What Are The Mechanics of the Dungeons of P4?

  1. So there are no access points in the dungeons unlike in P3, so what happens if you leave a dungeon before you make it to the save point? are the floors randomly generated just like in tartarus?

    User Info: iownuranus

    iownuranus - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The number of floors in P4 is no where close to P3; they are in the vicinity of 10. So, access points are not that crucial.

    If you wish to leave a dungeon, you can use item or spell. That would bring you back to the entrance of the dungeon.

    If you wish to come back and challenge the dungeon again, at the entrance you can choose either to start from the 1/F or the last floor you have reached.

    Also, the bosses are usually at the last floor, right outside the boss' room there is always a save point. That save point can also act as an access point.

    Most of the floors are randomly generated, some are fixed.

    User Info: penguin_knight

    penguin_knight - 9 years ago 6 0

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