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    FAQ/Walkthrough by reno385

    Version: 0.31 | Updated: 01/02/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                Tomb Raider Underworld
    Author: Michael L
    E-mail: reno385@hotmail.com
                            Table of Contents
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     the Find box (Ctrl + F) and press Next.
    I.     Legal Info..................................(A1LGIN)
    II.    Update Information..........................(B2UPIN)
    III.   Introduction................................(C3INTR)
    IV.    Walkthrough.................................(D4WKTR)
              A. Croft Manor Ruins.....................(ECMR)
              B. Mediterranean Sea.....................(FL1M)
                    1. The Path to Avalon..............(MM1PA)
                    2. Niflheim........................(NM2N)
                    3. The Norse Connection............(OM3NC)
                    4. God of Thunder..................(PM4GT)
              C. Coastal Thailand......................(JL2T)
                    1. Remnants........................(KT1R)
                    2. Bhogavati.......................(LT2B)
                    3. The Ancient World...............(QT3AW)
    V.     Bugs and Glitches...........................(G5BUGG)
    VI.    Question and Answer.........................(H6QUAN)
    VII.   Contact Information.........................(I7CTIN)
                              I.   Legal Info               (A1LGIN)
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    At the moment, this FAQ is permitted only on the following websites:
    -GameFAQS                 http://www.gamefaqs.com/
    -Super Cheats             http://www.supercheats.com/
    -Cheat Code Central       http://www.cheatcc.com/
                          II. Update History/News           (B2UPIN)
    12/20/08- about 14% complete
    -FAQ submitted
    -walkthrough covers training level and a base walkthrough for Med Sea level,
     missing some items
    12/21/08- about 8% complete
    -just added a couple changes, fixed some typos, no new walkthrough content
    12/25/08- about 21% complete
    -added walkthrough for 1st part of Thailand, and the beginning of the 2nd part
    1/1/09- about 31% complete
    -whoo happy new year everybody!
    -finished Thailand, missing a few treasure, also updated Mediterranean with a
     few more treasure locations.
    What to expect in future updates:
    -level 3, it's rather short so it shouldn't take too long to get through
    -locations of all treasure the FAQ has missed thus far
    Other comments:
    -make sure to download the new patch from Eidos if you haven't yet. It fixes a
     few bugs and increases overall performance of the game. It's called Tomb
     Raider Underworld v1.1 and I'm sure you could get it on the Eidos or the
     official Tomb Raider websites, though I got mine from a third party site.
     Make sure you do download from a credible site, you don't want to be making
     any unsafe downloads. If you share a computer with your parents make sure you
     tell them first, I know my parents hated me downloading stuff on their
     computer without telling them. If they say no well tough luck. Don't argue
     with your parents.
                            III.  Introduction              (C3INTR)
    Hello all, and thank you for using my FAQ. This is my second FAQ ever, the
    first being for Tomb Raider Anniversary which I wrote at the end of my junior
    year in high school, which was in '07 I believe. Now I'm sure you really don't
    care, but because I just love talking about myself, I will.
    Hmm, where to begin. Am I a Tomb Raider expert? No, because that makes me
    sound like a loser. Don't ever call me that. I've been a Tomb Raider fan since
    my dad bought the first one for Sega Saturn, waaay back in the day when it
    came out. I've played all the titles in the main series, I know they have 1001
    spin offs on gameboy or crap like that, but I'm not interested in those. I'm
    not into the comics or anything like that either so sorry if you have any
    questions about that stuff, I don't have an answer. But I know pretty much
    everything when it comes to the main series.
    I'm 18 years and I live in the United States. I am currently attending tech
    school, which is basically college for Air Force people, because I recently
    joined as a reservist and just got done with basic training a while ago
    (thank Jesus) so I need to learn about my trade (civil engineering whoo)
    before I can go into the operational military.
    Anywho, a bit about Tomb Raider Underworld. It's the sequel to Legend. But
    everyone knows that. And if you don't, well, go get Legend right now and play
    it, clown. All other TR titles are pretty much interchangeable with
    independendent storylines, however Underworld is the first one that actually
    adds on to the story of its predecessor. That being said, let's begin the
                              IV. Walkthrough               (D4WKTR)
    Yay, the important part of the FAQ. Let's pop this baby in and see what Lara
    has in store for us this year.
    ===============Croft Manor Ruins=================
    Whoa, holy crap. Her house just randomly blew up. That sucks. Lara apparently
    happened to be randomly patrolling the halls with a shotgun at the moment. Now
    you take control of her. Croft Manor has always been the training level and
    just because the place is burning down is no exception. I guess that's what
    Lara's house does best. But don't sweat, it's a piece of cake.
    |            Croft Manor Ruins            |
    |=======Treasure: 0=======================|
    |=======Relics: 0=========================|
    If you've played Legend or Anniversary, it's the same controls. There's only
    one thing you have to worry about, and I don't know if you knew this, but
    recent scientific studies show fire = bad so stay away from it.
    It's a straight path through the hallway. At the end, pull the lever and enter
    the next room. Here you'll crouch walk through the small space under the
    burning debris then wrap around until the path is blocked, in which you'll
    jump onto the ledge in front of you via the Space bar. Hit the Space bar again
    to climb up.
    For the grapple to work you have to be staring in the general direction of
    your target; in this case, the handle to the door. Press Q to shoot it and
    when it latches on, press E to pull the door down. I would've just used the
    doorknob. But whatever. Go through here and pick up the health pack in front
    of you. To get across this lovely fiery abyss, you need to jump onto and grab
    the outcropping ledge going along the wall that the health pack was by. Jump
    to the one above and make your way across. At the end, press Ctrl to drop to
    the bottom; move as far left as you can and jump backwards across the hole. If
    you do it right, good job! If not, horrible things happen, and then you load
    and start over.
