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"The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same."

The more things change, the more they stay the same, shows what the newest version of the yearly MLB the Show series is. It has some new tricks, and new bugs as well. MLB 08 has a some changes that may either intensify or lull the experience.

A new chance is the Rob Home Run feature. You have to time the jump correctly, which is the most difficult thing to do in any baseball games. this feature adds extra excitement of snagging a foul ball or a home run.

Alternatively the Guess Pitch feature will no longer help you find the exact location of pitches. This change will most certainly make the game difficult. You are only given an sign that the pitch will be in the general area you guessed it would be. This, adds more realism to the game.

There are still bugs in the game outfielders that linger against the wall even though the ball has bounced back into the field. Shortstops randomly catch homeruns out of the air.

It is impossible to steal a base. It is contingent on the computer, and taking the CPU option off results in a confusing button configuration that never seems to be wholly accurate or effective. the controls are incomprehensibly convoluted, and having to memorize button procedures takes away from the fun of the game. The following situation happened countless times in this years version of the game: man on 1st base, two outs. Ground hit up the middle, guy on 1st dives head first back to the bag and gets thrown out at second when I try to advance him. Just try to run on contact when there are two outs.

The announcers team is repetitive a lot of the same one-liners and comments were just recycled into the game from years past. They should write new scripts for these guys.

It's issues like these that suck the fun out of this game. Because you can be up by a few runs to start the 9th inning, and all the sudden the pitch locations aren't going right, the computer gets away with unexpected hits, and before you know your losing the game. It is unfair really.

MLB 08 the Show is still a great baseball game. This game is recommend for hardcore baseball fans. Especially since can get updated rosters! The game is spectacular and is one of the best baseball games ever!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/03/12

Game Release: MLB 08: The Show (US, 03/04/08)

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