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    Toshiie Maeda by zodiark11

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    Toshiie Maeda FAQ
    By John Carl (zodiark11)
    Version 1.1
    1.) Introduction
    2.) Toshiie Maeda’s Bio and History
    3.) Why Toshiie?
    4.) Playing as Toshiie Maeda
    4a.) Movesets (On Land)
       4b.) Movesets (Mounted)
       4c.) Weapons
       4d.) Abilities
       4e.) Strategies
       4f.) Teammate
    5.) Weapon Setup
    6.) Others
       6a.) Quotes
       6b.) Dialogues And Special Speeches
    7.) Contacts
    8.) Credits and Legal Junk
    9.) History
    1.) Introduction
    Thank you for reading this guide. This is my first guide and it's all about
    Toshiie and a perfect way to customize his weapon and also other better
    strategies to play as Toshiie. There are also dialogues for fun. I hope
    everyone can read and understand since English is not my main language in my
    country. So, I really need your comments and suggestions. Feel free to e-mail
    me or ask me on the board.
    Note that all of these strategies and weapon setups are my style. Probably
    useful to some players and if you don't like it, you can press alt+F4 now.
    2.) Toshiie Maeda’s Bio and History
    Below is Toshiie's history and lifetime
    *Taken from Sengoku Jidai Database*
    Toshiie is the seventh son of Toshimasa Maeda, born at 1538-1599. He serves
    faithfully Nobunaga Oda And Hideyoshi Toyotomi until his and the former’s
    dying day. He was known as the Master of Yari (Japanese Spear) and named Yari
    No Mataza (Mataza of the Spear). Toshiie became more famous after joining most
    of important battles, such as Tetorigawa and Anegawa. He went on to serve
    Hideyoshi and continued his support for Hideyoshi in Battle of Komaki-Nagakute
    and became an esteemed member of Hideyoshi's council.
    He has a close relationship with other named warriors such as Katsuie Shibata,
    Mitsuhide Akechi and Kinoshita Tokichiro. Toshiie was named by Hideyoshi as
    one Of The Toyotomi Five Regents. Unfortunately, he died mere a year after
    receiving that name.
    In Warriors Orochi 2, Toshiie doesn’t play a big role here. Only in Ji Castle,
    he was surrounded by a numerous army of Sima Yi. He fights with Magoichi to
    defeat Sima Yi.
    3.) Why Toshiie?
    Personally, I liked Toshiie because he's cool. He got two spears and a spiky
    sword. His movesets aren't that bad and not too difficult to control. His C4
    and C6 are pretty useful to push peons if you're in a tight situation. I bet
    you'll love Toshiie when you play as him and press the Circle button. I mean,
    MUSOU. It's similiar to Nagamasa but it's two times faster. If you have maxed
    him out, enemy officers will gone in flash. Toshiie is a Power category
    character. He is fun to play with.
    4.) Playing as Toshiie Maeda
    |4a.) Movesets (On Land)|
    S            - A horizontal slash to the right with his sword
    SS           - A horizontal slash to the left his sword
    SSS          - A horizontal slash to the left his sword
    SSSS         - A spinning diagonally upward slash with his sword to the left.
    SSSSS        - A diagonally upward slash with his sword to the right.
    SSSSSS       - A horizontal slash with his sword to the left.
    SSSSSSS      - A diagonally downward slash with his sword to the right
    S8-11        - A series of horizontal slashes with his sword alternating from
                   left to right
    SSSSSSSSSSSS - A spinning horizontal slash with his sword to the left
    T            - A double diagonally downward slash with both spears that breaks
                   the enemy guard
    ST           - A diagonally upward slash with one spear to the right
    SST          - A double horizontal slash with both spears that stuns enemies
    SSST         - A double slash with both spears horizontally
    SSSST        - A double stab and creating a small whirlwind
    SSSSST       - Throws both spears around him outwards and dizzies
    SSSSSST (T)  - A stab with one spear, causing the enemy to be freezed
                   temporarily. Pressing triangle again, Toshiie will perform
                   diagonally downward slash with the other spear to the left
    SSSSSSST     - Jumps up and stabs the ground with both spears, sending out a
                   ground energy wave
    SSSSSSSST    - Runs forward and twirls both spears off to the side.
