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    Sun Wukong by The Dark Paladin

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    Sun Wukong FAQ - Ver 1.80
    Warriors Orochi 2
    By Elaina A.
    Contributor Recognition: The Dark Paladin
    Table of Contents:
    1. Introduction
    2. Legal Notes
    3. Why A Sun Wukong FAQ?
    4. About Sun Wukong
    5. Playing As Sun Wukong
      a) How To Unlock
      b) Moveset
      c) Weapons
      d) Abilities
      e) Strategy
      f) Customizing Sun Wukong
      g) Investing Sun Wukong
    6. Sun Wukong On The Solo Chaos Tier List
    8. Contact Me
    9. Credits
    10. Version History
    1. Introduction
    Hi all, and welcome to my very first guide. This guide's purpose is to provide
    the player with the general way and (hopefully) the best strategy to play as
    Sun Wukong(the glorious). Since English is not my mother language, and as I
    said this is my first time writing a FAQ, expect it to be in a very rough
    shape. I am a very modest guy, I will not be pretentious and say that this
    document is flawless and error-free. I am up to any suggestion, correction,
    alternative strategies and setups as long as you send it to me in a polite
    manner. I will update this FAQ with the new information after I confirm them,
    so make sure to send your name(or username) in order to get your due credit.
    I guess that covers up about everything I wanted to say in the introduction.
    Alright then, Let's get down to business; time to add another notch to
    Mr. Whacky!
    2. Legal Notes
    This document shall not be ripped,restructured,reproduced or resubmitted on
    any other website than gamefaqs.com without having my permission first. Also,
    please don't print this FAQ for any other purpose than personal use. Should
    this document magically appear on any other website without my permission,
    I will haunt you. Trust me, I can. And in a very annoying manner, too.
    Copyright 2008 Elaina A
    UPDATE 11/04/08: The following sites are currently allowed to host this guide
    and all my upcoming guides in the future (if there was any):
    I accepted that the guide be puplished on several sites in the first place
    because the purpose of writing a guide is the benefit of as much users as
    possible. However, I will only be posting the updates on GameFAQs alone, so
    all the other permitted sites will have to get the updated version themselves.
    It's hard as it is to find time for the internet in my life these days, let
    alone following up on so many sites. I apologize for any inconvenience this
    might cause.
    3. Why A Sun Wukong FAQ?
    Good question. The Monkey King has always been -and will be- my favorite
    mythology/folklore character ever. I remember when I was very young and I used
    to watch this Chinese cartoon that featured Sun Wukong with my Mother every
    Thursday evening. I also remember how she used to make up bed time tales about
    the heroic Monkey King (Or Monkey, for short) in a way that made him even a lot
    cooler in my eyes. With that said, imagine how much joy and excitement I felt
    when I knew that Sun Wukong will be featured in a KOEI game, and in the second
    Warriors Orochi no less! This alone made this game one of my most anticipated
    NA release ever. One of the first things I had in mind is to unlock and play
    as (the glorious) Monkey.
    So that's it? No. Sun Wukong, as featured in WO2, is a very fun character to
    play as. His attacks are fast, his moveset is one of the most solid for a SPD
    (speed) category character, it follows the traditional Dynasty Warriors
    moveset, which makes adapting to his fighting style easy. He is equipped
    with a cool weapon, and very handy maneuver techniques.
    To add to the coolness that is Sun Wukong, KOEI has provided him with his
    floating cloud, which allows him to travel around even faster than Red Hare
    and Matsukaze. To put it in more game mechanics terms: He has the biggest
    Speed stat figure, and it maxed out right of the bat! And he is the Monkey
    King for crying out loud! Besides, there's no FAQ to feature him yet. Somebody
    gotta do it at one point, right?
    4.About Sun Wukong
    Taken directly from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_Wukong
    Sun Wukong, known in the West as the Monkey King, is the main character
    in the classical Chinese epic novel Journey to the West. In the novel,
    he accompanies the monk Xuanzang on the journey to retrieve Buddhist
    sutras from India.
    Sun Wukong possesses incredible strength, being able to lift his 13,500 jin
    (8,100 kg) Ruyi Jingu Bang with ease. He also has superb speed, traveling
    108,000 li (54,000 kilometers) in one somersault.
