How to fuse (fortune) Ananta,(judgement) Michael and Satan)?

  1. i want to fuse Lucifer,so i need those three ingredients anyone help?

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    Draque777 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Here some tips from me...
    if you want some persona with no brainer strategy let's say ananta (fortune), then gather your fortune arcana and mix them up until you find the correct fusion, since arcaneX+arcaneX=arcaneX, that if u don't want to memorize all the fusion table, or u only have 1 or 2 persona for 1 arcane type.


    fortune+fortune=lower lvl fortune (( lvl 1 fortune+lvl 5 fortune=lvl 4 (or less) fortune))
    fortune+fortune+fortune=higher lvl fortune (( lvl 1fortune+lvl 2 fortune+ lvl 3 fortune= lvl 4 (or more) fortne))
    judge+judge=lower lvl judge (( lvl 50 judge+ lvl 51 judge= lvl 49 (or less) judge))
    judge+judge+judge=higher lvl judge ((lvl 50 judge+lvl 49 judge+lvl 48 judge=lvl 51(or more) judge))

    Ananta : Fortune Fortuna + Hangedman Hell Biker + Fool Shiki-ouji
    Michael : Justice Uriel + Hermit Nidhoggr + Death White Rider. or
    Sun Horus + Hierophant Hachiman + Tower Cu Chulain.
    Satan : Hierophant Kohryu + Chariot Thor + Strength Siegfried or
    Judgement Michael + Tower Yoshitsune + Chariot Thor or
    Judgement Anubis + Judgement Trumpeter + Judgement Michael

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