2ND playthrough chest reaper?

  1. Hey i've defeated it but only my MC is alive and i got an item for my MC
    my question is.. when theyre all alive... CAN they have their weapons in the treasure chest?
    2.how many chests w/ reapers are there in the 2nd playtrough?

    User Info: ronaldj44

    ronaldj44 - 7 years ago

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  1. Ultimate weapons are only acquired by the characters in the active party during the Reaper fight. Also, you can only have one of the ultimate weapons ever, so don't worry about missing it unless you never get to fight Reaper again.

    Any common chest has a chance to contain the Reaper instead of an item, but this can be influenced by drawing the Lovers Arcana Chance in reverse. This will cause all common chests to contain the Reaper, however, getting that specific card chance on reverse in itself is already a rare point on its own.

    User Info: xeare

    xeare - 6 years ago 1 0


  1. You only will get ultimate weapons in sort depend on your party. For example I bring Yukiko, Naoto, and Chie in battle. 1st time you defeat reaper you'll get MC's weapon, 2nd time you'll get Chie, 3rd time it's yukiko, and 4th you get naoto. When you defeat reaper 5th time, you'll only get godly robe (ultimate armor for everyone).So if you want to gather all 7 ultimate weapons just bring the party that you don't get the weapons before. In this example I must bring the guys team (Kanji etc) to battle.Reaper chests are completely random so just grinding in final dungeons (Either magatsu inaba/mandala or yomotsu hirasaka)

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  2. If you manage to bring down reaper easily, just defeat it using your MC alone, ultimate weapon good for strength, the godly robe is amazingly give you 10+ stats, and the Orb is very useful making you invisible(nullified against all attacks except almighty). just a reminder that the orb is for MC alone cuz I've tried more than a couple times alone, but still, cant get the orb again...only godly robe again and again...

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  3. ^ actually, you COULD get the orb again, but the chance of dropping is like less than 1% so getting a second one isn't out of the question.

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