    In the next area there is a block. Don't ask me why there's a block. There's
    also a vase next to the block, and for kicks you can approach and press E to
    make Lara smash it (anger issues). Push the block to the far wall so that the
    burning pile of crap is to the right. Again jump on the ledge and make your
    way across. This time you'll be jumping to her right to clear the debris. Once
    you do that, go through the hallway, jumping over the hole that appears in
    front of you. Once in the main hall, take a left and grapple across another
    fiery abyss to the other side. Wrap around to the dead end, then drop safely
    to the ground floor as prompted. Watch a short confusing cutscene and end the
    Wow. Was Zip's hair always that crazy? Holy crap. Well that night turned out
    crappy. Let's backtrack a week and see why.
    ===============Mediterranean Sea=================
    ==Treasure: 26*==================================
    ==Relics: 1======================================
    *- This walkthrough only covers 23 pieces of treasure from this
       level. Sorry :)
    |            The Path to Avalon           |
    After the cutscene, jump off the back of the boat into the water. She has a
    scuba apparatus on so don't worry, she has oxygen. You can play in the water
    as long as you want. In front of you you'll see the remains of a big temple on
    the seafloor that you will swim towards. There's a few sharks bumming around,
    but as long as you just go about your business they probably won't bother you.
    They might wander too close and take a nibble or two, but nothing worse.
    Directly below is a stone pathway leading to the inside. Go ahead and enter.
    Although whatever civilization built this place is no longer using it, it's
    not going to waste, for it seems to have become a hangout for jellyfish,
    because there's all kinds of jellyfish in there. Just sitting in the corners.
    Watching your every move. It's creepy. Another equation for you to put in your
    notes is jellyfish = bad, so don't touch them either. Swim ahead to the big
    ass 3-disc door. In front of it on the floor is a pedestal with a big ass key
    on it (wow, these people were really about size). Pick it up and place it in
    either the left or right disc. She'll note that the door needs one more key.
    There is a tunnel above and to the right which will take you out of the
    temple. Halfway up this tunnel is a ledge to the right with a piece of
    treasure on it. Treasure is the new "thing" these days, instead of having a
    few hard-to-find artifacts per level, you have a lot of kind-of-hard-to-find
    treasure per level. Anyway, you'll hear a chime when you approach the
    treasure. The chime DOES NOT mean you picked it up. You still have to press E
    you lazy scoundrel. Once you get out of the temple, you have to run around to
    a few different places. I'll explain it below, but here's a GENERAL and
    probably NOT TO SCALE map to help illustrate the directions.
          _ /
         / L           ________
        _|  __        |  final |
       /      \       |  stop  |
      |  stop  |      |__    __|
      |   #2   |         |  |    | |
       \______/                  | |              ______
                                 | |             /      \
                                 | |            _| stop |
                                 | |            _   #1  |
                                 | |             |      |
                                 | |             \______/
                                 | |
                                 | |
    	                _____| |_____
          		       |             |
                 exit---->               |
              	       |     main    |
               	       |    temple   |
                           |             |
    Look to your right to locate a hill on the ocean floor which has an opening to
    a smaller ruin on the side facing you. Swim towards it BUT listen carefully.
    When you're about halfway there, take a sharp right across the stone path
    towards a large conch-shaped rock formation. There is a hidden doorway behind
    some thick vegetation facing towards you. Go in there and follow the path all
    the way through, at the end of which is more treasure. Sweetness! Backtrack
    and then go straight across the path again, the other doorway to your right,
    towards a congregation of rock and stone ruins. There will be a hidden
    entrance to yet another treasure room on the right side of this congregation.
    Get the treasure, then come back out and finally into the obvious doorway.
    Inside, swim down until you get to a doorway where you can go left or right.
    Turn left, then turn right 90 degrees to find some treasure at the end. Go
    back through, take the other way, and grab the second key. Turn around, take
    it back to the temple, and put it in the last disc. Now is the first "puzzle"
    of the game. It's easy, but I'm not here to tell you that. On each of the
    discs are symbols of either a closed eye or an open eye. Get all three open
    eyes on the center disc. To do that, rotate them by pulling on the key in the
    center of the disc. Pull on the center disc once, the left disc once, the
    right one twice. Open sesame. Good job figuring out the way in. Too bad the
    jellyfish beat you to it. God I hate those things.
    Through this tunnel, as you are approaching the second right turn, there will
    be a piece of treasure hiding on the left side behind a wall of rocks.
    Continue on your way, and don't mind the giant bodiless tentacle that
    withdraws as you approach it. Swim through the hole and surface. When you get
    on dry land, go up the ledge and to the right where there are four vases, have
    Lara bust them until one of them renders treasure. Turn around and go over the
    ledges into the next room. In the water here, there is treasure on the bottom.
    Use the fallen pillar sticking out of the water to get up to the other side
    and climb onto the square block to your left with the health pack on it. Use
    the ledges on the wall above to get up to another platform above and to the
    right. Apparently she can walk on ledges against walls now, which is a nice
    little addition. Here you can refresh your horizontal bar skillz. Basically
    jump towards it, hold down the forward key (or whichever direction depending
    on the case) and jam the Space bar. You'll make it to the other side alive, I
    promise. Kick the vases, one of them has a surprise. Continue around the
    corner until you find yourself clinging on a column above dry land, and safely
    drop down.
