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    Bestiary by akura_integra

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                                Bestiary FAQ
                    By: akura_integra (Carlo_yaman@yahoo.com)  
    This is copyrighted material and may only be used for fellow gamefaqs users.
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        |   Contents:            |
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        |   1.Intro              |
        |   2.The Basics         |
        |   3.Items              |
        |   4.The Monsters       |
        |   5.The Bosses         |
        |   6.Survival Tips      |
        |   7.Contacts           |
        |   8.Credits            |
    1. Intro
    Welcome to Silent Hill: Origins, the long-awaited prequel to the original
    game. Here I will list down strategies on how to deal with the different
    monsters in the game, as well as point out their behavior, attacks and how
    they can easily be taken care of. Since this is a Bestiary FAQ, I will NOT
    list down weapon/item locations (There are other guides for that) but only
    focus on the monsters and bosses.
    A bunch of new monsters are in store for you in this new title of Silent Hill.
    Some familiar, some plainly annoying, all they have in comman is that they
    remain as grotesque as ever.
    Anyway, I'm writing this FAQ for those who need strategies on how to easily go
    through the game without getting hurt or wasting supplies too often. This is
    currently my fourth FAQ, and I hope it helps those who need it. Also, if there
    is anything I'm missing, or have a better strategy to offer, feel free to
    e-mail me about it. Also note that this FAQ may have spoilers in them,
    particularly in the bosses section, you've been warned.
    Analog Nub:                        Move around (Hold Square to run)
    Left, Up, Right                    Used to select weapons while not in the
    Directional Buttons:               menu. Press up to swap from melee to ranged
                                       weapons and vice-versa.
    L Trigger:                         Switch to the characters perspective.
                                       Useful when the camera is messing around.
    R Trigger:                         Switch to combat stance (Press X to attack)
                                       While in combat stance, you can move around
                                       to attack nearby enemies. While in combat
                                       stance, press the down D-pad button to
                                       reload your firearm.
    Cross Button:                      Search/Interact
    Triangle Button:                   View the map
    Start Button:                      Pause the game
    Select button:                     Open the main menu
    2. The Basics
    |Roaming around Silent Hill|
    The streets of silent Hill is littered with monsters. They are best avoided,
    since you can easily outrun them. Beware though, too much running can make
    you easily tired, making you run slower (Though I've never actually been
    caught by an attacking monster while out of stamina and they seem pretty easy
    to outrun.) An energy drink should do the trick, but I usually don't bother
    using it unless you want to get somewhere fast.
    It is always a good idea to save when you get the chance, or else you will
    regret not doing so in case you screw up (using too much health items/wasting
    ammo or accidentally getting killed by a monster)
    Like most survival-horror games, supplies play a major role in order to
    complete the game and facing monsters. Healing items and ammo are scattered
    across Silent Hill so be sure to look everywhere. Know when to use them as it
    is always a good idea to conserve them for future use.
    |Weapon Durability|
    Unlike previous installemnts, all melee weapons are capable of getting
    destroyed after a certain amount of use, while others can only be used once so
    be sure to use them wisely. The durability level is determined by the plus
    sign at the bottom side of the weapon, as it's durability decreases, it
    gradually changes from green to red. Melee weapons are quite abundant and can
    be found almost everywhere so you don't have to worry about running out.
    Your health is the most vital aspect when facing enemies. When you take
    damage, the screen at the main menu will turn from green, to yellow, and
    eventually red. Additionally, the edges of your screen will flash red when
    your health is low. It is usually a good idea to use a health drink when at
    yellow health. Use only First-Aid Kits when you have taken serious damage.
    Since Ampoules are quite rare to find, they should be saved for later use.
    Whenever Travis grapples with monsters during an attack sequence, attacks, or
    runs to an extent, his stamina will gradually decrease, making him run slower
    and being more vulnerable to grapple attack sequences. Resting in a safe spot
    will restore his stamina, as well as using energy drinks which will also give
    Travis a momentary boost in energy.
    |Spawning monsters|
    Monsters spawn depending on your actions, usually after leaving a room,
    solving a puzzle, or getting something important. Places with lots of
    monsters usually indicate that monsters will eventually spawn there, so it's
    best to avoid killing  them. Some monsters respawn right beside you after
    entering a room, so be careful when dealing with them.
