What is the best formation?

  1. Please help me i'm totally clueless.
    The first party member is Seta Souji then the second, third and fourth?
    (Seta Souji= main character)
    I need strong strategies now.
    My team now : Seta, Teddie, Yukiko, and Kanji

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    iv4n12 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. For answering your question, may I refer you to a similar question i've answered before? - Hope this helps you, I discuss my choices.
    This is the Question and my Answer

    What is the best strategy for choosing or training a team?
    I don't have time training all the people. Is it okay to choose yosuke,yukiko and teddie as my team?

    Accepted Answer From: Force0401 9/1 10:34AM

    As MoczoUno said, any combination works. As long as you can fill in the gaps and cover for your party members' weaknesses you should be fine.

    Personally, I also stuck with the 'Original Trio' of Yosuke, Chie and Yukiko.

    I kept Yosuke because hes the only and strongest Wind damage dealer and he also has no weaknesses (becomes normal against Lightning) when his Persona evolves into Susano-O. Also, his Masukukaja, along with his other skills like Dekaja and Tentarafoo are useful in certain situations and boss fights.

    Chie also has no weaknesses (becomes normal against Fire) when her Persona evolves into Suzuka-Gongen. Late game, her physical attacks are quite powerful with the combo of Power Charge + God's Hand / Agneyastra. Although her Ice attacks are weak and nowhere near as powerful as Teddie's (his goes up to Ma+Bufudyne), there are not that many ice-weak monsters in my opinion and Teddie still has a weakness when his Persona evolves into Kamui (weak against Lightning still). I have personas which have Marakukaja and Matarukaja instead of his own Skills.

    Even though when her persona evolves into Amaterasu and still has her weakness against Ice, Yukiko is an invaluable member as a Healer and Fire damage dealer with her much bigger SP pool. White Wall can be found on various personas to cover her weakness (Ananta of the Fortune arcana for example).

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Other Answers

  1. Personally, my team is Souji, Yosuke, Kanji and Yukiko. Souji can do anything, Yosuke is useful because of no weaknesses (When you reach S. Link 10) and can use both magic and physical attacks, Kanji is a frickin' tank and Yukiko heals and uses magic.

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  2. I suggest you for using yosuke,chie,yukiko..Because yousuke has wind element , phys,Ailment,and dekaja,and if you facing rare hands,yosuke will pretty handy since he has wind break(cause rare hands can nulled all elements and phys) and his weakness will lost if you maxed his social links...And for chie Try to use power charge then God's Hand or agneystara and her weakness will lost if you maxed her social links too....,and for yukiko you can use she as healer and Supporter(ex:Use item Assault signal for raising party attack ,Super sonic for raising party evasion rate,or diamond shield for raising party defense)..and like Force0401 you can use skill white wall for losing her weakness for a while or you can use accessory(i forgot the name) for reducing ice damage to her...and if you facing a Strong boss(ex:izanami no okami,margaret,etc)...try to use this formation
    First turn:

    Souji:equip Blade of totsuka(you can get it if you can defeat The reaper)or anything that can increasing luck or critical damage chance ..Use futsunuushi(it will be great if he has apt pupil skill)then power charge
    Yosuke: use item Assault signal
    Chie:power charge
    Yukiko:equip zero kosode armor(increase evasion rate against magic)...or use item Diamond shield
    Second turn
    Souji:PRIMAL FORCE!!!
    Yosuke:Garudyne or Brave blade
    Chie:GOD'S HAND
    Yukiko:Agidyne or use item super sonic..

    And see how great the damage will be...I hope it will help you

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