    Sun knows 72 transformations, which allows him to transform into various
    animals and objects; he is, however, shown with slight problems transforming
    into other people, since he is unable to complete the transformation of his
    tail. He is a skilled fighter, capable of holding his own against the best
    generals of heaven. Each of his hairs possesses magical properties, and is
    capable of transforming into a clone of the Monkey King himself, or various
    weapons, animals, and other objects. He also knows various spells in order
    to command wind, part water, conjure protective circles against demons,
    freeze humans, demons, and gods alike, to name a few. Unlike most gods, he
    earned his immortality through battling heaven and earth.
    In Warriors Orochi 2, like any other character in the game, Sun Wukong plays
    a different role than his original portrayal. This time around, Sun Wukong
    returns as a villain because he was freed from his eternal prison by the evil
    Kiyomori Taira instead of Xuanzang. He scouts the world searching for worthy
    warriors to serve in Kiyomori's army, for the sole purpose of resurrecting
    Orochi from the dead. The player confronts Sun Wukong several times throughout
    the storylines, and every time he has a new trick up his sleeves.
    5. Playing As Sun Wukong
    5.a How To Unlock
    To unlock the Monkey King, simply beat the Wei story once on any difficulty.
    5.b Moveset
    As mentioned before, his moveset is that of Dynasty Warriors characters. The
    general layout for His moveset is as followed:
    (S = SQUARE button, T = TRIANGLE button)
    S > S > S > S > S > S > S > S > S
    T     > T > T > T > T > T
                 > T
                 > T
    Hm. That doesn't even sound close, it sounds so confusing that I will leave
    it there just to remember to not get lazy in the future.
    Here we go again, this time; in a little bit more useful details:
    Normal attacks:
    S              Swings weapon counter clockwise
    SS             Swings weapon clockwise
    SSS            Shoves weapon right to left
    SSSS           Plants weapon in the ground and kicks
    SSSSS          Crouches and deals a low hit
    SSSSSS         Swings weapon counter clockwise
    SSSSSSS        Swings weapon clockwise
    SSSSSSSS       Crouches and deals a low hit
    SSSSSSSSS      Puts weapon on shoulders and perform two circle
                   attacks (knocks enemies away, and looks cool)
    Dash attack:
    S + Direction  Swirls weapon at full speed
    Charge attacks:
    Element activation: C3,C4,C5,C6**
    T              Shoots a dark orb
    ST             Performs a hind kick
    SST (TTTTTTT)  Perform flips, and ends with a ground pound
                   (each T adds a flip to the combo)
    SSST           A faster S9 (SQUARE string)
    SSSST          A high spinning jump (juggles and knocks enemies away)
    SSSSST         Bents and waves staff 270 degrees with one hand
    **for the players that are unfamiliar with the concept of "Cx", "x" represents
    the position of a "TRIANGLE" button press while pulling out a combo.
    e.g: C4 = SSST, because "4" is the position of the "T" button in the combo.
    Jump attacks:
    XS             Shoots a shock wave
    XT             Air-dash spin attack
    Musou attacks:
    C              Moves & swirls weapon, then releases thunder bolts from
                   his cloud
    C (Red health) True Musou; a faster more effective Musou
    Mounted attacks:
    (Yeah right, like you will need to use him on a horse.. :/ )
    SSSSSS         Swirls weapon and attacks on both sides
    T              Devides weapon and pokes continuosly
    Special attacks:
    R1             Releases mini monkeys, if SQUARE is pressed
                   before the monkeys come out, Wukong will
                   turn giant
    R1 + Direction Sits on top of weapon and unleash hail of
    5.c Weapons
    Sun Wukong has four weapons in total(o rly?).
    The number in brackets represents the weapon's base power:
    Wooden Stick (9)
    Golden Staff (18)
    Nyoi-bo (36)
    Jingu Staff (73)
    A good and easy way to obtain the 4th weapon (Jingu Staff):
    Play Free Mode, Orochi story: Battle of Cheng Du on Chaos difficulty.
    This stage is relatively short, even for beginners. My Sun Wukong was level 30
    when I played this stage on Chaos, and it was like a summer breeze.
    5.d Abilities
    Sun Wukong can unlock the following abilities:
    Conserve: Reduces Musou Gauge usage.
    Conditions: Defeat 60 enemies.
    Adrenalin: Refills Life Gauge once combo reaches 10.
    Conditions: Defeat 70 enemies, including 3 officers.
    Recover: Refills Life Gauge during battle.
