How do I beat Ameno-Sagiri?

  1. And maybe some help with the Battle before that.
    And the previous Q&A didn't help.

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Accepted Answer

  1. Keep everyone buffed with the -kaja skills and Ameno-sagiri debuffed with the -unda skills, have everyone use their strongest attacks, and guard when Ameno-sagiri uses Mind Charge. Heal as necessary.

    This also goes for most the boss fights in the game.

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Other Answers

  1. the best you can do is play a balance of offense and defense. have your party with the 3 -kaja skills (taru-, raku-, and suku-) and use either one or two of the -unda skills (both rakunda and sukunda are a must as most attacks couldn't coonect when attacking Ameno... otherwise, just use rakunda or sukunda alone). At this time, you already have mediarahan and some personas like kohryu, thor and lucifer. (if this is your second game, get until level 91 to combine izanagi-no-okami)

    When the battle starts, start all with buff and debuff skills. your next attacks are all strongest attacks or even both power and mind charges then attack with full force. heal if required. There is one attack where you have to watch out cuz no matter what it is, though it looks physical, it is an almighty damage which can really do a lot of damage.

    Best attacks are like kill rush for Kanji, rampage for Chie, brave blade for Yosuke, Bufudyne for Teddie provided if he has ice boost and ice amp, Agidyne for Yukiko provided fire boost and fire amp are available and MC use personas with debuff skills and full offence skills(seigfired has godhand which is rather useful with power charge as it doubles the damage severely in addition to rakunda which severely weakens it).

    reason for the 1x to 3x attacks cuz Ameno is alone so using Kill rush is useful. imagine doing 3x 250 damage at level 85 with rakunda(Ameno) and tarukaja(Kanji). Same goes to Chie.

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  2. The BEST thing i did was have Trumpeter with Debilitate, as well as heat riser...Keep using debilitate, also make sure yuki teddie, and chie have all moves....i used combo debilitate, then chie>power charge>then yasgarn(her strongest move), while teddie and yukie attack with dyne skills....i used MC, as support(i used satan, michael,trumpeter, ganesha)..REALLY GOOD TEAM..BUT MAKE SURE U HAVE TRUMPETER WITH DEBILITATE

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  3. if you can get your hands on "divine pillar" use it. it will half all the damage at the cost of not being able to dodge.
    put it on either MC of yukiko (since she's useful but frail)

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  4. Well,i will try help you ok?

    before Fight,choise your buddy's,have four type's of Fighters,choise him witch caution:

    1o Full Assalt:Character's like Chie,who have powerfull's atacks.

    2oSuport's:Character's like Yukiko,who have exellent suport's,like Salvation(One of my favorites abilities,Heal's all HP and Cue all negatives states of everyone).

    3oBalanced:Character's like Yosuke,who have a good offencive and support abilities.

    after choise your character's,choise your Persona's witch caution too,and i recomend you equipe a "Chakra Ring" in you Healer character,(If you don't have,go to the Heaven and Fight witch the optional boss,after win search close the entrace to find him)and go fight.

    First Final Boss:Adachi

    Adachi is no longer hard,to be honest he's are very easy to me,just fight normal,but leave your parthenes in Direct Command.Adachi don't have a much power,he's probaly will use "Atomic Smach" and other types of Atacks in your party,just heal if you need,and you don't will have very much problem's.If you don't have very much power to defeat him in a few atack's,Adachi will use Debilitate in one of your character's or Heat Riser i himself,not much problem,just use abilities who can cancel the abilities.

    (OBS:The Adachi's Persona it's very seemed with Izanagi,don't you think?Just hi's sword it's invert.)

    Second Final Boss:Ameno-Sagiri

    First Form:This guy can give you a little problem if you don't pay attention,just give him your strongest atack's and heal when you think it's nessesary.

    Second Form:Ameno will hidden himself in a fog,(don't try atack,will miss)and will buff himself,in more or less 3 Turns,in this time just heal your party,(if you have Yukiko in your party in high level,use Salvation and use Buff itens with your other character's)and use guard in the next turn.After he's out of the fog,his will atack your party,use abilities who can cancel his effect's,and keep atack,and you don't will have a very much trouble.

    Final Form:After he's lose 75% of his HP,He will use frequent God's Jugment(I not sure if it's this name,but let's use ok?) in one of your character's,who can give you 99% of damange and let you with a Strange negative effect(Sorry,i don't remember of the name),Use salvation with Yukiko,or Heal the character HP and next remove his negative state,after this just kick he's ass and heal when you need.

    Congratulations you defead the Ameno Sagiri!

    (OBS:After him exist one other boss,for the True Ending,but it's optional).

    I Hope i can help you.

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