    One of the more important items in the game, the radio will make a static-like
    white noise whenever a monster is nearby. NEVER turn it off. Only turn it off
    if you're an experienced gamer or like taking risks and going for a higher
    level of horror.
    The flashlight helps Travis explore areas more clearly, but at a cost. It
    attracts monsters. The solution? Turn it off. Like previous titles, some
    monsters won't notice you with your flashlight off. They will, however, spot
    you if you make noise or come in contact with them. This is great for easily
    avoiding unwanted enemies that get in your way, though it should be taken note
    that turning it off will greatly lose your accuracy when using firearms.
    |Avoid monsters|
    In some areas, monsters are best avoided, as they only waste your ammo and
    supplies. This can save you from respawning monsters in the same area. Do this
    in areas where you aren't likely to come back and revisit.
    |Charged and Multiple Attacks|
    Charged attacks can be performed by holding the X button and releasing it
    during combat stance. All of the weapons are capable of doing charged attacks,
    and act differently depending on type of weapon used. These attacks are
    usually more powerful, dealing greater damage compared to regular attacks.
    Multiple attacks are when you swing your weapon consecutively, by tapping the
    X button during combat stance. Some weapons are able to do this while some
    don't. These attacks are quite useful, sometimes making enemies unable to
    |Stomping on monsters|
    Usually, after taking enough damage, the monster will collapse to the ground,
    take this opportunity to end it's life quickly by pressing X when beside the
    body, or else it will rise up again. You have to stay still when doing this,
    since it will not work if you are moving while pressing the X button or if you
    are in combat stance.
    |Grapple Attack Sequence|
    A new addition to Silent Hill, whenever a monster attacks you, sometimes you
    will get an attack sequence. When you see a button appear while being
    grappled, be sure to press it or you will take damage. Some require you to
    mash the X button, others require you to press different ones. There is also
    a limited time for you to press the button, so act fast. Use this as an
    opportunity and as an advantage as monsters are usually vulnerable after an
    attack sequence.
    3. Items
    |Recovery Items|
    Health Drink                          A refreshing herbal drink. Restores a
                                          little health. Usually easy to find.
    First Aid Kit                         A complete first aid kit. Restores a
                                          lot of health. They are much more scare
                                          compared to health drinks.
    Energy Drink                          A caffeinated drink. Energy Drinks boost
                                          your stamina whenever your're tired from
                                          running, can be useful when running from
                                          enemies in the streets and excellent for
                                          going to your next destination quickly.
    Ampoule                               A narcotic Ampoule. A very rare item,
                                          this item will recover your health at
                                          maximum no matter what, and adds a boost
                                          to your stamina as well. Save them for
                                          later as there are only a few found in
                                          the entire game.
    Target Ammo                           A box of .22 calinur bullets. Used with
                                          the Target Pistol
    Shotgun Ammo                          A box of shotgun shells. To be used for
                                          the Shotgun
    Service Ammo                          A box of 9mm bullets, to be used for the
                                          Service Pistol
    Assault Rifle Ammo                    A clip for an Assault Rifle.
    Redeemer Ammo                         A box of .44 bullets for the Redeemer.
    |Melee Weapons|
    Here's a quick summary on weapon types:
    Light weapons such as Knives or Scalpels are usually weak but fast and are
    able to perform three consectutive attacks.
    Medium-sized weapons like Meat Hooks and Tire Irons are slower compared to
    the other light weapons but are slightly stronger and can also perform three
    consecutive attacks.
    Heavy weapons like the Sledgehammer and Wrench are very powerful, but are very
    slow and only able to perform two consecutive attacks.
    Long weapons such as Drip Stands and Pokers, however have a longer reach
    compared to other weapons, but are slightly slow and unable to perform any
    consecutive attacks.
    One-time use weapons such as Typewriters and Portable TV's can only be used
    once but are usually able to knock down most monsters, giving you a chance to
    kill them easily. Their charged attacks act differently, when charged they
    will be thrown at the enemy from a distance. They seem to easily reduce
    Travis' stamina, however, and can be dropped if a monster manages to attack.
    Ranged Weapons can be used to attack monsters from afar, additionally, you are
    able to walk while shooting enemies using your firearms.