    Conditions: Defeat 100 enemies within 10 minutes of the start of the battle,
                without performing any attack using the Musou Gauge.
    All o'em are banana-yellow abilities, eh Monkey?
    5.e Strategy:
    Sun Wukong enables the following strategy:
    Face Off: Reduces the damage inflicted upon all allied forces. In other words:
    It raises the defense of all officers in your army.
    Conditions: Defeat 300 enemies.
    Sounds tough, huh? Wrong. With Sun Wukong, your KO count will read "300" in
    a blink. He moves fast, he hits fast, he kills fast. In fact, with him you
    can trigger this strategy relatively earlier than most other characters who
    has the same strategy even in harder stages and on harder modes.
    Try it yourself, it's fun.
    5.f Customizing Sun Wukong:
    * Before we start, I want to confirm that we agree on the following 2 points:
    - Costumizing any character in general usually must follow the player's own
      preference and experience.
    - Costumizing Sun Wukong like mentioned bellow is the way I found him to be
      most effictive for my style. Therefore, you might, no. You PROBABLY can come
      out with a better setup for your Sun Wukong. However, there is something I
      can guarantee for you: My own setup works out nearly-flawless on Chaos mode,
      any stage.
    We're all buddy buddy now? Good. Then let's move to the main thing.
    * First, let's level Monkey up, and max his proficiency.
    To gain levels easily, breeze through any story line on easy difficulty with
    Sun Wukong solo. You will reach lv99 and Profic50 in less than one run. It's
    how I did it, on Orochi's story. It worked out great, but if you still haven't
    beaten that story yet or simply felt like leveling up on free mode, your best
    bet is a stage with too much enemy officers involved. Wei-5 (Battle of Komaki-
    Nagakute) and Wu-4 (Battle of Itsukushima) are two good examples.
    * With Monkey all buffed up now and in top shape, let's move on to the team
    I usually pick the following maxed out abilities for all my teams:
    Vitality, Fortitude, Speed, Boost, Awakening, Adrenalin, Recover.
    As you can tell, I am more of a defensive player. Now with Sun Wukong, I found
    defensive setup to work out great since he has a relatively high health and
    defence already, so boosting them will be like equiping him with an armor. I
    don't add attack boost abilities since his attacks are too fast that you can
    hit and avoid being hit at the same time, in addition to that you can costumize
    his own weapon for more potential whacking power.
    Speaking of weapons, we might need to get one of those Jingu Staff things.
    Refer to section 5.c for more details on how to get one.
    * Now after we have obtained the Jingu Staff, why don't we set her up for
    more whacking action?
    I used the following attributes setup on my Jingu Staff, and my Monkey can
    manage to kick ass on Chaos even when my PS2 is turned off:
    Bolt 10, Flash 10, Air 10, Brave 10, Range 10, Multi 10, Agility 10, Might 10
    Bolt: Is a very effective element, and suits the nature of Monkey's attacks.
          Although I tried Flame and it worked out as beautiful on him. In fact,
          Flame can have better potential but Bolt fits more my play style.
    Flash: Recently KOEI had this bad habit of making their enemy AI abuse the use
           of blocking. They can get really annoying so you might as well whack
           some sense into them. Flash is a MUST.
    Air: He juggles. He kicks ass when he juggles. Improving his juggles, means
         the improvement of his ass kicking abilities.
    Brave: Enemy officers on higher difficulty can become really annoying, even
           the generic ones. So Brave is the solution to teach them not to mess
           with Monkey.
    Range: Come on! Do I even need to put a description here? The guy's range
           is awesome as it is, so why not cheat a little bit?
    Multi: I got to be honest here, it's not like I won't replace this with
           another element like Slay if I were you, but it just looks
           too cool to miss!
    Agility: Please read Range again. I beg you. Save my sore fingers.
    Might: Remember how I promised to make up for the lack in attack boosting
           abilities before? Might is the answer to that delimma.
    UPDATE 11/11/08: It has been reported to me by Kaikuro that Range doesn't
    actually grant any noticable boost to Monkey's weapon. Although it has
    always been one of my basic weapon attributes for him from the beginning,
    his suggestion of replacing Range with Slay provided me the best solution
    to benefit of the maximum damaging potential I could get. And therefore, a
    very special thanks is due.
    UPDATE 11/25/08: I have recently came upon a very interesting ... Something.
