Can you tell me the opening song lyrics?

  1. Yeah I need help in the opening song lyrics because I can't make it out just by listening to it, can you tell me the whole lyrics? I want to do a bit of a Sing-A-Long

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    Lightdeathnote1 - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. These are the lyrics to the song. It's called "Pursuing My True Self".

    We are living our lives.
    Abound with so much information.
    Come on, let go of the remote.
    Don't you know you're letting all the junk flood in?
    I try to stop the flow, double clicking on the go
    But it's no use; hey, I'm being consumed
    Loading... Loading... Loading...
    Quickly reaching maximum capacity
    Warning... Warning... Warning!
    Gonna short-circuit my identity.

    Get up on your feet, tear down the walls.
    Catch a glimpse of the hollow world.
    Snooping 'round town will get you nowhere.
    You're locked up in your mind...
    We are all trapped in a maze of relationships, that goes on with or without you.
    I swim in the sea of the unconscious.
    I'll search for your heart, pursuing my true self

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    Shinarouji - 9 years ago 1 0

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  1. Just copy and paste the link


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