    Jump Attack  - A downward slash with his sword to the right
    Jump Charge  - Stabs the ground, causing the ground explode
    Dash Attack  - A downward slash with his sword to the right
    Musou        - Unleash an aura around him to stun enemies And begins to stab
                   quickly with his two spears. Toshiie will stand in one place
                   when performing musou
    True Musou   - Unleash an aura around him to stun enemies and begins to stab
                   quickly with his two spears. Then a series of horizontal slash
                   with his sword alternating from left to right three times and a
                   horizontal slash to  the right with his left spear
    Special (R1) - Toshiie will grab one enemy and throw the enemy far away. It’s
                   similar to Lu Bu
                   *Note: Toshiie’s special attack uses musou
    |4b.) Movesets (Mounted)|
    S      A double slash with both spears spinning towards the back
    SS     Another double slash with both spears spinning towards the back
    SSS    Again, double slash with both spears spinning towards the back
    S4-S7  A series of double slash with both spears spinning towards the back
    S8     A double slash with both spears spinning two times towards the back
    *Note-The normal attack (S) are all the same but the last one spins two rounds
    ST     A double slash with both spears downwards and upwards towards the front
           of the horse, causing the enemies flying
    SST    A slash with one of one spear downwards off to the side of the horse
           that dizzies the enemies
    SSST   A double slash with both spears outwards and towards the back
    |4c.) Weapons|
    Toshiie Maeda uses two spears and a spiky sword. Here it’s weapon name and
    it’s base strength:
    Training Blades        :  Base Strength 10
    Strength And Loyalty   :  Base Strength 20
    Valor And Trust        :  Base Strength 40
    Dragon’s Bite          :  Base Strength 80
    |4d.) Abilities|
    Toshiie Maeda has 3 skills :
          (Defeat 60 Enemies)
          (Defeat 70 enemies, including 3 officers)
          (Defeat 100 enemies while maintaining 50% life without using musou)
    |4e.) Strategies|
    Strategies is a new feature in Warriors Orochi 2. Gamers must fulfill the
    requirements to activate characters strategies. Yes. Each character has one
    strategies and gamers can execute those strategies anytime to help themselves
    from trouble.
    Face Off - Reduces the damage inflicted upon all allied forces
    Requirement - Defeat 300 enemies
    You know what it means. Reduce the damage of all allied officers and troops.
    It’s quite tough to get 300 kills in low level but when you’re strong enough,
    300 kills shouldn’t be a problem to you. Why? Because we are WARRIORS!
    |4f.) Teammate  |
    Yes! Maybe Toshiie needs help from his friends when he's in trouble. Here's
    some warriors that can help Toshiie:
    Sun Jian - His R1! Remember?
    Sun Wukong - The next Mr. Transporter
    Keiji Maeda - Brother?
    Why Sun Jian?
    Sun Jian's R1 can convert his life into a 10 second Musou. So, it's pretty
    useful for Toshiie's musou. Imagine Orochi being whipped by Toshiie for 10
    seconds plus your musou gauge. Yummy!
    Why Sun Wukong?
    Please. Don't make me laugh. You know he got his magic cloud and it's faster
    than Red Hare. So, ask Wukong if you ever need a lift. Plus, he's GOD when
    maxed. If you're into trouble, time to add another notch to Mr. Whacky!
    Why Keiji Maeda?
    Keiji Maeda is not necessary. Only if you're in a tight spot, his R1 can send
    the enemies into Mars lol, but I think Wukong is enough to deal the trouble
    makers. Sun Jian bores me sometimes so I add Keiji for fun.
    5.) Weapon Setup (Updated)
    Okay. Here’s the most important of all. A GOOD WEAPON SETUP! I have found that
    Toshiie can be used as two types: Crowd cleaner or Dueler (1 vs 1 or with
    officers). Let’s start with the crowd cleaner.
    I always use his C4 to push the enemies away. If you’re lucky, you could use
    Bolt element and kill all enemies at once. Of course Range is needed. How can
    you make lots of KO counts when you can only kill some enemies? ‘Crush them in
    one blow’. Slay and Rage are useful here, so don't forget.
    Yeah. This is what you’re waiting for, right? The God thing, Almighty.
    Personally, Resolve Lv.2 and Stability Lv.3 are perfect for him as a crowd
    cleaner. I’m not sure about Supremacy Lv.3 but I guess Evasion Lv.2 is better.
    Why Stability? Because you wouldn’t want to get hit while playing in Chaos as
    a crowd cleaner doing the charge attacks. And don't forget to add Resolve
    here or your mood will change dramatically.
    Here's the list:
    | Elements  |  Almighty  |
    |  Bolt     |  Resolve   |
    |  Range    |  Stability |
    |  Flash    |  Evasion   |
    |  Might    |            |
    |  Rage     |            |
    |  Agility  |            |
    |  Slay     |            |
    |  Brave    |            |
    *Note - C4, C8 and C6 is good for crowd cleaning, especially when Range is
            max. But I have to say that C4 is the best to wipe all enemies
            around you. C6 is not so bad either. C8 or C5 is only to wash
            enemies in front of you (In group).