    It's not a discovery, but rather an alternative way to play as Monkey. I
    was messing with his weapon and suddenly it struck me that it would be a
    good idea to try Absorb on his setup. It came to me when I was thinking how
    you could refill your Musou bar in DW5 simply by hitting/defeating enemies,
    a privilege that we poor players were denied in the WO series. I ended up
    replacing Agility with Absorb and it worked as good, allowing you to spam
    his R1 special attacks to your heart content. You can try this setup if
    you're interested, since he is a quick attacker even without Agility.
    However, it works as well and even better replacing Multi with Absorb, and
    Range with Slay.
    * Finally, I think it's about time we upgrade the Jingu Staff!
    (Since upgrades require treasure hunting stuff, make sure you have the right
    items for them first.)
    I used the following upgrades on my weapon and the harmony involved is like
    Acrobatic: Hey now, he's Monkey! It's only natural. Basically it's useful when
               Monkey gets knocked out by a strong attack, with this skill he can
               retaliate (strafe with L1) even faster!
    Resolve:   This works the same way as the item called "Musou Armor" in DW5.
               It prevents Monkey from flinching when hit by arrows or shotguns.
               Pretty cool huh?
    Revival:   Familiar with Final Fantasy Auto-Life? If not; let me clarify. With
               this skill, Monkey will be automatically resurrected once when his
               Health Points reach zero. A geniune immortal in action!
    At last, it is always fun to have a substitute weapon with Almighty. It morphs
    the Monkey King into the Crazy King. Basically, it turns the n00b player into
    a pro, so if you love to own the easy way, who am I to tell ya otherwise?
    UPDATE: It has been confirmed by many users on Warriors Orochi 2 board and by
    my own experience that adding Almighty to Monkey's weapon on the aforementioned
    setup will result in him being extremely fast to the degree of being very hard
    (and thumb soring) to even perform a complete SQUARE string. Meaning, if you
    feel like making use of the elemental properties of Almighty on Wukong, I
    suggest the removing -or at least dropping the value- of Agility on his weapon.
    I personally replaced Agility on the previous setup with Slay on the Almighty
    weapon and it works as da bomb.
    UPDATE 12/14/08: As of 11/29/08, GameFAQs hosted the WARRIORS OROCHI 2 Maximized
    Weapon Element Guide, created by and copyrighted for BakusaiTenketsu. While I
    personally not a fan of maximized damage on Chaos difficulty since it takes away
    the rest of the almost non-existant challenge from the Warriors Orochi series,
    the data provided by that documents is really helpful -and very fun- if you're
    interested in having substitute weapons with the mentioned setups, something
    that ain't gonna hurt to try once in a while. The suggestion setup by that guide
    for Sun Wukong is like this:
    Attributes (all at 10): Bolt, Flash, Slay, Air, Brave, Multi, Agility, Might.
    Upgrades: Stability, Resolve, [Anything].
    What to do: C4 is all you need.
    One more time: Remember that is not the suitable setup/style for the players who
    look for a challenge -myself included-. Also, this setup is still up to debate,
    so in case the info on the source were changed, this section will naturally
    overcome the same changes.
    5.g Investing Sun Wukong
    In general, Sun Wukong is good for both crowd clearing, and officer bashing.
    With the setup given above, I find even his normal S string works great
    against crowds considering his agile attacks, but the same move might be
    a tad annoying against enemy officers if they kept blocking. Here is where
    his C3 comes in handy. With Bolt and Flash on his weapon, the C3 activate
    both elements resulting in Flash breaking the block of the enemy officers,
    while Bolt takes care of added damage(X 1.6, yet to be confirmed), in addition
    to stunning the enemy officers themselves and the whole surrounding crowd.
    Also, since his C3 consists of continuous ground flips, it isn't only a killer,
    but a self defence mechanism as well. By performing the flips, he can hit and
    avoid being hit at the same time! You will soon adapt to this move that it will
    eventually become a very cheap way to kill thousands and thousands of enemies
    in a fast and effictive manner.
    Furthermore, because Wukong is a SPD character, and with Acrobatic added to his
    weapon skills, it helps performing maneuvering techniques even more. You
    can always perform a double jump when you feel that the situation is getting
    out of your control, as well as using his C3 to hit and avoid as mentioned
    earlier. A very good retaliation technique I found out is that when the enemy
    officer gets you knocked you can flip with L1 and counter by pressing TRIANGLE
    to effectively execute his jump charge.
