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    Walkthrough by Richforce

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/31/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Ghostbusters: the Video Game Walkthrough
    Author: Richard Wallberg
    Email: Richforce@bellsouth.net
    Table of contents
    1a. Welcome Aboard!
    2a. Version History
    3a. Ghostbusting 101
    4a. Meet your new Co-workers (and other important people)
    5a. Ghostbusters tools of the trade
    6a. On the Job Training
    6b. Slimer’s Mitzvah
    6c. And the Kitchen Sink, Too
    7a. Marshmallow hunt
    7b. Going Up
    7c. A Sticky Situation
    7d. Puffy White Menace
    7f. The Rise and Fall of Stay Puff
    8a. A Quick Detour
    8b. Call of the grey lady
    8c. Shhhhhhhhhh...
    8d. Dark and Damp
    8f. Wrath of the Collector
    9a. Dr. Rutherford, I presume?
    9b. Opening Night
    9c. Hot Pursuit
    9d. Ilyssa Found
    10a. Under New Management
    10b. Splitting Up
    10c. The 13th Floor
    10d. Lair of the Spider Witch
    11a. Rivers of Slime
    11b. The Slime Labs
    11c. Black Slime Beast
    12a. The Coming Storm
    12b. The Necropolis
    12c. The Architect
    12d. The Destroyer
    13a. Art page locations
    14a. Scan locations
    15a. Unlockables
    16a. Legal info
    17a. Approved Hosts
    18a. Special Thanks 
    1a. Welcome aboard!
    Thank you for reading this guide for the Wii version of Ghostbusters: the
    video game. Now keep in mind that this is NOT the same game as the PS3 and 360
    versions so if you need help with those check their pages. It does tell pretty
    much the same story though, so without further ado let's get on with the show.
    2a. Version History
    1.0 Walkthrough updated, art pages completed, full version complete 12/31/09
    0.75 Scan locations completed 7/13/09
    0.5 Basic walkthrough completed, 7/10/09
    3a. Ghostbusting 101
    This game is played with the Wii remote and Nunchuck
    IR pointer: move cursor
    Shake Nunchuck: remove slime
    Remote gesture: slam object in capture stream
    B button: Primary fire
    A button: Secondary fire/Interact/Scan/collect trap/revive Ghostbuster
    C button: target lock camera
    Z button: press and make a bowling motion with Nunchuck to throw trap (you'll
    only need to press Z but the motion sends the trap further)
    D-pad up: equip PKE Meter
    D-pad down: equip Blast Stream
    D-pad right equip Dark Matter Generator
    D-pad left: equip Plasma Distribution System
    1 button: bring up pause menu
    2 button: field guide
    4a. Meet your new Co-workers (and other important people)
    Dr. Peter Venkman: the front man of the Ghostbusters, Peter is always looking
    for a way to exploit paranormal activity for a quick buck but he brings the
    essential street smarts the team needs.
    Dr. Raymond Stantz: Ray’s a hard scientist who sees things with the wonder of a
    child and is very enthusiastic about his work. He never met a paranormal entity
    he didn’t like, except the ones that possess him.
    Dr. Egon Spengler: A major science geek Egon always approaches even the
    weirdest phenomena from a logical stand point. His research has saved the city
    on one more than one occasion.
    Winston Zeddmore: Winston is the everyman of the team, hired as extra help he
    acts as the voice of reason for the team. He looks at Ghostbusting as your
    basic 9 to 5 job but when things get hot he grudgingly steps up.
    Janine Melnitz: The Ghostbusters' Secretary, while the guys are up at the front
    lines Janine handles the paperwork and takes calls from clients. Janine is
    there to keep the Firehouse lit with her understated charm.
    Ilyssa Selwyn: the guest curator for the Museum of Natural History’s new Gozer
    exhibit. Since she came to New York paranormal activity has risen sharply,
    is there a connection?
    Walter Peck: A former EPA agent that has accused the Ghostbusters of using
    Nerve Gas as part of an ongoing hoax; Peck has been named the head of PCOC
    (Paranormal Contracts Oversight Commission) that could only mean trouble.
    Mayor Jock Mulligan: The current mayor of New York City, he rode to office on a
    Pro-Ghostbusters platform. He then created PCOC to cover his liabilities and
    put Peck in charge, a move of questionable wisdom.
    5a. Ghostbusters tools of the trade
    Proton Pack: No Ghostbuster should be without it; this unlicensed nuclear
    accelerator can be your best friend out in the field, just don’t cross the
    Primary Fire: Blast/Capture Stream; this stream of charged particles can sap a
    Ghost of its strength until its weak enough to catch in the capture stream.
    Then you slam it around until its dazed enough to trap.
    Secondary Fire: Boson Darts; These little babies do tremendous damage to ghouls
    (including those made of stone) but can quickly overheat your pack.
    PKE Meter: the backbone of a paranormal investigation the PKE reacts to
    Psychokinetic Energy given off by ghosts.
    Primary Fire:Paragoogles; these allow the unseen 
    (Invisible objects and ghost trails) to become seen and you can still scan with
    them on. 
    Secondary Fire: Scan; Scanning a ghost enters it into your Tobin’s Spirit Guide
    and tells you the best way on how to handle the pest.
    Dark Matter Generator: the newest addition to the Ghostbusters arsenal this 
    baby is best used against demons and conglomerates.
    Primary Fire: Shock Blast; Fires a conical pattern of dark matter like a 
    shotgun, powerful up close but gets weaker with range.
    Secondary Fire: Stasis Beam; although it doesn’t haven’t any thing to do
    with cold it’s essentially a freeze ray for stopping your stronger entities.
    P.D.S: An Ectoplasm firing system that helped the Ghostbusters save the city
    the last time, it’s essential against ghouls covered in Black Slime.
    Primary Fire: Slime Blower; a water gun but with slime, cleans up black 
    slime and knocks ghosts out of a possessed person.
    Secondary Fire: Slime Mine; a mine of condensed ectoplasm explodes on 
    contact or after a time delay if it hits a surface; covering a wide area.
    6a. On the job Training
    "The world we live in today, you shoot a proton stream of highly charged
    particles at someone, they get all sue happy!" -Peter
    After seeing the intro you start out in the Sedgewick Hotel, follow Ray and
    Peter to the elevator and go in after the cutscene. When you are able to move
    go left until so see slimer, blast him then follow Ray down the hall and to the
    right. When you are able to use your PKE Meter in the next room follow the 
    signal down the hall and into right room at the end of the hall. After you've
    shaken off the slime follow the signal down the hall and to the right. Blast
    the cupboard in your way and continue following the signal until a door closes
    behind you. Blast the desk in the corner and follow Slimer out the door then
    hang a left, go down till the middle of the hall, when you get the message
    go down and turn right, Revive Peter then call the elevator.
    When you get off. Scan the ghosts with your PKE meter then blast the ghosts
    till they flee. Follow Peter towards the lobby and after the cutscene head back
    and make a left at the elevators, go through the door Peter opens to end the
    6b. Slimer's Mitzvah
    "La'chaim, from the Ghostbusters!" -Peter
    Go into the kitchen and blast the kitchen wisps that appear, then destroy the
    table on the other side of the room to be able to exit. Go down the hall 
    and to the right to enter the ball room and find Slimer.