    Turn on the utility light if you haven't already done so. Stand on the
    pedestal and grapple the ring sticking out of the giant snake head to your
    right. Pull on it a couple of times because Lara's a vandal so the head breaks
    off and lands on the pressure platform below (from my experience, the only
    times I could get the grapple to work was when she was standing on the
    pedestal). Now take the two small blocks in the center of the room and place
    both of them on the other pressure pad. Sorry, this snake you can't destroy.
    Go back to the pedestal and pull the lever to open the door to -gasp- can it
    be we already found Avalon?!
    |                 Niflheim                |
    Huh? The world of mist? Damn. Wrong underworld. And we were so close. Oh well.
    Welcome to Niflheim anyway. Go through the passage. When you get to blocking
    debris, climb on top and hop across to the platform. Jump into the depression
    in the wall on the left for treasure, then continue to the big hole in the
    ground. Here, you'll drop down then go through the small opening which takes
    you to an adjacent hole. Here you can climb up the ledges to the top, making
    sure to get the health pack on the ledge above where you came in, and kick the
    vase sitting against the wall when you get to the top. That's all you have to
    remember in regards to vases: when in doubt, kick it out.
    When you get to the chamber with the tall ceiling, there are two antechambers
    to either side of you; the left has a health pack, the right a treasure vase.
    Continue forward to watch the cutscene.
    Oh my. I hope Lara isn't planning to do what I think she's planning to do with
    that hanging platform. Take a right and use the broken ledge segments on the
    wall to your left to get across the gap. Turn the corner and slide down the
    slope into the next gap. Go forward and take the first left, dropping down
    onto the stairwell. In the corner to your left are a set of vases. You know
    the drill by now. Go back up and now take that second left for another
    treasure vase. Now turn around and go through the corridor across from the
    In the next room, pull the grapple ring out to make the kraken retract its
    tentacle, then uses to ledges to get to the floor above and pull the lever. Go
    across the metal walkway into the open area above the kraken's head. To get to
    the statue's outward most hand, step along its square shoulders and right arm.
    From there, carefully jump onto the evil hanging ornament. Make your way
    across the opposite metal walkway into the opposite room. This one is even
    easier, simply stand across from the cog with the grapple ring and pull it out
    using the grapple. Pull the lever then go back outside. Go to this statue's
    left arm and jump onto the ledge on the wall next to it. Wrap around and hop
    onto the balcony. Pull the lever to raise that demonic thing.... press Z to
    aim accurately at the broken links in the chain.... ugh, I can't watch. Once
    the evil deed is done, go to the little area where the chain on the left used
    to be and wall jump up the narrow space to the ledge above. Pull up into the
    dead end corridor and get the treasure from the vase at the end. Get back down
    and hook onto the grapple ring to the right and walk off the balcony (she
    won't fall, I promise). Make your way safely to the bottom and pull the lever
    to open the door into the next area.
    But we're not done here yet. We still have to do a treasure run. Go down the
    stairs in front of you; in the water is a piece of treasure in front and
    slightly to the left. Now go across the room to the stairwell that's coming
    out of the water, sitting on which is another piece. Follow the stairwell all
    the way up to the corridor that splits into 3 paths. Take the left for
    treasure then turn around and go back out. We're done with this crap now so
    move on to the next area.
    In the next corridor they'll have you tightrope walking and fun crap like
    that. It's self-explanatory. Continue forward to the crib of Thor.
    |           The Norse Connection          |
    In the far right corner is a pole you can climb up to jump through an opening
    into an adjacent room. Grab the health pack on one of the three stone slabs.
    Pick up one of the small blocks, stand on the pressure pad, and throw the
    block through the doorway. Make sure it clears the threshold. Repeat with the
    other block. Now sprint off of the pressure pad through the doorway. Make sure
    YOU clear the threshold. Put both blocks on either one of the pressure pads in
    this room, then grapple the door and, while holding the grapple, step onto the
    other pressure pad. When the lock is fully retracted, pull on the door to
    knock it down. Approach the gauntlet.
    After the cutscene where Amanda's thugs steal that hand thingy and blow up the
    entrance to the room, you have to get out using an alternate route. First off,
    there is treasure at the end of the room to the left. Turn around and go out,
    taking a right into the reddish room where there is treasure to the left as
    you enter. In the explosion, a piece of the wall in here was knocked out,
    revealing an entrance to another tunnel. Go through the tunnel and just before
    you enter the next room there is a camouflaged treasure vase to the left of
    the doorway.
    When you get to the next room, get the treasure vase at the far left end. Turn
    around and go back towards the way you came in. The last pillar on the left is
    the one you want to hop on. Climb up and then jump onto the hanging pillar
    next to it. Use that one to get to the upper level. Locate the pillar top near
    you and jump on that. Hop onto the hanging pillar and then to the outcropping
    ledge. Jump across the room to another hanging pillar, then hop along the two
    pillar tops to clear the room. At the end of the small tunnel ahead where she
    needs to crouch walk to get through, there is a treasure pot to your left.
    Continue out to the upper level of the main room, where we catch a glimpse of
    that scuba bastard running away.
    Go to the end of the ledge to the right where you'll be prompted to grapple
    the ring above. Use that to swing across the room onto the other side. Make
    sure you have her aiming in the right general direction. If you think fire and
    jellyfish are bad, wait until you fall on your ass from 250 feet. When you get
    across, grab the treasure straight ahead. Then climb up the wall and go
    around, sliding down the slope. There is a ledge in front of you that you can
    hang from, use it to traverse along the wall, to the right. At the end hop up
    and claim the treasure. Now look to the right and locate a partially blocked
    doorway. Hop across the gap (it's a rough edge so she won't grab onto it, so
    make sure you completely clear it). Go through the doorway to get the relic
    inside. Now go all the way back to the slope you just slide down from. Under
    it is the way out.
