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    FAQ/Walkthrough by frenchwinegal

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    V.   WALKTHROUGH  (SPOILERS!!! ... if that is possible)
    This is my very first FAQ or Walkthrough so please try not to be too critical,
    if you don't like something.  I'm open to pointers, any experiences you 
    have/had in playing the game, or anything which might make this a most 
    interesting read.  I have not seen the movie either so I am not familiar with 
    the locations, nor any of the main characters even.  And, if you've played the 
    game, I don't think the producers did a very good job at dilineating the Boss
    characters (they pretty much look like the regular baddies).  If there are 
    mistakes, please notify me and I'd be more than happy to correct my errors 
    (unfortunately the same cannot be said for the game's creative team).
    Starter, Mid and Finisher Combos consist of sets of 2, 2 and 3 attacks.  You 
    need a comic book for each Finisher Combo, of which there are 4.  I absolutely 
    hated having to reset the start, mid, and finished letter settings for attack 
    sets.Your Power Bar increases when you hit the enemy on the green side of the 
    reticule.  The enemy will see your attack coming if you try an attack on the 
    side where the reticule is red.  Even when the attack is made on the side of 
    the green reticule  the enemy may still guard it, and end up knocking you down.
    All of the different enemies have a different set of attacks, or they attack 
    from different sides.  And so it is a good idea to keep an eye out for the 
    green part of the reticule around the enemy you are currently fighting because 
    it changes during the course of the fight.  Do not assume that if a side is NOT 
    red that you can attack on that side; the enemy has that side guarded as well.  
    I think that is there just to trick people, or to frustrate them to death.
    I found the best method to fight was to press the right trigger, so that you 
    have the enemy either knocked down or in the air, and make a few melee strikes 
    while they're in the air, or on the ground, and it will diminish their health.  
    By performing the slide attack (right trigger), you can disorient the enemy 
    somewhat so that one of the red sides will become amber (meaning as always 
    proceed with caution) or green (slash away).
    You can press the right toggle down to center the camera behind Griffin except 
    I found that usually resulted in a view that was too close to the action.  I 
    ended up seeing part of someone's jacket or legs and that was it. 'Tis true you 
    can wind up fighting an enemy "anywhere" in this game - through the wall, on 
    air, through stairs that aren't supposed to be quite at that spot ...
    Unfortunately, with this game there is no huge change between weapons, and you 
    don't really get to view anything in the loot room.  I could never tell when I 
    picked up a weapon vs loot.  The only time I knew it was a weapon was the 
    pickup in the large crate (Mission 5) during the Boss fight with Roland because
    I received the Achievement "Impulse 9" (Note:  Achievements were way to easy to 
    get and I'm not a pro-gamer by any means.)
    Deep End
    Combo #5
    Right Hook
    MISSON 2
    Shall We Dance
    Dodge This
    ....  then I lost track
    Have you ever wished that you could take someone and just drop them somewhere.  
    There are 10 Drop Zones, in which Griffin takes any Palladin (except for the 
    Bosses) to finish them off.  The Drop Zone is really nice if it happens when
    you haven't really gone to work on the enemy as yet (so their health is not
    lessened much).
    Drop Zones:  randomly occur, at any stage of a fight.
    1.  Crushing Car  (Where's the key?) 
    2.  Sky's the Limit  (Am I dreaming?)(see 9 also)
    3.  Polar Bear Central   (Nice bear ...) 
    4.  Jet Tokamak Fusion Reactor (it's a minor matter)
    5.  Volcanic Mountain (I'm melllltttinngg....)  (On top of old smoky ... )
    6.  Arctic Mountaintop (even the bear knew enough not to ...)
    7.  Nuclear Explosion (Hair we'll fallout)
    8.  Shark-sized Aquarium (Was that the dinnerbell?)
    9.  Fly!  Be Free (... but I forgot my parachute) background w/Egyptian pyramid
    MISSION 1 
    There is a health potion you can pick up by teleporting to a hidden space.  In 
    this mission there is also a weapon upgrade, which when you pick it up you just 
    glow blue for a second - same as when you pick up the health potions (of which 
    there is at least 1 in each new space you enter in this mission (and one 
    hidden). There is also the first comic book cover in this mission, which will 
    make available the first finisher move (AAY).  The first boss, Lieutenant, 
    stampedes in .. his back stays red during the attacks and no green.  I just 
    attacked him where there was no red light on the reticule, which was perhaps 
    yet another glitch.  