    Use the basic ghost catching process on Slimer; Sap'em, Cap'em and Trap'em.
    Use the blast stream to weaken him enough to hold in the capture stream,
    follow the on screen prompts to slam and weaken him further, then throw out a
    trap and guide him into it.
    After the cutscene Sap, Cap and Trap (SCT) the two sous chef ghosts then
    follow Egon to the elevators the go to the right. Head up the stairs and out
    the door to close the level.
    6c. and the kitchen sink, too
    "Think he'll make us some pancakes?" -Peter
    "No Peter, I think he wants to make us into pancakes." -Egon
    Head to your left and down the hall zapping the ghost and anything he throws
    at you. When you turn two corners use the capture stream on the vending
    machines to make your way into the room.
    This ghost will possess objects as well as throw them at you, if he gets into
    something blast it to force him out then SCT him, then go into the next room
    and your first boss.
    Boss: Chef Sargossa
    This chef hides when you first come in, use the capture stream on the cake and
    put it in the oven to lure him out. Dodge his thrown untensils and blast the
    carts while blasting him and destroy the wisps that appear when he hides. 
    After that just trap him like any other ghost.
    Watch the cutscene then you'll go to the next level.
    7a. Marshmallow Hunt
    "He's still pulling apart a building built by the lowest bidder, how long do
    you think that's going to last?" -Winston
    Wrangle the slimed debris in the way then go forward blast the tape and turn
    left. Wrangle the battery back into the generator then go through the open
    door. Wrangle and slam the door the Constrution Worker Ghost slimed then go
    forward. Use your unlocked Boson Darts on the Marshmallow globs and take either
    path to the exit.
    You'll need to capture both ghosts to unlock the door, you'll have to look for
    them but then it's your basic SCT situation. In the room after the next you'll
    come across Marshmallow Minions. Boson the blobs to stop them from spawning
    more Minions then use the blast stream or Boson darts if there are a lot of
    The next room has two ghosts, one electrifed, and a drained battery. Bust the
    non-charged ghost as usual then wrangle the battery into the charged one to
    turn it back to normal then bust him, if you have problems wrangling then line
    up the battery with the ghost then fire a Boson Dart to shoot the battery at
    him. Then wrangle the battery into the generator to open the elevator, step
    into it to move to the next level.
    7b. Going up...
    "He seems to be angry." -Egon
    "What was your first clue the throwing of cars or the mass destruct...
    AH LOOK OUT, RAY!" -Winston
    First room has you up against a printer paper zombie that will keep respawning
    until you destroy the printer behind the counter, for the zombie zap until you
    can wrangle him then slam down to destroy him. Take one of the debris pieces to
    stop the flow of marshmellow goo that comes after you boson the blob then move
    You'll be attakced by Electronic Wisps, they'll keep coming until you Boson the
    arcade games that spawn them, then Boson the blob and proceed. You can either
    catch the ghosts in the bathrooms or just boson the blob and ignore them.
    Next room has both Printer paper zombies and Electronic Wisps. Keep both from
    re-spawning then de-blob the room and proceed. Next room has both Zombies and
    Minons, blast the minions first then destory the printers before you get close
    enough for them to make zombies.
    Next room you have use the PKE meter to chase the ghost until you can catch
    him (If you still can't find him he hides in the table in the middle of the
    cubicles, the table next to the break room, the soda machine in the corner
    and the desk in the corner of the room with the arcade game.Take out the arcade
    game as you chase the ghost then SCT 'em. Go up the stairs taking out minions
    (you can't destory the blobs that appear but they only spawn minions once each)
    until you clear the level.
    7c. A Sticky Situation
    "Uh, did I mention there's a spectaculary beautiful lady in distress?" -Ray
    "I'll be right there." -Peter
    Move forward deblobing the hallway, you'll end up in a room with three blobs
    two of them charged, get rid of the charged to stop the minions and the
    uncharged to move ahead.
    The next area you have to charge and return two batteries in order to go ahead.
    The batteries and ghosts will be in the same rooms. The first pair is in the
    enterance room, with the battery under a charged blob in the corner. If you
    turn left from the enterance room you see two doors, the Generator is through
    the door on the left, the second battery is on the door to the right. The
    second battery is under a desk in the corner of the room next to the window
    nearest to the enterance room. The area is a loop so you should be able to
    find your way around easy enough. Drain the charged ghosts then return the
    batteries to open the door forward, it should have a green light next to it.
    the next room has three charged blobs and three streams of Marshmellow goo.
    Plug the holes with debris, boson the blobs then take care of any remaining
    minions before going forward. Nothing you can do about the Gargolyes out the
    windows so just de-blob the hallway and move forward.
    Now you're face to face with the ol' Stay Puft himself. Take care of his
    minions and Boson his arm three times to clear the way forward, be sure to
    boson the blob left from his arm and to move quickly before he covers the way
    out again. Then go down the hall and up the stairs to clear the level.
    7d. Puffy White Menace
    "Can you hold off Stay Puft for a few minutes?" -Egon
    "If by few you mean less than one, then sure." -Ray
    Move forward and two Gargoyles will attack you, the Blast Stream doesn't do a
    lot of damage so hit them with Boson Darts, making sure to cease fire to cool
    down before you overheat. Move forward again and two more appear; lather,
    rinse, repeat. Move again and two more show up, this time with Marshmallow
    Minons, take out the weaker minions first then attack the gargoyles. Move to
    the edge of the building to face Stay Puft.
    Boss: Stay Puft
    Take out any Minions he spits out and use a Boson Dart on one of his hands
    then the other once your pack has a chance to cool down (or if you are playing
    co-op each takes one hand and attacks it exclusively) after three hits on each
    hand he'll go down, but not out.
    Beating Stay Puft clears the level
    7f. the rise and fall of Stay Puft
    "He's right rookie, your health insurance doesn't begin for another
    89 days." - Egon
    Boss: Stay Puft
    Stay Puft has three attacks, the first is by throwing debris at you that you
    should blast back at him for damage, some of it has to be wrangled and then hit
    with a Boson Dart to sendback to Stay Puft. Second he sometimes throws
    Marshmellow instead so you'll have to Boson it. The third attack is only used
    at the end of the fight, he'll try to grab you and considering that you can 
    only move side to side slowly he'll hit you for a lot of damage, He opens his
    mouth just before hand so hit him there with a Boson Dart to put an end to this
    campfire confection.
    After the cut scene you'll finally head back to the firehouse.
    8a. A Quick Detour
    "Leave a Haunted Room, I've got no problem with that." -Winston
    After doing the scenes at the firehouse (plus you can now go to the basement to
    read the a more detailed Tobin's spirit guide as well as chat with everyone's
    favorite Carpathian trapped in a painting) Head to Ecto-1 to go to the Library.
    Follow Ray to see two library ghosts flee then head upstairs where they split
    up. Follow the purple one till he slimes a gate, wrangle it and slam. Head into
    the reading room and the other ghost will attack along with some Book Bats,
    use the shock blast on them then SCT the ghost. Follow the Grey Lady to the
    lower level and use the Paragoggles to try and scan her. She'll flee downstairs
    follow her to end the level.