    From here it's just backtracking. Go alllllll the way back to the boat. Lara,
    now officially pissed off, will chase them, ready to put the smackdown on
    |              God of Thunder             |
    Climb up the anchor then go to the railing to the left, but don't go
    down the stairs. See if you can pick off one or two of the guards before you
    actually go downstairs. Hold the right mouse button down to aim, hold the left
    one down to shoot. Press R to switch between the pistols and your selected
    secondary weapon (your default secondary weapon, the spear, badass though it
    may be, is pretty useless on land, so press Tab to go into her little PDA menu
    thing and change it to assault rifle or something like that). Just remember,
    the ammo for some of that stuff goes fast so don't go Rambo or anything like
    that. You also have sticky grenades, a new feature. You basically throw them
    at stuff you want to explode. throw them at people. It's kind of cool when it
    lands on someone and he freaks out for a few seconds before he blows up.
    Anywho, just don't run out into the open or do anything stupid like that. Stay
    behind cover, watch your back, and keep an eye on your health. If it runs low,
    press V for a health pack.
    DON'T just stand there shooting at some guy who's shooting you and you shoot
    each other for 20 minutes before he dies because you'll take on too much
    damage. Always be moving and press Ctrl while running to dodge. Basically it's
    just standard action game stuff. You should know already.
    Once all that's said and done, there's a box car on the right side of the boat
    that doesn't have another stacked on top of it so you can climb on top of it.
    Hop onto the double stack next to it, and jump around from stack to stack
    until you can get up on the upper deck of the boat.
    Now this ship is more or less symmetrical, meaning if you go either left or
    right, you can keep going, don't worry about going back the other way because
    that's just more thugs you have to fight. So go either left or right. There'll
    be one or two guys waiting for you. When you get to more open area there's a
    few more of them. Go down to the helipad, take out some more, and when the
    coast is clear, go down the stairs and just keep fighting along until you get
    to the open door at the end leading inside the ship. Again, fight your way
    through. It's a straight path once inside. At one point you'll get to a
    cutscene where that scuba bastard comes and attacks you, also inadvertently
    blowing himself up, the dumbass. Keep going forward, take a left at the fork
    in the road to commence an... interesting cutscene.
    God I hate Natla. Anyway. Now that Lara knows where to go, the only thing we
    have left to do is get out of the ship as it's sinking. Just keep going
    straight. Sprint if you want, it adds to the effect. I mean it looks kind of
    dumb for her to be just strolling along in such a perilous situation. The
    falling debris can't hurt you. Trust me, I tried my best to get hit by debris
    just for the purpose of being able to tell you whether or not to worry about
    it. When you get to the part where it slows down and the flaming barrels are
    flying at you, you actually can get hit by those, I would suggest cutting to
    the right before they hit you. Up ahead, watch for flames that shoot out of
    the wall to the left. When they do, they make a hole in the wall (or is it the
    floor?). Climb onto the exposed bar in the hole, and from there climb up,
    using various bars, ledges, and valve wheels to make your way to the top.
    After you get to the top, the level ends. The bad guys get away, Lara gets her
    toy, it's a win-win situation. Now it's off to the jungle. Yay.
    ================Coastal Thailand=================
    ==Treasure: 30*==================================
    ==Relics: 1======================================
    *- This walkthrough only covers 27 pieces of treasure from this
       level. Sorry :)
    Welcome to scenic Thailand. It's rather nice actually. So from what I've
    gathered (I may be wrong because I fell asleep during the last level), but it
    seems that Lara wants to dress up as Thor for Halloween and is thus on a
    global quest to find his various accessories. Which brings us here. You have
    the choice of having her wear the jungle pants or the jungle shorts. It makes
    no difference, it's just personal preference. I don't know why they did that,
    I'm sure everyone picks the shorts.
    |                 Remnants                |
    As the level begins, head towards the cliff to the left. Go along until you
    get to an inlet where the first treasure of the level lies at the bottom, at
    the left side of the inlet. Once you get that head out in the open where there
    are three big rock formations coming out of the water. There is a low platform
    on the leftmost one that you can climb on from the water. In front of you
    there will be rocky outcroppings to allow you to scale up the wall.
    Up above you can go either left or right. Hop across a gap to the right, and
    then continue along the ledges until you get to a little cove that has
    treasure. It also has these big ass spiders that jump on you and bite you. If
    they get on you (and they will), press the E button to throw them off. It
    takes but one shot to kill them so they're not too much of a nuisance.
    Backtrack along the ledges or do a cannonball and make your way back up. This
    time go left.
    Go all the way to the end of the ledge and jump backwards onto another. Press
    Space as prompted to hop onto the ledge. Shimmy across, turning both corners
    (very important), and then jump across to the opposite ledge. Go up the stairs
    into another cove with more evil spiders. Grab the health pack at the far end.
    To cross the gap over the inlet, slide down the extreme left side of the slope
    and jump forward to have her grab a narrow ledge. Shimmy around and jump to
    the horizontal bar above, then swing to the narrow ledge on the opposite wall.
    As you climb up and turn the corner, you may notice a square ledge on the
    right. That's right, more wall climbing. Scale down this wall until you're as
    far down and to the left as you can be, then jump backwards to grab onto a
    perpendicular ledge. Snag the treasure then make your way back up. At the top
    of the stairs is, you guessed it, more spiders. Annoying little buggers. There
    will be a stone wall face to Lara's left. Jump on that, and from there make
    your way to the flat ground above. From here, run forward to the rock wall,
    then at the end, turn LEFT (not a typo, I mean go left) and jump onto the top
    of the rock formation below. Make sure you have at least 3/4 of your health.