    Finally, I must mention that Sun Wukong is my #1 character when it comes to
    4th weapons farming, considering that (as mentioned many times earlier), he's
    a very easy character to adapt to at any stage, which means it's easier to
    obtain better weapons at harder stages using him. Simply choose your weakest
    characters alongside Monkey and venture forth!
    Reading about the amazing stuff you can do with Monkey is neat, but it won't
    be as fun as trying them yourselves. Unlock, power up, improve, whack, and
    write to me about your impressions. ^_^
    6. Sun Wukong On The Solo Chaos Tier List
    I have to admit, I don't really stick to the concept of tier lists. I am one of
    "those people" who believe that every player can come out with their own tier
    list. Personally, in every KOEI game I played so far, I always find Zhang Liao
    to be my most effictive character. He is the character that I happen to find as
    the easiest to adapt with on any difficulty, but if you think that he is the
    worst character in the game, then he is. It is your decision, based on your own
    experience, and your own playing style. (Special thanks is due to Rampidzier for
    teaching me about this concept).
    However, there's a group of good ol' Warriors Orochi fans (led by the infamous
    Rydain and Calbee) came out with the great "Solo Chaos Tier List" for the first
    Warriors Orochi game. The time that they have spent, the tests that they have
    performed, the heart they have put on it.. All this dedication mustn't go
    unmentioned. Great job guys, you won me over as a fan of your work.
    Since the game was released only a short while ago, Wukong's location on the
    tier list is still unknown. Until the time the gang agrees on the WO2 list
    (if they were working on one in the first place), this section won't be
    Perhaps it's about time to dedicate a space within this guide to post Monkey's
    quotes. As expected, his quotes vary between cool, humorous and very humorous.
    The Quotes section was created on 11/11/08, and some quotes were added. However,
    this section remains incomplete. I will eventually add up some more quotes, but
    please feel free to contribute to this section by emailing me any Sun Wukong
    quotes you find out during your play.
    7.a Own quotes:
    "Alright! Who's up next for some fun?"
    "Is it MY TURN?"
    Enemy officer defeated:
    "Time to add another notch to Mr. Whacky."
    True Musou:
    "LET'S GO NUTS!"
    Special Attack:
    "How about this?"
    "Waha! No one can match the glorious Sun Wukong!"
    "You've got some guts, coming after me!"
    "Got a little careless... I'm outta here."
    "At least I had fun..."
    7.b Praises:
    Orochi: "Yes... Wreak havoc."
    Zuo Ci: "Having fun, my simian friend?"
    Hideyoshi Toyotomi: "You're no ordinary monkey, I see."
    7.c Interactions:
    //Odawara Castle//
    Sun Wukong: "Hhey! Monkey boy, you're so adorable, how about I adobt you?"
    Hideyoshi Toyotomi: "Quiet, you! I am no Monkey!"
    //Cheng Du//
    Zhao Yun: "On my life I will allow no one to harm Lord Liu Bei!"
    Sun Wukong: "Oooh, don't get all worked up! It's all just business, nothing
                 personal you know."
    Yukimura Sanada: "I am Yukimura Sanada! Prepare yourselves!"
    Sun Wukong:     "Woohoo! Looks like you know how to handle that spear, huh?"
    //Si Province//
    Sun Wukong: "Nu Wa, Cavorting around with humans? Just what are you scheming?"
    Nu Wa: "Shouldn't you mind your own business?"
    Sun Wukong: "You handle yourself pretty well in a fight. How would you
                 say about joining us, THE winning side?"
    Cao Cao: "Know to whom you speak! I am Cao Cao, ruler of Wei!"
    Dian Wei: "Fat chance. Here's a banana. Why don't you go somewhere and
               take five?"
    Zhang He: "I can't assossiate with monkeys! Their smelly fur is
    Kunoichi: "Yeah but that mean I'd have to be on Dong Zhuo's side, and
               that would be just awkward y'know."
    Sun Wukong: "Whooo... That was some fight! Don't worry, I will be back for
    Sun Wukong: "Lousy pests! Ugh. Now I will have to deal with these guys too..."
    Kojiro Sasaki: "You've gone into so much trouble just to build an army for
                    that thug... You poor thing..."
    //Wuhang Mountains//
    Mitsuhide Akechi: "Let me go! I will not work for Kiyomori!"
