Is Izanagi worth it?

  1. I'm just wondering if he's really worth having through most of the game?

    I am just starting the game (Lvl 28) and Izanagi is NOT very useful.
    I know I can make Izanagi inherit some skills when fusing Personas, but he always comes out LVL 1 and at this point of the game it doesn't seem very useful.

    Is there a simpler way to use Izanagi other than just making him go back to LVL 1 every time I want to put him a new skill?

    Should I ditch him and get him later in the game when more skills are available?

    User Info: angelcaido00

    angelcaido00 - 7 years ago

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  1. Is actually nearly easy to fuse izanagi with amazing skills. First, you will need to fuse Lucifer on 11-Dec to get the bonus skill Maziodyne And Maragidyne, and level it up until it get Victory Cry. Also you will need to have all of the fool arcana persona's in your compendium.I forgot what it takes to fuse lucifer into Loki. But there's persona who can do it. After you got loki, make sure that he had these skills: brave balde, maziodyne, and victory cry. And fuse it with the lower fool arcana persona (Shiki Ouji? Or something) and keep fusing it with another lower fool arcana persona until you get the yomutsu shikone and obraiyon (some of the fool arcana persona also have power charge and megidola) and finally fuse it into IZANAGI. (It may take a long time but my Izanagi finally had this badass skills: Blades of Furry, Maziodyne , Matarakukaja, Brave Balde, Victory Cry, Megidolaon, Sharp Student, Piwer Charge

    User Info: Blackday

    Blackday - 2 years ago 1 0


  1. It's not really worth keeping Izanagi to the high levels, you're better off fusing new persona through normal and triangle until the cross, pentagon and hexagon fusions appear.

    Of course, if you don't have the required personas for 4, 5, 6 then you should keep using normal and triangle.
    I made it through the game mostly using triangle-fused personas, though towards the middle & end I started using personas like Black Frost, Trumpeter and Yoshitsune for example.

    User Info: Force0401

    Force0401 (Expert) - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. Do NOT DITCH HIM i repeat DO NOT DITCH HIM you'll need him to fusion izanagi-no-okami on the dodecagon spell which is 12 personas at once and you need to maxed out every social linked there is
    (well maybe no everyone of them check the Faq's section and you'll get it) because izanagi is the one of the 12 personas you'll need to use him and btw you need to at least be at lvl 91 for this fusion and saw the true ending first and complete the game at least once

    User Info: jayadiwahyu

    jayadiwahyu - 6 years ago 0 7
  3. If you really want to use Izanagi, which as a low level persona will at a high level have unbelivable stats,
    you'll have to fuse him some good skills.
    1.The normal, not so hard, average-skill-getting way is the downfusion done by fusing two personas of the same arcana(in this case the fool). Just load your skills on to the Fool arcanas and work your way down.

    2. The hardcore, super grinding, but-will-get-an-amazing-izanagi way is using the fusion accidents. Using this way, you can load izanagi with absorb wind, repel physical, victory cry, power charge(or megidolaon), brave blade and a bonus arm master. Basically, you prepare 3 personas as your ingredient (usually Hikoto-Noshi(hermit), Abbadon(Tower), and Hanuman(strength)) filling them up with the skills mentioned above and skills with low chance of inheritence to make this process easy. On September 14th(this day due to the fusion forecast you get a bonus arms master thus getting you the 6th skill) you will fuse the 3 material personas while in your persona slots you have all the other wild card personas except izanagi, and from then on you grind and pray to god for fusion accident to happen(chance being 1/16 or 1/32) when you load up your materials on to the emperor persona (probably pabilsag).
    Even after this your two original izanagi skills won't look too good (rakunda and cleave) so people go as far as to doing the magician arcana chance grinding and morphing rakunda into maharakunda and cleave to blades of fury.
    It takes.......a long time.....far longer than building an awesome messiah or orpheus-telos if you're not lucky, but hey, you will be proud of your Izanagi that'll be sticking in one of your slots forever.

    User Info: Heydoyoucare

    Heydoyoucare - 6 years ago 2 2
  4. 1) the only skill of izanagi that will be useful till mid/late game phase is rakunda, which reduces 1 enmey defence for 40% for 3 turns and helps amazingly in boss fights. but since his other skills all become trash pretty quickly(i.e., cleave deals less dmg to lv20 enemies than ur normal atk, i tested it a lot times),
    2)his element affinity is not so good as well,
    3)and his stats will be outclassed once u get ur special fusion(use 4+ personas in 1 fusion) at around July. so as long as u can get higher lvl personas with rakunda, theres no reason to waste a slot on izanagi.

    User Info: ravenjaeger

    ravenjaeger - 3 years ago 0 0
  5. I use Izanagi as full support. Here is the list that he possess:
    1. God's Hand
    2. Maziodyne
    3. Debilitate
    4. Matarukaja
    5. Marakukaja
    6. Masukukaja
    7. Masukunda
    8. Evade Physical

    So far I've leveled up Izanagi 'till level 94 (in my third gameplay) with Endurance being the almost maximum stats (90) and Agility (89)

    User Info: ScatteredHope

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