    8b. Call of the Gray Lady
    "Everybody stick together... so much for stick together, new plan is
    fan out." -Ray
    "Flexible aprroach Ray." -Egon
    Head downstairs, then head for each entrance into the maze until only one is
    left use your Paragoggles to find your way through the maze and to watch out
    for Ghost Snares, Shock blast the occasional Book Bat and zap ghosts until
    they flee.
    In the last room of the maze you'll come across Literature Page Zombies,
    shock blast and wrangle them to submission. In the service hallway follow the
    ghost to the sorting room to get back with Ray, destroy the delivery chutes or
    the Book Bats will keep respawning. After that destroy stuff until the ghost
    appears, use shock blast on what he throws at you then SCT the sucker then go
    through the door to the next level.
    8c. Shhhhhhhhhh...
    "Keep an eye on the twitchy ones, they'll really crease ya if you're
    not careful." - Ray
    Head forward and you'll run into two zombies and a Book Centurion, You'll need
    to wrangle his shield off then blast away at him. Make a right after them then
    left at the next door taking care of any Centurions. At a dead end try to scan
    the Gray Lady and she'll run again, head back taking care of Book Bats and go
    through the newly opened door.
    Go down the hall until another ghost closes the door. Two Centurions will open
    another one so thank them by tearing them apart. Go through the door and into
    the Children's Reading Room. The ghost will spilt into five and hide in the
    bookcases. Use you Paragoggles to find the five fragments hidden in the room
    (As well as the ghostly handprints and hopscotch lines that make the ghostly
    laughter of children even creepier) and blast the cases they hide in to put
    them back together. Go SCT the ghost to move forward.
    The next room will put you up agaisnt a very angry Book Golem. Use Shock Blast
    to keep the Book Bats off and to expose the Golem's weak spots. Wrangle and
    slam each weak spot as it appears and the Golem will fall, then go down the
    open door to end the level.
    8d. Dark and Dank
    "And she just crossed right back." - Egon
    Go to the next room and try to scan the Grey Lady chase her after she flees.
    Watch out for a snare on your way to the next room, take care of the two
    Book Centurions then follow your Paragoggles to a cupboard, blast it to open
    the way forward. 
    After a flight of stairs you'll run into more ghosts SCT one then two more
    show up after the first gpes down, after that lenghty battle go through the
    door at the end of the room.
    The next area seems to be a open sewer pit use you Paragoggles to find the
    invisible platforms and walk across them to a dark tunnel, at the end take
    the Codex and prepare yourself.
    Boss: Grey Lady
    Your blast stream won't do anything while that shield is up use your Shock
    Blast to destroy the Book Bats and the bookstands that are energizing her
    shield, the stands are quick so the wide pattern of the Shock Blast helps.
    After that SCT her.
    Once you catch the Grey Lady go into the creepy portal to end the level.
    8f. Wrath of the Collecter
    "Uh, he's right behind me isn't he?" - Ray
    Pretty straight forward path through Ghostworld, just blast any Book Bats
    until you go through the door by the two Lions
    Boss: Azletor, the Collector
    Wrangle any of the book balls, line it up with Azletor and fire a Boson dart to
    launch it at the overgrown bookworm stuning him. The Paragoogles show the four
    tounges are with weak points so use the capture stream on them and slam them.
    After each tounge is destroyed he summons Book Bats, Centurions and a Golem
    to fight. Take them all out get him attacking you again. Stay back when
    he tries to body slam you and try to move to one of the corners when he spits
    blue goo at you. Dogde the book balls he spits and repeat with the process.
    After ripping out all four tounges watch the cutscene and end the level.
    9a. Doctor Rutherford, I Presume?
    "Ok, Ray got his dumb heroic self possessed." - Winston
    After the usual firehouse conversations, You'll be in the Museum. Go up the
    ramp and to the right and press the button to open the door. Up ahead you'll
    run across Black Slime which in a word is bad. Use your Slime blower to clean
    it up and open the door. Next room you see a ghost, follow it cleaning up any
    black slime in your path. Try to scan the ghost in the next room then blast it
    to chase it away. Next room hose down the crates in the corner then use the
    capture stream to move them away from the door.
    When you come across a black slime covered crate hose it down then blast it to
    free the Assistant Curator. Have him open the next door to the Restoration
    Department,then use your PKE to expose the Snot Hag and SCT her. Follow the
    path until Ray gets possessed, hose him with slime then bust the ghost. Then
    go straight through the next room and into the elevator to clear the level.
    9b. Opening night
    "Just slime the damn thing!" - Winston
    When the elevator opens head down to the Gozer exhibit. After the Possessors
    attack trap each one. Eventually Peck will be possessed so you'll have to hose
    him (with pleasure I'm sure) to catch the last ghost. 
    Slime then slam the half-open gate to continue ahead. After moving and clearing
    black slime you'll meet a Black Slime Floater. You'll need to use the Slime
    Blower to remove the black slime protecting him then you can use the Blast
    Stream and trap. The next room seems to have no exit so use your Paragoogles
    to see an invisble door then slime it and go through to clear the level.
    9c. Hot pursuit
    "I know the sign up front says 'Where history comes alive' but come on."
    - Winston
    At intersection you'll find the ghosts placing to sprirt locks. You can go
    right to the Mayan exhibit or left to the Egyptian exhibit, I'll start with the
    Egyptain: You'll be attacked by Mannequins as you go down the hall. First room
    has you dealing with them and Flaming Skulls, Use shock blast. The second room
    has a black slime floater and three black slime wells. Catch the floater then
    cap the wells with slimed scarrab disks. From the room's enterance cap the
    right well with the nearby disk after sliming it, the middle one's is invisble
    but right above it and once slimed falls into place. The left one's disk is in
    two halves, slime the first half and wrangle it up the staircase then slime
    the alcove for the second half and wrangle the first to it to complete it.
    take the whole disk back to the well to seal it and bring out the Snot Hag with
    the key. Catch her then go up the other set of stairs and slime the invisible
    Mayan: First room you'll be attacked by possessed Mannequins. Destroy them to
    knock out the ghosts and trap them, you may need to revive Winston here.
    Second room has you playing the Mayan ball game, first bust the Black Slime
    floaters then look for four balls, three are in thier cases in the front but
    the fourth is hidden in a display in the back and can be seen with Paragoogles.
    Slime the balls the wrangle them line up the ball with the hoop with a dark
    portal and fire a Boson dart to score locking the ball in place. Four goals
    will open up the door to the Snot Hag holding one of the keys. SCT her then 
    slime the door out.
    With both hags trapped you can head to the Civil War exhibit. Civil War ghosts
    are fighting each other and think you're fighting for the other side. You can
    trap them one at a time but it's faster to find the ghosts with the flags and
    trap them causing the other ghosts for the flagbearer's side to vanish. After
    that move ahead and meet Peter and Ray then go down the hall closing the
    9d. Ilyssa Found
    "This is where earn the paycheck, and this is where we realize we don't get
    paid enough." - Winston
    In the room ahead you'll find two Black Slime Floaters and a number of Hound
    Demons. Hose then SCT the floaters and Boson the pack of Demon Hounds.
    After the cutscene the real battle starts.