    Get the treasure then jump onto the ledge below, making your way back up to
    the top. Now continue all the way down the path until you get to a big door
    built into the mountainside.
    Now here you should get ambushed by three tigers. Then again you might not,
    for some reason they don't always appear here. Tigers are always messy to
    fight because it's hard to dodge them. I would recommend taking the shotgun to
    them, or at least the SMG.
    Go up the stairs and locate three vases to the right. From here on out for the
    rest of the level, the blue and orange fish jars are empty and the round
    reddish-brown ones have treasure.
    When you approach the farther column on the opposite side, a message will
    prompt you to wall jump, something you usually see in only the most cartoony
    of playstation2 games, which Lara has adopted this time around. To wall jump,
    just jump on a wall, and from there all you have to do is jam the space bar.
    If you do it right, she'll grab onto a ledge at the top of the column. Shimmy
    around to the other side and jump to the other column. From there, jump to the
    edge of the overhanging ceiling and go along the ledge to the other side, to
    another column. Hop to the column opposite that one (whoo column city up in
    here). Climb along the ledge of another overhanging ceiling, and from there
    make your way up to the top.
    Congratulations, your officially in the temple complex area. Go forward until
    you get to the end. In front of you is a series of ledges which, though
    delapidated, have a set of ledges and horizontal bars configured in such a way
    to get you to the ground safely, which would be otherwise impossible.
    Trust me. It NEVER fails.
    Grab the ledge on the left pillar. Make your way from the left pillar to the
    right pillar to the right horizontal bar to the left horizontal bar. From here
    climb on top of the bar so she's standing on it, then jump to the adjacent
    ledge on the cliffside. On this ledge, shimmy all the way right and jump
    backwards to get a grip on the third pillar. Drop down to the ledge about
    halfway down, and then hop to the horizontal bar to the left. From there you
    can get to the pillar that has ledges going all the way down to make it safely
    below. Grab the health pack and head to the right. Take out the two tigers
    that pop out from hilltop.
    Continue right. On your right side, shortly before the stream opens up into
    kind of a pond is a short wall with a corner in the middle. Behind it hides a
    sneaky treasure jar. On the opposite side of the stream, at the far end of the
    valley, is another set of pillars. We'll be taking these ones up. Pick up the
    health packs at either end of the stone path here, then find the low beam
    suspended between two pillars. Climb on it, and use the ledges and such to
    make your way up. When you get to a dead end, remember you can wall jump up
    between the two pillars. When you get to the top, there are ledges to the
    left. This is kind of a tricky stunt we're gonna pull, it might take you a
    couple of tries to get it right. Position yourself all the way right on the
    ledge she's on now, then start shimmying left. As you come close to
    approaching the corner, start jamming the space bar. If you do it right,
    she'll jump and grab on to the other ledge. If you do it too soon or too late,
    she'll jump off in some other wayward direction and hit the ground with her
    face. When you get to the other ledge, work your way down to the building in
    the hill where a piece of treasure is sitting on the ledge.
    When that's all done, get back on the ledge. Now take a right across another
    beam and two pillar tops to get to the ledge of the temple roof. On this
    ledge, shimmy to the area on the left for a health pack, then to the area on
    the right for treasure.
    When you get through the mangled tree trunks to the other open roof area,
    three tigers will ambush you. Maybe two, one of them tends to fall off
    sometimes. Make your way up the stairs. Just before you get to the top,
    immediately turn left and go along that way, using the bar to swing across the
    gap to the raised area on the other side. Go down this way to a slope in the
    cliffside. Slide down the slope; she will grab the ledge on the bottom. Drop
    down to the ledge below, then hop over to the bar. Swing to the other bar, DO
    NOT swing again. Or you will die. Jump up so she's standing on the bar, then
    jump to the ledge. Shimmy across for the treasure. Climb to the outcropping
    beam above, then jump to the adjacent beam on the temple wall across the
    stream. Use the ledges to make it safely back up.
    This time go up the stairs and continue down the corridor. Luck just has it
    that the whole frickin floor is collapsed except for a few beams, so you'll
    have to use those to make your way across without falling into the hole of no
    escape. While you do that, about seven bats will come floating around the
    corner one at a time. They take only one shot so don't stress out too much. At
    the end, crawl through the wreckage. The floor here is gone too, but the hole
    is much nicer than the last one, and you can go down without dying. We can't
    go left so take a right and climb up the wall there. On this one you'll have
    to wall jump off the stone wall to the left to get up on the beam. Get the
    treasure from the vase at the end of the corridor. Now you'll have to go along
    the broken beams to cross over the area below and get to the other side of the
    corridor. Along the way some spiders will come out, but you should be safe.
    You can shoot them when you're on a beam or a horizontal pole, so make sure
    you kill them out before you drop down on the other side. Turn the corner to
    start a cutscene where she talks to her little box thingy.
    |                Bhogavati                |
    Start off the level by going forward and jumping off the edge. Just kidding,
    don't do that. What we really want to do is take a left. Actualy there's two
    ways to go about this, I'll tell you both ways.
    The fun way: Head left, turning the corner just in time to see a primeval
    frickin lizard crawl up the wall out of sight. I'm sure we'll have fun with
    those... go down the rocky outcroppings to the area below. Once you do a few
    evil bats will ambush you. On the wall farthest from entrance to the level is
    a ledge you can grab. Shimmy all the way right and jump across to the ledge on
    the bottom of an overhanging stone structure. Make your way around to the
    other side, then wall jump up the narrow space until you get to the top.