    Sun Wukong: "Hhey, Don't be like that. It's not such a bad deal you know.
                 Anyway, we will iron out the details with the old man himself."
    Xing Cai:   "Outta my way. I don't have time for mere mischief-makers."
    Sun Wukong: "Hmmm.. Sorry. I feel like fighting. Besides, I don't want old
                 Kiyomori to catch me slacking off."
    Ina: "Why would you side with a monster like Kiyomori?"
    Sun Wukong: "Well, you know, I owe the old man one."
    Sun Wukong: "Oh, come on, I don't have time to waste on weaklings like you..."
    Lu Xun: "It's foolish of you to underestimate me! Allow me to educate you."
    Wei Yan: "I... Stronger than... monkey."
    Zuo Ci: "I am a little stronger than I look."
    -Near defeat:
    Sun Wukong: "I owe Kiyomori my freedom. It'd just be rude not to do him a
                 favor in return."
    Sun Wukong: "I am not slow enough to let you lot catch me. See you later!"
    Kiyomori Taira: "Hmm... Still not enough. Wukong, Scyth into them from the
    Sun Wukong: "Yeah! I'm gonna give those sucerks a big surprise."
    Sun Wukong: "Yeehaa! Time to paint the town red! And I am fresh outta paint!"
    Xiahou Dun: "My Lord's road to glory will not be polluted by your fealthy
    Dian Wei: "Paint, eh? The only decoration this place needs is your hide,
               nailed to the wall!"
    Oichi: "No Monkey, no matter how loud he screeches, could hope to challenge
            us." (Kudos to those who get this one.)
    Kunoichi: "Good! There's nothing worse than having a monkey going easy
               on you."
    Nu Wa: "As usual, a vulgar monkey. It is time you were tamed!"
    //Lu Shan (Dream 24)//
    Xiao Qiao: "Oooo! A real monkey! Can I pet you?"
    Sun Wukong:"if you can keep up with me, girl... I might let you touch my
    //Bai Di Castle//
    Sun Wukong: "Hmm.. Little monkey. You're wasting your talents among these
    Hideyoshi Toyotomi: "why thank yo- Hey! At least I don't have a tail!"
    Sun Wukong: "Well, well! Y'all look like you're itchin' for a fight! This
    should be
    Shingen Takdea: "Indeed. Although I would fear all the fun would be had by
    Sakon Shima: "Sorry, but I've had more than enough monkey business for one day."
    Xu Huang: "My warrior spirit will cry from the shame of losing to a monkey!
    Kanetsuge Naoe: "It is time to put you in a cage, monkey, where you belong."
    Sun Wukong:"Woo, nice backstab! And what perfect timing, I was just thinking
                about what it would be like to tangle with you."
    Lu Bu: "Do not waste time talking, foolish ape."
    Sun Wukong: "I'm no ordinary monkey! I am the great, supreme, wonderful, and
                 illustrious Lord Sun Wukong the Magnificent!"
    Sun Ce: "Hey - we don't let monkeys into the Sun family!"
    Zhou Tai: "And?"
    Ling Tong: "Nope. Never heard of ya."
    Xiao Qiao: "Wow! Wait... Who?"
    Huang Gai: "Well then I, the famous Huang Gai, will challenge you!"
    Ginchiyo Tachibana: "No matter who or what you are, I will never back down!"
    Yoshitsune Minamoto: "I am Yoshitsune Minamoto! Fight me!"
    Xu Zhu: "You are all skin and bones! Have you been eating enough?"
    //Tong Gate//
    Sun Wukong: "Well, looks like you guys just volunteered yourselves! Yeeaa!"
    Yuan Shao: "How dare you even show yourself before me, you degenerate monster."
    Jiang Wei: "Out of my way! I don't have time to associate with monkeys."
    Pang Tong: "Honored, I am sure. To be selected by a monkey..."
    //Guan Du//
    -Final Battle:
    Shin Orochi: "Come, show the Serpent King your true strength."
    Sun Wukong: "Whooo... Look at the size of him... Maybe this was a mistake..."
    7.d Duels:
    (Note: To trigger these quotes, you must approach Sun Wukong at Komaki-Nagakute
    with one of the characters listed bellow. Having them in the party isn't enough
    to get Wukong to say the special quotes. Meaning, unlike normal encounters, you
    can't get more than one in the same battle.)
