Ameno Sagiri = Izanami?

  1. The last enemy I had to face was Ameno Sagiri, the giant eye. But I keep reading in the guides and in these same questions and answers that the last enemy was Izanami. Am I missing something?

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    Zherkius - 8 years ago
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    Hahaha thanks so much for your answers, but I'm not that rookie for these kind of games. I've already finished the game with the true ending and half-gameplay on my second round. I only missed the event at Junes, It didn't occur to me to visit it after talking to all my Maxed Social Links.

    Thanks again Azure Lives On and lock_e_dge

    User Info: Zherkius

    Zherkius - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Ah, it looks like you got the normal ending. Ameno Sagiri is one of the last bosses, but there's a deeper ending you can get. (The True ending.) Hopefully you have a save of the last day somewhere and can still make it happen, if you want to. Just look up true ending in almost any fact and you'll find something on it.

    Um, I'll try to summarize what I remember, though. (I can't promise it'll be any good or make any sense, but, I feel like I should...) You have to go around and talk to all of your maxed social links and trigger their little scenes. Once that's done, go back the the Junes food court and it will be like, "You have nothing to do here, do you want to go home?" Say no, and try again. At least, I think that's what happens. You'll then be set on a new mystery of trying to find out the true source of everything with some advice from an unlikely source. I can't remember the rest, but I know you have to talk to Nanako and Dojima to get what you're looking for at some point. Hound the gas station clerk and viola, you're on your way tot he fight with Izanami. Good luck.

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Other Answers

  1. Above poster is on the right track. Here's how to do it in detail:

    -Talk to all of your Maxed S. Links. Once you do, the game will prompt you to return home. Choose "No" to continue free roam.
    -Head to Junes and approach the elevator. Another prompt will appear saying "You have no reason to head to the food court. Return home?". Choose "No" again.
    -Select the elevator a second time and it will ask "Are you sure you don't want to return home?". Choose "I'm not finished yet".
    -Select the elevator one last time and it will ask "Head to the Junes food court one last time?". Choose "Yes".
    -After a lengthy cutscene where the team is reunited one last time as certain questions are raised (namely why the Protagonist could use a Persona without confronting his shadow), head to the Flood Plain Riverbed and speak to Dojima and Nanako. Ask them about "Someone suspicious....".
    -Visit the Velvet Room to tell Igor and Margaret that the case isn't solved and you're presented with "Key Item: Orb of Sight" (NOTE: The guide says if you are on a second playthrough, you receive a different item. This is false. Just like Maxed S. Link key items, you simply receive a second one. If you maxed out Empress S. Link and defeated all the optional bosses in the dungeons, re-enter the Velvet Room afterwards to speak to Margaret and receive a new key item that will allow you to battle her in Heaven.).
    -Talk to the gas station attendant in the South Shopping District and pressure them repeatedly. You will watch all of the pieces fall into place, all the questions become answered, and open access to the final dungeon. This is the path to the TRUE ending.

    A couple quick notes:

    -It will start to rain after the last cutscene, allowing a discount at Daidara and Shiroku. Once you enter the TV World, you can never return EXCEPT to visit the shops (the TV tower that normally returns you to reality prompts you to visit either shop instead, allowing you to restock items at discounted price or craft weapons/armor from stuff found in the final dungeon). Since yen is carried over to a new save and not items, you can also sell off everything you don't need to Daidara right before the final battle.
    -Final dungeon will provide sufficient levelling up to 85, but may require extensive EXP boost equipment to get decent percentages on the final floors to reach 99.
    -Izanami can be beaten roughly around lvl 81-85 depending on difficulty and skill of your Persona. Margaret is lvl 99 and will require a matching party to do battle with her, but again she's optional.

    Good luck! Final battle = one of the best in SMT history.

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