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Reviewed: 09/28/09

As a player I was overwhelmed! As a person I was touched!

Wow!! what a game... is this really even possible? In fact, its really hard to believe that I have already finished it.. This game is so good you'll actually feel as if you were the main character. Even if your a girl or a boy you'll feel emotions in this game.

I REALLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO NOT USE A WALK THROUGH FOR THIS GAME IT WILL SPOIL MUCH OF THE PARTS OF THE GAME THAT WILL MAKE THE GAME UNWORTHY TO PLAY THROUGH. Don't worry you will get the hang of the game anyway and there wont be many missables that are important in the game anyway.

Graphics makes it good, Sounds make it better, the Game play makes it best, the emotional contact with the characters makes it excellent.. also, the action in this game is terrific! I'd prefer playing this game more than my favorite Final Fantasy games. Even though I didn't play Persona 3, Persona 4 has its own style and story. This game is just really Excellent and Perfect!

The game introduces itself as Persona.. mostly because of the word "PERSONALITY" with each individuals personality and problems you will choose on which bonds to strengthen and which not to. The game has several mechanics including a time set to increase a player's mood in playing. This makes sure that we (players) wont be bored through the year of the game. The game also starts from 2011 to 2012 where your player leaves his town.

There are also four ways of having fun in this game. One is building up your personality, two is spending time with your friends, three is leveling up your characters, and the last is choosing the perfect combination of persona's. In building up your personality, You have the choice which to increase first and you can do it each day making the game much realistic than much fictional. There is also a calendar from where you can check and make schedules (if you like) although it isn't recommended. In spending time with your friends, upon your arrival you will meet people who your heart's power reacts to. These people will help in building up your power and specifically gives you powerful persona's. Persona's are like magical beings that represent each characters identity. Third as an RPG game of course leveling is a must although at the start it is limited to a small amount of time due to sp drainage. The battling system is also similar to the early Final Fantasy games that lets u take turns in attacking. The action and voice acting is also excellent that makes the game much more exciting as it could be. There are also many bonuses for many achievements in the game although some are very straightforward to go through. The last is making a decision for creating your combination of persona's. This is most unique for the game especially you will be needing to level up certain ranks in order to make combination's be more powerful than it normally would be.

This is an easy game for beginners and a much easier game for experts. If you are inexperienced in playing Role Playing Games games, you will most likely have a hard time in playing this since the game prioritizes time efficiency.

Fighting battles in this game is also unique with the JUNES - TV WORLD - HOME procedure which makes you proceed to the game or just plainly level up in the TV world. The game is also somewhat realistic because of its graphics.

From style, animation, battle background and the environment. It pushes Playstation 2 almost off of its limits! There is rain, and the uniforms of the students change according to the date and also the atmosphere that acts like a lighting effect in the game. They did much better than some RPG games I know which I will not mention here. Graphics brings the aura and reality into your TV screen!! The Magic animations are good and more detailed than other PS2 RPG's. I have given this a 10! excellent!!

The sound is appropriate to the every event in the game. It will tend to make you cry (if your really emotional or so), may make your tears flow of happiness and sadness. The music is really excellent and makes you feel that you are really a hero trying to solve the case. Voice acting is excellent in every part of the game. They are best in every emotion the graphics/facial expression the character shows. I have given this a 10! excellent!!

STORY 10/10
It starts from your protagonist/ the hero/ your player that moved from the city to his uncles place because of his parents. After sometime of knowing and wondering around the city, he becomes involved in a series of murder cases and with the help of some of his friends, they formed an investigatory team. After sometime he will obtain new friends by helping them. Through the story the hero will meet friends that makes arcana/magic power stronger. This arcana gives you the power to form persona's. Persona's have the ability to use skills in battles. Each persona has its different skills, stats and weaknesses. In defeating shadow's the game implies that one must face its weaknesses and fears to obtain control of one's personality. It means that the victim must face its true self. From the start to the end it really keeps your interests up. From the saddest part to the happiest part it makes the game excellent! Voice actors have really done a great contribution to this game. Most of the story implies that the player must have a certain amount of judgment in him. I have given this a 10! excellent!!

The gameplay surpasses my expectations! From battling to deciding it makes every moment of the game worthwhile. Managing is the most important thing in RPG games cause it gives you also the freedom to choose what you prefer and what to do. A special option in the game also is to speak with your characters and choose answers that you will say to them although some actions wont affect your power it gives "players" a something called "expression" to what you feel. The unique gameplay makes this overrated because of the unusual mechanics of the game. The need to go to the TV or Dungeon is to be mentioned. Since you are bound only to few destinations in the real world, the dungeons for each person to save is different.. The difference makes the game unique to other games that make battle scenes and environment similar to each one. The environment in each investigation inside a dungeon is different from one another. This keeps the gamers/players from getting bored and keeps the repetitive environment away. I have given this a 10! excellent!!

Its a lot of talkies but it will prove to be essential through the game. The emotional background, the happy background, Joking and doing hero work fits all together as one. Listening to the game music is not good, it's the best!! The game actually levels with my favorite FINAL FANTASY 12 what can I say?! The graphics are all excellent in its own unique way of presenting characters expressions, magic skills and etc.. The story makes you think and think too.. I have given this a 10! excellent!!

So that's it.. I,m still playing my PS2 still finishing many games that are RPG.. Leveling up is always my style and also for all the other gamers out there. If you happen to glance just even a "PERS" in the shop check it out! you'll never know if it's Persona or not but if it is, BUYING IS A MUST!!! THERE'S no reason not to buy if you can afford it.. Its worth your money and it will prove to be re-playable after finishing it. This game should not be ignored by anyone who is a fan of RPG/ Role playing games..



So everything fits into place!!! YOU CAN THANK ME AFTER YOU'VE DONE PLAYING THROUGH!!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 (US, 12/09/08)

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