    Mission accomplished! Nope, we still have a Dueler.
    Imagine a horde of officers surrounds you and give absolutely no chance to
    attack, one thing in your mind, Revival. Charge attacks like C4 is quite
    useful for this kind of situation. If you're facing more than two officers,
    use C6 to buy some time and concentrate each at a time. Don't forget to add
    Range and Flash. Slay, Brave and Might is a must. It'll help you increase your
    damage. I don't recommend Multi, because maybe sometimes you will miss some
    attacks, giving your opponents a high chance to counter attack. It's up to
    I thought it would be good if Toshiie can use his musou to kill enemy
    officer quickly. Sadly, it works only once and you have to recharge your
    musou gauge. Troublesome, isn't it? Charge attacks is the only way. Wait
    a minute! I am totally forgotten about Sun Jian. His R1! Hiyah and grind
    the enemy officers to dust. If you're lucky, you can hit 2 officers at
    the same time! Please, if you're going to use musou, make sure you are CLOSE 
    enough to the enemy officer, because if you're far away, the damage dealt will
    be very small.
    Here’s the list
    | Elements  |  Almighty  |
    |  Brave    |  Evasion   |
    |  Bolt     |  Revival   |
    |  Flash    |  Resolve   |
    |  Might    |            |
    |  Rage     |            |
    |  Agility  |            |
    |  Slay     |            |
    |  Range    |            |
    *Note - Those Elements that I've listed is my style and I use it on all of my
            characters and it works 80%. If you have any problems or other than
            that, please tell me.
    6.) Others
       6a.) Quotes
       Select (Selecting Characters)
        "I'm heading up in the world!"
       Swap Characters
        "Come on!"
       Officer Defeat
        "Notch that one up to me!"
        "Look out!"
       True Musou
        "Wanna Challenge?"
       True Musou Ends
        "You got it!"
       Triple Musou Attack
        "No one's game!"
       Triple Musou Ends
        "You got it!"
        "Are you ready to put your life on the line?"
        "You've got guts, I'll give you that!"
        "This can't be right - I can't lose!"
       100 K.O. Praise
        "You set the standard for us all to follow!"
       Officer K.O. Praise
        "That's mighty impressive!"
       6b.) Dialogues And Special Speeches
       -Battle of Ji Castle-
       Toshiie Maeda: "Surrender is for the weak of spirit, just how I like it!"
       Magoichi Saika: "Yeah! But we're completely surrounded, I've got a bad
                        feeling about this!"
       Approach Toshiie: "Help? Now that I could do with!"
       Toshiie Maeda: "Looks like the crisis have been averted for now!"
       Xiahou Yuan: "Right! Time to turn the attention to the enemy without!"
       Finish Battle: "You really came through for us. You need a favour in
                       return, you only have to ask"
    7.) Contacts
    You can find me at the board, doesn’t matter WO1 or WO2 boards. Or if you felt
    like to contact me personally, you can e-mail me:
    espada5th@yahoo.com, or
    You can also make a new topic with ATTN sign so I can notice it easily, but
    I'm not so sure that I will be on the board often. Please, if you’re going to
    mail me, mail to me properly. I don’t want any junk mails contains flames or
    saying that my FAQ sucks.
    8.) Credits and Legal Junk
    -My close ‘game’ friend :), Aiman for helping me to farm weapons and EXP’s and
     some of his smart suggestions
    -GameFAQs for accepting this guide
    -Koei for creating such a wonderful game. More please ;)
    -A wonderful history from Japan. I just love it
    -Hakim for pushing me to make this guide. You lucky
    -People from the Warriors Orochi board
    -My little brother who likes to mess around and always found something strange
    -People who's willing to let me copy some of their guide style
    -KristophGavin and his love Mitsu for the support and helps :)
    This FAQ is Copyright (C) John Carl (zodiark11)
    Below are the only sites that can be posted
             www.gamefaqs.com   GameFAQs
          www.supercheats.com   Super Cheats
                  www.ign.com   IGN
           www.gamesradar.com   GamesRadar.com
    9.) History
    Version 1.0 - Created at 15th October 2008
                  Submitted at 24th November 2008
    Version 1.1 - Corrected some grammar and spelling errors
                  Added own quotes and dialogues (6.a and 6.b)  
                  Weapon Setup updated
                  Submitted at 24th April 2009
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Copyright 2008 John Carl

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