How do I fight Margaret?

  1. I just passed the game with the true ending but with no idea how to fight Margaret.

    User Info: fantasymaster45

    fantasymaster45 - 8 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    I notice that shadouknite said that you must enter the VR after getting the orb of light, but BEFORE talking to the gas attendant. However, does it HAVE TO BE BEFORE talking to the gas attendant? I'm on my second playthrough and I maxed her link and already beat all optinal bosses before 3/20. However, I wasn't able to get to fight her. Does this mean I have to go through a whole third playthrough before I can fight her if I didn't go back into the VR RIGHT AFTER getting the orb of light?

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    TheDDRtist - 8 years ago

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  1. You don't get to fight her until the 2nd playthrough. Made sure you got the true ending on the previous playthrough which you did. Max her SLink on the new playthrough prior to 3/20. Beat all optional dungeon bosses prior to 3/20. Go down the true ending path again. Directly after getting the orb of sight on the true end path from Igor and before talking to the gas station attendant, reenter the VR. If you did all this right, Margaret should be alone and she will hand you a key item which unlocks her boss battle at Heaven's End. Good Luck!

    User Info: shadouknite

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  1. "Anyways make sure you do not equip the omnipotent orb at all cost. (She will use her 9999 Damage Attack, killing your Party instantly.)
    You'll also need to have a Persona with the ability Endure Soul if you're going to use more then 50 turns to defeat her.
    If not, tried to equip the Unfinished Testimonial ( a gift from Nanako which allow you to endure once). Because every 50 turns or so she'll will cast a Megidolaon that does 9999 damage on your party.
    If her HP reaches below 40%. When she gives her speech, she will use Morning star on your entire party then heal all her HP. Repeating the pattern of attacks when her HP were full.
    When gets her HP down to 30% this time, she won't heal herself anymore but rather casting Eight Ship Hop every
    turn after. Make sure you can defeat her within 50 to 100 turns or else its game over"

    This i get from faq that Chao Min Wu write

    User Info: NekoIndra

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  2. My be you must try it. If u didn't go back into the VR RIGHT AFTER getting the orb of light. Or u already talk to gas attendant before back to the VR.

    If the result u still cannot fight margaret. Soo... yup i think you must enter the VR first after getting the orb of light and before talk to the gas attendant

    User Info: NekoIndra

    NekoIndra - 8 years ago 0 0

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