1. How do i get the ending that i beat ameno or izanami i can only get the one that nanako dies and the one that she survives so how do i get the other 2 endings?

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    COrbenik_oVan - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The true ending? just pick these answers when Yosuke asked you some questions:
    -Wait a second here...
    -We're missing something.
    -Namatame's true feelings.
    -Something's bothering me.
    -We're missing something...
    -Calm the hell down!

    the next day,go to north part of shopping district and talk to the woman near shrine.A new option will appear when you talk with everyone.
    Talk with everyone in all place (except dojima residence) and ask them the same question

    At Junes, talk to the student in the bottom right corner and ask her
    the same questions.When you ask her the second question, she'll mention
    her friend might know something.Head to the south shopping district again
    and talk to the very first female student you see and ask her the second question.
    Once you talk to everyone and ask both questions,the game goes on..

    After then,Yosuke will give you a list of people that could be the real culprit (that's right,not Namatame),you must pick the right choice out of 3 tries.To avoid spoiler,I'll give you some clues:
    1.Not a part of the investigation team
    2.Not a social link
    3.He is a friend of the Dojima family (mostly Ryotaro,the one who scolds him for many things)
    4.You won't realize he's the culprit

    (Hell,this sounds like a walkthrough)

    After then,his dungeon will be unlocked.Complete it and at march 21 you must talk to all people that have their social link maxed (though i don't remember the exact locations)After doing this,pick NO when you're asked to prepare to go home

    Next,goto Junes and pick another NO,check the excalator and pick I'm not finished yet.

    After stopping by the Food Court, go visit Dojima at the samegawa riverbed.Afterwards, go to the Velvet Room.

    Finally, head to the South Shopping District and talk to the gas attendant.Select the following:
    -Isn't this where I first...?
    -Do you know Adachi?
    talk to her again
    -Did those two come here?
    talk to her again
    -Did you do anything to them?
    -What did you do to me?
    -Did you give me the power?

    And,tadaa...!!the FINAL dungeon is now unlocked,finish it to see the true ending

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