Is it my PS2 make my disc scracth?

  1. The problem is same like in this link

    If the lens is the problem, it is weird because I only get that problem only at Persona 4 and 3.

    The other game that has the long story like Final Fantasy is just ok. No Problem at the disc at all.

    So, is it really the lens problem or can anyone suggest something so my disc won't be scratch again? Well, this is the FIFTH DISC and I use PS2 Slim.

    My brother said, this scratch maybe happen when the animated is shown.

    Please help...

    User Info: MtlPlyr

    MtlPlyr - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The problem you having and the problem in the other question are different.

    Their problem was dust. Your problems is scratches.

    When the disc is in the tray and spinning, you would hear a scrapping or grinding sound if the disc is getting scratched. Make sure that the system is on a level surface when you are playing a game to avoid the disc from becoming imbalanced. The imbalance can cause the disc to lean to one side and get scratched on the surfaces bellow it. I'm extremely positive that the FMVs/animated scenes have nothing to do with it. Also, since your other games don't have this issue, it more than likely isn't your PS2 wrecking them.

    User Info: HelloSatan

    HelloSatan - 5 years ago 0 0

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