Why cant i win?

  1. I cant seem to beat izanami no okami coz i have only 1 soma and i use it at the start to heal sp and my yoshitsune is level 75 and i always die before i kill her like right before i kill her any tips that dont involve trumpeter coz i forgot how to fuse taotie and daisoujou and i used all my money fusing beelzebub and yoshitsune and please tell me how to unlock margaret battle?

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    COrbenik_oVan - 8 years ago

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  1. LOLZ all that hey if its money and level ur worrieng about then rest assure
    make sure to have persona with null rage and null/repel/drain physical then go to magatsu inaba then magatsu mandalla then fight the pringles dont kill him ratherly kill who he summons note you should realy reach level 93 to summon all the personas u got then choose the best yoshitsune is ratherly useless without hassou tobby and best method is to bring partners of whom u maxed their social link

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  1. as to how to beet izanami no okami i still havent beet the game in true ending course yet so WAIT

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  2. NOTE the auto grinding method isnt mine so id rather not take credit for it

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  3. I not sure,but i think i understood,what you mean it's she's haves a lower HP and she's use a powerfull atack who kill you in one strike right?Well,if the problem are this,it's because you don't have complet the social links of your partners,so you need to restart the game with a good long time to max the social links of your partners,

    I Hope i can help.

    How Unlock the battle versus Margaret:

    "You have to go back into the VR(Velvet Room) directly following getting the orb of sight from Igor, and before you talk to Izanami (the gas station attendant). If you've met the requirements, Margaret will be alone and hand you an invitation to fight her. Then proceed to the final dungeon and fight your way up Heaven. She'll be at the top floor."

    How fight versus Margaret by shadouknite

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  4. You might just have to level up more. I fought her at lvl 83 and didn't have too much of a problem. It also helps to use buffs and debuffs.

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