    Boss: Black Slimed T-Rex
    Use the slime blower to expose the fossil's weak point while keeping your
    distance, wrangle the weakpoint and slam to destroy everything except the
    skull. Watch out for more Demon Hounds coming from the portals.
    The skull has to be hosed down then hit with the blast stream. The Black
    Slime coat will regenerate so you'll have keep switching, but keep it up
    and you'll blast him back to the Cretaceous.
    One more cutscene then back to the firehouse.
    10a. Under New Management
    "If the elevators don't eat us." - Winston
    "Yes, if the elevators dont eat us." - Egon
    Try out your new Statis Beam on the web then shatter it with Blast Stream or
    Shock Blast. Head towards the elevators ignoring the Echoes, they're harmless
    make a right at the elevators and wrangle away the vending machines from the
    stairway door, go in and watch the cutscene. You'll be attacked by Malevolent
    Echoes, unlike the Docile Echoes these are dangerous, use the Statis Stream
    then unload the Shock Blast.
    Head back the way you came until you are in front of the Ballroom more echoes
    appear with four ghosts. Take care of the Echoes first, they can take down one
    of the other Ghostbusters in no time. Then SCT the black ghosts to open the
    SCT two ghosts in the ballroom to move forward. Stasis and blast the webs but
    each time you do so you'll free a Spider Scuttler. Just Shock blast the little
    bugger and move on. The kitchen is divided into three rooms, go into the the
    second kitchen and look for a doorway into the utility room. the generator is
    missing all three batteries, you'll find the first on the way out but you need
    to slime it before you can wrangle it around, the same goes for the batteries
    in the corners of kitchen . Use you PKE googles to find the ghosts trails for
    the ghosts with the charges. You'll get them in order Kitchen 2,1 then 3.
    After bringing the batteries back to the generator head through kitchen 3 and
    go into the pantry. Stasis the web and blast it and the spider and go through
    the now open door. After one more fight with Echoes watch the cutscene as the
    level ends.
    10b. Splitting up
    "Yeah, you were going stong right up until the passengers got trapped inside
    the bus station." - Ray
    After the cutscenes you'll need to wait through two conversations,then head
    down the left hall. After another scene you can go forward, just watch out for
    Echoes. The next room is the begining of the Phantom Labyrinth, it's easy to
    get lost but your Paragoogles can show you the correct door as a swirling
    portal, keep an eye out for Ghost Snares one room has you needing to Slime
    and wrangle a door to go forward and another needs you to use the Stasis Beam
    on a moving barricade to make it past.
    When you get to the end you'll find a door with four spirit locks. After a
    door next to it opens you'll have to follow your PKE meter to the key ghosts
    in a series of rooms. SCT each in turn, (First is hiding in a chair, second in
    a bed, third in a tv and fourth in a bathtub). Head back the way you came,
    when you can't find 1221 break out your Paragoggles to find the door the hose
    it down with slime. A large number of Spider Scuttlers will appear. Alternate
    between Shock Blast and Boson Dart until they are gone the head up the stairs
    the appear to end the level.
    10c. the 13th floor
    "Well, this looks inviting." - Egon
    Break the web after using Stasis Stream and spiders will swarm you. After
    you take care of those pests move forward taking care of any webs and spiders
    in your way. At a dead end you'll find a cacoon glowing purple and two ghosts.
    slamming the ghosts around will likely break the cacoon releasing Spiders so
    break it open on your own and kill the spiders before busting the ghosts. Then
    just statis the web and blast to move on.
    Head down the twisting hallway (keeping in mind the wall becomes the floor)
    then Stasis one of the webs covering the doorways and drop down into the room
    and doing the same to the next web. you'll drop into a room with two ghosts and
    two cacoons. Handle one Cacoon at a time first then bust the ghosts.
    Stasis the webs holding up a painting on the ceiling and drop into the pit
    using the painting as a ramp to get out, take care of the Cacoons as they'll
    keep spawning Spiders until destroyed. Slime a door on the wall then move it
    to a door outline in to go ahead.
    Take out Cacoons in the next room then wait for a lift that you can walk on to
    come. When the lift stops use Stasis Beam on it to hold it in place till
    another lift comes. Repeat until you are across the room. Head down the hall
    taking out ghosts, cacoons and spiders until you can call the elevator. Step in
    to end the level.
    10d. Lair of the Spider Witch
    "I've seen slime, ghouls, gods and demons but I really hate spiders. And that
    is a REALLY big spider." - Egon
    As soon as you enter the Spider Witch attacks
    Boss: Spider Witch
    Your weapons can not hurt her, though Shock Blast kills her minions. The only
    way to damage her is to use the Stasis Stream on the web strand that she hangs
    from then blast it sending her crashing to the ground. After she crashes avoid
    her web balls while blasting the little spiders. When her health is down
    halfway she climbs up the webs on the walls, Stasis Stream works on them too
    but since she becomes a moving target wait until she attacks before sending her
    to the ground. Once her health is gone wrangle her human form into a trap.
    A conversation later the Hotel is cleared.
    11a. Rivers of slime
    "Nobody enjoys rushing headlong towards thier death more than this fellow."
    - Peter
    After the cutscene you'll be attacked by two Cultist Ghosts, keep your distance
    from the one with the swords and dogde the blasts the one with the staff fires.
    Hose off the black slime off them then SCT them opening the gate.
    Down the passage way you'll come across Black Slime Spawn, use the Slime Blower
    on them or Slime Mine if there are a lot of 'em. Next is a Black Slime Scuttler
    hose off his coating then use the blast stream, they're nasty in groups so if
    playing co-op have one person hose while the other blasts. Also Scuttlers get
    more aggressive when they lose thier black slime coats so try to remove one
    at a time in single player.
    When you enter the main chamber slime and wrangle the debris to the right
    out of the way, then you'll be ambushed by three Scuttlers, if playing single
    player hose them back up and blast each in turn until they're dead, you'll
    face a Cultist Ghost, the tight walkways will make keeping a capture stream on
    him difficult but keep at it and you'll trap him.
    Up ahead the PKE will detect an invisible platform and two orbs. Slime the orbs
    to bring them into view. Slam the orb across from you raise a platform that
    will let reach the invisble one then Slam the next orb to complete the bridge
    and move ahead. Slime the debris and wrangle it out of your way, making sure
    wrangle one into the gushing Black Slime fountain.
    The next chamber has two Cultist ghosts and the first Slime Pump, after you
    bust the ghosts use the Stasis Streams on the turning wheel so the symbols
    on top of the wheel match the symbol above it, the giant Black Slime river
    will be drained a little.
    Up ahead there will be an invisble trail with invisible Black Slime, check
    the location of the slime with the paragoogles then clean up the goo, then
    hose an orb and slam to continue.
    Next wave of enemies are three scuttlers and a Cultist, destroy the scuttlers
    first. Next will be three scuttlers and a Black Slime Elemental, use the blower
    or mine on him then wrangle and slam his weak points; keep moving backwards
    when facing the group. Then lock the three wheels on the next pump into place
    to drain more Slime.
    Up ahead there are three orbs and a grate to slime. Wrangle all four, just make
    sure you also hose the black slime on platforms 2 and 3. Slime and wrangle
    debris across the river to a Black Slime grate or you'll find yourself up to
    your armpits in scuttlers. Hose the Orb and pass the gate, hose the spawn and
    the puddle they come from then the grate that spawn scuttlers, you may need to
    rest to restore health here.
