Is there a way to increase a persona's status except for leveling up?

  1. In Persona 3 you have the Card Set System (Pages, Knights, Queens, Kings). Is there anything alike in P4?

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    Dakunesu - 7 years ago
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Accepted Answer

  1. Some arcana chance cards increase persona stats.
    After winning a battle there is chance of getting persona cards. Choose to try and get a persona card and after that game there is another card game called arcana chance. Each card has a different affect but some of them increase persona stats.
    The strength card will increase one of your persona's strength by 3 or so.
    Hanged man increases endurance.
    I don't remember which cards are for magic and luck.
    Arcana chance can only happen after you finish Yukiko's Castle, the first dungeon.

    Using those cards is probably the only real way to try to max a persona's stats in P4.
    It is a much more time time consuming and difficult system to use then P3's incense cards.
    I don't really recommend trying to max out stats in this game, just focus on fusion.

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    Informed_User - 7 years ago 0 0

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