    In the Cutscene, we here more about the head of the Paladins, whom Griffin 
    almost captured a few years prior.  
    Save Game.
    Cutscene:  Next we see Griffin walking up a paved mountaintop.  
    It is remarkably easy to collect the achievements in this game.  Even I do 
    not feel like I'm achieving anything when it comes so easily to me.
    Enter the large open red doors and you will engage 3 men in battle as the 
    doors shut behind you.  Wait to use the health potion until after the 
    fighting on this level of the mountain; you'll want to replenish it.  Another
    Comic Book Cover lies to the left of the doors that you enter.  You'll 
    probably pick it up accidentally during the fight (XXY).  In the corner - 
    between the mountain and the wall - is a health potion.
    Next mountaintop level - 
    After you defeat 3 enemies there is another 3 who enter as a short Cutscene 
    shows a large gold medallion like roof ornament.  Another health potion in 
    here, and awaiting you outside before you move another level up the hill.  
    The enemies are gradually getting somewhat more difficult as Griffin proceeds 
    up the hill.  There is also a loot pickup in this area.
    3 level - a Cutscene shows a large gold Buddha, and an estate-sized building.  
    You have 5 (2,3) enemies to defeat here.  Another 5 spawn to fight (2,3).  
    Another 3 supposedly tougher enemies arrive ("Paladin zero.") A Cutscene shows 
    another 2 arriving from the left of the building (but 2 others also came from 
    the other side).  Another 3 from the right side of building.  In the next 
    Cutscene, Griffin is just "Not interested" in what Roland has to say so this 
    is the next (big?) Boss Fight.  If you die during this fight, you regress to 
    the start of the 3rd level of the mountaintop.  The Cutscene plays 
    Griffin: "I'm sorry I had to dispose of most of your welcoming committee.  
    Roland: He's managed to remain hidden I need to know how. Help me find David."  
    (I have not seen the movie so I do not know if the dialogue is this terrible.) 
    Unlike other games you can increase your blue Power Bar quite rapidly with 
    just one or two successful attacks on the green shaded area.  
    After defeating Roland, the Cutscene shows Griffin going after a another man 
    (David Rice?).  This game is really poor when it comes to identifying and 
    developing characters.
    "Trust me there's a lot more that separates us." Griffin says as he flings 
    4 steel cylindrical spikes at him thereby finishing him off.
    Save Game.
    MISSION 3:  
    By now you've seen at least 5 Jump Zone Cutscenes where some enemies have 
    Next you're in a large pillared room and a Cutscene shows an enemy fleeing.
    A prisoner lays against one of the walls.  There is nothing in this room except 
    for an open doorway.  Go into the hall, and turn left into the next room. Here 
    you will fight the Boss, David Rice?  This fight is much easier than the one at 
    the end of the level.  You fight the one guy and another man comes to fight you 
    - equally easy.  There is a weapon upgrade in this room.
    The third Comic Book cover gives you the 3rd Finisher move (BBY); found on the 
    corner of a table.  A health potion is sort of hidden behind one of the thinner 
    pillars, and behind a fallen bookcase.    
    After leaving this room go right continue walking but before you turn left 
    next. there is a health potion sitting on the floor if you need it.  Turn 
    left here.  Enter the next room with a leaning pillar, where you'll find a 
    loot item.  Enter the next doorway.  
