Noise Control?

  1. Could anyone please explain noise control in detail? i am trying to fuse a trumpeter with mind charge, repel phys, nullwind. I would be grateful for any help. Thank you

    User Info: Cauthon_Feore

    Cauthon_Feore - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I'm no expert on how to do this properly, but the basic concept is that every Persona (except those of the Fool arcana) has a hidden "inheritance" attribute that determines which type of skills that Persona is most likely to inherit during fusion. Trumpter's inheritance is Almighty. The odds of it picking a Passive skill like Repel Phys or Null Wind over an Almighty spell like Megido are 6-to-119. So if any of the Personas you're using to create Trumpeter have an Almighty skill, it's all but guaranteed to be one of the four inherited skills, no matter how many times you re-roll them. This is a big problem, because one of the six Personas required to fuse Trumpeter (Taotie) has Megido as a default skill.

    But the odds of getting a passive skill over any of the six types of elemental skills (6-to-15), while still not likely, are way better. And the chance of getting them over Physical, Recovery, and Support skills (3-to-2) is actually in the passive skills' favor. Basically, you should try to manipulate the pool of skills from which the Trumpeter can pull from so that your desired skills are more likely to be chosen. If possible, fuse a new Taotie using a high Tower S.Link so that it fills up its 8 skill slots, and when the 9th skill comes up, use it to overwrite Megido. The rest of the skills that Taotie learns through leveling are all either Physical, Support, Ailment or Passive, so they shouldn't interfere too much with the fusion.

    If you're wondering where I got all of those probability numbers, check out the "Game Mechanics/Persona Database" FAQ.

    User Info: warhawk256

    warhawk256 - 7 years ago 0 0

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