    Next crossing has four orbs two on each side. The diagram below shows the
    pattern as you approach it.
              1       2
              3       4
    In order Slime and Wrangle 4,3,2,1 Stasis the platforms between slams to make
    sure they don't sink as you wrangle the next orb.
    There's a lot of regenrating Black Slime ahead so use the Slime Mine to make
    a clear path long enough to cross, make sure you get rid of the scuttler grate
    slime permanently. The next Slime Pump has a missing wheel, Stasis the present
    wheels then move ahead into a alcove room. You'll face a black Slime Elemental
    and a Cultist Ghost, get rid of the Elemental first as he can mess up your
    capturing of the Ghost. slime the wheel in the room and wrangle it back to the
    pump, then Stasis it to drain the rest of the slime river.
    Go forward and down the stairs in the now dry river. In the large area ahead
    you'll come across four Cultist Ghosts. You only need to capture the staff
    ghosts to go up the stairs but you need to get all four to open the door. Keep
    on your feet and SCT all four then go into the door to the next level.
    11b. the slime labs
    "Ahh, the sweet science of a proton beam destroying everything in it's path."
    - Winston
    As soon as you begin a Cultist Ghost is barring the door. The Black Slime
    flowing out of a pipe can give him his shield back but other than that he's
    your basic Cultist. Take out three Scuttlers as you move into the central room
    and you find two Cultists holding Peter, catch them to free Peter and open the
    next door, there's also a slime pipe here so hose just one ghost at a time as
    not to waste your efforts.
    There's a Cultist in the next room, but Peter will make busting him even
    easier. Next trap the Cultist Ghosts to free Winston but before you can leave
    you'll need to take care of scuttlers and another Cultist; concentrate on 
    hosing the enemies them the other Ghostbusters can do all the blasting, then
    blast and trap the Cultist.
    Go back to the central room, and across from where you found Winston. Head down
    the stairs first to remove any enemies and Black slime you may encounter when
    you fall. Then use your Paragoggles and Slime Blower to make it across the
    bridge. More Scuttlers then you'll find Egon being held by to Cultists with a
    slime pipe, HSCT them and get Egon back.
    Go into the next room on the balcony and you'll find scuttlers with thier queen
    she's not that special, just a scuttler that stays still and has more health.
    After she's dead you can head back into the Central Room and go through the
    last door.
    The chamber ahead has three cultists and a Slime Lab Elemental, don't bother
    with the cultists until you take care of the elemental, he'll just reslime them
    use the Slime Blower to get rid of his own black slime, the Shock Blast to
    expose his weak points, then the Caputre Stream to Wrangle them. After he's
    gone the Cultists should be cake. Head through the open door, watch the
    cutscene then into the next doorway to get out of the labs.
    11c. Black Slime Beast
    "Another one that is NOT beautiful on the inside." - Peter
    Head down the lower tunnel and across the gears; to get the Orrey started back
    up you'll need to power three batteries, thankfully the needed ghosts come in
    waves. First is a sword cultist, jst be sure to slime the batteries first.
    Second is two sword cultists, be sure to trap the uncharged one before
    the next wave. Third is a staff cultist, once he's done the machines will start
    moving again. To cross the gears again you'll need to Stasis stream them, if
    the path is blocked Stasis the gear you are on til the next starts moving again
    an easy way to keep your path from being blocked is to fire your stream in the
    opposite direction the gear is coming from.
    Now prepare for the ugliset boss yet.
    Boss: Black Slime Behemoth
    It'll mainly try to hit you with black slime balls that create black slime
    puddles if they miss, avoid them then clean them up (if you're playing co-op
    one player should focus on clean up while the other attacks). The Paragoggles
    will show the the two mouths on stalks next to the mouth under its eye along 
    with that center mouth are his weakspots, but you can only damage them with 
    Slime Mines and each weak point will be unusuable after the a certain number of
    hits. When the last one is unusable you'll turn this oozer into a loser.
    Watch the Cutscene then you'll return to the firehouse.
    12a. The coming storm
    "Man, there ain't nothing dead in this graveyard!" - Winston
    When you start off there will be eight large headstones to your right. To open
    the gate you'll need to slime and slam the headstones in pairs. The pairs are
    indicated by dancing skeletons. Slam the following pairs:
    B D C D
    A C B A
    When you match all pairs Ray will join up with you a little further ahead.
    Slime the coffin then slam it to open the tunnel forward. A Grave Scuttler will
    run off so chase after it, he comes back with friends. I HATE these things,
    thier bites can do real damage and if they hit you enough they explode on
    defeat. Use the Stasis Stream to freeze them, then pepper them with Boson Darts
    needless to say this can overheat your pack quickly so change weapons to
    cool them faster, and stay away from red ones when they die.
    Four more Graves appear up ahead then you'll come to a big chamber, there are
    many openings to blast but only destroy the third from the right as you go in
    unless you want to be up to your armpits in Graves. After you get out of the
    tunnel a cutscene occurs, if you move through the opening two Gargoyles will
    attack, Boson them like you did way back in Puffy White Menace. Move between
    the mausoleums and Spirit Locks appear and the mausoleums are buried. Three
    Gravedigger ghosts then take the keys through three gates.
    A mausoleum maze pops up if you try to make a b-line for the gates forcing you
    to go around, if that weren't bad enough the maze has Graves, Skulls and Snares
    waiting an unweary buster, each gate has different colored torches and I'll
    list enemies for each color.
    Red has a Gravedigger and two Imp Demons, these guys are even more annoying
    then they are dangerous, the fireballs they throw can instantly overheat your 
    pack and they can charge you for damage, use the Stasis Stream to freeze them
    in place then Shock Blast them back to Hell. The Gravedigger is tough but your
    basic SCT.
    Green has a Gravedigger that shoots at you and three Graves, other than the
    shots nothing new. Blue has two Gargoyles and a Gravedigger that shots balls of
    black slime. Hose him off if he covers himself in black slime then bust 'em.
    Pass the now opened gate to face the the toughest miniboss yet, the Gozerian
    Servitor. This guy can only be hurt by Boson Darts and he brings Graves and
    lots of them. Leave the Graves alone and they will kill you, kill them and
    the Servitor will generate a shield that you have to wrangle from both his
    hands. It's worth wrangling in order to hit him, but expect to revive Ray
    a lot.
    After you take down big ugly follow the path until a gate closes behind you,
    hang a right until you see a big ball of...something. Slime the casket under
    it then slam it to break open the doors ahead. Doing so will awaken Stone
    Cherubs that attack you. Boson Darts are the way to go but unless you're a
    crackshot with them use the Stasis Stream first so your pack won't overheat
    from a miss. Continue down the path fighting Cherubs and Imps until you clear
    the level.
    12b. The Necropolis
    "Dead guys incoming!" - Ray
    After moving forward and a cutscene you'll be in front of the exit to the
    level, there's just one problem, the door ahead has been broken into four
    pieces and you'll need to find them and bring them back to leave. The first
    piece in right in front of the door, slime and wrangle it but take care of the
    Cultists that appear when you move it, after they are gone move the piece into
    The other three pieces are in three branch areas of the Necropolis, with the
    door behind you head right into the red area, watch out for Graves. The
    second piece is guarded by not ghosts but a puzzle, you'll need to slime and
    slam the for statues around the fence so that all thier fingers are pointing at
    the door piece when that is done the fence will drop and you can slime and
    bring back the piece. 
