How do I beat Shadow Kanji?

  1. I cannot beat him

    User Info: Warharmer

    Warharmer - 9 years ago

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  1. The best way to beat shadow Kanji is too first take out the nice guy he eats ice so dont use that on him but you have to kill nice guy first because heals him. after that take out tough guy but remember he eats phyasical attacks and fire after you get ri d of them just do your best to take out Shadow kanji. Oh and if your dying to fast alway backtrack and level up a few times. And also Debuffing spells like rakakunda and all of those are great for this fight.

    User Info: Noviwan

    Noviwan - 9 years ago 3 1


  1. What I did was fused Rakshasa, which is strong against physical attacks (those make up 90% of Kanji's arsenal) and used Swift Strike and Brain Shake to take out the Nice Guy. You've probably noticed, but he has a buff skill called Heat Riser that's essentially Tarukaja/Rakukaja/Sukukaja all in one skill. Just keep attacking the Nice Guy and heal when necessary, which will be often because his Swift Strike will hurt when he's buffed.

    After the Nice Guy goes down, the fight is laughably easy. Just keep hitting Kanji with Brain Shake and Kill Rush to take down his health, heal when necessary, repeat until finished.

    User Info: ChurchBlueArmy

    ChurchBlueArmy - 9 years ago 1 0
  2. Make ur Strength Social rank to level 7 and train to level 23-25.make that time it will be lvl is strong against physical attack and it has an attack that can avoid physical.

    User Info: tank3006

    tank3006 - 8 years ago 0 0
  3. Well, when i fought Kanji, i had Yoshitsune. So i used Power Charge, then Heat Riser. Then i used Hassou Tobi which killed Nice Guy and Kanji in one move. Well... you can't be that good yet! My mistake!

    User Info: B4life8

    B4life8 - 8 years ago 0 1
  4. When i defeated Shadow Kanji, I 'm level 26. first, attack the nice guy because he is the one healing Kanji. Although the other guy attacks on the whole party, keep focusing on killing the healing guy. Cast a few magic spells on all enemies but the other guy is not affected. After defeating the healing guy, focus now on Kanji. Keep casting multiple magic spells and physical attacks and before you know it, you will defeat shadow kanji.

    User Info: mangadix

    mangadix - 8 years ago 0 0
  5. This is what i did and it worked out quite nicely. Give the MC Nigi Mitami for the first part of the fight i.e when the minions are still alive this is because it should have Diarama have Yousuke spam Magaru and Chie use her best physical attacks on nice guy meanwhile Yukiko should be playin damage control i.e media now if Kanji charges up then next turn everyone should defend no exceptions unless you don't like that char and want to watch them die then simply have Yukiko media everyone and MC Diarama anyone who is critical if it looks like everyone health will be ok after a Media then throw some dmg at nice guy after he falls it should be simple to burn tough guy down using the same method after the minions are dead however Kanji will throw some shenanigans out like trying to poison everyone or enrage them just get rid of it especialy rage at this point your going to want to start using a pretty advanced Jack Frost and hit Kanji with Bufula nonstop have yousuke switch to healing and Chie should repeatedly use her most powerful single target attacks and as always have Yukiko heal if noone is really hurt then cast Agilao for some extra dmg heal put up a racket near the end and zap everyone with lightning so you may lose Yosuke if he doesn't have a Lightning Suppressor which I found in a lockbox in the dungeon if he does have one then he will dodge most attacks if not then simply heal up and you might want to pop Nigi Mitami back on to hit Yousuke with Diarama if you really want him to live :D Chie should keep the assault going and before you know it he'll have the crap beaten out of him.

    User Info: Smokeydodongo

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  6. NOTE: Avoid attacks that the enemy can null, repel &/or eat

    Beat Nice guy first.
    Make MC attack nice guy with the strongest attack/skill you have.
    Use Chie's Tarukaha(i forgot if this is the one that could increase the attack), well buff MC and Chie's attack and make them both attack Nice guy.
    Use Yosuke's Dekaja and debuff the enemy as soon ASAP when you saw them buffing.
    Use Yukiko and Yosuke as support and make them heal and heal.

    Then Tough Guy.
    Don't use physical attacks. Attack with magic attacks. Use the same support strategy. Do the same thing 'till he dies. Easy huh!

    Then Kanji.
    Kill him with everything you got. Don't forget to heal!

    User Info: Zitle

    Zitle - 8 years ago 1 0
  7. Defend whenever Shadow Kanji uses Power Charge (Dekaja won't get rid of this). Than the next turn have Yukiko cast Media while everyone else attack Nice Guy. Repeat these two turns until Nice Guy is dead. (Have Yosuke cast Dekaja if the enemy cast Heat Riser).

    For Tough Guy, do them same for above (don't use Phys or Fire attacks), until he is dead.

    Continue to defend when Shadow Kanji uses Power Charge, however when you get his HP down he'll start to use this lighthing attack, which harms everyone. You may want to have Yosuke defend for most of the battle, after he starts.

    User Info: MasterSora123

    MasterSora123 - 8 years ago 0 0

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