[MAJOR SPOILERS] Which ending is "best", and how do you get it?

  1. The endings I've gotten are:
    -Kill Namatame. Probably the worst ending, cuz you-know-who dies.
    -Let Namatame live. Still a bad ending since the Shadow world consumes the human world eventually.
    -Solve the case, fight Adachi and that giant eyeball thing (Whatever it's name is) - Good ending

    The last ending listed seems the best right now, but I read something on Wikipedia about the parking attendant from the intro being "Izanami", a God (thing?) that gave Izanagi to you. Apparently, the Main Character gets the World persona, "Izanagi-no-ookami" (probably it's Japanese-version name)
    And you fight the Izanami God thing...

    Anyway how do you get that ending?
    Unless someone on Wikipedia thought it would be fun to write a bunch of lies :P

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    Jeric735 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. On March 20th, after talking to all the people with S. Links you've maxed out, you'll be asked to go home. Choose no, and then go to Junes. Click on the elevator, and you'll be asked to go home again. Choose no, and that you have unfinished business and watch the events that follows. If I say anymore, you'll lose the thrill of finding out the truth yourself.

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Other Answers

  1. Seriously?
    GOOD! Because I kept an extra save right after the Christmas celebration.

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