How do I beat (DEATH)?

  1. I was playing the second play time and i want to get main character ultimate weapon but hell the reaper (the death) is too strong how should i beat it ?

    User Info: williamkeren12

    williamkeren12 - 8 years ago

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  1. Death is good practice for the optional boss. Your best bet would be to have Yosuke, Kanji and Chie to be at Rank 10 before attempting this fight. Your MC should also have no exploitable weaknesses and have a Persona that has Debilitate and is immune to light and dark.

    The collective level doesn't matter, but at least let your party get to the level that has these skills. (around the 70's range)

    MC: Debilitate, any buff/attack afterwards. He is also in charge of healing/revival
    Yosuke: (Ma)Sukukaja on himself, Kanji and Chie, then Brave Blade.
    Chie: Power Charge, God Hand
    Kanji: Matarukaja, Primal Force.

    It's possible to beat him at around 45-50, but it'll be a hell of a fight. Be ready to revive party members so Death doesn't wail out on you.

    User Info: OshareKeiji

    OshareKeiji (Expert) - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. only go for it once ur passed Amenti Sagiri (or whatev its called ) because ur party can take his Megidolaon spam when his hp is low

    User Info: Jeric735

    Jeric735 - 8 years ago 0 5
  2. Go for it once you get to about level 80. Have a healer as well.

    User Info: syruku

    syruku - 8 years ago 1 0
  3. You should be atleast level 70. It's not a hard fight then, but it's long. Get some homunculus, and have some personas that are immune to darkness and light. If possible, try to make them not weak to any elements. Reason for these things is because he likes to use ma-dyne spells and ma-instant kill spells, as well as break spells.

    User Info: Jeddi_kun

    Jeddi_kun - 8 years ago 1 0
  4. If you wait till you have maxed out all of your friends personas this should be an easy fight, Usually kanji and Yosuke + the healer you like best (i prefer teddie because he usually has better hps) on the main you should have a decent persona almighty is ok but you are better off using physical attacks to knock it down with crits and jump it. some people like to buff/debuff etc for this fight but i find that you are better off using the turn to smack him and hoping for a crit.

    User Info: eqmykas

    eqmykas - 8 years ago 0 0
  5. If this is your second playthrough, you should already have Yoshitsune. Level your Yoshitsune up to lv 83 to learn Hassou Tobi(ultimate physical skills in game), your party level should be at around 70. This is the best strategy I have been using, and it works greatly, only need 3 minutes to defeat The Reaper:
    - Have MC use Trumpeter Debilitate
    -Yosuke&Kanji Cast Masukukaja&Matarukaja(buffs your MC accuracy&attack)
    -The next turn, MC change his Persona to Yoshitsune. And have Yoshitsune cast Power Charge
    -Have Kanji&Yosuke attack with their physical skills(Primal Force&Brave Blade)
    -Yukiko/Teddie(the healer) should guard, because The Reaper always attack your party members who have weaknesses. Don't leave guard stance unless you really need healing!!!
    -Next turn, have MC Yoshitsune use Hassou Tobi. It should deal around 200-300 damage/hit which means(300*8hit=2400 damage). The Reaper HP is 5000. Just repeat the pattern above, and you should have easy win!

    User Info: SoujiX

    SoujiX - 8 years ago 0 0

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