to connect to
    allow the light to travel along it. After the gear rotates, watch the light as
    it travels. If you see it continue all the way up and over to the next pair of
    beams, then you're golden. If not, stick the podium into the beam again and
    rotate until the light travels all the way to above the next set of beams.
    As you move the lights, the spikes will be turned on and off. Approach the
    holes and wait about 10 seconds. If you don't see spikes in that time, you
    should be okay. If you do, just wait until they come up, then as SOON as you
    see them start to move, push forward and run as fast as you can across them.
    The next set, same thing. If you have spikes going, you should still be able to
    trigger them without stepping on them. If you can't seem to, just wait until
    the spikes go down, run in, turn the gear, then get out. Watch for the light to
    travel onward. Do the same with the final gear and once you connect the
    lightstream all the way to the door, it will open.
    Velkyn_df offers this strategy: "In the tunnel with the rotating light paths
    and the spikes on the floor, I found it easier to disable the spikes then work
    on the last one til it looks like the light will flow all the way to the door.
    One locked in... the first one as you come in seems to either be right or
    wrong... remember you want the light to pass through. When you get the first
    and third in line there is no confusion on the middle one... Either way you are
    only a maximum of three moves to the same way to get it lined up."
    Now you'll be in a room with yet another podium and a long beam of light. Pick
    up the podium and stand on the small stone platform. You'll be in a fixed
    position facing the camera. Hit X to start moving to the left, and before you
    get to a crack in the wall, hit X again to stop. A large ax will swing out.
    Once it's past, hit X again to continue. You'll have to do this several times
    before you get to the other side. Run across the narrow bridge and down the
    spiral path. Then cross another bridge.
    10.3. Light Confirmation
    In the next room, push the pillar over onto the bloody floor switch. The pillar
    will be ignited. Once it's on fire, pull it back to block the light beam. This
    will open the door behind you. Release the pillar and run into the now open
    alcove. The pillar will magically transport out of the beam and cause the
    elevator you're in to lift.
    Go through the door, then down the ramps until you see a cable on your right.
    Climb down and release onto another ledge. Go down more ramps to another cable,
    climb down to another ledge.
    Inside you'll find a room that seems to have no floor with three vertical beams
    of light. Use R3 to reveal a series of walkways through the room. First, go
    to the end of the little path in front of you, then jump to the platform to
    your right. Your path across the room inevitably takes you through the first
    beam, which causes the ceiling to start to lower. Quickly run over to the beam
    on the left hand side of the room. Stand there to raise the ceiling back up.
    Then quickly make your way to the door before the ceiling can fall again. Go
    across another bridge and enter the next area.
    10.4. Revelation
    Now you'll get trapped in a round room with a pillar in the center on a large
    gear. Around the room are strange symbols carved into the walls. There are
    2 symbols that look the same, kind of like a question mark with a plus sign
    on top. Take out your flashlight, and hold them up to each of these symbols for
    about 5 seconds until they glow intensly and you hear a tone. (You may have
    to enter 1st person view to do this.) A beam of light (normal light, this time,
    not laserstreams) is coming from the pillar. Now you can climb onto the gear
    and you'll see an X prompt near the pillar. This allows you to rotate the
    pillar. Shine the light on the left door and it should open.
    Cross the bridge and pick up the podium. Just to the left of the podium is a
    cracked piece of wall. Break it using the podium and enter the room there for
    the final sequence. Cutscene.
    During this final cutscene, there will come a time when you'll draw your gun.
    If you do nothing, the game will end one way, if you press R1 to shoot during
    this sequence, you'll get a different ending. Honestly, I'm not even sure if
    one ending is supposed to be a better outcome than the other. Since it doesn't
    take much to redo that chapter, you may want to just play it both ways and
    decide for yourself.
    No, really. That's it. It's over. The end. Go to sleep. Eat something.
    D. Contact Information
    You can email me at artemisx1972 (at) yahoo (dot) com. I would be happy to hear
    of any items missed, improved strategies for dealing with enemies, etc. Please
    limit criticism to the constructive kind, and bear in mind that I am just a
    walkthrough noob.
    E. Credits
    Special thanks to TheTeaCakes over at YouTube for his video clips of the early
    part of the game, which helped me tweak some of the finer points of this
    walkthrough, and Vivox and Beedo123 on the message boards, with helpful posts
    about hitting X WHILE in panel view to turn on the damn lights, and an
    alternate method to opening the door in the reception hall, respectively. THANK
    you. Big thanks to Velkyn_df for offering several suggestions/alternate
    strategies for various points in the game. Also a general, though no less
    heartfelt, shout-out to the authors of all the great and often very amusing
    walkthroughs I have read and enjoyed in the past, thereby greatly reducing the
    amount of hair ripped from my scalp, controllers thrown across the room and
    all-around gaming-induced stress. THANK YOU ALL!!!

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