    Unarmed/Bare Fists                    Travis is capable of punching opponents
                                          when he currently has no weapons
                                          equipped. Although it is extremely weak,
                                          it can be effective against earlier
                                          enemies found in the game.
    --------------------------------Heavy Weapons---------------------------------
    Sledgehammer                          A weighty sledgehammer. It is a decent
                                          melee weapon and good for all monsters.
    Wrench                                A heavy duty wrench. A very good melee
                                          weapon, it's heavy so it can only
                                          perform two consectutive attacks.
    Shovel                                A heavy shovel. Quite powerful.
    --------------------------------Light Weapons---------------------------------
    Scalpel                               A stainless steel scalpel. It's quite
                                          weak, and easily breaks.
    Screwdriver                           A standard flathead screwdriver. Very
                                          similar to the Scalpel, only stonger.
    Razor                                 An old-fashioned cut throat razor. A
                                          pretty decent light weapon.
    -----------------------------Medium-Sized Weapons-----------------------------
    Meat Hook                             A sharp meat hook. Also a decent melee
    Tire Iron                             A metal tire iron. Practically the same
                                          as the meathook, only slightly stronger.
    Meat Cleaver                          A sharp cleaver. Also a decent weapon.
    Baton                                 A thick rubber baton for patient
                                          control. It's quite weak.
    Kitchen Knife                         A steel chopping knife. Pretty decent.
    Katana                                A sharp-edged steel blade. A very, very
                                          good medium sized weapon. It's quite
                                          strong and can easily take down enemies.
    Jagged Wood                           A jagged piece of timber. Not very
                                          effective. Best not to use it at all.
    --------------------------------Long Weapons----------------------------------
    Drip Stand                            A sturdy metal drip stand, it has a long
                                          reach for attack but consecutive attacks
                                          cannot be performed.
    Poker                                 A sharp Poker, much stronger compared
                                          to weaker Drip Stands.
    Broken Pole                           A splintered handle or pole. Quite a
                                          weak weapon, and not very effective.
    Spear                                 A spear with a sharp head. Excellent
                                          long weapon.
    Light Stand                           A broken light stand. Not very powerful.
    Pool Cue                              A long pool cue. Don't use them, as they
                                          are very weak and break easily.
    Meat Gaff                             Long-handled meat gaff. Another
                                          decent melee weapon for taking down
                                          monsters out of reach.
    -----------------------------One-Time Use Weapons-------------------------------
    Alcohol Bottle                        A medicinal alcohol bottle. Single Use.
    Toaster                               A metal Toaster. Single Use.
    Typewriter                            A handy Typewriter. Single use.
    Portable TV                           A potable Television. Single Use.
    Filing Cabinet                        A small filing cabinet. Single Use.
    Table Lamp                            A heavy tableside lamp. Single Use.
    Toolbox                               A heavy metal toolbox. Single Use.
    Crate                                 A plastic crate. Single Use.
    Iron Weights                          A stack of iron weights. Single use.
    Target Pistol                         A light target pistol, it's quite weak
                                          and usually takes a few shots before a
                                          monster is defeated. It is capable of
                                          holding 6 bullets at once.
    Shotgun                               A wide-bore shotgun, it can easily knock
                                          down most monsters in a single shot, and
                                          is very powerful. It is capable of
                                          holding 2 shells at once. Not very
                                          effective when used from afar.
    Service Pistol                        A battered service pistol, it's very
                                          similar to the Target Pistol, only a
                                          little bit stronger and can now hold 8
    Hunting Rifle                         A sleek hunting rifle, it's practically
                                          the same as the shotgun, only much more
                                          stronger, capable of holding twice as
                                          much ammo and is ideal for the later
    Assualt Rifle                         A fully automatic assualt rifle,
                                          although not as strong as the Hunting
                                          Rifle, it is capable of rapid-fire
                                          attacks, holding 18 bullets at once.
                                          (Hold X button)
    Redeemer                              A heavy reliable six shooter. Has
                                          "Redeemer" etched on its side. This gun
                                          is extremely powerful, thus must be
                                          saved for future bosses.
    ----------------------------Secret Weapons-----------------------------------
    These weapons can only be obtained after finishing the game with a certain
    ending, thus need to be unlocked first before you can use them. These weapons
    are extremely powerful and have unlimited ammo and durability.