    A Cutscene shows a dark cloaked man escaping through a doorway to which the 
    door slides down shut after he's gone.  You have to fight 3 enemies after the 
    door you just entered from shuts behind you.  Where all the junk is in the 
    corner is a health potion you may need. Oddly enough there is a freight sized 
    crate in this room.  The crate is of no use, and it makes for lousy 
    (please ignore: Line 205)
    Move through the hall to the next space where you will fight another barrage 
    of enemies that look the same as the last 50.  The Cutscene shows 4 enter; 
    you fight 3.  Another 2.  On the longer, higher table with curved edges sits 
    anotherweapon upgrade (looks like a sword as most of them do).  also there 
    are 2 health potions; one is on floor next to pillar; the other is on 
    rectangular brown cherry table with other junk on it.  Another Cutscene shows
    5 enemies arriving in the room he has just entered. On the table is  another 
    pickup, which looks like a book; it must be loot (it can't be a comic book 
    because no Finisher move is added)- it sits next to the box of explosives on 
    the table (no you can't use those).  Personally, I think it's evil of the 
    game's creators to place a box of explosives in sight, but not allow the 
    gamer to use any in the entire game.  Inthat same area, is the health potion; 
    it sits on the ground behind the table that lays on the ground.  
    This room is somewhat L-shaped 
    After you fight the 3 waves of enemies in this room move onto the next room.  
    Finally, a challenge in defeating 3 female palladins.  Make sure you pick up 
    the health potion from the table if your health is halfway or more depleted.  
    You will have to fight 2 tougher, black cloaked male Palladins in the next 
    room.  The Cutscene moves you into the next room so you won't have the 
    opportunity to pick up the health after deating all 3 female Palladins.  
    just remember to attack on the green side of the reticule.  Avoid attacking 
    if there is no green.  Whatever you do don't attack when the reticule is red.  
    Even doing the slide attack will get you too close to an enemy who very 
    aggressively attacks, and you have the other one clse on your heels too.  
    The next Cutscene reveals a research facility on the outsckirts of Tokyo.  
    Roland  knows Griffin is on his way and is going to create a diversion.  
    Griffin says "Time to take out the trash".  Then .. ".. this place is locked 
    up pretty tight.  Whatever the Pally's are after, I better get to it first." 
    Save Game.
    It begins with Griffin entering Sector one as we hear on the Cutscene.  
    3 construction workers come to greet Griffin from the automated doors.  
    After defeating them, the door reopens and in the next space are more workers.
    Nothing is breakable in this game.   Before you go down the stairs there is
    a health potion on the cart on the right side here.  Go down the stairs to 
    defeat the 3 men. Nothing is in the large open crate.   Then go up the other
    set of stairs that are parallel to the first but on other side of room.  You 
    have to teleport to teh next area - where you will find the final comic book 
    cover and get the last Finisher (YYX).  Also you can teleport to a small 
    stair landing if you need a health pickup.  
    The silver steel door should automatically open when you walk up close to it.  
    If it does not right away just keep trying (or you ay havve to redo level to 
    reset it.)  In the next space is a table with a computer on it, as well as a 
    weapon/loot pickup.  After fighting the men, move out into the orange-floored 
    room (looks like a carpet but is wood flooring*POOR GRAPHICS*).  Enter the 
    next space, by entering the auto. doors that are straight ahead of the door 
    you just exited from.  (This door that will open has a green light on the 
    right-hand side.) 
    You go through a couple of insignificant areas until you reach an area where 
    you have to teleport from one railed sectioned area to the next (3 in total).  
    There is also an area to teleport to that has 2 health potions that you will 
    probably need when fighting the Boss. 
    Downstairs here are 3 more enemies then a large steel door opens up again - 
    just below the large steel staircase and landing.  There is a loot pickup, but 
    no health (and I needed it).  After going through a small area you end up back 
    at the orange floored foyer.  Just enter the auto doors that are straight 
    ahead, across the lobby.  In the next area, you have 3 enemies, who are not 
    really more difficult to defeat.  There are 2 health pickups - finally, at 
    least, one of which you will most likely require.  You may want the other one 
    for later.  (As a designator, this room has a very large slowly spinning 
    circular black machine of some sort.)
