Where do you gather rise's information for teddie?

  1. After Risette gets kidnaped ...

    After I went to the tofu shop her Grandma said some thing about the paparazzi on the riverside, I exchanged information once with him and talked to all the people in town (hopefully) .They still wont let me into the TV.
    ??What do i do know??

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    mcxkipper - 8 years ago

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  1. Just to clear things up , you CAN'T access the 2nd floor of Practice Building via square button. You should go to the Practice building-1st floor then USE THE STAiRS. After that, follow what the walkthrough says. o.O

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  1. How to Unlock Rise's Dungeon.
    Go to the school, in the 2nd floor of the Practice
    Building, speak to the Risette Fan (Chubby Student)
    (Near the Washroom and the Art Room)

    Go to Shopping District, South and speak with Rise's
    Grandmother by Marukyu Tofu.

    Next go to Samegawa Flood Plain, and speak with
    the "Kind Man" by the trees.

    Come back the next day and go to the Samegawa Flood
    Plain and look for the Photographer. speak with him,
    and select the first choice "Trade information", then
    pick the 1st choice again "She's different then in
    TV". (If you miss him , he's only there on Tuesday ,
    Thursday and Saturday)

    You have now unlocked the Marukyu Striptease.

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  2. Watch Youtube...

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  3. Yeah what ZakAttak says but Zak your wrong after you said "She's different then in TV" talk to him again pick 1st choice then say the 2nd choice , maybe its random.

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