How do I beat Ameno-Sagiri (I know taht this question was already asked, but mine is other)?

  1. I can't beat Ameno-Sagiri without dying.
    The Persona I use is:
    Loki Lv. 74
    Ice Boost
    Ice Amp
    Null Fire
    Stundent ??? (lower critical hits at you (Don't know the name))
    High Counter

    my Team is: Yukiko Lv 72, Yosuke Lv 73 and Chie Lv. 72
    all of them has the second Persona

    so any idea how i beat him? (my Sp always runs out and I can't fill them up)

    Ps: (if my english is bad: sorry in fact im German)

    User Info: Izanagi213

    Izanagi213 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. first id try to get a different team going in

    i was lvl. 86 on expert also had ultimate weapon and pretty good armor

    My Team:yosuke lvl. 86(he had ultimate weapon too); teddy lvl. 86; noato lvl. 85

    plus i had futsunushi lvl. 80
    he nulls al physical and is only weak to mudo
    apt puiple(increases critical hit rate)
    primitive strike(severe physical damage)
    powercharge(next phys damage is doubled)
    arms master(huge help)
    rukunda(with teddies matarukaja and power charge, primitive strike does insane damage)
    torrent shot(if you do all buffs on your charecter (attack+ power charge enemies def- hit rate+)does like 3x 250)

    try to have your teams individual social links maxed out cuz theyll take a mortal blow for you and endure it
    if not its cool too

    block the turn after he mind charges he'll use his eye laser killing someone if not everyone if not blocked
    stratagy also works on izanami-no-okami just be a higher lvl
    any other questions ill help you out
    (your english is very good as well)

    User Info: zeroassassin666

    zeroassassin666 - 8 years ago 0 0

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