IS there someone who can help me make izanagi with better or good skill??

  1. I want to make izanagi with greater skill,if someone have the list,please give me,thx ^-^

    User Info: chroni13

    chroni13 - 8 years ago

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  1. Well, you could just fuse together some Personas of the Fool Arcana using Normal Spread. That way you will always get a Fool of some lower level as a result.

    If you have access to some high level Fools like Decarabia (Agidyne, Megidola) or
    Shiki-Ouji (Growth 2, Null Physical), you can try to fuse them with one of the low level Fools (preferably your own Izanagi since he has the lowest starting level) until you get a Yomotsu Shikome or an Obariyon. Make sure this Persona gets the skills you want on the new Izanagi and the fuse it with the other one. (Obariyon + Yomotsu-Shikome = Izanagi).

    You could also fuse a Legion wih an Obariyon to get Yomotsu-Shikome. Make sure she gets Legions Evil Smile, then level her up to 11, at which point she wil learn Ghastly Wail. Then fuse her with Obariyon and create an Izanagi with Evil Smile and Ghastly Wail. Always good, since Ghastly Wail will instantly kill any feared enemies and you get this combo really early in the game.

    My final recommandation: Just use Arthellinus' Game Mechanics/Persona Database Guide right here on Gamefaqs. It's a great guide and really helps out a lot.

    User Info: NeoBahamut07

    NeoBahamut07 - 8 years ago 2 0

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