    There are 5 enemies in the next room so you will maybe want to get that 2nd 
    health pickup about halfway through this fight.   It's finally time for a 
    one-on-one match.  We're not quite yet at Roland yet but we're getting to 
    him quick.    Just before entering the doors to this fight there are 2 
    health pickups on the wall to the right.  Inside is a lone enemy cloaked 
    in the usual black long coat (and whip?)  If you end up taking him to a 
    Jump Zone, you'll see he had his right eye irreparably damaged.  After 
    fighting the one man, I had half a health bar remaining. 
    He says, "This will be brief." just before the Cutscene starts.  
    The start of the Cutscene shows a large red cylindrical machine opening up.  
    It must be something to kick Roland into??  We also learn from the Cutscene 
    that Roland lost his right hand in a previous battle with Griffin.
    Roland:  "I'm going to enjoy this." 
    Griffin:  "I'll bet you another arm and a leg that you won't."
    And the battle commences ...  You'll most likely need the two health potions,
    which you have to teleport to get.  They are on a landing of the stairs.  You
    have to fight a second lone enemy (Roland?)  ,, once you go up the stairs
    then down the other stairs.  This game kind of reminds me of Winback because
    of its'repetitious sites, and dull surroundings ... and too much walking
    about.  Griffin wants to k now what the machine does.  In the Cutscene the
    enemy tries shooting a silver steel weapon at Griffin who teleports in time
    so it damages a mechanism which opens the trap door sending him to a shocking
    death.  I found it was easiest to defeat him through a series of slides and 
    kicks (Press B).
    (please ignore: line 312)
    Save Game.
    First off, Griffin has to fight an enemy on either side of a large fountain.  
    Then there are another 4 enemies on te right of the fountain.  On the left 
    side of fountain is a health potion.  You will probably need that after the
    next set of 3 Palladins (one female), then there are another 3 construction
    type enemies.  If you can position your attacks in such a way that any attack
    has an effect on 2 or more enemies, it is much quicker and easier on the health.
    As you go down the stairs, there is a health potion on the right hand side of
    the right most set of stairs.  Downstairs, inside the ramshackle caged off area
    is a loot pickup.
    Another 3 await Griffin off to the left side.  Then another 3 after that, and
    a health pickup on the ground (right where you may fight).  And another set
    of 5 close to where there is another health pickup on a bin, and another on
    the opposite side.  After killing all of these enemies, and you've seen the
    brief Cutscene of the door opening, you can go around some of the barrels to
    find it's either a weapon upgrade or a loot pickup.  This pickup hidden 
    behind the crates, and around a few barrels is the only pickup I would consider
    to be "hidden". It's most likely the one you missed, if you failed to find just
    one.  Inside a large crate, there is either weapon upgrade, or loot, but it
    looks like a sword.  
    Then there are another 3 to fight.  The next 3 sections have one person in 
    each area.  You can choose to run past these individuals, and just get to 
    the Boss Fight.  You may need all of the health you can keep.  
    The first time I played this game I just continued going around the large
    crates outside.  This time I tried to go up a set of stairs.  These stairs
    brought me inside within a large, circular area with red strips of light 
    coming from the center core.  Then if youturn down the right corridor, there 
    is a female Palladin.  There is also a weapon or loot pickup here.  If you 
    godown the left corridor, which you will have to anyway, you'll meet up with
    another female Palladin.  Continue down the corridor, then through another 
    circular room like the other, then you'll come to another corridor.  Here 
    is another black cloaked Palladin eagerly awaiting your arrival, so he can 
    slice you open.  After this, walk further down one of the corridors, and you 
    wind up back outside among the geeseand water - and barrels and crates.  He 
    is having a conversation with a black cloaked man as he steps outside.  There
    are 2 health pickups in this area, which I greatly needed by now.  Outside 
    here you can fight most of the enemies separately if you sort of wait for one
    of the group of 3 to move closer towards you then the others.  Strangely
    enough,if you fight one enemy on the edge of their barrier then the others do 
    not fight you immediately.  Just before going up the stairs, there is a health 
    potion (if you need it), and a weapon/loot pickup.  Upstairs, there is a single
    female Palladin, then another as you go further along towards the stern/bow of
    the boat.
