How do I catch a Guardian?

  1. How many times guardian makes a vibrate and what is the interval?

    User Info: Blody_roar

    Blody_roar - 8 years ago

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  1. You have to watch the ripples around the bait before you start reeling in. The ripples come every 5-6 seconds between each other. If the ripple come really fast like 2-3 seconds apart, then press O and try again. Also you need to get an angler set from the old man during the last(9-10) Hermit Social Link request. You can fish the guardian during rainy days or almost everyday in December.

    User Info: MisterRice

    MisterRice - 7 years ago 2 0


  1. Guardian usually have the steady rhythm (not too quick, not too long). The gap/interval between vibrate is 2-3 second,
    and the vibrate it makes is 3-4. But the important things is guardian has biggest vibrate than any other fish.

    User Info: ow_geez

    ow_geez - 8 years ago 1 0
  2. The interval usually around 4-5 seconds. It will vibrate around 5-6 times before you can catch it. Make sure it's raining.

    User Info: Tear_Hilte

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  3. Also, it's only available after September, so don't bother trying until then.

    User Info: aliasV3

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    the thing you almost forgot is.....
    the best time to catch that guardian is...
    night and raining!!!!!!!

    User Info: black_godzz

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  5. It must be a raining day, and you must have a King Fish (then exchange it with a special rod).
    Guardian has a big vibration, so you must hold your stick tightly :P
    If the vibration is small, then release it before your baits are wasted. It vibrates 3-4 times for me.

    User Info: 13450_00

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  6. First off, as AliasV3 said, you can't catch one until September. So until then try to get Diligence up to 5 so can do 5 attempts per trip instead of 1. You also need to have either caught a Huge Fish or bought the one from the sales channel on 6/19. Show it to the old fisherman when Hermit is at Level 9 and accepted the "Wish could see the Inaba Guardian" Quest from the Fox. He'll be impressed and give you the Angler set which you can't catch the Guardian without.

    Next, as Black_godzz said, is it needs to be at least cloudy, preferably raining. I caught one on a cloudy day once only, but most of the others were during rainy nights so best fish then. In December they'll be included in the random fish queue whenever you fish, just more often at night with rain. Best thing to do is save either from the Dojima home calendar or the Shopping Area pole across from the Velvet Room Door before starting. That way if don't catch one can just reload and try again. When able to go around town always check the slope by the Dojima house for a lady with a dog during sunny/cloudy days. You'll get a bait from her every time she's there if try her cooking so you're less likely to run out of bait.

    To tell if you have a Guardian on the line you'll have a strong pulse about every 3-5 secs as ow_geez and Tear_Hilte said. The pulse will be stronger than that of a Huge Fish and should definitely feel it through the controller, might even hear slight rattle. Short intervals or light pulses means you've got a weaker fish and to hit circle to try again. No noticeable pulse is probably Gold Fish. Even with best conditions can take several redos before a Guardian shows up. Fortunately it doesn't count as a chance until the fish grabs the bait. Unless you have turbo you'll just be able to keep him from getting away after grabbing the bait and will need to hit the triangle, square, or X button 2-3 times to reel him in.

    User Info: Silveron714

    Silveron714 - 5 years ago 1 0
  7. as Silveron714 said except I've managed to catch one as early as 12th August so I think the Guardian can appear as long as you have the angler set.

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  8. A Guardian?

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