    The quick way: Just as you turn left from the beginning, there is a gap under
    the banister. Crawl through and grab the ledge. Shimmy all the way right and
    hop onto the pillar top. Use the pillars and ledges to get to the overhanging
    Once you're there, get the health pack at the far end, then come back and pull
    out the grappling ring on the chain. Make your way back down to the lower
    area. Under the overhanging platform where you entered the level is a
    grappling ring to swing across to the other side. Where you land there will be
    treasure... must've gotten lazy with hiding that one...
    In the next small area you'll find a stray pole lying on the ground. Pick it
    up and place it in the corresponding hole in the pillar in front of you. When
    the yellow hand sign appears, press E to insert tab A into slot B. Voila!
    Lara's a regular MacGyver. Climb on the pole, then use the ledges on the
    pillars to make your way across to the wall, then back up on top of the
    pillars. Hop across to the reach overhanging structure numero 2, which is just
    the exact opposite of the one across the way, right down to the health pack on
    the far end. The only difference is you pull out a pole to release the chain
    rather than a grapple ring.
    To get back to where you started, from one of the pillar tops you can grab a
    ledge on the wall where you can climb up and through the banister, up into the
    corridor. Go to the overhanging platform, where there is a lever on the left
    front side. Pull the lever.
    Hmm. Well. All I can say is, somebody f***ed up here. Cuz I'm pretty sure the
    platform wasn't supposed to do that. When time slows down press Q to grapple
    onto the wall and avoid gratuitous death. Rappel safely to the bottom. Once
    you go out a little bit, you'll meet some of your new friends, the giant
    monster lizards.
    My advice on these guys is to use the M16 and always keep distance between you
    and then, because they can close that gap and attack you pretty quickly. Also,
    when they rear back, they're about to spit some poison, so dive to the side or
    something like that. Just move at least. And when they come in packs of 4 or 5
    like they are now, never stray too far from that V key. It's a life saver.
    When the lizards have been disposed, go in either of the two doorways on
    either side of the wrecked elevator platform. They go down a bit and converge
    into a small room with a statue and a big hole. Grapple onto the statue and
    use it to rappel into the hole. When you get to the bottom there is a treasure
    vase on the left side. There is also a distinct ledge farther down from that
    for you to get up. Now you hop across the stone beams to get to the top of the
    gate at the end. It's kind of like being a ninja, except really really slow
    and a pain in the ass because the camera in this game loves to make fools of
    us all. Enjoy your journey to the top of the gate.
    When you get there, climb down the ledges on the other side and go forward
    into an open area with a lot of buildings and vegetation. A few bats might
    come out. I don't know, maybe they changed a few things since Anniversary to
    trick me, but I'm pretty sure animals don't always come out at the same time
    in the same number so, keep that in mind. Go down the stairs to the left and
    climb up the wall. Climb up on the back of the pillar until you're as high as
    you can get. Jump across the gap to a ledge on the adjacent wall. Hop up on
    that so that she's standing on it, then jump back to the pillar, onto the
    ledge you couldn't reach before. Get on top of the pillar and then clear the
    gap to the little area with the weird pedestal thing. Pull the gem out of it.
    Once you've done that, climb back down and take the slope to the bottom level.
    When you get to the bottom about four or five giant lizards will pop out of
    the walls. Take 'em out.
    Now there are three pillars in the center of this cavern: two on the left, one
    on the right. Directly behind the one on the right (facing it from the way you
    came in) is a ledge to climb up the wall to a higher level. Up there, there is
    a pillar immediately to the right. Go to the other side of the pillar and
    climb the wall. When you hit the ledge, take a leap of faith to your right.
    She'll grab another ledge. Shimmy all the way to your right, past the gap with
    the vine, to get to kind of a little secret treasure area. Get back on the
    ledge, shimmy to the left, then pull up on the other side. Climb up the ledges
    to the left and you'll get to another climbable wall that sort of snakes
    around. Kind of a little journey in itself. On the right side is a ledge that
    will take you to a platform for a health pack. When you turn back around and
    head left, you'll make it to the top level of center structure. At the very
    tip-top, the summit if you will, there is a treasure nook to the right.
    Across from that, hang off the ledge and drop. No, I'm not tricking you this
    time I promise. She'll grab a ledge below, pull up for treasure then climb
    down the ledge to the left (i.e. not the side you came from). Drop down to the
    bottom. Yeah you'll lose a little health. Sue me. Get the health pack and go
    forward to coax a couple more lizards. To the right there is a treasure vase
    in the corner.
    Here's a rough picture to show you where to go next because I don't know how
    to explain it in words without confusing anyone.
       |x     |______|<--->|               Wall jump where the sketch says to wall
       |               ^   |               jump. Start on the right wall, not the
       |^              |   |               left.
       ||              |   |_____
       ||              |         |
       |treasure     wall jump   |__
       |               here         | <------you came
       |       _____              __|        from here
       |       |   |             |
         lower level is down here
    At the upper level, go until you get to the pillar and climb up to the top of
    it. From there, locate the platform in the corner with the beam sticking out
    of it. Jump to that, and from there grapple the ring on the tall stone
    structure and use it to help you get in and snag the second gem. Once the
    doors open, make your way back onto the pillar you were just on, and climb
    down to the base of that (but stay on the upper level). About a third of the
    way up the stone structure you just got the gem from is a ledge with a
    doorway. Jump to this ledge and snag the health pack in the doorway. At the
    other end of the ledge, jump across the slope to another ledge behind the
    pillar. Climb up the pillar, jump to the ledge on the wall, then wall jump up
    the narrow gap to a higher ledge. From there climb up to the ledge with the
    treasure on it. Now make your way back down to the bottom and go all the way
    across the cavern, climbing up the wall halfway up the stairs on the other
    side. From this ledge, jump to the ledge across the slope (corresponding to
    the same ledge and slope you just traversed). Now instead of a health pack, we
    have an escape route.