    You will have to teleport to the metal plank, on which you will have the Boss 
    fight.  You do not have to widdle down this enemy's health, but merely get him 
    down near the end of the plank (where you got on)  (I have not tried to see if 
    it works on the other end.)  A Cutscene will show him pressing a button, and 
    causing the pier to explode.  
    Save Game.
    MISSION 6:
    This mission is my most dreaded.  I just could not seem to get beyond it.  I 
    pleaded for help from everyone, but found noone who actually played the game.
    A Cutscene in which Griffin has bound an enemy only to have him clone himself 
    6 times, and go after Griffin.  
    Griffin has to fight 2 sets of 5 Palladins.  A Cutscene shows 3 sets of 3 
    (9 in total) coming, and he teleports to another room.  Fights another 2 sets 
    of 5 (I think?); make sure to get the weapon/loot pickup in this room.  In 
    the next room are 2 sets of 5 and 4, but they're much more aggressive (I think
    2 are female, and at least one black cloaked man, in the mix.)  Then comes the 
    Boss fight, and I have no idea how to defeat this enemy.  It reminds me of one 
    of the Boss fights  (the Mayor on the building) in Dead To Rights because the 
    fighting style seemed so illogical and senseless. No challenge - just 
    impossible.  You just have to beat his health down about 1/4 of the way.  He 
    then runs outside,  and Griffin awaits him because he has already teleported.  
    Snowy Outside:  So the battle continues ... again until his health has dropped 
    1/4 of the way.  There is now a long loading time.  RUINS:  It opens up to a 
    Cutscene that shows a stone facade, and ruins similar to the location in the 
    first mission.  Cut down his health a 1/4 of the way.
    PORT: Next Cutscene is of a boat crashing into the pier.  The fight is on
    again  ... this time his health does not return to the top.  Griffin does
    get a refill on his health bar though.
    By now, you should have achieved Impulse 9, which is received when all weapons 
    are collected.
    Here you have to fight the Boss to the death.  There is a weapon upgrade, and 
    2 health potions.  Good luck!  Here you have to beat his health down so there
    is only about 1/4 left.  A Cutscene shows the two of them (Roland and Griffin)
    being teleported to what looks like Griffin's place.  Outside someone else
    awaits Griffin's arrival as Roland escapes a blast of fire.
    (please ignore: line 410)
    A new Boss is on the run. Two female Palladins start the fight on the main
    floor.Below the stairs on the left is a health potion.  3 more upstairs,
    plus 1 black cloaked man.  You will probably need the health potion that
    sits on the bookcase against the wall (almost above the line-of-sight).
    Another 4, including 2 who are double-knifed.  If you run down the corridor,
    you'll see some steps (to bypass this fighting).  Glitch:  By going up the
    stairs in the last battle with the 5 or so regular Palladins, if you die
    you begin this battle with the Boss.   
    When you diminish this Boss' health a 1/4 of the way, there will be 2 more 
    Palladins (1 male/female) who join the fight.  There are only 2 health
    potions here; one in either corner of the space closest to the wall opposite
    the stairs you entered in through.  This enemy is particularly tough because
    his reticule is red everywhere except the front (and that does not go green).
    Remember that just because it is NOT red (just clear) does not mean the enemy
    is not going to guard your attack, and sending you flying to your feet.  
    I now have to confess I have to go finish this infernal game.  Maybe I'll
    have a deeper appreciation for the game once I have it finished, but I've
    had so many problems with it will have to really impress me with a 
    spectacular final Cutscene.
    Fade to Black.     
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is not to be reproduced in whole, or in part, by anyone 
    or any company, or corporation.  Please email me  Linda_galvin@yahoo.ca  if
    you would like to comment or make a contribution.  Currently, this is the
    only guide for Jumper:  Griffin's Story, written by a lay-person, and
    available to the general public so it could definitely use expansion.

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