How do I get the other ending?

  1. OK, so Nanako just died. When I go to the room with Nametame I have killed him and I have let him live. Both of these decisions lead to the same end. A time jump and a trip to the train station. What do I have to do to get the extended ending where I can stay? Please explain in detail.

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  1. On Dec 3 after you Have finished your test and some will visit namatame room..for chosing for killing him or not..then yosuke will say this"So..what do you want,leader" and you must Pick the following choice for the normal ending route
    during Yosuke's conversation.

    ->Wait a second here...
    ->We're missing something.
    ->Namatame's true feelings.
    ->Something's been bothering me.
    ->We're missing something...
    ->Calm the hell down!

    Anyways the game will automatically skipped to March 20
    if you got the bad ending. If not, Fool Social will Rank UP
    and Judgement Social Link will activate.
    ...And for the Normal Ending is when dec 5 where you must investigating the true killer...First go to Shoppin district north and speak with housewife near the shrine..Choose the fist answer,and then talkto her again and choose second ask this question again to the old man besides her next walk to north end and ask the man with gas mask both question..the salary man near rise..go to shopping district south and ask the female student near yoosuke..Then old lady near post light..Go to junes and ask female student..then go to samegawa and speak to smiling man and th old man at very west of samegawa..then there will an cutscene leading you for choose who is the real killer..then choose Tohru adachi..pick it wrong 3 tines and will go to bad ending...I hope this will help you..

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  1. 3rd DEC.
    Dump Namatame in TV > Bad End 1.
    Didn't dump him but failed to convince others why they should continue > Bad End 2

    Convinced others but failed to figure out who is the real curprit in 5th DEC > Bad End 3 (looks same as 2, but conversation is bit different. Not just that, each End have own movie.. might be good to try out all if you like to see them)

    At last day - 20th MAR - you just go home after the all the conversation > Normal End.
    At last day, try to get to food court and find out why you got the Persona > True End.

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  2. For the true ending you are to go talk to everyone you maxed your link with then go to Junes.

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  3. Just Like Penguin_Lord97 said choose these options during the the scene where Yosuke whats to throw him in.

    ->Wait a second here...
    ->We're missing something.
    ->Namatame's true feelings.
    ->Something's been bothering me.
    ->We're missing something...
    ->Calm the hell down!

    After a while you will be taken to a point where you have to choose the killer from a list of people During A conversation with Naoto: Choose Tohru Adachi,
    After Defeating The Next Final Boss

    Talk to all of your Party MEmbers on your final day in Inaba Then Go back to Junes To pick up An Opurtunity to discuss how you got your persona, follow the trail by talking to Dojima and Nanako, then Confront The Gas station Attendant you met at the begining of the game, You should be able to Reach the Final dungeon and final boss, and hence the Final ending.

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