    In this tunnel, pass the hole in the ground by grappling over it. At the
    second hole in the ground, jump on the horizontal bar and get on the big ledge
    over where you just came from. Now backtrack over the path you just took via
    the broken rafter beams. When you get to the end there is treasure. Now drop
    down, wash, rinse, repeat. We're back at the second hole. This time when you
    climb up on the big ledge, swing on the horizontal bars on the right wall to
    cross the gap.
    When you get out to an outdoor area you'll be ambushed by a tiger or two. Near
    the back right corner of the area, snag the treasure vase, then go to the
    center part of the big collapsed mass and start climbing along the cracks and
    When you get to the second pillar top, turn to your left and jump to the ledge
    there, which will lead you to a platform with treasure. Get back on the pillar
    and continue along the path. You should get to an upper ledge with a set of
    crooked old double doors and a health pack. Get down on the ledge in front of
    the doors and drop down to the one below. At the beam, stand on top of it,
    face to the right, and press Ctrl twice to drop down to the lower beam. From
    there hop to yet another beam. Forget all these ledges and things here, they
    were put in by "the man" to confuse you. Hop to the pillar top and then on the
    ledge of the outer wall.
    To the right is another treasure platform, to the left is a dead end with a
    horizontal pole. Swing on the pole to get onto the collapsed mass and climb up
    to a narrow stairwell at the top of which you can again grab onto a ledge on
    the outer wall. Now we're into the upper level of this area. Level 2. Are you
    The upper level is actually not that bad. Go along the path to the end where
    you can climb on the wall and then come back along the row of pillars onto the
    high ledge, which leads into a corridor.
    Navigate another evil floorless hallway... after that you'll come into an open
    area where two lizard friends will come to meet you. After that's done there
    is obvious treasure to your right. To the left it opens up onto the second
    level of the Shiva courtyard.
    OK so here's the thing about this little puzzle here... there's two sides to
    it, there's this side and then across the courtyard is the other part. Now you
    may or may not be following the paths described in this walkthrough, I don't
    care whether you do or not, like I've said before, this game is somewhat
    non-linear and in many places like that Kraken temple and that stupid gem
    cavern we just came from, there's multiple ways to get from point A to point
    B. I don't feel like telling you every single path, it's much easier just to
    give one path.
    But there is one thing here that you must not do. I don't know why, but I hear
    that doing the other side of the puzzle before doing this side messes it up
    and you have to start the level over (yeah I poke around the TRU forum on
    Gamefaqs every once in awhile. It's pretty slow and boring, that's why I never
    post). So for this particular puzzle, COMPLETE this side first before moving
    to the other side.
    So in front of you is a balance with two rusty iron slabs. Hop in the one in
    front of you to lower it, and by relation the right arm of the big Shiva
    statue. Get back up where you just were and go up the stairs, taking out the
    lizard friend along the way. When you get to the hand, place in it one of the
    Shiva gems. Return to the balance, this time hopping on the other slab, thus
    raising the arm.
    If there is an intense ray of light emanating through the gem, your business
    here is done. There is an opening in the banister to allow you to get to the
    bottom level. To do so, find the big thing on the wall above this opening. It
    kind of looks like the thing that comes with those little bottles of bubble
    soap to dip in the soap and blow in to make bubbles. Grapple from a vertical
    to horizontal position, then hook on to it to wall climb your way below. Then
    simply attach yourself to the opposite bubble blower thing on the opposite
    side (kind of hard to get in a position where she'll get it, I found standing
    near the pedestal with the crystal on it works). Climb up there.
    Remember where you just got treasure on the other side? It's in the same place
    here too. And no lizards :) Which is more than I can say for the outside part.
    So here's what you do. In the corner of this area there is a cage. Random, but
    convenient. Move it over to the one single rusty slab so that it's flush
    against the lipless edge. Now, past the first set of stairs but before the
    second, there is a column you can climb on and from there swing across some
    bars to get to the bar connected to the hand of the little statue. This will
    raise the slab below, and again, Shiva's arm.
    QUICKLY QUICKLY QUICKLY let go and push the cage underneath the slab before it
    lowers again. Because watching Shiva's arm go up and down is a pain in the ass
    when it takes you a couple tries to make it. No, you can't skip it. You have
    to watch it all. Pop that gem in and remove the cage from under the slab. With
    Shiva's arm back in position you should now have two concentrated rays of
    lights from either gem. Drop down to the bottom level. Now we're gonna play
    with the Kali statues you may have noticed.
    The goal is to line up the statue so that the reflective fan bounces off the
    light rays. To do this, the fan must be on the outside of the circle. Both
    statues' fans are facing the inside, so to remedy this, you must pull each
    statue once through the middle before going along the outside. When you
    position it right, the fan will flash and the light will be successfully
    reflected onto the crystal and then to the big Kali's head jewel thing. Do the
    same with the other statue. When you do it right, the floor opens and reveals
    a passageway below.
    Go through into a small garden. Grab the treasure behind the grapple ring
    statue, then use your grapple hook to topple the statue over, breaking open
    the door in the floor revealing yet another suprise. Along with about fifty
    spiders. Ugh.
    |            The Ancient World            |
    Drop into the hole on the side you came from. Get down on the lowest ledge and
    let go, quickly shooting the grapple hook to latch onto the ring on the
    ceiling. Lower yourself and drop down. When you approach the big door she
    realizes she can use the gauntlet of Thor to open it. In the next room, Lara
    realizes in the cutscene that her dad and Natla were working together, bla
    bla, she figures something out, and now we move on.
