Money Money Money!?

  1. Is there are some way or cheat to get money easily and max!!!!

    User Info: fuffufuu

    fuffufuu - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. There is, technically, an "exploit" to earn alot of yen. But it's near the end of the game and requires a PS2 that won't overheat so easily. ;)

    On the first floor of Magatsu-Inaba there is an enemy called Brilliant King. Brilliant King has two moves: Summon and Rage. He will summon other enemies (name slips me, but it's part of the shadow group that looks like babies. Bambinos or something.) to create a five enemy party, usually with another King.

    The trick is to enter the fight with the MC wearing Cool Beads (reduces Rage effect) and using a Persona that has Null/Absorb Physical (either is fine, really, although Null is more secure) and have a Persona on tap that can use Samrecarm (resurrect + full heal). It's easier if you enter the fight with your party already dead (ie you went into a previous fight and let them be killed) and reduces the risk of someone gaining a Critical and accidentally killing a King (Kings have Strong:Physical anyways, but that's never stopped me :D). If they aren't dead, set everyone to manual and just keep attacking the summoned enemies until eventually your party falls in battle. Then set the game to Rush Mode (press Triangle) and walk away. The MC will auto-target the summoned enemies, but obviously won't have enough turns to kill everyone (literally, even if he managed to Crit every summon, he still can't one-shot Critical a King), thus allowing the Kings to consecutively summon more and more.

    Longest I left it alone was 24 hours, which netted roughly 2.3 million around lvl 67. Levels don't influence yen output, but they do determine whether or not you earn more or less. If the MC is considerably lower in level than the Kings, you won't earn as much yen because you won't have killed as many enemies in that time frame vs. a too high level MC that runs the risk of getting that all-Crit scenerio and wiping out the enemies in several consecutive turns. There is a yen cap, but one that'll require leaving it running for more than a week to achieve. The other effect of this is the EXP you earn. The Samrecarm is for reviving party members once you've defeated the Kings and allowed just the summons to live (when you're ready to end the battle for good), allowing them to earn EXP from the fight. If you're trying to keep all seven members evenly levelled together, this exploit will ruin that chance. You could do it again with the other three party members you didn't use, but bear in mind the MC and Rise will gain both sets of EXP gain. And yes, there's an EXP cap.

    Oh, and yen carries through to second playthrough. So having 5 million yen at the game's start isn't so bad, especially when it comes to buying higher end Persona to fly through the earlier dungeons.

    User Info: AzureLivesOn

    AzureLivesOn (Expert) - 8 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. There isn't really a cheat or cheap trick but a tip is that you generally don't need to upgrade your weapons because the only damage they influence is your normal attack. Many of the earlier weapons are actually the best, like Yukiko's that adds 50 to her max SP. Naoto also gets one that add 5 to each stat. These weapons are free - you get them from returning to a completed dungeon after a certain amount of days have passed and fighting the new boss that's on the top floor.

    So yeah, you only really need to bother with armour. The best way to make money is probably to go into a dungeon when it's raining. Rare enemies will appear and they can drop rare loot that can sell for quite a lot of money. If you just grind for a bit you can make a lot of money. By the end of the game I had hundreds of thousands of spare cash. Remember you also get a little discount at the item shop if it's raining and raising the Hermit S.Link reduces the cost of the Fox's healing.

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    ManjiSTP - 8 years ago 0 0

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