    From the left of the door is a blue area, take out the Graves and move into
    the area to face Gargoyles and three Stone Elementals, along with a black
    hole that launches energy that works like black slime, hose off anything
    enemy that gets hit with the stuff. The Stone Elementals are hard nuts to
    crack, hit them with the Stasis Stream to slow them down then use Boson Darts
    to expose their weakpoints, after that wrangle them down then claim you door
    The last piece is in the Green area that is directly across from the door,
    you'll need to go around the side to get there. Beat the Graves then prepare
    for a throwdown. The enemies come in waves, first is three Gravediggers,
    dodge thier fire then SCT them. Second are three Gravediggers and a pair of
    Imps. Destroy the Imps first so thier fireballs won't overheat you while
    wrangling. Lastly are three Imps and a Grave Golem. Get rid of the Imps then
    use Boson Darts to expose and wrangle the Golem's weak points, victory will
    earn you the final door piece. Bring it back to head to the final battle.
    12c. The Architect
    "But the guy's tied up!" - Ray
    "Villians don't generally do that to themselves."- Egon
    Watch a cutscene that explains everything that's been going on, then get ready
    to rumble.
    Boss: Shandor, Gozerian Sorcerer
    Don't bother blasting him while he's split up, avoid his attacks until he
    pulls himself together then hit him with the Stasis Stream to keep him that
    way for a while, sap him until he splits up again then repeat the process
    until you get a capture stream on him. Slam him around until he's dazed then
    guide him above the portal in the middle of the room, you may need to angle
    the remote up slightly.
    One cutscene later you will enter the last level.
    12d. The Destroyer
    "The Architect? That's not so scary, the Contractor that's who kills ya!"
    - Peter
    Head up the stairs, One cutscene later the main event begins.
    Boss: Shandor, Ascendant
    The coward hides behind a mask that must be weakened and wrangled before you
    can get the madman in the center. After he takes a set amount of damage he
    brings the mask back with two claws. Avoid the claws and continue hitting and
    wrangling the mask. After he brings back the mask for a second time he covers
    it in black slime, hose it with the slime blower then continue zapping and
    wrangling. The third and final time he returns the mask he covers it with a
    shield, use Stasis Stream on the Obelisks on both sides of the mask then blast
    them to take out the shield, repeat as needed. When his energy is gone a
    cutscene will occur, cross your stream with the other Ghostbusters' by
    firing at the huge glowing ball to give Shandor the total protonic reversal
    he so richly deserves.
    Congratulations, you just saved New York and the world from a disaster of
    biblical proportions! Enjoy the ending!
    13a. Art Page Locations
    Firehouse: (only after you start your first mission, clear next mission to
    save) 2 Availiable
    Allies: In the doorway leading to the basement
    Imbued Spirit Vessel: In the corner of the basement
    On the Job Training: 1 availiable
    Animated Objects: Right in the middle of the hallway after you force Slimer
    out of the table.
    Slimer's Mitzvah: 5 availiable
    Kitchen Wisps: In the table you need to blast in the kitchen
    Slimer: the couch in the corner to the left of where Slimer starts in the
    Psychokentic Door Manipulation: in the plant in the corner to the right of
    where Slimer starts in the ballroom
    Sous Chef Ghosts: behind the lobby front desk, move out into the front area of
    the building then go through the door on the far right as you go in
    Ectoplasmic Debilitaion: In the TV in the Lobby
    And the Kitchen Sink, Too: 4 Availiable
    Possessed Objects: down the side hall to your right while chasing the Sous
    Chef Ghost
    Ectoplasmic Material Bonding: In the soda machine right before the Sous Chef
    ghost fight
    Phantom Craft Work: In the cabinet on the corner opposite of the door.
    Chef Sargossa: In a cabinet in on the kitchen wall down from the door.
    Marshmellow Hunt: 4 Availiable
    Electrokinetic Specters: In the corner of the room you start in, inside some
    Destructor Manifestation Residue: First room you see the stuff under the
    blob right in front of you
    Charged Destructor Manifestation Residue: Under the first charged blob you see
    Electrokinetic Absorption Event: In the last room, first crate to the right of
    the door you enter from
    Going Up...: 3 Availible
    Construction Ghosts: In the last stall on the left in the women's bathroom
    Printer Paper Zombies: The Marshmallow blob to your left in the room with
    zombies and wisps
    Electronic Wisps: In the table next to the arcade game in while hunting the
    ghost that closed the door
    A Sticky Situation: 3 Available
    Marshmallow Minions: In a crate next to the generator
    Spirit Locks: In the corner ahead of you and to the left in the room after the
    door that needs the generator, under a charged blob
    Stay Puft: In the printer in the room where Stay Puft's Arm is in.
    Puffy White Menace: 1 Available
    The Destined: the alcove you did NOT enter from opposite the roof's edge
    The Rise and Fall of Stay Puft: 0 Avaliable
    A Quick Detour: 2 Available
    Book Bats: Bookshelf on the second level of the reading room that is nearest to
    the second story lobby entrance
    The Gray Lady: Bookshelf in the corner of the room after you get the
    Call of the Grave Lady: 4 Available
    Cold Spots: In a cul-de-sac in the book maze, seen through an invisible wall
    go around it to collect
    Ghost Snares: In a bookshelf near a closing wall, near the maze exit
    Symmetrical Stacking: In the middle computer desk after the maze
    Library Phantasms: In a pile of books across from the entrance to the room
    with the phantasm
    Shhhhhhhhh...: 4 Available
    Poltergiest Effect: In the crate behind Ray when you start out
    Book Centurions: In a desk under the middle painting in the room where you
    attempt to scan the Grey Lady
    Literature Page Zombies: In the second annex from the enterance of the
    Children's reading room
    Book Golem: Under a book pile in the corner of the room where you fight the
    Book Golem
    Dark and Damp: 2 Available
    Gozerian Codex: Hidden in a room behind a cabinet right at the beginning of the
    Transmogrified Grey Lady: use a Boson Dart on the fire in the Grey Lady's
    Wrath of the Collector: 3 Available
    Ethero-Spatial Rift: In the middle bookself on the far left of the enterance
    The Abyss: First bookshelf on the left alcove in the room with the lion
    Azetlor, The Collector: In a bookshelf on the left side of the room where you
    fight Azetlor
    Dr. Rutherford, I Presume?: 4 Available
    Negativley Charged Ectoplasmic Residue: In a crate in the far left corner of
    the room after the second shutter
    Plasmic Resonance: in the small crate next to big crates that need to be
    slimed after the room you first see the possessor