    Moon Gauntlets                        A pair of powerful, mystical gauntlets.
                                          Able to kill most monsters in only two
    Fire Axe                              A long-handled fire axe.
    Great Cleaver                         A giant butcher's cleaver.
    Tesla Rifle                           The mysterious Tesla Rifle, a weapon
                                          from another world. Very similar to the
                                          Assault Rifle, only much more pwerful.
    4. The Monsters
    Here is a list of all the monsters in the game. They are manifestations of
    the memories of certain characters, particularly those of Travis and Alessa.
    Monsters will be your main obstacle when playing the game, therefore it is
    important to know their natures and how they can easily be dealt with. I will
    list down their description, appearance, types of attacks and strategies in
    order to defeat them as well as other information they are related to.
    Location/s: Alchemilla Hospital, Cedar Grove Sanitarium
    The typical demonic nurse found in Silent Hill, they are also the first
    monster Travis meets in the game. While they are usually weak, they can
    easily deplete your health if not taken seriously. They are mainly found in
    Alchemilla Hospital. They mainly represent Alessa's hospitalization in the
    hospital after she was severely burned.
    The nurses have started to act more feminine-like. They are pale-white and in
    uniform, wear high heels and appear to be faceless. The nurses now carry
    razor-sharp syringes with them. Additionally, there are also "green nurses"
    which are no different than the regular ones and are found in the Sanitarium. 
    Nurses slowly walk towards you and then strike with their syringes when
    closeby. They also frequently perform their attack sequences when they strike.
    Beware in the Hospital levels as nurses tend to respawn in nearby entrances
    when coming out of rooms.
    ---Attack Sequence---
    During the attack sequence keep mashing the X button to break free of her
    grasp. If not done in time you will get a painful stab to the chest.
    --Recommended Weapon-
    Any. They shoudn't be too much of a problem and are very easy to deal with.
    Location/s: Alchemilla Hospital (semi-boss), Cedar Grove Sanitarium,
                Artaud Theatre, Lakeside Motel, Streets of Silent Hill 
    A demon that resembles a patient wearing a straightjacket. Found mainly across
    the streets of Silent Hill, it acts as a semi-boss before completing the
    hospital level. They are similar to nurses, only a little more agressive. They
    most probably symbolize Travis' mother's stay in the Cedar Grove Sanitarium.
    They are mostly similar to the patient demons from the other titles. They
    appear human-like, similar to mummies bandaged together.
    These patient demons have gotten much more agressive. They can now run
    towards you when spotted. Usually, it will spit out some acid at you from a
    distance, which can get really annoying if you're not careful. They seem to
    be able to easily spot you from afar.
    ---Attack Sequence----
    If you get attacked, it will lunge towards you. During this sequence, do NOT
    press any button until you see the right button to press when it flashes on
    the screen. Do this 2-3 times and you should avoid taking any damage. Not
    doing so, however will get you a nasty bite.
    -Recommended Weapon--
    Again, any weapon will do.
    Location/s: Cedar Grove Sanitarium, Artaud Theatre, Lakeside Motel,
                Nowhere, Streets of Silent Hill
    A manifestation of all the roadkill and animal carcasses Travis sees as a
    Trucker. Althouh they are slow, they are very powerful. One of the more
    annoying enemies in the game, they are also abundantly found in the streets
    of Silent Hill. Sometimes, they can be found in narrow hallways blocking
    entrances, giving you no choice but to kill them.
    They resemble a big, fat carcass-like animal, it's head and upper body seems
    to be broken and slumped to the ground, dragging it as it moves. Beware,
    sometimes it's hard to tell where it's head is, meaning you could easily get
    attacked when trying  to sneak from behind. Apparently, there are larger
    variations of them as well near the end of the game and will release a
    blinding mist when killed.
    Don't let it's speed fool you, when close it will leap and QUICKLY take a
    nasty bite out of you from a distance dealing considerable damage. Try not to
    get close to it's front, as it can easily leap towards you and attack. They
    tend to chase you when met in the streets and hardly make any sounds so they
    can easily sneak at you from behind and attack.