    On the left side of the blue glowing pathway is a grapple ring. Drop down and
    hook onto it, then swing to the walkway on the right to get some treasure at
    the end. And then just... kind of die. I don't know how to get back up. When
    you come back to life you'll be at the top again with the treasure so it's all
    good. Now go over the edge on the side of the central part opposite from the
    pathway. Drop down to the bottom and when you get to the bottom you can spin
    the whole big thing. Move to the right as far as you can, and get the treasure
    from the cavity behind it.
    Go back up to the walkway and get on the grapple ring on your left side (not
    the one you used to get the treasure). Swing to the outer walkway and start
    pulling the big walkway to the left. Between two of the pillars, stop and let
    go so you can sneak around it and get on the other side to push it as far as
    it can go. Then grapple to the inner walkway and hop around to the side with
    the ledges to climb back up to the top. Follow the path to a ledge with
    treasure, then make your way back down again, grab it and move all the way to
    your left. Oh yay, we can go out the exit, we're done now.
    We're NOT done now! Get on the pathway again and on the grapple ring on the
    left side. Start pulling the thing, then again stop and sneak around to push
    it all the way. Make your way around and up to the pathway to get the relic
    hiding on the ledge behind the Thor statue. Go back down and pull the pathway
    back to where it was so you can get back up and go through the exit.
    In this room there is a big locked door in the water on your left. Our goal is
    to open it but first, kill the attacking spiders and get the treasure that's
    in the water in the far right corner. climb back up and latch onto the grapple
    ring on the left wall. You'll have to jump pretty close to it to shorten the
    gap between you and the ring as much as possible when you shoot the grapple
    because it the cord is too long she'll fall in the water. When your swinging
    on it like a pendulum, at the peak of the left swing (what we in the
    engineering biz call the moment of kinetic energy), press the direction facing
    away from the wall and jump so that she jumps off the wall and grabs the
    ledge. Pull up and climb up the ledged wall so you can hop on the horizontal
    bar, which acts as a switch to open the underwater door.
    Go through the door and follow the path. It's a straight shot and there's an
    air pocket halfway through if you need it. Open the door with the switch on it
    to continue out of the tunnel. You surface, conveniently, right back where you
    started. Look, there's the boat. Swim towards it to end the level.
    To be continued...
                             V. Bugs and Glitches           (G5BUGG)
    Any fan of the TR series knows how it is infamous for its numerous bugs and
    glitches in any title. Over the past 12 or so years, we've had countless
    frustrating experiences where Lara will do something stupid like forget how to
    fire or put away weapons, pick up and lose key items, and more often than not,
    blatantly spit on the laws of physics by walking through walls, falling
    through floors, and getting her ass stuck on some kind of interactable object,
    to name a few. Sometimes I think she's been a jackass on purpose all these
    years just to f*** with us.
    Although the number of bugs in TR games decreased after Eidos dumped Core for
    Crystal Dynamics (one of those 'it's not you, it's me' things), they still
    have a few kinks to work out. Here's a list of bugs and glitches that I know
    of, and possible ways to deal with them if you are so unlucky as to experience
    them. Of course, if you have any information on bugs or ways to fix them,
    please send me them. You will be duly credited.
    Bug: Some people experience instances where Lara will start running in one
         direction as though a colony of fire ants just crawled up her pants. On
         top of being a nuisance in general, it can be a particular pain in the
         ass when you're scaling a rock wall or something and she keeps running
         off the ledge like a lemming.
    Fix: She'll eventually cut it out in about a minute, however in my experience
         it seems that jamming on the directional buttons and the space bar seems
         to work the bug out in a few seconds. As for a permanent fix, I guess
         we'll have to wait for an update that'll give her fire ant repellant or
    Bug: Near the beginning of the Xibalba section in southern Mexico, some people
         can't raise the bridge when they pull the switch.
    Fix: Patch v1.1 supposedly fixes it.
                          VI. Question and Answer           (H6QUAN)
    Here's a few TR related questions I've been asked or I've seen people ask.
    Q: Should I play previous Tomb Raiders before I play this?
    A: All of the Tomb Raiders, no. Before Underworld, all TR titles' storylines
       were all independent of each other. Underworld, however, is a direct
       continuation to Legend, so definitely rent or buy that somewhere and play
       it first. Let me also add, without giving too much away, that it's
       recommended you play Anniversary first as well (or TR1, if you want,
       they're two versions of the same thing). Anniversary and Legend can be
       found on PC, PS2, Wii, and plenty of other platforms, so you shouldn't have
       any trouble finding them.
    Q: Can you tell which vases and jars have treasure?
    A: Yes, each level will have a separate design for treasure jars than empty
       jars. So if you see, for example, a group of four jars, three of which are
       orange and one of which is blue, take a wild guess which one has treasure.
    Q: What is the point of collecting treasure and relics?
    A: No idea. Ask a pirate, that's more their department than mine.
    Q: This game was awesome, what other TR games would you recommend?
    A: In my humble opinion, TR2 and TR3 are by far the best ones. Old school Lara
       FTW. Last Revelation and Chronicles (4 and 5, respectively) are okay too.
       TR6 aka Angel of Darkness, however, is broken. Don't even get me started on
       it. I have like a 3000 word review of it on Gamefaqs as a matter of fact.
       And of course, I've said it multiple times, you should have already played
       Legend and Anniversary.
                          VII. Contact Information          (I7CTIN)
    If you have any questions that have not been answered in the FAQ, feel free to
    send me an e-mail at reno385@hotmail.com.

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