Codebreaker codes?

  1. Does anyone knows a codebreaker codes? for english version.. especially for complete characters ..I've tried some of the codes here but it doesn't seems worked.. my codebreaker is Version 9.1 and i lived in the Philippinesso i dont know if it is NTSC OR PAL.. hope that details helps thanks! XD

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  1. M (CBv6+/GSv3+/XPv4+ or higher)
    9013BE90 0C04EF4C

    M (CBv1-5/XPv1-2 only)
    F0100008 001A027B

    M (AR2v2/GS2v2/SMv3.8 coder only)
    0E3C7DF2 1456E7A5
    F0100008 001A027B

    Unlock All Dream Mode and Free Mode Scenarios and have them cleared on all difficulties
    405311c0 00440003
    00000f01 00000000

    Unlock All Characters (FIXED)
    4052c328 005e0036
    00006000 00000000
    It will mess with character ability acquisition. Fixed as of January 22, 2009. Now everyone is unlocked for all game modes including 2 player vs.

    All Characters' Level 99
    4052c254 005c0036
    000000ff 00000000
    Save once you have it, you won't be able
    to change costumes or weapons or maybe 1
    other unknown thing while it is on.

    All Characters' Life and Musou Max
    4052c258 005c0036
    10001000 00000000

    All Characters' Attack and Defense Max
    4052c25c 005c0036
    10001000 00000000

    All Characters' Speed and Proficiency Max
    4052c260 005c0036
    c0001000 00000000

    All Characters' Weapon 1 is 4th Weapon with All Attributes
    4052c268 005c0036
    7fff0003 00000004

    All Characters' Weapon 1 has All Skills, 15 Slots, and +20 Extra Attack
    4052c26c 005c0036
    140f7fff 00000000
    That might freeze the game. I checked my weapon with all skills and the game froze, but I didn't actually try to play the game with it on. If the game freezes, you'll need to change the 7fff part. These are skills digits.
    0001 Guile
    0002 Iron Will
    0004 Acrobatics
    0008 Nutrition
    0010 Firepower
    0020 Verity
    0040 Teamwork
    0080 Evasion
    0100 Stability
    0200 Highflier
    0400 Resolve
    0800 Synergy
    1000 Supremacy
    2000 Revival
    4000 Almighty

    All Characters' Weapon Attributes Maxed Out
    4052c270 005c0036
    ffffffff 00000000
    4052c274 005c0036
    ffffffff 00000000
    4052c278 005c0036
    ffffffff 00000000
    4052c27c 005c0036
    ffffffff 00000000

    All the codes above this line only work with codebreaker version 7 or higher.

    Unlock All Movies
    10531532 ffffffff
    10531534 0fffffff

    Have All Stories Cleared
    005311a4 00000008 (Shu)
    005311a8 00000008 (Wei)
    005311ac 00000008 (Wu)
    005311b0 00000008 (Samurai)
    005311b4 00000008 (Orochi)

    Character 1 Modifier
    0053184c 000000??

    Character 2 Modifier
    00531874 000000??

    Character 3 Modifier
    0053189c 000000??

    Max All Skills
    00531521 00000019
    10531522 00001919
    20531524 19191919
    20531528 19191919
    2053152c 19191919

    Have All Treasures
    20531504 ffffffff

    Stop Time While Playing
    0053183b 00000002

    Activate all 4 power-ups
    205318d4 ffffffff
    It might be useless without the infinite time codes for those items.

    Attack Range Modifier
    10541962 0000???? (I tried ffff just to see what a negative value does, and I randomly hit every enemy within visible distance.)

    Horse Speed Modifier
    10541966 0000????

    Can Always use True Musou
    10541970 0000ffff

    For the attack range or horse speed modifier, I'm not sure if it's floats or normal hex values. Try what you want, 1000 should be good though.

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