How do I solve quest from the foxes?

  1. I've been trying to max the hermit quest but it seems to hard can anyone tell me each of the quest that are given from the fox and how to finish it?

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  1. Quest 1
    1. Talk to the girl at the school lobby
    2. In the next day, talk to the girl in the 2/F corridor, Classroom Building choose I Did
    3. In the next day, talk to the girl on the 2/F again
    4. Report back to Kitsune

    Quest 2
    1. Talk to the slim lady
    2. Obtain Meat Gum from Chie, talk to the lady again
    3. Report back to Kitsune

    Quest 3
    1. Talk to the boy
    2. Give him a Prize Sticker by choosing (That's not what I'm doing), then (Give it to him); you can get the seal by ordering from TV Tanaka - a sticker will come with your delivery.
    3. Come back the next day and he will return your Prize Sticker and ask for another one. Talk to Nanako. First ask her about something and say thanks (ありがとう) to receive a Tankiriman Sticker
    4. The next day, talk to the boy again and give him the sticker.

    Quest 4
    1. Talk to the guy, choose Want me to make it? obtain Unfinished Model
    2. Work on the model for four nights in your room at the work table to get your finished model MS-09S Brahman
    4. Talk to him again to finish the quest and obtain another Unfinished Model (Which will become a Heavy-Armor Agni when completed)

    Quest 5
    1. Talk to the girl, choose Looks like you would like to learn to better speak and Let me teach you
    2. The next day, tell her It sometimes needs courage to apologize

    Quest 6
    1. Talk to the lady, then search the sign at the floodplain to obtain an old round wallet
    2. Talk to the lady again to learn the wallet isn't hers, then search the around the lamp post around the field next to the shrine to get another wallet take it back to her and finish the quest.

    Quest 7
    1. First, bring a Huge Fish オオミズウオ to the old guy and exchange for the Angler's Set 爆釣セット
    2. Fish for the Guardian ヌシ様 on a rainy day (When the Guardian is hooked, the vibration will be big and infrequent - if you only get a common vibration, reel in and recast.)
    *Special note: It is possible to fish for the Guardian on cloudy days in December even though the last rainy day is 11/20

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  1. See the faqs if you want. But it's easy if you just talk to everybody, you will get the clues of where and who to find.

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