    Psychokinetic Biological Inhabitation: In a crate in the hallway after Ray gets
    Snot Hags: in the alcove of the room after you free the Rutherford
    Opening Night: 4 Available
    The Skeptic: 2nd bench to your right after starting the level
    Wayward Possessors: In one of the lockers in the security room. NOTE: You can
    only enter the security room BEFORE you enter the room with the possessor
    Extraplanar Obelisk: In the alcove opposite the exit of the room with the
    possessor battle
    Phantom Architectural Remnants: in the bench in the room with the
    invisible door
    Hot Pursuit: 6 Available
    Egyptian Mannequins: In the solitray mannequin between the two anuibus statues
    in the first egyptian hallway
    Flaming Skulls: Cat statue on the left of the stairway after the skull room
    Negatively Charged Ectoplasm Source: right across from the invisible disk half
    Mayan Mannequins: Display case on the left next to the pyramid
    Civil War Ghosts: In the middle uniform behind the big flag in the civil war
    Black Slime Floaters: spiky statue to the right of the enterance of the room
    you meet Peter and Ray in
    Ilyssa Found: 3 Available
    Hound Demons: to the right of the pillar next to the enterance to the boss room
    T-Rex, Black Slimed: in the plant next to the piano
    T-Rex Skull, Black Slimed: first statue to your left when you enter the boss
    Under New Management: 4 Available
    Docile Echoes: In the table in the middle of the lobby
    Malevolent Echoes: Where the manager was standing
    De-Ionized Ectoplasmic Secretions: After the third web from the ballroom
    Hotel Phantasms: in a rack of food in the first kitchen
    Splitting Up: 3 Available
    Phantom Labyrinth: In the alcove ahead and to your right as you begin
    Entropic Bias: in the jar in front of a closing wall
    Spider Witch: to your right after entering 1221
    The 13th Floor: 4 Available
    13th Floor Effect: In an alcove full of spiders to your right when you begin
    Spider Scuttlers: In a couch in the alcove to your left at the end of the first
    Spectral Spawning Husks: in a table in the corner the room with a caccoon and
    two ghosts
    P.K.E. Resonant Motility: in a chandeler on the floor of the room with
    floating platforms
    Lair of the Spider Witch: 2 Available
    Mandala: table to your left after beating the spider witch
    Transmogrified Spider Witch: table to your right after beating the spider witch
    Rivers of Slime: 6 Available
    Vigo the Carpathian: in the corner to right in the first room
    Black Slime Spawn: In a crate in the small alcove on the way to the main
    Black Slime Scuttler: in the grate to the left of the bridge to the first
    slime pump
    Ectoplasmic Residue: in the corner next to the wheel you need to wrangle
    Black Slime Elementals: in the river alcove to the left of the exit
    Cultist Ghosts: In the river alcove closet to the left of where you fight
    the last group of cultist ghosts
    The Slime Labs: 6 Available
    Paranormal Investigator (Ray): In the alcove in the hallway to the main room in
    a locker
    Psychomagnatheric Ectoplasm: In the locker next to the doorway of the main room
    Paranormal Investigator (Peter): in a locker on the upper level of the main
    Paranormal Investigator (Winston): in the cell furthest away to the left from
    Winston's in the room he is held in
    Paranormal Investigator (Egon): in a lab table in the upper level of the room
    Egon is in
    Slime Lab Elementals: In the middle lab table of the upper level of the room
    where you fight the elemental
    Black Slime Beast: 1 Available
    Black Slime Behemoth: In a crate on the second level to the left of Winston
    The Coming Storm: 7 Available
    Psychokinetic Atmospheric Influence: In a small headstone behind the skeleton
    graves to the right of a lampost
    Grave Scuttlers: Blast a casket sticking out of the wall in the underground
    tunnel, beat the graves in the chamber within, the page is in one of the
    caskets in the room
    Gargoyles: The small headstone in front of you when you leave the underground
    Gravedigger Ghosts: In a small headstone in the red area
    Gozerian Servitor: a small headstone directly across from where you enter
    the Servitor battle
    Non-Anthomorphic Conglomerate: behind the big ball
    Stone Cherub: in a lamp to the left of the conglomerate art page
    The Necropolis: 3 Available
    Stone Elementals: In the stone bench behind the door piece in the blue area
    Grave Golem: In the corner between the blue and green areas
    Imp Demons: In the torch in the far left corner from the enterance in the green
    The Architect: 1 Available
    Shandor, Gozerian Sorcerer: on the right side of the altar
    The Destroyer: 1 Available
    Shandor, Ascendant: Right behind you when you start the stage
    14a. Scan Locations
    I'll only only the earliest opportunity to get a scan, excluding the scans
    you should have by default
    I. Paranoromal Investigator (Ray): On the Job Training; in the hotel lobby
    II. Paranoromal Investigator (Egon): On the Job Training; in the hotel lobby
    III. Paranoromal Investigator (Peter): On the Job Training; in the hotel lobby
    IV. Paranoromal Investigator (Winston): A Quick Detour; in the library lobby
    VI. The Skeptic (Peck): Opening Night; During the Possessor Attack (when not
    VII. The Destined (Ilyssa): A Sticky Situation; scan Ilyssa in the room with
    Stay Puft
    VIII. Extraplanar Obelisk: The large pillar in the middle of the possessor
    IX. Destructor Manifestation Residue: Marshmallow Hunt; first time you see it
    X. Charged Destrutor Manifestation Residue: Marshmallow Hunt; first time you
    see it
    XI. Ghost Snares: Call of the Grey Lady; in the maze, scan with Paragoggles
    XII. Spectral Spawning Husks: the 13th Floor; In the room before the first
    twisting hallway
    XIII. Phantom Architectural Remnants: Opening Night; scan in the last room use
    XIV. De-Ionized Ectoplasmic Secrections: Under New Management; scan as soon as
    the level begins
    XV. The Gozerian Codex: Dark and Dank; In the room where you fight the four
    Library ghosts
    XVI. Mandala: Ilyssa Found; scan the symbol on the floor in the middle of the
    XVII. Negatively Charged Etcoplasm Source: Hot Pursuit; In the big room of the
    Egyptian Exhibit
    XVIII. Phantom Craftwork: And the kitchen Sink, Too; before the Chef fight
    XIX. Ectoplasmic Residue: Rivers of Slime; any bucket with Green Slime
    XX. Negatively Charged Ectoplasmic Residue: Doctor Rutherford, I Presume?;
    First puddle of the stuff you see
    XXI. Psychomagnatheric Ectoplasm: Rivers of Slime; any non-green bucket of
    XXII. Ectoplasmic Debilitation: Slimer's Mitzvah; scan any slimed ghostbuster
    XXIV. Spirit Locks: Marshmallow Hunt; Scan the door with two locks after the
    XXV. Psychokinetic Door Manipulation: Slimer's Mitzvah; scan the ballroom door
    XXVI. Plasmic Resonanse: Doctor Rutherford, I presume?; scan the crates you
    have to slime to proceed, be sure not to slime them first
    XXVII. Entropic Bias: Splitting Up; scan the barricade that blocks your path
