Best Way To Increas Proficiency?

  1. Whats the best way to increase proficiency?

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    agent17v - 8 years ago

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  1. 5 Officers = 500 Peons = Proficiency Level Up.

    For quick 5-6 Prof Levels. Go to Wu 4.
    You can do this in at least 2 minutes if you use Sun Jian's Dir+#1 to lower his HP and to get him killed by Lu Bu, you retain your levels and proficiency when you die and save.

    For about 8-9 Prof Levels. Go to SW-8 or Wei-8.
    Sekigahara has a ton of officers already on the map, most of them in the middle. The one's that will give you trouble is probably Keiji's Ambush Unit. Since it's hard to figure out where they start with the fog in place.
    Guan Du doesn't really start with a lot of officers. But when Orochi X summons more units. Then there will be LOTS. If you are willing to wait a bit due to message spam and completing the intial objective. Then this is the right stage for quick Prof.

    I recommend those 3, but try other stages like Wei-2.

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  1. Pick a stage with lots of officers (each is worth 100 soldiers), and only use one character at a time. Unless I'm missing something, difficulty level doesn't matter, so just play on Easy.

    Killing 1000+ enemies also helps. I found that Battle of Hasedo is always a good stage for racking up kills, provided you can keep Kanetsugo from being an idiot and getting himself killed.

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  2. You can also try Wu stage 4 there are like 15-20 officers

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  3. Yeah I agree Wu 4 is the best I reckon.

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  4. For me I pick a character and play him/her through an entire story mode by them selfs. Its an easy way to gain proficiency and lvl up.

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  5. Try Wei 8. Apparently you can get 8-9 Proficiency points per run.
    *Thanks raige*

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  6. The Battle of Sekigahara (Samurai 8) is a pretty good stage to boost your Prof. Guan Du (Wei 8) is also a good one. Both of these can get you about 6-8 if you use just one character. Some of the dream stages work well such as Keiji/Lu Bu/Tadakatsu's if you are still working on one of them. Other than that I suggest just going through the storyline as a single character taking out as much as you possibly can. Wu 4 is a great choice, just don't let the flood attack work until you are done killing.

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