    -Recomended Weapon--
    One shot from the shotgun should make it collapse, end it's life quickly with
    a stomp attack. otherwise the hammer or any decent blunt weapon should take
    care of it. I recommend sneaking from behind it and hacking away. Whatever
    you do, do NOT charge to it's front as they can be very agressive.
    |Remnant |
    Location/s: Cedar Grove Sanitarium
    A shadowy figure, easily encountered through the halls of the Sanitarium. It
    is very sensitive to light, so turn off your flashlight when facing them to
    avoid being spotted. Like the Straight-Jackets, they also seem to resemble
    how Helen was confined in the Sanitarium and how she gradually loses her
    sanity. It's shadowy figure seems to represent how Travis wanted to see her so
    badly before breaking inside the female seclusion room as a child.
    They are eerie ghost-like monsters carrying braces that seem to be used for
    the mentally insane. With the flashlight off, only the brace is seen but when
    turned on, it's shadow will be visible. They make a piercing scream whenever
    they are about to attack.
    They are slow-moving creatures and can easily be avoided. Usually they are
    found in narrow hallways. If spotted, however, they will swing the cage
    towards you. When dealing with them, I recommend avoiding these things
    completely unless neccessary as they only get in your way.
    -Recommended Weapon-
    If you insist on killing them, a good melee weapon like the hammer or wrench
    is quite effective and should do the trick. Ranged weapons don't seem to be
    very effective against it.
    Location/s: Artaud Theatre
    A cursed mannequin that has come to life, they can only be found in the Artaud
    Theater. They are usually found in groups of two's or three's so proceed with
    caution. It is a manifestation of the character Ariel, a spirit found in
    William Shakespeare's "The Tempest." The way they hang from the ceiling also
    suggests how Ariel is called "an airy spirit" from the play.
    They look like child-like puppets suspended upside-down in the ceiling. They
    constantly twitch and make rattling sounds. Sometimes they can be found on the
    ground, this time right-side-up and walking with their hands. Very creepy.
    Ariel is one of the monsters that can easily be avoided by turning off the
    flashlight. If spotted however, they will rush towards you and proceed with an
    attack sequence. If taken enough damage, they will fall to the ground and
    start walking with their arms. They will start attacking by swinging their
    legs towards you. When collapsed, they only have a short while to stomp before
    they rise up again, so act quickly.
    ---Attack Sequence---
    One of the most deadly, but easiest to take advantage of, is Ariel's suspended
    attack. Whatever happens, you will always get this attack when Ariel is
    suspended. It will grab your neck and raise you up the air. This time, keep
    mashing the X button to  break free, otherwise you will get a broken neck and
    an instant GAME OVER. Yes, I repeat, GAME OVER. The good news is that they
    are very easy to break free from, and it takes quite a while before the
    sequence ends, so you have plenty of time to escape. This means that you can
    easily maneuver throughout the Theater stage without taking any damage at
    all! Sometimes, however, they are met in it's ground phase, so you can still
    take damage from it's leg attack.
    -Recommended Weapon--
    None. I usually avoid them when they are suspended by turning my flashlight
    off. If you are fighting them right-side-up however, a good melee weapon will
    do as well.
    Location/s: Artaud Theatre (semi-boss), Lakeside Motel, Nowhere,
                Streets of Silent Hill
    A manifestation of a beast from Shakespeare's The Tempest, it acts as the
    semi-boss of the Artaud Theatre. Later on in the game, they can be met
    roaming around the streets and are usually found in wide-open areas. It is
    made up of the memories of Alessa as she was frightened by Caliban during a
    stage rehearsal while she snuck through the theatre, thus causing one of the
    actors a nosebleed.
    An extremely large creature, these giants seem to be part-man and part-beast
    down from its lower body. Its hind legs seemed to have stretched to the front
    of its body, with its  hands acting as the rear end, crawling like a
    four-legged creature.
    Just like the Carrion, they are very slow but can easily catch up due to the
    size of its body. They are very powerful creatures, their stomps could easily
    inflict serious damage. They are also capable of ramming you when nearby.
    They tend to obstruct certain paths, forcing you to take them down.
    -Recommended Weapon--
    During the fight at the Theatre, a few shots from the shotgun or rifle could
    easily take care of it, just make sure to stay away from its range of stomps.
    When met in the streets, they are best avoided like the rest of them unless
    they get in your way since they take too long to kill.
