Which should I choose?

  1. I can't find Persona 3 in stores, so should i just wait a few days for Persona 4 or not?

    User Info: Luaknight

    Luaknight - 8 years ago
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    I understand the two games fine, just wondering which is better.

    User Info: Luaknight

    Luaknight - 8 years ago

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  1. Nah, playing Persona 3 will not be necessary to understand Persona 4. I do suggest you get it at some point though, as it is still amazing.

    User Info: EpiphanyAdrian

    EpiphanyAdrian - 8 years ago 7 3


  1. Persona 3 is quite hard to find (as are most SMT games) because Atlus only gives the US a limited print run (my best guess anyway), then discontinues the games after about 6 or so months on retail shelves. I'm not PRECISE on the validity of the limited print run statement, but the SMT games (including the earlier pre-P3 ones such as the DDS duo and Nocturne) all wound up out of print and hard to find fairly quickly after release.

    Some are re-released, but without the bonus extras the original prints came with such as an art booklet or a soundtrack disc. An example of this would be P3: FES. It's Persona 3 extended, but at the cost of no art booklet or soundtrack. Better game, but no bonus (limited - OOP) extras. The same can be said about Nocturne, which was recently reprinted, but without a soundtrack included.

    This is why it is VERY wise to get ORIGINAL SMT (Shin Megami Tensei) print games, when they FIRST come out. Not doing so will rather net you paying alot for them elsewhere, or getting a re-print which will not include the bundled extras. P4 will probaby suffer the same fate, and rather be impossible to find in half a year, or will be re-printed sans the soundtrack it comes with currently.

    As for your question, no. You don't need to play P3 to understand or even enjoy P4. And it's every bit as good as P3 was, and even improved in a few areas. The story is just as disturbing. Not as "dark" persay, but def. as disturbing, and even a bit controversial. I highly suggest you get P4. Even without P3, it's still a great game that will make sense to you even if you've never even laid eyes on P3.

    Also, if you can find it (not sure it's even out anymore in stores) go ahead and get P3: FES. You wont recieve a soundtrack or art booklet, but believe me. That IS Persona 3. And is even extended to include an Epilogue story of what happened after the main story's events, which is another 30 or so hours of brand new gameplay.

    Yes, get P4.

    User Info: skeithxth

    skeithxth - 8 years ago 2 2
  2. P3 is very easy to find, my local gamestop has like 4 of them in stock P3 and P3 fes, you just have to know where to look. You don't need to know P3 to play P4 but there are some references to P3 and it is considered a sequal since they are within the same Universe, P4 takes place 3 years after P3.

    User Info: idofgrahf

    idofgrahf - 8 years ago 1 1
  3. The stories aren't related in anyway so don't worry about the story line
    P3 is fun though, specially FES. It's easier to get them online if you ask me, that's where I got it.

    User Info: _Ultimate_Sora_

    _Ultimate_Sora_ - 8 years ago 2 2
  4. Amazon.com has persona 3 FES for only $23.01. It comes with a cd and an artbook. since the site normally sells it for $50. I'd say that's a great deal.

    User Info: mikehook1000

    mikehook1000 - 8 years ago 1 2
  5. Persona 3 probably won't show up on your store's shelf anymore. Your best bet will be to look on eBay if you want to play 3 first. However, if you can easily get 4, it's definitely worth it, since it will probably be hard to find it later. Also, mikehook seems to be giving some wrong info. FES doesn't come with an art book & CD, never has. That was the original print. And FES has always been 30 dollars. I can only assume he got the original print and FES mixed up. The original print is NOT worth it (unless you are a collector). FES comes with a continued story and bonus story elements in the original story.

    User Info: _uDa_Ozzy

    _uDa_Ozzy - 8 years ago 3 0
  6. _uDa_Ozzy,

    No, mikehook1000 is right, Amazon is currently selling P3:FES with an artbook and CD. Those two items along with the slip-cover are exactly the same as the original P3, but it is indeed FES and it's newer clambox. -- I know, I have both editions sitting right here.

    So if you want to pick up P3, that's the version to find. It's actually cheaper than the non- CD/artbook package.

    User Info: ClubNeon

    ClubNeon - 8 years ago 0 0
  7. Persona 3 FES would be best to get. Not only does the FES version have more content in the storyline but it has more social links and optional dungeons. It also has a sequel attached called "The Answer". It is a seriously awesome game that should be played. Persona 4 is going to be awesome too, but I KNOW Persona 3 FES is awesome already so that's why I'm recommending it.

    User Info: ShadowCasterII

    ShadowCasterII - 8 years ago 0 0

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