About dating? Knowledge, courage, etc.

  1. I just wanna know.

    What stat do i need for chie and rise so i can start dating them?

    User Info: Raging_Infernus

    Raging_Infernus - 9 years ago

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  1. There are not any stats required for dating either Chie or Rise, however having Rank 3 Courage allows you to say certain things during the rank 3 and 4 s-link events for Chie that may give you greater S-link boosts than other answers.

    You will have the option to date either Chie or Rise during their respective Rank 9 S-link events (as in, currently Rank 8 going on 9), regardless of your statistics.

    User Info: kajika

    kajika - 9 years ago 6 0

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