Why did Nanako... [massive spoiler!]?

  1. So I know Nanako would die if Namatame was pushed into the TV.

    But why? How are they related?

    User Info: arnold08

    arnold08 - 8 years ago
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    Ex_Informant: Thanks for the short-long answer :P

    Although I still don't get why Nanako would die if we killed Namatame, and come back to life if we didn't...

    User Info: arnold08

    arnold08 - 8 years ago

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  1. A very simple answer would be. Karma. Live and let live I guess

    User Info: takara123

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  1. Nanako will not die she will come around.. By the way dont push Namatame in the T.V because you will have the bad ending...

    User Info: QTcarlz11

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  2. I'll give a short-long story.The Killer is Adachi right?so here's it:
    -Namatame has a wife,Misuzu Hiiragi.Then Taro has a conflict with the announcer Mayumi Yamano.
    -Later then,Namatame's wife was dead.
    -At night,Namatame watched the Midnight Channel,He saw Mayumi,the announcer being filmed,but Namatame didn't understand about "it" yet.
    -Later then,Mayumi was pushed by Adachi to the TV and she died.
    -At night,Namatame saw Saki Konishi.and then he called the police,but the one who answered the phone was Adachi,and Adachi pretend He don't know anything,and He told Namatame to do it himself if He thinks he can.
    -Saki Konishi died the next day,pushed by Adachi.
    -And Namatame realized that if a people is filmed at a midnight channel,they are going to die if Namatame don't rescue those who's being filmed.
    -And Next victim's Yukiko,Namatame pushed her to the TV,before killed by Adachi.
    -And next,Kanji Tatsumi,Namatame pushed him to the TV,before killed by Adachi.
    -And next,Rise Kujikawa,Namatame pushed her to the TV,before killed by Adachi.
    -Next one's Naoto,Namatame pushed her to the TV,before killed by Adachi.
    -Adachi got angry and sent a letter to the MC:"Don't rescue anyomore or you will lose someone dear to you".Afeter MC got arrested,Dojima chased Namatame and Dojima crashed,Namatame's arrested.Inside Namatame's truck was a huge TV,that was used to put Nanako in there.
    -Namatame is a good man,He put people in the TV to rescue them before they get killed by Adachi,that's how He were related to Nanako and the others who were put into the TV.

    User Info: Ex_Informant

    Ex_Informant - 8 years ago 1 0

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