    by moving, use the Paragoggles
    XXVIII. Electrokinetic Absorption Event: Marshmallow Hunt; scan a drained
    battery covered in slime
    XXXI. Non-Anthropomorphic Conglomerate: The Coming Storm; scan the large ball
    near the end of the level
    XXXII. P.K.E. Resonant Motility: Dark and Dank; Scan the invisble bridge with
    your Paragoggles
    XXXIV. Psychokinetic Biological Inhabitation: Doctor Rutherford, I presume?;
    Scan Ray when he gets possessed
    XXXV. Ethero-Spatial Rift: Dark and Dank; the portal at the end of the level
    XXXVI. Ectoplasmic Material Bonding: And the Kitchen Sink, Too; scan the
    slimed vending machines
    XLI. Kitchen Wisps: Slimer's Mitzvah; in the kitchen (duh)
    XLII. Electronic Wisps: Going Up; in the first room with arcade games
    XLIII. Marshmallow Minions: Marshmallow Hunt; First room you encouter them
    XLIV. Gargoyles: Puffy White Menace; On the roof
    XLV. Book Bats: A Quick Detour; when summoned by the Library ghost
    XLVI. Animated Objects: And the Kitchen Sink, Too; in the hallway while chasing
    the Sous Chef Ghost
    XLVII. Grave Scuttlers: The Coming Storm; in the underground tunnel
    XLVIII. Possessed Objects: And the Kitchen Sink, Too; During the Sous Chef
    ghost fight
    XLIX. Mayan Mannequins: Hot Pursuit; in the Mayan Exhibit
    L. Egyptian Mannequins: Hot Pursuit; in the Egyptain Exhibit
    LI. Flaming Skulls: Hot Pursuit; in the Egyptain Exhibit
    LII. Docile Echoes: Under New Management; In the hotel lobby
    LIII. Malevolent Echoes: Under New Management: In the lobby after you find the
    LIV. Spider Scuttlers: Under New Management; In the kitchen hallway after
    blasting a web
    LV. Black Slime Scuttlers: Rivers of Slime; on your way to the slime river
    LVI. Stone Cherubs: The Coming Storm; after you release the ball near the end
    of the level
    LVII. Black Slime Spawn: Rivers of Slime; on your way to the Slime River
    LVIII. Slimer: On the Job Training; In the Hotel Lobby after the 12th floor
    LIX. Hotel Phantasms: Under New Management; Hotel lobby before the ballroom
    LX. Construction Ghosts: Marshmallow Hunt; Room with the Spirit Locks
    LXI. Library Phantasms: A Quick Detour; in the Library lobby
    LXII. Wayward Possessors: Dr. Rutherford, I Presume?; the room before the
    black slime crate
    LXIII. Snot Hags: Dr. Rutherford, I Presume?; room after you free the doctor
    LXIV. Black Slime Floaters: Opening Night; scan after the possessor attack
    LXV. Civil War Ghosts: Hot Pursuit; in the civil war exhibit
    LXVI. Sous Chef Ghosts: On the Job Training; In the Hotel Lobby after the 12th
    LXVII. Cultist Ghosts: Rivers of Slime; the very first room
    LXVIII. Gravedigger Ghosts: The Coming Storm; in the Mausoleum Maze
    LXIX. Electrokinetic Specters: Marshmallow Hunt; the last room of the level
    LXXI. Stone Elementals: The Necropolis; in the blue area
    LXXII. Printer Paper Zombies: Going Up; the first room
    LXXIII. Literature Page Zombies: Call of the Gray Lady; right after the maze
    LXXIV. Book Centurions: Shhhhhhhhhh...; in the second room of the level
    LXXV. Book Golem: Shhhhhhhhhh...; Final room of the level
    LXXVI. Black Slime Elementals: Rivers of Slime; between the first and second
    slime pumps
    LXXVII. Slime Lab Elementals: The Slime Labs; the second to last room of the
    LXXVIII. Grave Golem: The Necropolis; in the Green Area
    LXXIX. Hound Demons: Ilyssa Found; Scan them before the boss shows up
    LXXX. Imp Demons: The Comming Storm; Past the red gate in the Mausoleum Maze
    LXXXI.Gozerian Servitor: The Comming Storm; past the Mausoleum Maze
    LXXXII. Chef Sargossa: And the Kitchen Sink, Too; after you put the cake in
    the oven
    LXXXIII. Stay Puft: A Sticky Situation; In the room he breaks through to try
    to grab Ilyssa
    LXXXIV. The Gray Lady: Dark and Dank; behind the desk in the last room
    LXXXV. Transmogrified Gray Lady: Dark and Dank; after you take the codex
    LXXXVI. Azetlor, The Collector: Wrath of the Collector; He's the huge worm
    in the boss chamber you can't miss him
    LXXXVII. T-Rex, Black Slimed: Ilyssa Found; Scan him after you clear the room
    of ghosts and demons
    LXXXVIII. T-Rex Skull, Black Slimed: Ilyssa Found: Scan after destroying the
    rest of his body
    LXXXIX. Spider Witch: Lair of the Spider Witch; scan her after you beat her
    spider form but before you trap her
    XC. Transmogrified Spider Witch: Lair of the Spider Witch; She's the big boss
    you spend 97% of the level fighting
    XCI. Black Slime Behemoth: Black Slime Beast; scan the boss after restoring
    power to the level
    XCII. Shandor, Gozerian Sorcerer: The Architect; Scan him after you use the
    Stasis Beam
    XCIII. Shandor, Ascendant: The Destroyer; Scan the mask when the battle starts
    XCVI. Boson Darts: Gained Automaticly during Marshmallow Hunt
    XCIX. Paragoggles: Gained Automaticly during A Quick Detour
    C. Stasis Stream: Gained Automaticly during Under New Management
    CI. Shock Blast: Gained Automaticly during A Quick Detour
    CII. Slime Blower: Gained Automaticly during Dr. Rutherford, I Presume?
    CIII. Slime Mine: Gained Automaticly during Rivers of Slime
    15a. Unlockables
    Gozerian rookie suit: Prevents sliming while giving you a ghostly appearance
    Unlock: Beat the game on Gozerian difficulty
    Increased Scanning Speed: PKE scans complete almost instantly
    Unlock: Collect 50% of all scans
    Faster Health Recovery: Health recovery starts sooner and goes faster
    Unlock: Collect 50% of all Art Pages
    No equipment overheat: your pack will never overheat except by attacking an
    electrifed ghost or getting hit by a Imp's fireball
    Unlock: Collect 100% of all scans
    Equipment Strength Upgrade: All weapons do more damage
    Unlock: Collect 100% of all Art Pages
    Invulerablity: You never take damage
    Unlock: beat the game with 100% of all Scans and Art pages
    16a. Legal Info
    This guide may not be reproduced except for personal use. Do not post
    on any website or distribute to the public without the advance express written
    consent of the author. Use of this guide on any web site or public display
    without permission is a violation of copyright law and is strictly
    All trademarks and copyrights within this document are the property of thier
    repective trademark and copyright holders.
    17a. Approved Hosts
    The following are the only sites I have authorized to publish this guide. If
    you found this guide at a site not on the list then email me at
    18a. Special thanks
    - Thanks to Atari/Columbia for the game
    - Thanks to Harold Ramis and Dan Akroyd for the entire Ghostbusters Franchise
    - Thanks to my brother, James, without whose support this guide would not
    have been possible
    - Extra Special Thanks to all my friends and family for the kindness that
    carries me through each day
    - Finally thanks to you the reader for giving me a reason to write this
    after all...
    We ain't afraid of no ghosts!
                      Copyright 2009-2010 Richard Wallberg/Richforce

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