    Location/s: Lakeside Motel, Nowhere
    A creature formed from all the sexual anxiety of Travis as a lone trucker. 
    (A reference of this can be found during the opening movie) These monsters are
    only met in later areas, the Lakeside Motel in particular, they are truly
    fearsome creatures.
    Somewhat of a disturbing appearance, It appears to resemble a mutilated human
    fused together in the *ahem* "back" of a large monstrous creature, hence the
    name "Two-Back".
    They are extremely aggressive, and love to spit acid at you from afar. They
    are also capable of doing a ramming attack when nearby and are able to sustain
    a decent amount of damage before they get killed.
    ----Attack Sequence---
    During rare cases, the Two-back will rush towards you and pin you to the
    ground. During this time, a single button will flash in the screen, be sure
    to press the appropriate button or else it will do a powerful bite attack.
    -Recommended Weapon--
    The shotgun is great for ending its life quickly, though a good melee weapon
    will always do as well, just be sure to keep attacking it so it won't have a
    chance to strike back.
    5. The Bosses
    |Memory of Helen Grady A.K.A Momma|
    Location: Cedar Grove Sanitarium (Female's Seclusion, Nightmare World)
    A monstrous representation of Helen Grady, Travis' mother. This monsters'
    appearance seems to represent Helen's hospitalization as she was contained in
    the sanitarium. Found locked up in the Female's Seclusion of the Sanitarium,
    she anxiously awaits Travis' return.
    A grotesque monster indeed, she appears suspended in the ceiling while inside
    a cage-like structure surrounded by what appears to be plastic. She seems to
    be bound and restrained, she constantly twitches, and is devoid of any eyes.
    She slowly approaches you when far away. When nearby, rotating spikes appear
    from the cage trying to stab you. Try to stay away from her whenever possible
    because it can damage you more than once. If you see her raise to the ceiling
    a bit, she will release more spikes around her cage. If you hear a
    screech-like sound, she is about to release a gas-like attack surrounding her,
    so it's always best to stay away from her to avoid taking uneccessary damage.
    --Recommended Weapon-
    A good ranged weapon like your newly-gained shotgun is best used against her.
    Seven or more  shots should do it. If you decide on using melee weapons though,
    a few charged attacks from the wrench or any good melee weapon should do the
    trick. I don't recommend it as it is quite risky, but you should be okay as
    long as you keep your distances. 
    |The Butcher|
    Location/s: Lakeside Motel (Kitchen, Misty World)
    A gruesome being that butchers everything in its path. He can be found in the
    Butchery early in the game, butchering a poor nurse demon. Traces of it
    eventually lead to the Riverside Motel Kitchen, this time butchering a
    Two-Back. It is a very terrifying and formidable foe, and is quite possibly a
    representation of Travis' dark side within him.
    He's very similar to Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2. The Butcher wields a
    very large metal cleaver which it uses for butchering its victims. He seems
    to be wearing a half-metal helmet.
    The Butcher is only capable of slicing you with its gigantic cleaver. So much
    for a boss fight. During the fight, it will chase you around the kitchen, so
    expect a lot of circling to avoid its attacks.
    ---Attack Sequence---
    If he manages to grab you, a two-button grapple sequence will occur where he
    will impale Travis with his cleaver, resulting in instant death. Whatever you
    do, try to get the buttons right!
    -Recommended Weapon- 
    A good weapon would either be the Rifle or the Assualt Rifle. Your best
    strategy against it would probably be hit-and-run. It's suicide to go face it
    using melee weapons though, because they lack the range to be able to avoid
    its painful attacks. The kitchen is quite small so you're only limited to a
    few room, so it can be very dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. In
    case you run out of ammo, I suggest you reload it in the main menu, since
    doing it in battle will give the Butcher time to catch up and attack.
    Thankfully, he's not very quick in terms speed, so you should easily win the
    battle without getting a single hit (A crappy boss fight if you ask me.)
    |Memory of Richard Grady A.K.A Daddy|
    Location/s: Lakeside Motel (Room 500, Nightmare World)
    A devilish representaion of Richard Grady, Travis' father. He waits in room
    500 of Lakeside Motel where he hung himself and took his own life. His form
    appears to resemble the way he committed suicide.
