What's the best type Arcana is suit's in BOSS BATTLE or (BB)? just asking

  1. i really need help coz' i can't decide which type of Arcana is best for a main Arcana, well im still playing with this game and im at lvl 31 with a FOOL Type Arcana Ose and Sun type Gdon. Need help

    User Info: lgbagabuyo

    lgbagabuyo - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. up to you..if you have max your social link,you'll get the ultimate form of that arcana..to get it,you must maximize your social link,gather certain persona and combine them with cross,pentagon,or hexagon fusion..they are better than normal persona.

    My suggestion is try maximize hierophant arcana(Ryoutaro Dojima).The ultimate form is Lucifer with godlike stats and resistance to ALL attacks and magic..but you need to be about lv 90..but I think it is the best.

    User Info: Jade_ToTA

    Jade_ToTA - 8 years ago 0 0

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