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"Long Name, Amazing Game"

First off I'm not a huge fan of Fighters, so when my friend Slifer (His review is on here as well, check it out) decided to have me take a go at GGXXAC (not Plus), iI wasn't all that thrilled, however after spending about 15 minutes with it I really liked it. After waiting for it to come to the US and picking it up just after the shipment came into Gamestop, we cracked it open and dove in. I have to tell you, It's pretty near perfect.

Story - 7/10

Story Mode is back after being left out in the first Accent Core and it is pretty awesome. It consists of two character portraits speaking dialogue back and forth with Japanese voices. luckily, English subtitles accompany them so you can follow along. To say the least the story is very odd and you probably won't understand it unless you've read or listened to the Drama CD's and other media released under the name, which will leave most people lost as to what is going on. Fighters aren't known for epic stories, but this one would have benefited from some more backstory explanation.

Graphics - 10/10

Being a PS2 game and 2D means you're not gonna get ultra realistic models, but this game doesn't need it. The characters are well detailed and the backgrounds very nicely done. The game is beautiful to look at, if you can look at it without being distracted from the fight at hand. Even the fight visuals are superb. from the regular moves, to the amazing Overdrive and Instant Kills, everything is polished and beautiful. It runs at a smooth frame rate and you'll need it to pull off some incredibly precise moves.

Sound - 10/10

The soundtrack is a nice mix of Hard Rock, with Eastern and Classical influences. The same sounds from the first Accent Core are present as well so it's basically the same thing (not a bad thing as they are all superb). Definitely a treat for the ears.

Gameplay - 10/10

What can I say, smooth, responsive, and simple. Most moves can be pulled off by a simple turn of the analog stick and a push of a button. It's accessible to newbies as well as the hardcore, with more complex combos and 3 frame long windows of opportunity for fighters to master. if you can't get something to work, it's probably something you're doing wrong and not the game (though blaming the game is still my preferred excuse for losing horribly). There are a multitude of modes such as Survival (an Endurance mode with some twists), Mission mode (You are given scenarios with different objectives to win), Team vs. (Select 3 Characters for each player and fight until your opponent until their stock is gone), Vs. (Self-explanatory), and Story Mode (also Self-Explanatory), as well as Training to hone your skills.

Survival Mode is an endurance match where you face an opponent and gain levels based on how big of a combo you can rack up. After defeating an opponent you are given a health regen of slightly less than half of your energy bar and faced against another opponent until you reach a level milestone (every 20 levels). Upon reaching this you're current match is immediately stopped and you are fully healed and pitted against a special Shadow version of a character that is slightly harder. Upon beating that character you unlock that EX version of the character (with a different Movelist and play style) for play in other modes and are given the choice of upgrading 1 of 5 stats or none at all, then sent to fight all over again.

Mission Mode is where you are given 30 (25 initially) missions where you are given certain restrictions and victory conditions. One might have you're opponent at 1 health, but may only be damaged by hitting him with a combo over 19. one might have you face an opponent where you have to have the highest health at the end of the timer, with you're opponent being unable to be knocked down. Some are relatively easy, while others are brutally difficult.

Team Vs. is a mode where, against a CPU or another Player, you and the other opponent select three characters each. After one character is defeated the other gains a slight health regen and the second character of your team is sent out. First one to knock out all three of their opponents characters wins.

Vs. is your standard you against the CPU or another Player in which the first to knock out their opponent wins.


You get a bonus CD with the game's amazing soundtrack included on the box as well as unlockable art inside the game as well.

Overall - 9.6/10

I love the game and has made me look into other fighters. everything is smoothly polished and brilliant. the story could've been better, but a minor flaw in an otherwise perfect game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/13/09

Game Release: Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus (US, 04/07/09)

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