    -Da Ji
    Encountering - "Yo, Da Ji. Come here for a second."
    Losing - "This was a nice workout. Let's do it again sometime.."
    Death - "Remember - If it's not fun, it's not worth doing..."
    -Kiyomori Taira
    Encountering - "Old man... It's about time you showed me what you've got."
    Losing - "I knew you were tough! It was fun!"
    Death - "There's no shame in losing to you..."
    -Lu Bu
    Encountering - "Whoa! Taking you on should be a blast!"
    Losing - "Your skill matches your reputation... Bye Bye!"
    Death - "Man... Over already...?"
    -Tadakatsu Honda
    Encountering - "Whoa, you look like a strong one."
    Losing - "You're a tough nut to crack! Let's do this again real soon."
    Death - "Well... At least I had a good time till the very end..."
    That's about it for now, stay tuned for more!
    (Don't forget to send me if you've got any! ;) )
    8. Contact Me
    Should you have any comments, notes, or suggestions, please don't hesitate to
    contact me by email or by IM on:
    As said, I am up to any email as long as it is sent in a polite manner. I am
    up to constructive critisim, and I will even credit you should your notes come
    as help to me. On the other hand, try to mess with me and I can be one real
    nasty piece of work.
    9. Credits
    For making yet another great game. Please make WO3.
    For creating GameFAQs. 
    For posting this on the site.
    My Family:
    For being the best family anyone can ever has. A special mention here is
    due to my little sister Farah, for being an amazing gaming partner with
    her Xiahou Dun's obsession, and for always kicking my butt with Taigong
    Wang on versus mode.
    For your living memory as a wonderful friend and gaming partner.
    R.I.P; Mercy be upon your soul..
    You will always be with me.
    My Gang:
    For being the most loyal crime partners when it comes to blundering,
    smuggling, cash laundry and assassination contracts. Also for
    introducing me to DW3 years ago, which was the first KOEI game I
    ever played and got me interested in KOEI's work.
    Gil (Rydain, Or Cao Ren's Rapid Fan Girl for short, lol):
    For all the help she provided through her tips on both WO & WO2 boards,
    for explaining about Monkey's giant transform, and for working on the
    tier list with the guys.
    Matt (madaboutbuffy):
    For countless reasons. He is the one who inspired me to write in the first
    place, and even granted me the permission to use his own FAQs' structure in
    order to achieve that goal. Not to mention that he's a very nice fella.
    Steven (ssomer01):
    For helping me on some of the tests, and for his time. Thanks man.
    For posting all these great guides and for teaching me about the concept of
    "own tire list".
    For spotting the very ugly error regarding Monkey's special attack.
    For providing one good alternative setup on Wukong's weapon, and for informing
    me that Monkey actually HAS a C6!
    Ryan (King_of_Ikana):
    For the Sun Wukong/Ling Tong and Sun Wukong/Yuan Shao encounters. Also for all
    the different stuff he helps me trying.
    For contributing to the Quotes section.
    10. Version History
    Version 1.0  10/13/08 - Document created
                          - Document submitted to GameFAQs
    Version 1.03 10/20/08 - Changed the title of clause 5.g
                          - Added new information to 5.g
                          - Corrected some typos/grammar errors
                          - Added to the Credits section
    Version 1.08 11/04/08 - Updated the Legal section
                          - Updated sec 5.f concerning Almighty on Monkey's weapon
                          - Corrected the error regarding Monkey's special attack
    Next time, the update will hopefully involves quotes.
    Version 1.1  11/11/08 - Started posting in the Quotes section
                          - Added his C6 to the moveset section
                          - Added new information to the weapon setup section
    Version 1.5  11/20/08 - Changed the structure of the Quotes section
                          - Added some more quotes
    Version 1.6  11/25/08 - Added new information to the weapon setup section
                          - Tangled a little bit with the Quotes section
                          - Added some more quotes
    Version 1.7  11/30/08 - Added new information to 7.d
                          - Added some more quotes
    Version 1.75 12/14/08 - Added the maximized damage setup on section 5.f
    Version 1.76 12/24/08 - Added some more quotes
    Version 1.77 03/22/09 - Updated the Contact Me and Credits sections
    Version 1.80 05/31/13 - Refined the grammar and spelling in the entire document
                          - Updated the Contact Me section
                                    -END OF GUIDE-

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