    It seems to be a large creature attached to the wall. It has tentacles which
    it uses to attack. Lower half bodies can be found on its sides. In its center
    is a large monstrous "head."
    It basically has two attack modes. The first is where its two tentacles will
    occasionally try to strangle you, so try to avoid them as much as you can. The
    next one is where it's main head will be active and bite you if you're close
    enough but if you're out of reach then you should be okay. Sometimes, it will
    release reddish gas at you which can be determined when it shakes its head a
    little. As expected, it's not a good idea to stay put in one area for too
    ---Attack Sequence----
    It's tentacles have an attack sequence very similar to that of Ariels. This is
    much more deadly, as the time frame for doing them is much shorter and can
    easily end your life if not fast enough, so keep tapping the X button when you
    get the chance.
    -Recommended Weapon--
    Now is probably a good idea to use your Redeemer. Don't use too much ammo
    though (Save it for the final battle!) your two rifles will easily take care
    of the rest.Stay away from its head and keep shooting it but watch out for the
    tentacles which can strangle you. You will be moving around the room a lot,
    since the room itself is quite small. As long as you keep moving, and heal
    when necessary, you should be fine.
    |Final Battle: Flauros / Alessa's Dream|
    Location/s: Nowhere 
    A powerful demon that Travis is forced to fight while he opposes the cult as
    they perform the ritual to summon the birth of "God."
    It looks like the typical devil with tendrils coming out of its back.
    Its constantly attacks with a powerful blast of energy that comes out of its
    chest. This attack can be deadly as it is capable of damaging you more than
    once, so be sure to avoid it by not staying directly in front of it. It will
    also try to slash you with its claws if you are close to it. When you see it
    raise its arms, it is about to do a flaming rain attack so try to avoid them
    by looking at the shadows seen on the floor so you know where to dodge them.
    -Recommended Weapon--
    By this point, you should have tons of items that will help you in battle. If
    you saved your Redeemer ammo, now's the time to use it. Ten shots from the
    Redeemer and a few from the Hunting or Assault Rifle should kill it. Give it
    all you've got and heal when necessary. You have plenty of room to maneuver to
    so you shouldn't have a hard time dealing with him.
    6. Survival Tips
    |Save your supplies!|
    Supplies are limited in Slent Hill, so be sure to save them for later and only
    use them when needed. That way, you will have an easier time as the game
    |Take note of your surroundings!|
    With the radio on, the game gets a whole lot easier. It is already on by
    default, and is best left that way. Whenever a monster is nearby, the screen
    will also have a noise-filtered effect. Use these as an opportunity to easily
    be able to deal with them.
    |Hack away!|
    Perform consecutive attacks using melee weapons to quickly defeat monsters!
    Using consecutive attacks can also make monsters flinch easily, making them
    unable to strike back before they're long gone. Charged attacks are also good
    for ending their lives quickly, so make use of them.
    |Don't use your flashlight too often!|
    While it makes it very to see in the dark, it makes handling monsters a lot
    more difficult. A good idea is to turn it off right before entering a room.
    That way if a monster is present, you can easily attack/avoid it without being
    noticed. Turning your flashlight off will greatly help you go through Nowhere
    near the end of the game since all of the monsters are sensitive to light. Do
    note that not all monsters are affected by this.
    |Make multiple saves!|
    I recommend making multiples saves for each area, that way, you can easily
    start from that point if you mess up and use too much supplies.
    7. Contacts
    Is my FAQ incomplete/Incorrect? Do have any strategies to recommend? If so,
    feel free to contact me via e-mail and I'll credit you in the credits section.
    I'm always up for suggestions! Just don't e-mail me about things on how to go
    here and there because there are other guides for that.
    What I'm mostly looking for:
    -Missing items
    -Official names of the final boss and those "cage monsters" in the Sanitarium
    (Although the official guide gives them a list of names, I'm not quite sure if
    they are the official ones or not.)
    8. Credits
    I'd like to give my thanks to:
    GameFAQS, as always, for a very wonderful site
    Konami, for creating one of the best survival-horror games out there
    belorfing, for pointing out the grapple sequence of The Butcher
    Those who find this FAQ any useful at all
                 |                                             |
                 |  Copyright 2006 Olrac / Carlo Buenaventura  |
                 |                                             |

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