Good team?

  1. What is the best team to be used throughout the game? Please give me a reasonable answer.

    User Info: Einherjer2

    Einherjer2 - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. There's no such thing as a "best team" since they all fulfill different roles to accomodate each player's different playing styles.

    My personal favorite that I used on my first playthrough, and suffered NO casualties, even on the final few bosses, underleveled and on Expert mode was Yosuke, Yukiko and Teddie.

    Yukiko has lots of firepower (pun intended) and is of course the main healer of the group. When she's not healing and wants to contribute to the offense, Teddie can take over as healer, not to mention he comes with defense and offense buffs that help tremendously. Yosuke is an all-arounder, learning the all-powerful Brave Blade for physicals, has Garudyne, and evasion buffs, as well as the super useful Dekaja to cancel enemy buffs. Everyone is capable of hitting hard in addition to the MC. While not as hard-hitting as a team with Kanji or Chie, having Yukiko and Teddie helps keep my party pretty much sturdy and alive at all times. So heres my take on every character:

    -Yosuke: Replacable but is a very awesome jack of all trades with evasion buffs, above avg physical and magics and the super useful Dekaja. His fantastic evasion helps a ton too.
    -Yukiko: obviously a great healer but comes with immense magic power for offense too. Her only flaw is those are her only two roles, having no buffs of physicals. She also keeps her Ice weakness.
    -Teddie: He learns Ice amp and boost and is an extremely formidable magical offensive force with awesome buffs and Amarita to cure ailments. Fits right into any party very well but also keeps his electric weakness
    -Kanji: My runner up, he's hard hitting and has the strongest physical stat, and tank-like HP and Def. Primal Force is his strongest attack and is stronger than Chie's Power Charged God Hand but consumes more HP. His high HP and Def, as well as having a healer or two, circumvents this. A fantastic addition to any team
    -Chie: A slightly less awesome Kanji with lower Attack and HP and Def, but consumes HP at a much safer rate because she has Power Charge + God Hand combo
    -Naoto: Useless for boss battles, can only use avg magic stat Almighty spells against them and chugs her SP in just a few turns. Tremendously useful for dungeon crawls though thanks to Light and Dark spells, but not recommended since thats one less party member you get to train if Naoto takes up a spot in your party.

    So bottomline, any party member is interchangable. Kanji and Chie are your physical attackers. Yukiko and Teddie are the magic users, Yosuke is an all-around player and Naoto a dungeon expert. It's up to you as to how you decide to arrange your party.

    User Info: Vinylzen

    Vinylzen - 4 years ago 1 0

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